Sean meaning

: God Is Gracious

Sean Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \sean\
Number of People 👶 422,000
Rate in 2021 660
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Irish
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Sean Name Meaning

The name Sean is a popular given name for boys, particularly in Ireland and Scotland. It is derived from the Irish name Seán, which itself is a Gaelic form of the name John. The meaning of the name Sean can be traced back to its Hebrew origins, where it is believed to mean "God is gracious" or "gift from God."

In Irish culture, the name Sean holds significant importance as it has been used for centuries and carries a sense of tradition and heritage. Many individuals named Sean often embrace their Irish roots and take pride in their cultural identity.

Over time, the name Sean has gained popularity beyond Ireland and Scotland, becoming well-known internationally. Its simplicity and timeless appeal have made it a favored choice among parents seeking a classic yet distinctive name for their sons.

Overall, the name Sean carries positive connotations related to divine grace and blessings. It embodies qualities such as kindness, generosity, and gratitude that are associated with being favored by God.

Cool Info About Name Sean

Additional name description Sean
Additional name description Sean

Personality traits of the boy named Sean:

He is powerful more than you think. He is very emotional despite his masculine feelings. You can find him full of power, self-expression, and enthusiasm. He is very cheerful in his life. His lifestyle is a nice sample of a cheerful one. He makes life easier by being cheerful all the time and by means of this characteristic, he makes the world a better place to live.

He is a natural entertainer. People count on him to be their joyful entertainer at any party. This feature is quite cool since it gathers people around him so that they love him so much. They prefer to invite him to almost all ceremonies because of his joyfulness and artistic flair.

They are forever young, full of delight and happiness in life. Their happiness is famous among people and they admire it. They are too relaxed and easygoing in life that nothing can make them scared and stressed. They live in the present rather than in the dreamy future they built themselves. They are very lovely to their friends as They enjoy being with them all their lifelong.

How do people react to the name Sean?

They understand that you are a compassionate, generous, and kind person. They count on you as a supportive person whenever they need you. They know that you have a serious figure on strict occasions.

Your most likely vocation: musician, artist, writer, designer, teacher, commentator, salesman, occultist.

Lucky colors: All shades of purple, violet, mauve, and lilac

Lucky day: Wednesday

The popularity of the masculine name Sean:

In the first years of the 1940s, Americans adopted the name, Sean. In 1956, the name entered the list of the Top 100 list of the most favored masculine madness in the United States.

It has first occurred in 2000 when Sean experienced a fall in its popularity. It was not counted as the top 100 popular names in the United States. There were two similar names; Shawn and Shaun; but since they were used for girls, American parents preferred Sean as their boy's name. It seemed that the names like Sean, Patrick, and Kevin gave their popularity place to the names like Aiden, Ryan, and Logan.

Sean is a favorite Irish name that attracts the attention of those parents who are in love with an Irish name

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Comments on the name Sean
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Oh man, all the'same comments. I too know the torment of being called Seen. I always wondered, honestly, is anyone named "Seen❤️" To makes things even more inter'sting, my sister in law is named Shaun. Too wierd.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Sean, that's right, S-E-A-N! i've been called ❤️Seen❤️, ❤️Shane❤️, ❤️See-On❤️ , ❤️Say-on❤️ father is 2nd generation Irish (I live in Detroit,Michigan,USA). I beli've I was named after'sean Lennon (son of John Lennon) and I was born in Aprilof 1989. I rarely ever meet another man named Sean, but when I do, It's always comical. ❤️You're name is Sean too❤️ ❤️How do YOU spell it❤️❤️ If he'spells it like me, he gets my respect. If he doesn't, then I❤️ll end the convo and say ❤️ohh, ok, well❤️ Only a select few are allowed to call me ❤️Seany❤️. Usually close family. To me, ❤️Seany❤️, is the junior version of Sean. I also get, ❤️ Seany-Boy❤️, ❤️Shon-a-na-na-na❤️ , and even ❤️Sean of the Dead❤️ , like the movie. People have fun with it, and I don't mind..

01/14/2024 00:00:00

this will be my coformation name for the catholic church. Only regret that my parents didn't choose it for me when i was born!!

01/12/2024 08:37:36

I am born in 2000 and am Aussie. can't beli've it was the highest year on record!

01/02/2024 23:30:28

Its a great name!!!, I wouldn't change it. Its a fairly rare version, not like the more common Shawn.

12/31/2023 17:08:18

I named my first son Sean Patrick, because it is a fine Irish name and the doctor who delivered him was Irish. He is now 18 and to my knowledge has never had another'sean in any of his classes nor had a friend named Sean (unlike Michaels, Christophe's, etc). I'm still surprised whenever'someone doesn't know how to pronouce it, though. It's so easy, only four letters!

12/26/2023 04:35:40

I do not know. At this point .. I remember Lucy Bell, Honky talk, Crook , Shank ,Shaw. I think it is a proberb/ metaphor out of the bible. Crap.. if I new it then I have the power to explain it. BTW, When a child is born into a Brethern Church and hears his mentor singing 99 beers on the wall on a religious bus trip.. Does he not have a right to question this trip❤️ Just an honest question regarding faith. If it not there, then everything is irrelevant.

12/25/2023 20:21:56

My name is Shawn but I casually spell It'sean. I can not stand when a small percent of girls are named with a boys name and then everyone starts assuming that It's a girls name after that. Shawn is the anglicized version of Sean, because people couldn't pronounce it correctly. It is still a Guys name! People will call my house asking for Mrs. Shawn, it bugs the heck out of me when people assume things before finding out the facts! I love my Irish heritage and my name, but do not like ignorant people!

12/23/2023 01:39:10

It's actually Se❤️n, the'spelling without the fada over the a is wrong and anglosised.

12/18/2023 05:51:38

Born in 1981, I was given'the name'sean for two reasons: (1) my family had many Johns and Sean was similar enough to evoke tradition without being boring and (2) my father was a big James Bond (Sean Connery) fan. But growing up, I didn't encounter many (any) other'seans, and most people had trouble pronouncing/spelling the name. They might try to spell It'saying, "Okay, It's S, H, then what❤️"

12/16/2023 04:46:52

"SEAN"it's so is really gift from God,,,thank God for SEAN!!!!!!THE BEST:)

11/18/2023 07:53:24

is It'spelled Sean Michaels❤️ Sean Livingston❤️ Why was "Sean" ever created❤️ youre gonna get confused...

11/16/2023 01:13:36

My name is Seaneen...I am 64... Lots of mispronunciation...een making male names female...Ireen...Colleen...

11/05/2023 01:01:14

Sean is not a girls name I dont understand people giving their daughters the name'sean... Sean is a variant of John, you might as well name your daughter John or WillI'm for that matter.

10/23/2023 18:50:16

I LOVE the name'sean, everyone calls me seen but thats what makes me different to other people.

10/16/2023 12:51:20

I love my name!! Even'though i've been called "seen" "see-ann" and"saaan"lol, And i've been'told It's supposed to be spelled every way that It's not. SEAN is the only true way to spell it. All the other'spellings get thier roots from ignorance.:)

09/16/2023 08:25:10

It's pronounced "shawn" and rhymes with "dawn" as in Sean Penn and Sean Connery. Gaelic spelling = Seaghan, Irish generally Sea(')n. In the US, I have seen "Shaun" and "Shawn" as well.

09/05/2023 03:48:18

i just hate being called "seen". Wish i was given an american name due to the fact i live in america. But i am a little irish, so i guess an irish name makes sense...

08/31/2023 08:36:02

I like my name, its all good. When I was a baby i called myself "seen" because i couldn't pernounce the "sh." When people ask how to spell my name they go ahead and start to write "Shawn" and I'm like no, Sean. I dont know to many Sean's though. Only about 2 or 3.

08/07/2023 00:56:14

I just wanted to say that i laughed when i read some ones comment in hear because it is exactly like me. My name is Sean Patrick too, with an irish last name. So ignorant people always assume Sean Isn't an Irish name, so when'there like your Irish❤️ Im like yea, my name is Sean... and my middle name is Patrick and look at my last name...

07/23/2023 20:01:34

My name is Sean and I'm Brazilian. i've never met a person called Sean, even when i went to states and spent 6 months there going to high school as a foreign student. i've always been'the only Sean at school and at work. Sometimes it really bothe's me having to teach people how to pronounce my name.. This week a guy came to the company where I work to delivery some documents and no one could find out who the document was to cuz he was looking for "Seen". LOL... Despite all this, i love my name and really appreciate mom and dad's choice! Thanks Sean Connery and Sean Lennon for the help.

07/08/2023 03:50:54

My son's name is Sean and I think it is just the perfect name. He just turned 2.

07/05/2023 22:56:54

I love the name'sean, It's my only sons name. Some stupid people have called him "Seen" before, but they figure it out. who would name a kid Seen❤️ His nicknames over the years have been: Sean Boy and Seanster!

05/22/2023 14:28:58

My name is also Sean. I have an Irish background and whenever people who've known me for a while find out, their shocked and I look at them like the light just clicked; since my first and second name together is Sean Patrick, then'they piece it all together with my last name (also Irish) and feel real dumb. Another neat thing is that I have one grandfather named John and the other named Juan, as well their first sons share their names John and Juan too, all different varieties of the'same name. This past month at work i had two incidents: one lad called me "Seen" and couldn't understand my name until i explained how to say it. Another did the'same and insisted that it was in fact not "Sean" and my name was misspelled, nor was it and Irish... yeah she was from Kentucky so I figured she was a lost hope anyway. The worst anyone has spelled my name was "Shauwn"... I'mean come on, 4 letters everyone S-E-A-N

05/20/2023 19:16:52

i think my name is very unique! i love having it, because i like people saying, i've never met a sean before.. wow!

05/18/2023 23:29:30

I'm a Sean as well, I'm from trinidad and Tobago.. which is caribbean..I work in an Italian Restaurant, and I take oriental martial arts lol. I'm a mutt.

05/09/2023 18:46:52

My husband's name is Sean. It is a strong, masculine name... very sexy. He has always liked his name... but is very annoyed when people spell it incorrectly. In the U.S., it is very common to see, "Shawn."

04/30/2023 10:15:00

the way to say it is (Kay-den. I Just Love the name. my only quirey is. Is it a boy of girl name❤️ My mum & dad say it is a girl name where as all my friends say it is a boy❤️ HELP!

04/24/2023 17:17:52

We named our daughther Quinn Jeanne-Kathryn. She was born in 2018. We love the name and it is very fitting for her. We continually receive compliments on her name.

04/23/2023 01:19:44

My husbands name is Sean Michael. I love the name. The meaning describes him. He's a great man, husband, friend, son and father.

03/31/2023 04:38:18

My brother's name is "Sean". I think it is a great Irish name, but I think it would be even cooler if was not so popular.

03/28/2023 23:26:40

I have a girl friend named Sean so is her name considered only a boy name❤️

03/12/2023 09:13:30

I want to know what is the correct pronunciation of Sean, or the differnt ways to spell it. I'm from Argentina and my mum and I have this doubt..she always pronounces "Seen" refering to Sean Connery or Sean Penn...their pronunciation is the'same❤️ I would be plased if someone can answer my question. Thanks! Ren'ta.

03/10/2023 06:40:34

I have a brother named Sean and he this describes him perfectly! He is selfless, generous, a good father, husband, brother and son.

02/28/2023 23:36:52

My name is Sean and im Irish and wish people who werent Irish would just leave it alone and come up with their own names. And as for naming girls Sean...❤️ Why not just name them Robert or WillI'm. Or how about naming your sons Elizabeth or Mary.

02/08/2023 03:07:18

It is way to weak, and NOT my type at all, i prefer other irish names to this one.

01/12/2023 21:19:04

I prefer this spelling. I recently elected to have my name legally changed to this from a variant spelling. I'm surprised so many of you have experienced incidents of people spelling the name incorrectly; when I was using the other'spelling, people always assumed I spelled it "S-e-a-n". As I am about to launch a career that will require many professional connections, I chose to go with the "default" spelling to minimize any future confusion.

01/09/2023 11:54:38

I love my name and growing up it was always mis-spelled or mis-pronounced and I had never met another person with my name. That was up until college (1998-2002) when all of sudden It'seemed to be everywhere and now it is very rare that it gets spelled wrong. It has been suggested that I have James Bond himself to thank for it.

01/03/2023 13:04:50

My name is Sean, and I'm a 15 year old girl. I was named after my grandfather. I hate the name'sean, I wish I could have a normal girls name but its fun to be unique aswell. So many people call me "seen" It's ridiculous. I went to camp and It's like no one there even knew the name'sean existed. Do everyone a favor. Don't give your girl an intense boys name. It pisses them off.

01/03/2023 04:51:06

I love this name. it has an exellent meaning and this name means a lot to me and it reminds me of things that has happened and its just terrific.

12/25/2022 13:39:36

I'm the only sean i know that'spells it "Seın" All in all its a pretty decent name

12/15/2022 15:01:20

Man it is soooo anoying when people call you seen or shane or shauwn and even sane. Im proud of my irish name of sean patrick and my ancestry, but yet i have tons of friends named sean and thank you Sean connery for the awsome name

12/09/2022 18:32:36

My name is Sean and this kid who was in my class last year called me sheen and im only 11 born in 2009 may 28th

12/07/2022 17:45:28

Sean is just the perfect name for me. It's fits anyone who will be a perfect person some day. Like me!

12/05/2022 03:44:50

Great name! I know a lot of Seans named after'sean Connery. A lot of people try to spell it as "Shawn" or "Shaun" though.

11/27/2022 20:00:06

This name is over'sed! And there is nothing worse than having to grin and bear it as some fool sings the "Kelly Song" from Cheers -- as if you've NEVER heard it before!

11/27/2022 19:42:28

This is my name, I like it, however there where so many Heathe's when I was growing up in school. LOL

11/23/2022 19:54:00

SEAN IS A GREAT IRISH NAME LONG MAY IT REIGN, MY NAME IS "Sean O Dubhlainn" and i have Irish kings in my linage and proud of it- so those who dont like it- too bad my friends, but it is mostly a much loved name- God Bless- Sean

11/22/2022 02:45:20

We want to name our daughter Lila, pronounced Lee-la, as my husband's family is from India. It'seems most people pronouce it Lie-lah. Any thoughts❤️

10/23/2022 09:46:52

I'm Sean as well. But I am Latino and I guess people are kind of taken aback to find out I have an Irish name. LOL. And to make things more complicated my full name is Sean Paul (named after'sean Lennon and Paul McCartney) so I guess for a Latino-American it IS a strange name but I love it just for that. :) And boy am I glad to see I'm not the only one to be called "Seen" - seriously is that even a name❤️ some people are morons

10/20/2022 05:04:34

My brothe's name is SEAN but pronounced 'SEEN'. i think its a cool and unique name. Makes more sense the ways its spelt rather then'the name'sHAWN.

10/04/2022 18:28:56

My brother is named sean and he's totaly not a gift from god, he yells at everyone!

09/30/2022 14:15:58

born in 1987, i've encountered all sorts of people who had trouble pronouncing it. from habit, i go ahead and spell it. I'm quite pleased with my name.

09/15/2022 08:40:06

Ok my brothe's name is Sean and people are always pronouncing It'seen. It is reaslly anoying but an awesome name!!

09/10/2022 08:28:04

We just named our first son Felix because he is our luck! It is such a beautiful, noble name. And It's really cool because it has an x in it. I think it is a name that gives its bearer a strong character. And the Felix the Cat association is hopefully fading for our son's generation.

09/10/2022 04:38:50

OK. The usual problem in school with teache's never knowing how to pronouce me name properly. On the plus slide I was virtually the only Sean I knew growing up. Despite assumptions to the contrary, I was actually named after the John Wayne character in "The Quiet Man".

09/09/2022 23:39:04

I feel in love with a Sean once. And the name is stuck with me and will be part of me for the rest of my life.

04/08/2022 07:42:00

Great name! When someone mis-pronounces it, you can condescendingly say "Uh, that's pronounced SHON, like Sean Connery!". Over the years, i've perfected the proper amount of ridicule in my voice. It's great fun!

03/23/2022 18:22:48

So inter'sting, I'm from Hungary, and I don't know why but we don't have problems with prnouncing this name. Even'those who don't speak English... Probably because of the many actors...

03/07/2022 16:15:00

I love the name Sean. Its my sons name and i think it fits him perfect!!!

02/22/2022 05:15:18

My name constantly gets mispronounced as Say-an... Seen once in awhile, but usually Say-an... It'seems mostly to be people of foreign descent that'say Say-an, probably just because of the'somewhat odd pronounciation. But you get used to correcting people lol, after all at least they try. When I have to tell someone official my name I instinctually say "Sean, S-E-A-N" all the time :P

02/03/2022 09:14:42

I'm Scottish; everyone here know's at least 2 SEAN'S. Very common name (still love it) and It's never mis-pronounced.

12/31/2021 20:02:42

My name is Sean too. I have an Irish mom and she and my dad named me. pepole call me 'seen' all the time...morons.

12/31/2021 10:53:42

My brother (born in 1972) is named Sean. Our father was of Celtic Irish heritage, which is the reason why he chose that name. I never heard of anyone else named Sean/Shawn/Shaun until 1978, when my mother and I saw a young woman named Sean on a TV game show, and I couldn't help but antagonize my brother about it. I was very mean to my brother, but I'm autistic, though that is not an excuse. He had a much greater problem with people pronouncing his name as "seen" than with being mistaken for being a girl. (I don't know how he feels about Shawn Colvin or Shawn Johnson or Mary Sean Young, but I won't bug him about them.)

12/19/2021 01:31:12

Many people will call me Shane or John or Steven for some reason and often spell it the wrong way. I go with both Sean and Shawn but not Shaun. I would think the Gaelic version is pronounced with a touch of 'shay', as opposed to a harder 'awn' sound. Whaddya think❤️ I'm officially Shawn, but the git who made up my birth certificate spelled It'shawn when It'should have been Sean and my parents didn't bother to change it back. A double burn. I'm reclaiming the original version not only to right the mistake, but also as a tribute to my Irish/Celtic ancestry, to my Gaelic dna, for the Gael.

12/01/2021 19:56:24

I have a friend named Sean, but I'mostly call him Shawn. i've wondered where his name came from.

11/12/2021 05:37:48

I am believer in God, but i have a friend {sort of} who doesn't believe in God and his name is Sean. I tell him what it means.

10/27/2021 14:28:48

I like this spelling of Sean more than the othe's... It's more, I don't know, sophisticated.

10/26/2021 04:37:30

I am Sean and i live in South Africa. The name here is very rare and it feels good. a gift from God.

09/24/2021 19:34:48

I'm Sean this name has been around for many years. What's with people calling you SEA n ❤️❤️❤️ I hate that.

09/15/2021 09:34:30

My name is Sean. I love my name. I often meet fellow Irish and Irish Americans with the name which doesnt bother me. but when I'meet people with the name'shaun or Shawn i feel bad for them and their parents. People sued to mispronounce my name but i just shrugged and knew that it was their problem not knowing how to say a name.

09/13/2021 02:40:30

My name is sean and the other day someone pronounced my name'seaen

08/29/2021 02:09:54

I like my name - but it is often misspelled (Shawn) - and some people call me "seen". Never bothered me though - there's no great way to make fun of "Sean". I like Sean was better than "Shawn" - but I'm biased. =)

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Sean?
The origin of the name Sean is Irish.
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God Is Gracious
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Almost 422000 people are named Sean.
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The names of Shamya, Shamia, Shamaya