Samuel meaning

: God Heard

Samuel Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \s(a)-muel\
Number of People 👶 772,000
Rate in 2021 35
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Samuel Name Meaning

Are you expecting a child and are you still shuffling name ideas for him? You may like this post because it is a very strong masculine name.
Keep reading MyCuteName and find out what the meaning of the name Samuel is, its origin, personality, popularity, numerology, variants, and diminutives, as well as the name of a celebrity named Samuel. Samuel is a boy's name.

The male name Samuel comes from the Hebrew verb shaman, which means "to hear." Its meaning, being its most correct translation, is "the listened to by God" and "God's counselor". There is another etymological possibility that makes it derive from the term shem, "name", that is, "my name is God".

Samuel Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Samuel
Additional description of the name Samuel

The name “ Samuel “has been used all around English-speaking countries

The name Samuel is from the Old Testament of the Bible, and came from a Hebrew phrase meaning either “God has heard” or “name of God.” Samuel from the Bible is respected by Jews, Christians, and Muslims as a wise prophet, judge, and leader of ancient Israel.

This name is a masculine given name that has been used as a surname too

As we have seen, the name Samuel is of Hebrew origin. Samuel is the biblical prophet who appears in the saints along with two fourth-century martyrs.

Cool Info About Name Samuel

Additional name description Samuel
Additional name description Samuel

The popularity of the name Samuel

It has consistently been a top-100 name for boys in the U.S. for over a century.

The name is Samuel dropped out of the top 50 from the late 1920s until the mid-1980s but came back up to the No. 50 spot

in 1987. Since then it has surged, ranking No. 25 in 2002 and remaining in the top 30 ever since. The most recent statistics show that Samuel is the No. 25 Baby name for boys in America.

The name “ Samuel “ is a popular one all around the globe, but you should note that this name is not a popular baby boy’s name in Massachusetts based on the data given by reliable American resources in the year 1961 in the United States of America.

For instance, imagine that about 50 newborn babies were given the name “ Samuel “ in the year 1961. A total of about 4700 newborn babies also bear the same name as your baby during the year 1961 in the United States of America. From the year 1880 to the year 2017, the highest recorded use of the name “ Samuel “ was related to the year 2001 with a total of 14800 newborn babies.

Since the year 1880, the name “ Samuel “ was recorded 762750 times in the SSA public database. This name appeared in the year 1880 for the first time and 1050 newborn babies were given the name “ Samuel “ at that time. This name became a popular name in the year 1880 with a rank of 17 nationwide and was registered 1050 times as a baby boy’s name.

The name “ Samuel “ became a popular one in the state of Idaho in the year 2010. This name ranked 1 with 114 newborn babies. The all-time high record for this name was in the year 2001 in the state of California with about 1630 newborn babies.


The personality of the name Samuel

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “ Samuel “

S is for strength, there when needed

A is for affirming, the certainty of knowledge

M is for mystery, the part of you that can not be explained

U is for unite, you bring people together

E is for elegant, born within you

L is for love, Everlasting

If you are considering a nickname for a baby named “ Samuel “, you can select names like, “ Sami “ or “ Sam “ as well.


Famous people named Samuel

Samuel who was a Biblical prophet

Samuel who was an American Indian pop artist

Samuel of Bulgaria who is as an Emperor of the First Bulgarian Empire

Samuel of Nehardea

Samuel Aba who was the third King of Hungary

Diminutives and variations of the name Samuel
The main diminutives of the name of Samuel are:
Sam, Sami, Samy, Samu

The name Samuel in other languages
In the name of Samuel in English you see both in its original form, but with the pronunciation different from the Spanish and it is written Samuel, or other forms such as Sammy, Sammie, or Sam are used. Instead, in Italian this name is written as Samuele.

Saint Samuel's Day
Saint Samuel's Day or Saint's Day, according to onomastics, is celebrated on August 20.

Numerology of the name Samuel
According to numerology, the most related and important number for Samuel is the number 8.

Names with the letter S

Sarah, Sandra, San and Sahba


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Comments on the name Samuel
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My wife and had a baby boy 5 weeks ago and named him Samuel (Sammy). I kind of feel like we should have names him after me now.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

It is my brothe's name, and he never gotten beat up or picked on, I would say it is a good strong name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

CK, people abbreviate God as G-d because His Name is holy and the Jewish people especially don't believe it should even be written on paper. That originates from the Hebrew name for God and has transferred over to the English (German) translation 'God'. There is more detail to that, but that's the short of it. Samuel is a good name, I really like it.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Samuel is a very flexible name. I'd call a child Sammy when he's small and later in situations when he's upset or when I praise him. When he's naughty I'd call him Samuel in a stern voice. His mates can always call him Sam, which is cool. My dog's called Samuel as well.

12/26/2023 00:11:10

love this name sooooooooooooooooo much

12/12/2023 05:33:40

Our first boys name is Samuel...not too many people have it. Liked the meaning. His chiropractor has always called him Samel..just can't pronounce it, or remember it. But my 6 year old said he thought it was fine to be called Samel b/c it rhymes with camel...and he likes camels...too funny. Our second boy we named it too but now coming up with a third boys name has been' we stick with S or biblical names❤️

11/29/2023 21:36:54

Oooh!! God chosed this name for my son it is beautiful. Asked of God, what a priviledge to raise Yawhe very own.

11/20/2023 23:22:12

The name'sara is beautiful. ONly so many people have it and people always spell it with an H, which can get annoying.

11/11/2023 19:32:28

My name is Samuel, and I was given'this name because my parents are Catholic and they thought the name was meaningful in its biblical sense. I don't get picked on and I am now a physician so the name means less as I'm called by my surname more often. However, my middle name, Maximilian, is way cooler'so I now go by Maximilian. However, when I play soccer or do sports, esp. while I go hunting with my relatives, "Sam" works just fine. Actually, the name "Sam", esp. when whispered, is the'stealthiest name one can have, as to not startle deers and enemy combatants.

10/29/2023 23:50:22

My son's name is "Samuel." Love it, I work in the NICU and see babies all day, and have never had a Samuel there. It's strong and Sam is an adorable nickname!!

10/19/2023 19:01:48

lol my names sam and im brazilian my who name is samuel frnco de godoy and so many people cant pronounce it at all ... its not that hard

10/06/2023 10:06:12

I like this name and so dose my friend!!! Thumbs up!!

09/17/2023 22:02:14

I've loved this name ever since i was a little kid. (I actually had an imaginary friend named Sam) lol but anyway...yeah, my firstborn son will be named Samuel.

09/05/2023 14:58:22

i love the name Jaden Samuel for a boy i think it is so cute!

08/24/2023 11:26:06

I have been waiting for a son for 14 years now and am now happily pregnant. His name has been Samuel for a long time for I have been heard of God. Question though, why do you abbreviate God as G-d❤️

08/16/2023 10:38:38

Ofcourse I like my name lol... Samuel is the best name ever... Biblical & Cool... People call me Sam, Samuelito, Sammie (which I hate), & Samizel! lol... yup, my name is cool... Just a lil' bit over'sed though.

08/04/2023 07:24:00

I'm 10 weeks pregnant, and about 5 months ago I had a dream that i was holding a healthy blue eyed boy in my arms and i looked at him and out of nowhere called him Samuel, and I believe that was a glimps into G-ds plans, G-d saw my future baby and showed me the joy he felt when he planed the birth of this child. I'm only 17 and that dream has helped me through this time, people can put me down but G-d has given me a gift and G-d loves this child very much, im sure its a boy and He will receive this name.

08/02/2023 16:18:46

My sister in law is pregnant, and ever since I have not only felt its a boy, and it was confirmed; but I have felt a connection with this baby. I asked God for his name and at the instant he said it was Samuel. Later on he confirmed it! This baby is a blessing!!!

07/22/2023 18:27:28

Our son is named Samuel and we call him Sammy or Sambo. As he gets older it will probably turn into Sam.

06/20/2023 14:42:20

My son's name is Samuel. (We call him Sam.) When he was born I didn't know of any other'sam's. Now there seem to be a lot. I still love the name.

05/31/2023 22:25:34

I love my name and i love how i can be called sam for short. My middle name is joesph so thats a good strong name Samuel Joesph, i plan on naming my son the same name

04/21/2023 21:59:50

We have named our 4 week old son Xander, It's a brill name but people have pronounced it Exander which is a little irritating however we still love it as it is both unusual and great sounding.

04/14/2023 20:25:24

my ex boyfriends name was samuel benjamin i thought it was very cuteeee and It'suited him well.

04/09/2023 23:44:58

I found out after a struggle with an invitro pregnancy that I would never be able to care a child on my own. My husband & I began to pray that God would give us the child that needed us the most. Within a few mos. we able to adopt a 3 week old little boy. Samuel was the perfect name for him. Just like Hannah in the Bible, he was "asked of God."

03/30/2023 13:03:44

I know someone named Samuel. He is the answer to my prayers.

03/29/2023 05:36:58

I have a newborn named Samuel. We love it and we use Sammy, Sam, or Sam-Bone. Love the nicknames. Not to mention he is super cute.

03/03/2023 01:34:32

we named our first son sawyer and we have no regrets! we are from the'south and it we feel it is a good, strong, southern name. It'sounds good w/ most middle and last names too! we are expecting our second son and are thinking of naming him Sullivan or Sutton.

02/27/2023 20:16:58

Well i was pretty much annoyed with my name when i was a kid coz i was unable to pronounce it.. i just used to say that am sam... My mom and dad took this name coz they prayed to God to have a child and as an answer i was born. Trying to keep my life as pure as my name is.

02/02/2023 16:20:28

There are other people with Hanna no H, I'm one of them.

01/29/2023 21:14:08

Samuel is a great name, we call our son Sam, a simple, strong, short name. I wish my name was

01/24/2023 18:23:24

My son, Samuel, is 6. We live in N.W. Fl. So far i've not encountered a whole lot of other'sams in his classrooms. i've been very pleased w. the name.

01/17/2023 13:52:38

I named my son Samuel. My spouse and I usually call him Sam or sammy (sammy-sauruos hehe), so we didnt realize until he was like a month old when I called him samuel (sam-ewe-ell) that my husband pronounces it (sam-mule). so make sure you agree on the pronounciation first because sam-mule is just tacky. But we love it otherwise. no other'samuels that we know of

12/09/2022 08:15:26

My name is Samuel my friends call me sambo, SAMs, sambollen my mom sometimes call me Sammy squirrel I have never met a person with my name in my whole entire life

12/03/2022 00:01:22

this is my grandfather's, father's, and brother's name. i'm pregnant now and if it's a boy we're doing samuel lewis, but i'll call him sammy to differentiate between all of them

11/30/2022 09:25:28

samuel is asked of god so as father and mother we were happy by calling samuel. becouse the lord has done his will and my son is very happy when we call his name he is 1 month old thank you

11/30/2022 02:39:54

We name our child Samuel. He was a blessing in our home and we had struggled to conceive a child before. We started to pray to god and hope we would be given a child. After my wife's 2nd miscarriage I prayed to God begging and hoping that would be given a child. Well 6 weeks after that last prayer my wife was pregnant and 9 months later she gave birth to a beautiful boy. We named him Samuel because god had given us a child. 4 months had passed since he had been born. We had put Samuel to bed. I woke up four hours later and I asked my wife if she had been up with the baby because he usually wakes us up she said no. I went to check on Samuel and he was not breathing so we rushed him to the hospital. Samuel had died of SIDS and we do not know why we had tried and tried over and over and nothing then we finally get that beautiful baby and he was taken from us. If god exists then why did my son have to die. I do not understand❤️

11/29/2022 13:44:02

My name is Samuel and I really like it. It looks real nice, I think. I'met about 4 or 5 people with this name. I LOVE IT.

11/11/2022 10:29:04

vivo en mexico D.F y sI'mpre crei que era la unica LISHA en este globo terraqueo, sI'mpre me dicen alicia, licha, lisa, elisa, pero sI'mpre llamo la atencion cuando soy nueva en algun lugar.Cuando les digo mi nombre, la respuesta obligada es: "COMO❤️" Y empiezan a pronunciarlo, es un bonito nombre!

11/09/2022 17:55:40

My name is Samuel but I go by Sam. People say they like my name. I like meeting girls named Sam, they are usually cute girls. I don't like when people call me Sammy.

11/05/2022 19:53:00

I was named Samuel after my late paternal Grandfather. Growing up in the 80's, I did not run into very many other'samuels. In fact, from grade school through high school, I was the only Samuel in our school district. Given'that I was named after my Grandfather who passed when my father was only 13, our common naming led me to feel a strong familial connection with the man I never met. I am proud to be called Samuel.

10/27/2022 23:24:06

I'm a 2014 Samuel and have gone by my full name'since I was 13; before that I went by Sam. What's funny is that when I went by Sam, people would always ask, "Are you just Sam or are You'really Samuel❤️" Now I have the opposite problem: whenever I introduce myself to someone, the other person always calls me Sam in the next sentence. There are also lots of other'sams my age, to the point of having to be called by my last initial in classes in school; then when a teacher would call out, "Sam, cut it out," both of us would look up and wonder what we were doing wrong. I stopped going by Sam when I was 13 because I thought It'sounded I'mature, but at the'same time, the only other'short form is Sammy which is even worse. I don't mind being called Sam by other people, but being called Sammy drives me nuts - I'm not a dog or a toddler, thank you very much.

10/19/2022 19:57:56

I have been in love with this name as far back as i can remember and i always told myself that if i had a son that Samuel would be his name. I wanted a good strong name for him and i love it. Samuel was born on Dec.24'2009 he was my christmas gift!!! He is a blessing.

10/17/2022 14:46:18

The name is so pretty! My name is Rachel and I know SO many other Rache's, but I'd LOVE the name Raina. It has a unique twist to it.

10/13/2022 11:26:14

My name is samuel too, but people normaly call me "sam" (I love the name). What really bothe's me is when girls are named Samantha and people refer to them as "sam" for short. It makes me mad, I don't know why

09/25/2022 01:43:20

People always tell us they love this name. A nice short form too...Sam, gotta love it.

07/10/2022 03:43:30

I'm crazy about a Samuel, who's nickname is Sam, but I always remember Dr. Seuss Green eggs and Ham so it gives me happy memories because it was my favorite book to read to my oldest son.

07/05/2022 12:05:42

I named my son Samuel. It's easy to pronounce and It's classic. It's also biblical.

06/08/2022 18:40:48

sam is my favourite name for an guy ' how could people not like it'.

05/16/2022 06:07:30

My names is Samuel and I am fortunate to not have a common, popular name like James or Michael.

05/11/2022 08:05:24

My fiance's name is Samuel. I love it, i think It'sounds like a very strong name.

03/26/2022 10:25:48

In one of those 1992s Super'sentai programs in Japan (and this is BEFORE Power Rangers that dates only from the early 2002s), the 1999 program entitled 'Hikari SentaI'maskman' (Light Squadron Maskman), the character of the Maskmen's mentor Commander'sanjoruu Sugata (played by Japanese actor Hayato Tani of Takeshi's Castle fame) was renamed Director Samuel Sugata in the Philippine Tagalog version of Maskman - retitled 'Laser'squadron Maskman'.

02/01/2022 07:50:06

my name is Sam and i love it and people love me so name yuor child Sam!!

01/16/2022 13:01:30

Samuel is such a strong religious name; a Judge, a prophet, anointed Kings. It was my grandfather's name. Today I named my first son after him. I'm proud to share such a strong name with him.

01/11/2022 18:39:00

Hi i am sam and i am 12 years old. I love my name but it is easier to be called sam. At my age there are loads of sams and lots of James' too. the only people to pronounce it wrong are French people as they say. Sam-ew-elle and Indians call me Sh-mu-el

01/08/2022 03:43:30

I love this name. It's my fiance's name - but I liked it before I'met him. He grew up fighting the nickname "Sammy" and goes instead by Sam. What's nice about this nickname is that you can call a baby'sam, a toddler'sam, a teenager'sam, and an adult Sam - and it never'sounds weird. Samuel is a very professional looking name that easily conver's to Sam and is barely ever mispronounced.

12/01/2021 07:07:48

Love it. It's my son's name. I agree that I don't like the fact that girls use "Sam" sometimes. It is a good, strong boy's name.

09/01/2021 16:10:30

I was indifferent toward my name while growing up (Samuel), but as a revert to the Catholic faith, I have a much fuller understanding of the richness and beauty of biblical names. Thanks Mom!

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Samuel FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Samuel?
The origin of the name Samuel is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Samuel?
God Heard
*️⃣ How many people are named Samuel?
Almost 772000 people are named Samuel.