Simon meaning

: To Hear, Be Heard, Reputation

Simon Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \sy-min\
Number of People 👶 62,000
Rate in 2021 471
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Simon Name Meaning

The name Simon means “he who listens to God” or “he whom God has heard”. It is an old name that appears in the Bible in the Gospel according to Saint John as one of the followers of Jesus of Nazareth. In fact, it was the name that Jesus Christ chose for one of his main disciples.



Simon Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Simon
Additional description of the name Simon

Simon is a name that has a Hebrew origin. Specifically, it comes from the ancient word “Shimon” which in that language means “he who listens to God”.

Cool Info About Name Simon

Additional name description Simon
Additional name description Simon

The popularity of the name Simon

The name “ Simon “ is unpopular in Oregon based on the data given by reliable resources in the year 1986 in the United States of America. Only 11 babies were named Oregon there. A total of only 606 babies beat the same first name as your baby during that year in the United States of America.

The highest recorded use of this name was in the year 2015 with a total of 1643 babies. From 1880 up to 2018, the name “ Simon “ was recorded 60284 times in the SSA public database. The name first appeared in the hear 1880 and 88 newborn babies were named “ Simon “. This name became a popular boy’s name in the state of Alaska in the hear 1918. It ranked 20 with 5 babies!

The name “ Simon “ is a consistent top-ranking boy’s name in the state of New Mexico for 3 years. This name is a popular boy’s name in Alaska for 3 years, which might not be consecutive. For the past 90 years, this name was recorded 62200 times in the SSA public database.


The personality of the name Simon

This name includes S, I, M, O, and N

S is for sensitive, the side shows

I am for ideals, no higher

M is for munificent, for you are extremely liberal in giving

O is for openness, it’s refreshing

N is for nice, need I say more ?!

If you are named “ Simon “, your heart’s desire can be to help and care for those you love. You value family and friends. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. You influence people positively and advising others is one of your most important abilities. You are somewhat hesitant to show your artistic talents. People appreciate the love you give to them.


Famous people named Simon

Paul Simon, Simon Baker, Simon Pegg, Simon Helberg

Diminutives and variations of the name Simon
Simon is a name that has some associated variants and diminutives, such as:
Simoncito, Simon, Shimon, Simone, Simo

The name Simon in other languages
In this section, we will show you how to write the name Simon in other languages:
German: Simon
Hebrew: Cefas
Italian: Simone
English: Simon
Bulgarian: Cимон
Japanese: シモン

Saint Simon's Day
Simon's name day is celebrated on October 28 as a tribute to Saint Simon, who was the first Saint Peter and pontiff of the Catholic Church.

Numerology of the name Simon
Students of numerology associate the name Pedro with 7, as it is the number that represents rectitude in character and actions.

Similar names to the name Simon

Salman, Simeon, Diamond, Simone, and Damon

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Comments on the name Simon
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Always loved the name'simon, so we named our son Simon. Parents said he'd be teased as in Simple Simon the nursery rhyme. Noone ever'seems to know that, or any nursery rhymes now, but even if they did, my response is that you teach kids to stand up to teasing and don't give bullys the power by not naming your child a certain name! Anyway, he's a wonderful kid and never been'teased. We like that It's not that common, although I admit I rarely tell people on line the name, as I don't want to encourage othe's to pick that name!! We find more older people called Simon, than kid, and they tend to have some BrIt'sh background.

12/31/2023 16:33:02

I don't like Simon although being my name. It'sounds silly and weird

12/27/2023 15:16:24

We named our first son Walker in 1985 after a child I babysat for who was born in 1978. The name was very uncommon at the time. In fact I have never met another one! He likes his name and I think it is marvelous - masculine, easy to spell and it was totally unique "back then".

10/16/2023 15:47:40

I think It's a great name! It's masculine...Biblical...a little unusual, but not strange

09/21/2023 23:54:08

my brother's name is simon john, named after my great grandpa & grandpa. The name always reminds me of a fish lol.:)

09/08/2023 17:37:14

As an adult I have no qualms with my name. As a child and teen, I found It'stressful to speak my own name. The name'sounds nice with pronounced with a short O sound. Phonologically speaking, the'short O is between'the long O and short I sounds. Pronouncing Sim-O-n with a long O sound or Sim-I-n with a short I sound was very ugly in my opinion and I was often worried that I would accidentally speak my name in either of these ways rather than with the balanced short O sound. It was a very silly problem to have but it did have the consequence of causing me to mumble when introducing myself. I'm over it but it was very frustrating for a long time!

08/11/2023 22:47:12

No! There are so many great names out there - why choose Simon❤️❤️!

07/28/2023 21:41:46

I'm a Simon and always enjoyed my name. It rare compared to John or Peter but carries a certain gentle masculinity.

07/27/2023 18:04:14

Simon is one of the greatest names with a great pronunciation so I don't know why you think It'sound silly pleb's.

07/15/2023 05:42:58

Simon is a great name, very masculine and strong! And It's not too common, either.

07/05/2023 09:08:08

We named our son Spencer and he was the only Spencer throughout his school years. It was quite unique. It is a strong name. Our son is very honest and straightforward, very giving and generous. He is a loyal friend. He is an Eagle Scout and a very hard worker. His employers love him. When we named him Spencer, the only other'spencer that people really knew was Spencer Tracy, the fictional character. It is a good association for the name'spencer.

06/10/2023 05:46:54

I love the name'simon and always have. I even had a doll as a kid that I named "Simon." I hope to have a son soon that I can name'simon! :) I agree with the other comments that Simon is a very strong, masculine, traditional but not too common (classic is a good way to put it!) name.

04/25/2023 20:02:30

My name is Simon, i suppose im a very vain person im always thinking about the way i look. But i dont mind getting dirty so its all cool, i tend to need alcohol or Cannabis to really relax although a nice sex session also does wonders.

12/26/2022 18:10:02

My boyfriend's name is Simon. It does the job and he comes when called but It's not particularly good for nicknames. Also too many simon says jokes.

09/07/2022 05:13:56

Simon is a great name. I am 52 and have put up with all the'simon says and best of all tell em, your own simon says jokes that throws them. Mine is "simple simon met a pI'man going the fair, said simple simon to the pI'man what have you got there❤️ Said the pI'man to simple simon pies dopey!!" Live life to the full for everyday is special when you are a Simon

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Simon FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Simon?
The origin of the name Simon is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Simon?
To Hear, Be Heard, Reputation
*️⃣ How many people are named Simon?
Almost 62000 people are named Simon.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Simon?
The names of Purity, Favour