Summer Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \s(um)-mer\
Number in U.S 👶 80,000
Rate in 2021 369
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 English

Summer : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Summer is a given name that has been used mostly for girls. The name is a name of recent coinage derived from the word for the season of summer. As you know summer is the warmest season of the year. This name has been used in many English language speaking countries.

The name Summer, along with other seasonal and nature names, came into fashion as part of the 1960s and 70s counterculture. This name has been used in Arabic language too. Since the year 1970, the name is from the Old English word Sumor and has been in use as a given name.


Popularity of the name Summer

The name Summer is a common and popular name in the world. The name Summer used to be quite common before fulling out of the top 200 in the year 2016. Since 2017, the named has continued to climb the ranks once again, at that time the name broke the top 150 in the year 2020.

Also the name is reported as the third most popular name based on the data given by reliable resources. In the last 5 years the name Summer was at its peak popularity. This name has been a popular choice for celebrities, that’s why parents consider in the name selection process.


Personality of the name Summer

Here we have the letter analysis of the name Summer

S is for sensational, you know how to make a splash.

U is for uncanny, the way you know what to do.

M is for melody, the song of life.

M is for musical, your hidden talent

E is for extra, those little things you do

R is for refreshing, the sparkling you

Your heart’s desire is success. You want to be the one who is the first millionaire of her family. You can do things yourself and do not need any body and also you do not need any body to be helped. Wealth, power and material comforts are important to you.

It is notable that you like fame for doing something impressive. You possess a creative mind with excellent problem solving ability. Balancing emotions should be important to you. Your personality is like a 6 sided cube, steady and balanced. People perceive you as someone who is easygoing or down to earth.


Famous people named Summer

Summer Sanders who was born in the year 1972.

Donna Summer who was born in the year 1948

Summer Bishil who was born in the year 1988

Summer Glau who was born in the year 1981

Summer Rae who was in the year 1983

Summer Cem who. Was in the year 1983

Cree Summer who was born in the year 1969

As you see most people named Summer are girls. But do not let the gender separation influence your ideas in the name selection process.


Similar names to the name Summer

Sara, Sachi, Sage and Sana

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Comments on the name Summer
11/22/2022 8:55:38 AM

Summer is such a pretty name! I love the name with the middle name Lee, Rose, or Rain! Isn't the name Summer Rose beatiful?

10/1/2022 8:11:36 AM

My daughter was born in Feb. and we named her Summer Coraline. We got crap left right and center for naming her Summer and her being born in Feb.. How DARE we! :O!! lol. It's an absolutely beautiful name.

9/11/2022 9:12:14 PM

We are having a girl later this month and her name will be Summer Grace.

9/9/2022 3:57:38 AM

my beautiful little neece is called summer-may klara and she is soo beautiful!!!

8/9/2022 7:29:24 AM

My name is Summer, and ive seen a few posts that are needing middle names to go with Summer. My middle name is Lee. Which is a family middle name! :) a friend of mine, whos name is also Summer, her middle name is Breeze. Kinda makes you think of the "Summer Breeze" song huh? thats where her parents got it from! I too hated to hear the "summer bummer", "do you have friends named Spring, Winter and Autumn?" (which i actually do!!) But all in all, i LOVE my name, and my daddy actually was the one who named me!!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Summer?
The origin of the name Summer is English.
*️⃣ How many people are named Summer?
Almost 80000 people are named Summer.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Summer?
The names of Tamir, Tamara, Tamera, Tomer, Tamra