Set, Appointed

Seth Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \seth\
Number in U.S 👶 163,000
Rate in 2021 887
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Seth Name Meaning

The name Seth originates from the Bible. He was the third son of Adam and Eve, and was born after Abel's death at the hands of his other brother Cain. When Seth was born the Bible says the following: “And Adam knew his wife again and gave birth to a son, and he called his name Seth, because he said: 'God has appointed for my another son instead of Abel, whom he killed Cain. ”[Genesis 4:25]. In Hebrew, שֵׁת (Sheth) means “named, set, offset” from the root “shiyth”, which means “named, set.” Like many Old Testament Hebrew names, the etymology is closely related to the biblical history of the person. Seth's lineage remained faithful in their allegiance to God, therefore they were called "sons of God", while Cain's descendants were referred to as "the sons of men". In fact, Noah was the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Seth. The name was adopted in England in the late Middle Ages, but popularized mainly by the Puritans after the Protestant Reformation (c. 17th century). In fact, Puritans often bestowed this name on a boy whose older brother had died in keeping with the biblical reference as a replacement son to Abel. The name has also been popular with Jews.

Cool Info About Name Seth

Additional name description Seth
Additional name description Seth


The name Seth has never achieved "super popularity" in the United States. At the turn of the 20th century, the name was only sparingly used, and as the decades persisted into the last century, the name almost completely fell out of fashion. The nadir of name usage was during the 1930s and 1940s. However, by the 1970s, Seth began to show some signs of life as he quietly climbed the charts. The height of the name's success came in the year 2000 at position #63 on the charts. It seems the name wanted to establish itself on the Top 100 list of most widely used boys' names, but just couldn't handle the stick. The name keeps going down and it's hard to tell where it might go from here. As an old Biblical Hebrew name, we hope to see it endure in use, although its popularity is not stellar. The idea of ​​naming a "replacement" son Set in keeping with Puritan history is too macabre for modern American sensibilities. Instead, it's a quiet, unassuming choice for a young child. One syllable and devoid of nicknames, Seth is plain, simple, classic, and somehow modern. As one of the first five people to be theoretically named on planet Earth, how can you go wrong with a name like Seth? A pioneer of names. simple, classic, and somehow modern. As one of the first five people to be theoretically named on planet Earth, how can you go wrong with a name like Seth? A pioneer of names. simple, classic, and somehow modern. As one of the first five people to be theoretically named on planet Earth, how can you go wrong with a name like Seth? A pioneer of names.

Famous people named Seth

Seth Green (actor)

Seth Meyers (SNL cast member)

Seth Etherton (baseball player)

Seth MacFarlane (entertainer)

Seth Olsen (football player)

Seth Rogan (actor) and Seth Smith (baseball player)


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Comments on the name Seth
05/23/2023 20:45:12

My eldest sons name is Seth caleb, i had a great name picked out for him, but as soon as i heard the name Seth, i changed preferences. And 7 years later im still as in love with the name as i ever was...

05/20/2023 12:31:18

I have one beautiful little boy and his name completely formed him! Ethan SETH is his name. We based his name on initials ESP for guitar and bass brand (his father is a musician), and he gets all kinds of neat stuff with his initials on it! Seth is an awesome name!

05/09/2023 12:36:34

I have a son name'seth born 2015. I only herd one other kid name'seth at the park. We love the meaning.

04/23/2023 01:55:00

thats my name i too was the only one with that name in school but wow its really hard to say for some of my friends lol

04/18/2023 16:42:16

I am using it for the main character for a cartoon I'm developing. The name itself is just so cool, and Seth is designed as attractive.

03/26/2023 10:18:56

My name is Seth. i've always enjoyed it. It'suggests a certain aire of intelligence accompanied by a side of menace. People are never quite sure which I'll choose to unleash at any given'time.

03/19/2023 06:23:26

My brother's friend's name is Seth and he loves his name a lot. he's not only Seth I know and he's glad to be a Seth.

03/14/2023 21:28:20

my nephew is called Seth and it really is a lovely name. It is a combination of mine and my sister's (Seth's mum's sisters) names too, which is really sweet. I do agree that people either love it or hate it- It's quite funny to see people's reactions. I imagine Seths to be handsome and quiet with a mischievious side; and my Seth is definately living up to this image!

03/07/2023 23:25:30

I love this name. People have to really think about the pronounciation of this name before they say it. So, in a way, they seem to remember the person named Seth more easier.

03/02/2023 12:56:18

My boyfriends name is seth. it describes him...shy common and super cute

03/02/2023 09:24:42

what can i say, my boyfriend of 3 years has this name; it's handsome, mysterious, yet fun....i just love it!

02/02/2023 13:41:46

My sons name is Seth and the coment made on jan 22 about somes up our reasons for naming hin Seth..He is 5 and is definately Chaos! but I don't here the name very often and I was so glad it can not be shortened, although my sister in law calls him " sethe's)

01/28/2023 12:54:28

My name is Seth....I Hardly ever meet someone with my name. Many mispronouce it, especially latin speaking cultures. It'seems these days more new babies are being named Seth.

01/26/2023 15:56:34

Seth is one of the greatest names I have heard. My name is also Seth and I was born in 2005. I know two other people with the name'seth. i have not had any problems with having the name. Over all I like the name.

01/09/2023 01:19:50

Nothing bad about it, just a good name, solid name. Only the people named seth can make good comedy cartoons like Family Guy. ;) and robot chicken. ;) And rule the world and religion and be a god.

01/06/2023 11:36:50

My husband and I are expecting our third son in May. We plan to name him Seth due to the biblical Seth being the third son of Adam and Eve. His brothe's also have short masculine names: Logan and Reed. Hopefully it will be a good addition to the family :)

12/29/2022 12:52:48

I named my son Seth. Some people think his name, if they hear it for the first time, think his name is Jeff. But that doesn't bother him or me. I like the fact that It's short, distinctive and there are no other'seths in his class.

12/28/2022 12:11:36

I've been agonizing over a name for my baby to be and when I came across Seth, I thought it was a beautiful name.

12/13/2022 06:35:44

I like a boy name is Seth and he is the'sweetest boy i have ever met! He does cus alot and loves the'song wher's my money...Other than that Seth is a great name

11/19/2022 21:16:04

Seth It's my husband name, and love his name and want to name our child that way, but the only think i don't like about the name is that there are nor nicknames for it

11/17/2022 16:04:26

My name is Seth, and I enjoy having a distinctive, fairly rare name. My experiences are as follows: Teasing: Beth, Bad Breath Seth (Garbage Pail Kids), Sloth (Goonies) Nicknames/Abbreviations: None Mispronunciations: Set, Seff, Steph, Self Commonality: More common on Long Island, where I grew up, than everywhere else I have lived since (DC, AZ,CA). -- Seth P. (Oh yeah for some reason I, and my friends, use my last initial even'though I'm the only "Seth" in our circle.)

11/11/2022 08:43:16

I'm 40 weeks pregnant, and if this little baby is a boy we'll name him Seth! My husband and I love this name. Greetz from The Netherlands!

11/01/2022 03:19:26

My name is Seth I love It'so much, but I would not name my future son Seth because I like my children'to have their own name not just their father's. I also love it because I'm a hudge Christian and am 12 years old and Seth was 'the chosen one' to the line of Jesus."

10/21/2022 14:17:08

My name is Seth. I could not think of a better name to have. I was adopted at birth. My parents named me Seth because it is said to mean "the chosen one." Its a pretty cool story to hear when you are growing up. Seth has been a great name to have, and the ladies kinda like it too.

10/11/2022 18:17:34

My name is Seth (1998) I almost got stuck with hunter or Moses, thankfully not, It's probably the only thing my parents did right lol. I couldn't imagine being called John, Dave, Mike or whatever common boring name you can'think of.

10/05/2022 06:49:32

We named our first born son Aiden because It's a cool name.

09/08/2022 12:58:20

Myname is seth I love it! I'met like 2 people named seth and it was cool. When i saw that most of boys named seth were born in 2012 I thought it was cool cuz I was in 2013 and I'met kids named seth my age. Even'the'sound and look is cool. And its an uncommon name, or well a not very popular. Thx mom and dad! lol

09/07/2022 15:31:06

My name is Seth and its amazing The Egyptian God of Chaos and Destruction that's me. I haven't anyone mispronounce it though and i am the only Seth in my school. Overall the name'seth is Perfect for me

07/16/2022 07:57:18

im naming my childe seth dee stephenson its really cute and it comes frome the bible

07/14/2022 05:37:48

My husband and I went back and forth for months when deciding on a boy name for our son. We debated back and forth and finally came up with Seth David. (The inspiration for Seth came after we watched an episode of "Family Guy," which was created by Seth MacFarlane.) We realized that all of the "famous" Seth's - Seth MacFarlane, Seth Rogen and Seth Green - were such entertaining people and we hoped our son would also be born with a great sense of humor - which he was. He also fits the description as Egyptian God of Chaos & Destruction! We never worry about there being too many Seth's... in fact, I have worked with children for many years and have only worked with two other'seth's. It's a great name and we affectionately call our little man "Sethie"!

03/27/2022 20:17:06

I love this name! It's short, classy and masculine. I am defen'tly naming my future son Seth!

03/14/2022 02:53:06

Love the name'seth. It's our sons name, he is now 6. he'said he loves his name too. I love that their is no one else in his school with the'same name and we very rarely meet another'seth.

03/11/2022 01:41:06

My name is Seth. I was born in 2021 and I have never met anyone with my name! At school one time a teacher walked up to me and said my husbands name is Seth! I said really she'said yeah I have barley meat a Seth! I said me too!

02/18/2022 06:05:42

love the name but really dont like the meaning

01/11/2022 21:23:42

My name is seth what is wrong with it is a goodname not common so people will remember you !

11/10/2021 12:27:18

I like it. Rarely mistaken for anything or anyone else, short, simple. I nearly had Sebastian instead... Sebastian... o.O

10/27/2021 22:42:54

We named our son Simon after his grandfather, Simeon. However, we've always considered the name'simon to be so CLASSIC and timeless. How could you go wrong with the name like Simon especially since we live in such a globalized community where we've learned that his name is perceived in a positive vibe! Lastly, don't pay attention to those silly nay-sayers who still drop silly "Simon Says" remarks! They're foolish! Simon is a fabulous name.

10/24/2021 12:21:54

We named our son Seth. We liked it because it was biblical (timeless), short, not too weird but not over'sed either. I love the name and can't imagine him being anything else!

10/08/2021 10:14:06

My name is Seth! I'maybe have met one person with the'same name. I like my name because it has a very powerful meaning and a deep biblical background. It wasn't until recently I found out that Seth was the Egyptian god of chaos and the desert(I also beli've I read he was the god of destruction too.) Which made me love my name even more! If you want a short, masculine, biblical name'seth is definitely a good one! However, there probably won't be a Seth Jr. in my future family though.

09/05/2021 06:11:06

Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve, the chosen one, neither too brutal or too ethereal - the golden mean between'the polar opposite natures of Cain and Abel. Abel died, Cain was banished, so according to Genesis, the family that descended from Adam and Eve, were all descended from Seth. That makes him the father of us all.

09/03/2021 17:35:06

I really like the name my boyfriend isnt so sure. Im from Arkansas and its not a very common name and thats what im looking for.

07/24/2021 22:32:06

some recent comments are that its a masc. name. we consider it very fem. in western canada.

07/23/2021 22:44:42

Im 20 and have the name Seth, after my Great Grandpa, I love the name, i have met very few Seths in my life, though my friends find it hard to give me nick names so the came up with, Sethifer, Sethuel, Sethie, the list goes on and on.

07/22/2021 11:03:36

I love the name'seth, but am worried about othe's reactions to it...I love hearing how othe's named Seth love their name though - It's been very worthwhile reading this page, Seth has gone to the top of my list for bump!


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The origin of the name Seth is Hebrew.
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Set, Appointed
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Almost 163000 people are named Seth.
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The names of Katelyn, Terrell, Rashad, Shakira, Alesia