Roman meaning

: Citizen Of Rome

Roman Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \ro-min\
Number of People 👶 75,000
Rate in 2021 125
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Latin
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Roman Name Meaning

Ramon is a name that means "one who gives good advice". Other scholars of anthroponymy indicate that it translates as "the protected one" or "the one who receives many blessings". One of the curious facts about the name Ramon is that in the ancient Saxon towns this appellation was given to the men who defended their inhabitants through diplomacy and not by force.


Roman Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Roman
Additional description of the name Roman

The name Ramon has a Germanic origin, since it derives from the word “reginmund”. This word is made up of the roots "mund" which means the protector and "region" which means the counselor. For this reason, Ramon is associated with reasonable, balanced men with a lot of control over their emotions.

Cool Info About Name Roman

Additional name description Roman
Additional name description Roman

Since childhood, the Romans were serious and meticulous, very inquisitive, a one-word answer to the "why" will not satisfy the child, parents will have to answer in detail. He is proud and stubborn, but his resistance should not be broken by force, it is better to act with persuasion.

Little Roman is very attractive, just beautiful. Mom and Grandma love it. Therefore, having barely matured, he behaves harshly and even rudely, especially in front of strangers, afraid to look like a little mother's son. Problems with novels also arise at school: unlearned lessons, fights, broken windows, and absenteeism pours in almost every day. Roman poses as a tough guy. He likes demanding sports: wrestling, karate, and boxing. These hobbies should not be encouraged, they already have a strong will and a tendency to risk cruelty. That's why he never forgets the crimes done to him, and he gets inner satisfaction when he learns about the misfortunes or troubles of these people.


As a personality, Roman most clearly manifests himself at the age of 30. This is a person who is willing and hardworking, independent, and not amenable to the influence of other people. Confident. Take a job if it pays well. He believes that his knowledge and job qualifications should be rewarded. Indeed, he is completely devoted to the cause, collected, and patient. He could be a politician, the most talented intelligence officer, to work in law enforcement. The Romans has an interest in art, especially in theatre. He has great intuition and a highly developed intelligence. You can't see all this at once, Roman is very secretive. He is outwardly calm and appears indifferent to everything that happens, but is hidden deep in his soul. passionate nature. His reaction to an event that directly affects him, and interferes with his plans, is like a vicious volcano that erupts suddenly and terrifies those around him. The Roman will be able to complete any work started. he can miraculously convince the right person of what he needs.

Roman is a passionate creative lover. Sex is a great theater for him, a great value in life. An emotional connection with one of the partners does not exclude the possibility of establishing relationships with others. The Romans tries to be free and does not bind themselves with moral standards. Girls are crazy about him because he is fun, kind, and generous to be with. Roman has not been able to find his only wife for a long time, but even if he gets married, he cannot. faithful husband. He will have to wait patiently until his wife calms down. The leader of the family is Roman. He helps with the housework, he is not stingy, he is a loving father to his children. If the marriage does not fall apart in the first years, it will get stronger over time.


Roman will happily marry Ada, Anna, Valentina, Elena, Claudia, Love, Maya, Maria, Martha, and Sophia.

The Roman will always help to find a way out, as it is not subject to stereotypes of thinking. Roman is a wonderful pioneer, not a single trip can do without him. Even a banal shopping trip can turn into a memorable event. The Roman is proud and witty. He will not try to be a leader, achieve records or show his best side. Roman is a very mobile boy, patience is not his thing, he needs to get everything at once. The Roman values ​​freedom above all else. He does not like change, but sometimes he is ready to do things that are completely unimaginable for him. For example, just take and move to another country, or suddenly change your preferences. Roman uses his enormous energy in his work. The owner of this name prefers professions related to communication with people.

Often men with this name can be found among actors, directors, sales managers, and advertising. Roman never experiences problems with colleagues or communication difficulties, he makes contact very easily and quickly finds common topics for conversation even in a completely new and unfamiliar company. Roma loves to talk very much, so she can accidentally give out someone's secret. It is quite difficult for Roman to find that one, but having found her, he protects her more than his eyes. After all, it is she who will help Roman to be faithful to the end of his ideas and help bring them to life. Romans are most often monogamous and value family values.

The popularity of the name Roman

The name Roman is quite popular. For more than 15 years, the name Roman has not left the top 30 most popular names in Russia.

Diminutives and variations of the name Ramon
Ramon has few variants or associated diminutives. Next, let's see some of the best known:
Ramom, Raimundo, Ray, Raimond, Ram

The name Ramon in other languages
That's how write the name Ramon in other languages:
Italian: Raimondo
French: Raymond
German: Raimund
Basque: Erraimun
English: Raymond

Personality of the name Ramon
What stands out most about Ramon's personality is his great wisdom and serenity to face the different situations that arise. Likewise, he is a focused man with a lot of clarity in his thoughts. For this reason, he knows how to distinguish very well who he can trust and who he cannot, since he also has great intuition. In addition, he really likes to cultivate himself on an intellectual and personal level.
In terms of work, Ramon is usually a leader within his department. This is because he has creativity and determination to meet the objectives that are proposed. Along with that, he is very cautious and always has an ace up his sleeve to resolve work issues efficiently.
He is close and faithful with his friends. However, he is not one that everyone trusts. For this reason, his circle of friends is not so big, but it is very special. Also, he likes solitude and independence very much, so his friends must understand that Ramon is not a person of many social gatherings, but when he is present, everyone enjoys his company.
In love, he is very simple and easy to please. This makes his partner feel calm because Ramon is not demanding, but rather loves the little details. However, when someone betrays his trust, he does not usually forgive easily, since he is somewhat spiteful.

Celebrities named Ramon
There are many famous people who have carried the name Ramon. Some of them are the following:
Ramon Valdes: famous actor and comedian of Mexican origin.
Ray Charles: well-known jazz player born in the United States.
Raimundo Amador: famous musician, singer, and composer of flamenco, born in Spain.
Ramon Rodriguez: film actor born in Puerto Rico and who has participated in major film productions.

Day of the Saint of Ramon< /br>Onomastics designate August 31 as Ramon's Day, as a tribute to San Ramon Nonato, who was born from his mother already dead and who came to hold important positions in the Catholic Church.

Numerology of the name Ramon
According to numerology, 7 is the digit that is related to the name Ramon. This is a number that represents balance, independence and intelligence.

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Roman FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Roman?
The origin of the name Roman is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Roman?
Citizen Of Rome
*️⃣ How many people are named Roman?
Almost 75000 people are named Roman.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Roman?
The names of Ruth, Ann, Ruthie, Ruthanne, Ruthanna