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Tanner Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \t(an)-ner\
Number in U.S 👶 95,000
Rate in 2021 644
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 English

Meaning of Tanner

Historical origin and etymology

The name Tanner is commonly given to boys which means “Leatherworker”. The name is an English-originated surname derived from an occupational word. The Old English word “Tannere” refers to a name of an occupation in which a person is employed as a tanner of animal skins in order to produce leather for daily use in many objects like belts, shoes, bags, armor, and so on. This career was common in Medieval times and before.

It may be derived from an old Celtic word that was used for the Oak tree whose bark was used in the tanning procedures. In the 12th century, the name first appeared a little bit different from the current form. It was Tannur instead of Tanner and after a while, the spelling changed.

Personality traits of the name Tanner:

He is always a perfectionist. He does not start a task unless he is sure about its end. If he is not sure about the consequence of an action, he will never start it. He likes to get to the end of a cycle and reaches the goal. He never ignores completion and he resents putting aside the started things! This is a positive characteristic feature of Tanner.

He likes to see everything completely and full of details. He cares more about others than himself. He believes that knowing “self” is not as important as knowing others and the world. He gains enough knowledge about his surroundings and he is always an expert in the field he works. He thinks that all human beings should attempt a lot in order to have a better world to live in.

He is very brave. In other words, he is fearless through life’s problems. He likes to help others to solve their problems. He is very helpful and assistant. He cares much about others and society’s troubles and does his best to help in overcoming them. He helps people to see justice in society. he hates injustice.

He is very compassionate and a love-lover. He sees everything from an emotional point of view. He likes to be around his loved ones. Relationships and friendships are the most vital things he needs for survival. He is too addicted to love that he cannot leave it for a while in his lifelong. He places high value on love and affection. Moreover, he has got an enterprising mind and is very artistic.

His heart’s desire is to care for those he loves more. He tends to follow what he likes and what his heart wants. He cares much about his emotions and resents making them insignificant. He loves his achievements to be heartedly accepted. He follows traditions and respects different cultures. He attracts others very well and is always at the center of attention. He likes to be around his friends and family. He has a good sense of humor.

People react to his name as they feel he is very powerful and strong. They are right. He is the man. He shares his power with difficult matters. He likes to be egocentric. Sometimes, people think that he is very wealthy even if he is not actually.

All in all, he has specific characteristics like solid, dependable, loyal, reliable, studious, hard-working, active, punctual, tidy, practical, and industrious.

His most likely vocation: architect, engineer, designer, writer, song composer, planner, keeper of department store

Lucky day: Sunday

Lucky colors: gold, green, and all shades of white


The popularity of the boy name Tanner:

In 1976, Tanner has first appeared in the United States formally as a masculine name. it took the name nearly 20 years just to reach the top 100 most commonly used names in the United States and the name became popular in a very short time. During the 1990s, Tanner was a popular name among Americans, but this only lasted for eight years or so.

In the mid-years of the 21st century, the name was showing backward on the charts. This coincidence led Tanner to lower positions on the popularity charts and it was placed in the top 200 most favorite names in the United States. It is fortunate to say that Tanner is still a trend name in the states of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Vermont. It shows roughness and hardness as its meaning suggests; leather worker.

In the past seven decades, Tanner was recorded nearly 100,00 times in the SSA Database.

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Comments on the name Tanner
8/14/2022 9:04:48 PM

My little man is named Tanner-I picked it because it isnt too popular but people have heard of it.I have never met a girl named Tanner and probably wouldnt have named a girl that. But then again my daughters name is Skyler and I wouldnt have named a boy that.

8/2/2022 8:57:36 AM

I named my son Tanner cause it Isn't all that common and It'sounds kinda country to me! No one misspells it or mispronounces his name but he is only 3 right and not in school. My younger'sisters do go to school with a Tanner, and we ran into a little girl at the zoo named Tanner....Her mom thought I was yelling at her kid. I love this name and I'm trying to coming with a sibling name cause I just found out I'm pregnant with my 2nd.

5/30/2022 11:25:12 AM

My name is Tanner, born in '92. It's a good name. There's obviously better ones, but at least no one mispronounces it and It's easy to spell :)

5/15/2022 11:49:30 AM

My name is but only " Tanner ". I do not have a last name or a middle name. I beli've I'may be the only " Tanner one name " in the world which is a true honor. When it comes down to it, why would I want any other name then'that? I was born in December of 1987 so I am also one of the original Tanners I beli've also. Peace to all and to all a good night

4/8/2022 4:51:00 PM

My name is tanner ray and I'm 22 and i've only met three other people with the name tanner'so It's unique and that's wat I like about it. I get a lot of compliments on it and have many nicknames such as tan man tan the man etc so I gotta say I really like being named tanner

1/3/2022 9:14:42 PM

Tanner as a name for our upcoming biracial boy: appropriate? kind-of funny?

11/11/2021 4:00:36 AM

My name Is tanner :D I actually don't really like my name. its sounds so dumb in my opinion, but i dunno. might just be me

10/27/2021 4:24:54 AM

Our sons name is Tanner, he is 15 months old. It'suited him from the moment he was born. We love his name. His middle name is John so he often gets the nickname TJ.

10/4/2021 6:30:00 AM

Tanner is a turrible name! My friend and I always make fun of the name Tanner, even'though we don't know anyone named it. If you are named Tanner, you are guaranteed to be a redneck loser.

8/19/2021 10:40:12 AM

my names tanner and i have a ton of nicknames haha


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Tanner?
The origin of the name Tanner is English.
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Almost 95000 people are named Tanner.
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