Raven meaning

: A Large Black Bird

Raven Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ray-vin\
Number of People 👶 43,000
Rate in 2021 809
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 English
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Raven Name Meaning

The name Raven holds a deep and intriguing meaning that has captivated individuals throughout history. Derived from Old English, the word "raven" symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, and mystery.

In various cultures and mythologies, the raven is often associated with powerful symbolism. It is revered as a messenger of the gods, a symbol of transformation or rebirth, and even a guide through the spiritual realm. The raven's dark plumage and piercing gaze have long fascinated storytellers and poets alike.

For those who bear the name Raven or are curious about its significance, it embodies qualities such as intuition, adaptability, and an innate curiosity for knowledge. It serves as a reminder to embrace one's own unique path in life while embracing the enigmatic nature of existence.

Whether you bear this name or simply find yourself drawn to its allure, exploring the depths of its meaning can offer insights into your own journey and personal growth.

Cool Info About Name Raven

Additional name description Raven
Additional name description Raven

Popularity of the name Raven 

The name “ Raven “ is not a popular given name in South California based on the data given by different reliable American resources in the hear 2005 in the United states of America. For instance, imagine that only 17 newborn babies were named “ Raven “  in the year 2006. 

A total of 970 newborn babies bear the same first name as your baby in the year 2005 in the United states of America. From the year 1880 to the year 2018, the highest recorded use of this name was related to the year 1993 and near 2285 newborn babies were named “ Raven “ at that particular duration. 

Since the year 1880 to the year 2018, the name “ Raven “ was recorded 4200” times in the SSA public database. This name first appeared in the hear 1921 and given to 5 newborn babies. The name “ Raven “ became a popular girl’s name in the state of Mississippi in the year 1993.

The all time high record for this name was in the year 1993 in the state of Georgia with 147 newborn baby girls. For the past 30 years, the name “ Raven “ was recorded 36000 times in the SSA public database. This name is a consistent top ranking name in the state of Mississippi for about 16 years from the year 1990 to the year 2005. 


Personality of the name Raven

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “ Raven “

R is for rational, the way you think

A is for absolute, for you know your mind

V is for virtue, a trait you hold dear

E is for easy going, no ruffles here

If you are considering a nickname for you beloved baby named “ Raven “, you can select the reversed form of the name. For instance, the reversed form of the name “ Raven “ can be “ Nevar “. You can select the names “ Nevy “ or “ Neve “ as you baby’s nicknames. 

The true meaning of the name “ Raven “ might not be described in just a few sentences and words. Actually name can be destiny and heart’s desire. Your heart’s desire is to help and care for those you love. 


Famous people named Raven

Andrew Raven who was a Scottish conservationist 

Arlene Raven who is a feminist 

Bertram Raven who is an American academic 

Charles Raven 


Similar names to Raven

Rama, Radha, Ryan and Raja

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Comments on the name Raven
01/14/2024 00:00:00

every body wants to spell my name rayven when ists just raven

12/28/2023 06:33:20

Im naming my daughter raven emily. Raven because i love the poem that edgar allan poe rote and the birds and im a darker person :)

12/19/2023 16:14:44

My name is Raven. I'm 31 years old. I love my name. Raven was so unique before the'show That's so Raven. Now everywhere I go you find a Raven. Whatever happened to naming your child kim, tarsha, renee, or mary❤️ No more Raven's please.

10/27/2023 11:53:10

My nine year old step daughters name. Right now she claims she hates her name. I tell her one day, she will love it. Its a unique name, its a nature name, but its not fluffy, it has a bit or darkness and mystery to it, probably due to the poem 'the raven' Its also fun to say, ray-ven! Its beautiful just like her.

10/22/2023 07:34:16

My name is Raven'too!I use to hate the name but the people I know say It's a beatuful name and now I don't feel so sad anymore."

10/11/2023 00:18:42

Thats mean to hate your name... why do you hate it. Thats so Raven... do you know that'show..

09/05/2023 01:44:52

I named my daughter raven, (her dad suggested we spell it rayvenn because everyone is spelling their kids name different)I wish I didn't spell it like that because of the confusion, I do love the name, she is 3 and seems to like it too.

08/25/2023 07:42:48

i love the reminds me of a t.v show that i like called that'so raven.but i love the name. its a fabulous name too me keep on naming your babys raven.we need some more ravens in this world keep on naming.and keep on haven..even know i got a cusin named raven.keep love the name.

08/13/2023 15:38:14

Haha, I love the name Raven. It's my nickname~ :o Then it got shortened to Rae. Some how. Then my friend started calling me Raemund. Whoo!

08/09/2023 06:07:52

I love the name Raven, personally. It's a beautiful and unique name to own and live with forever. It's cute for a little girl, I think..and when she's a teenager/adult it'll still fit, instead of one of my daughter's, Paislee May. I also have another daughter Anacaren but I think that it didn't suit her as a little girl, but now she's 9 and It's better. Raven is inter'sting and I am pregnant with ANOTHER girl. We plan to name her Violet or Raven!

06/28/2023 14:36:54

Feminine sounding... no way! boy name forrever to me

06/08/2023 07:38:28

My name is Raven and im in love with it its a statement and it proud and mysterious

05/09/2023 18:29:14

My nieces name is Raven and I love it! She is the only Raven I know.

01/31/2023 15:33:20

my best friend's name is raven, and she is very popular

01/23/2023 18:17:28

I think this name is so pretty and unique. I highly recommend this name for a baby girl.

12/08/2022 09:37:40

We named our son Seth (now 5), in England people either love it or hate it. Considering its such an old name, I am often surprised how many people ask how It's spelt. It'sometimes get confused with Steph. We still absolutely love the name and It'suits him perfectly and he is the only Seth in his school.

12/05/2022 16:58:20

ive never met anyone by the name Raven, and so i chose the name for myself as its unisex and i am nonbinary <3

07/16/2022 01:33:00

My name is Raven and i think it is a special name, and its very opposite to other names, thats why i love the name raven

11/10/2021 00:33:36

Though i've only heard of two more people who i've met that have the'same name, it actually makes me feel unique- I'm proud of my name,proud of the fact that It's not exceedingkly common and,in a strange way, exotic. Also, after finding out about its origin and definition in Hebrew, it has become even more meaningful to me.

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Raven FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Raven?
The origin of the name Raven is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Raven?
A Large Black Bird
*️⃣ How many people are named Raven?
Almost 43000 people are named Raven.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Raven?
The names of Finn, Leia, Roy, Ray, Rae