Ruth meaning

: Friend, Companion

Ruth Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \rooth\
Number of People 👶 829,000
Rate in 2021 493
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Ruth Name Meaning

Ruth is a feminine proper name, which is mentioned in the sacred writings. This historic name is related to fidelity and committed and lasting love. It comes from ancient Judea, and today it is used by many women throughout Europe and America.
If you want to know more about this legendary name, in this MyCuteName article you will find the meaning of the name Ruth, which It is its origin, its holy date, the lucky number, as is the personality of the women who carry it, as well as the famous people who bear it by name. I'm sure you'll love it and you may even choose it as a name for your baby. Ruth is a girl's name.

The most widespread meaning of Ruth's name is “the woman who is faithful to her husband”. Other of its meanings would be "the friendly woman" or "the faithful woman". It is a name that is heard for the first time in the book of Genesis, being the anthroponym with which the great-grandmother of King David is named, for which it is present in the genealogy of Christ.

Ruth Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Ruth
Additional description of the name Ruth

The name “ Ruth “ is a common given name that has been used mostly for girls all around the globe. The name is pronounced as ROOTH and is originally Hebrew. The name “ Ruth “ first occurs as a given name in Europe and the British Isles at the time of the Reformation prior to which the occurrence of Biblical names - unless borne by saints – was unusual

Plus to that, Ruth is a name of Hebrew origin that in ancient times was written as “Ruth” (רות). Later, it derived in Latin becoming "Ruth". Also, it is believed that this derivation comes from a certain Anglo-Saxon influence. The biblical character of Ruth, who gave rise to this name, was the wife of Boaz, who was a wealthy landowner who lived in the region of Judea.

Cool Info About Name Ruth

Additional name description Ruth
Additional name description Ruth

The popularity of the name Ruth

The name “ Ruth retained a top ten ranking in the yearly tallies of the most popular names for American girls until after 1930, remaining in the top 20 until after 1937 and in the top 50 until after 1950. Actually, since the mid 20th century, the popularity of the name “ Ruth” for American newborn babies has decreased.

The given name is the 84th most popular baby girl’s name in Oklahoma based on the data by researchers in the year 1957. For example, only 56 babies in Oklahoma have the same name as your newborn baby during the year 1957. The highest recorded use of the name was in the year 1920 with a total of 26102 babies.

From the year 1880 to the year 2018, this name was recorded 827634 times in the SSA public database. The name “ Ruth “ first appeared in the hear 1880 and 324 babies were given “ Ruth “. This name became a popular name in the hear 1880 with a rank of 93 nationwide and was registered 234 times as a baby girl's name in the state of Nevada in the year 1914.


The personality of the name Ruth

R is for rational the way you think

U is for underestimating, you show for others

T is for thoughtful, caring you

H is for handy, the helpful you

The name “ Ruth “ has a secret behind its meaning and also the meaning might not be described easily in just a few sentences and words. The name “ Ruth “ is a name that can connote you are ahead of your time. Your brightness and brilliance will enable you to achieve great things in your lifetime.

You are respected by many people and considered an authority on many subjects. Enjoying life and having a good life is your heart’s desire. Your feeling of happiness in life makes you famous and liked by many. You are an entertainer and thrive on expressing your feelings or opinions to others. Also, there is a good emotional balance in your personality.

Other people perceive you as the one who is dignified and well-dressed. You come off as a person who is not a pushover. You have a deep well of feelings and an intense inner world. Also, you have an excellent work ethic. Your most likely vocations are engineer, educator, businessman, and farmer.


Famous people named Ruth

Ruth Abeles is an Israeli Olympic gymnast

Ruth Adler who was a human rights and child welfare advocate

Ruth Amos is a British entrepreneur and inventor

Ruth Asawa was an American sculptor and arts education advocate

Diminutives and variations of the name Ruth
Being a short name, Ruth has no known diminutives. However, some of its variants are:
Rut, Rute, Ruto

The name Ruth in other languages
This is how the name is written Ruth in other languages:
Arabic: راعوث
Chinese: 露丝
Galician: Rut
Greek: Ρουθ
Hebrew: רות
Italian: Rut
Japanese: ルース
Lithuanian: Rūta
Polish: Rutka
Portuguese: Rute
Russian: Рут
Esperanto: Ruto

Saint Ruth's Day
June 4 is Ruth's name day.

Numerology of the name Ruth
Numerology associates 9 as the digit lucky for the name Ruth.

Similar names to the name Ruth

Rue, Rufa, Ruta, Rute, and Ruth

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Comments on the name Ruth
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am going to name my baby Girl Aislynn Ruth. I love both names and the meanings. I am part irish and hebrew so its perfect for her.

11/14/2022 23:25:06

im so proud to be Ruth,,,...before i hate my name...but now i love it..and i know ruth also means fidelity..godissogud..

09/28/2022 17:35:42

ruth is a real pretty name. Dunno if I'll name my kid that, but I still think it's pretty.

09/21/2022 21:18:40

Ruth is a wonderful name and I feel bleesed to poses this name. None of my friends are called it. This name makes me feel unique and stand out. I therefor recomened it to you future mothers out there.

06/22/2022 06:35:24

I love this name very much, it just give you a sense of warmness everytime you think about it and that why I'm glad that my middle name is Ruth.

05/24/2022 09:56:06

this meaning is so me. extremely loyal. is my name ruth because i'm loyal, or am i loyal because my name's ruth?

03/12/2022 21:36:18

When my husband and I were looking for a middle name for our soon to be here baby girl, Ruth was the only name we liked because; one, it's his mothers middle name, and second, it was his grandma's first name. When we told his mother we were naming our baby girls middle name after her, she was so excited and started to cry. We are glad we are following in family names but also that we could make my mother-in-law so happy. Ruth is a very beautiful name.

10/25/2021 15:48:54

I love this name.I'm more blessed because it is my name..i truly believe it's completly represents me as person.

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Ruth FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Ruth?
The origin of the name Ruth is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Ruth?
Friend, Companion
*️⃣ How many people are named Ruth?
Almost 829000 people are named Ruth.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Ruth?
The names of Mohamed, Cindy, Karam, Samar, Sunday