Tate meaning

: Cheerful

Tate Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \t(a)-te\
Number of People 👶 20,000
Rate in 2021 683
Numerology 🔢 1
Name origin 🌍 English
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Tate Name Meaning

The meaning behind a name can hold great significance and tell a story that goes beyond mere words. When it comes to the name "Tate," its origin and meaning are rooted in rich history and culture.

Derived from Old English, the name "Tate" is believed to have several possible meanings. One interpretation suggests that it signifies a cheerful and pleasant nature, reflecting someone who brings joy and positivity into the lives of others.

Another theory suggests that "Tate" may have originated from the Norse word "teitr," which means glad or cheerful. This interpretation aligns with the idea of someone who exudes happiness and spreads warmth wherever they go.

Regardless of its precise origins, the name "Tate" carries an air of optimism and radiates a sense of optimism. It embodies qualities such as resilience, kindness, and a zest for life.

If you bear this name or know someone named Tate, remember that your identity is imbued with positivity. Embrace your unique journey, continue to spread joy through your actions, and let your light shine brightly in all that you do.


Cool Info About Name Tate

Additional name description Tate
Additional name description Tate

What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name her Alayna?

This name suggests that you are a pioneer. It's natural for you to be a leader. You are highly focused and you try to achieve your goals. It seems natural to you to go through difficulties to try out new things. Doing unimportant activities frustrates you. You do not need others to finish your tasks or to make decisions. You have a lot of energy and confidence.

You want to take care of the people that you love. Family values and traditions are very important to you. You do not hesitate in sacrificing yourself for the sake of others. You are great at giving advice. You can be shy about showing your artistic side. People value the love that you give them.

You live a lifestyle that is full of risks and thrills. You do not contain yourself from clearly stating your needs and wants. When others push you, you tend to get aggressive. You must try not to be bothered too much about your feelings and outward appearance.

How do people react to you?

This name refers to someone who is a family person. Someone who provides for his loved ones and supports them. Other people trust you and trust your judgment. You dress well but instead of trends and fashion, you are more concerned with the price and quality of the clothes. When it is necessary, people can count on you to be there for them.

People generally look at this name as an informal, simple, and modern name.

Lucky colors: All yellows, ocher, bronze, gold, orange

Lucky day(s): Sunday


The debut for Tate in the U.S naming charts came in 1971. At that time, it was struggling at the bottom half of the chart. The struggle continued until it completely dropped out of the list in 1980s. Thanks to the release of the famous “Little Man Tate”, Tate made a successful return in 1991 and 1992. In that movie, Fred Tate was the genius seven-year-old son of Jody Foster. American parents loved the movie and started naming their children after this popular character. This time, Tate was able to keep his position on the charts and create a new consistency for himself. Tate is a minimal sounding name that is great absolutely fantastic for a cheerful happy son. Along with being simple, Tate also sounds masculine and powerful which is a rare combination for a name.

Here are some famous people named Tate:

Tate Donovan (actor)
Michel Taylor "Tate" Armstrong (basketball player)
Tate George (basketball player)


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Comments on the name Tate
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I think It's different, but not too way out and the name of new baby boy!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I'm considering this name for our new little one. I really like the'sound of it!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Im about to have a son in March and we are naming him Cameron Tate. We love the name Tate for a little boy!

01/08/2024 04:59:54

Our 2 year old son is named Tait (It's a family name on my husband's side) and we've had many compliments on it. I also like the fact it means happy and cheerful. When hearing it for the first time, some people did think we were saying "Kate", especially when he was very little. And yes, he does sometimes get potato or tater comments, but I can'think of worse nicknames and most people just use Tait given It's so short and catchy.

12/15/2023 18:29:42

A longer version of Tate that we are considering is Taten. I think that Tate is a very cool name!!

12/05/2023 18:05:38

I absolutely love the name Tate! My three-year old son has this name. And it was going to be Tatum for a girl. My name'starts with a "T" and for some reason my hubby has to have all our children start with this letter. It's quirky I know, but I go along with it because I love him. My oldest son is Tristan Jared & youngest son is Tate Christopher. :)

11/07/2023 04:27:04

My sons name is Tate and he's eleven. I personally dont know any more Tates, but i love the name and so do my family and friends. Its different and thats why we like it.

10/06/2023 06:16:58

My best friends name is Tate and he is awsome,i do call him tat-or-tot and potato sometimes, but he doesnt care. Tecknaly his name is joseph tate, but he just goes by tate. Someday im gonna name my kid tate joseph so everyone will know thats how its really supost to be.

09/26/2023 08:49:14

My son will be 3 soon and his name is Tait. His full name is Tait Michael. We like his name very much. There are some issues with spelling sometimes. We used to have people thinking his name was "Kate" when he was little. We like his name because we think it is manly and short. My husband is a teacher'so we wanted to go with an unusual name. We do call him "Tater" and "Tater Tot" on occasion, but we think it is cute.

09/19/2023 10:46:24

My wife and I had a handful of names ready for our son, but once we saw him we both agreed - "Tate". And he's turned out to be a lovely little man even'tho he was 9 weeks prem. Very cheerful and chuckly. A great name for a great kid, and its not very common, yet.

09/06/2023 07:08:12

i've actually never met ANY boys with the name Tate, only GIRLS. I know 2. A girl named Tate who is 14, and another who's around 7. A close family friend of a cousin has a half brother with the name Tate, but that's the only time i've heard it used as a boy name. I also know someone who named their daughter Peneolpe Tate. Penelope for her grandmother, so I'm guessing. They are wanting to call her either Penny, or Tate, so we'll see how things go. Anyway, Tate, is actually a boys and girls name, which from the records i've gathered, actually means happiness, and is a shortened form of Tatum.

09/05/2023 22:19:12

My name is Tait! I am doing some research for a class about my name... but what is really funny is that I am a 32 year old female!

08/26/2023 21:37:30

Our son is named Tate. Wife and I loved the name I'mediately. Some people confuse it with Nate or ask "Tate❤️" or confuse him with a girl (mail has come for Ms. Tate). Overall though, have received a lot of compliments on it and have no regrets. Not too popular but not totally off the wall.

08/25/2023 01:14:52

I need some advise. I am pregnant and my husband and I really like the name Tate, but his middle name would have to be named after my father-in-law, James. I am not too sure on how I feel about Tate James. I feel Tate needs to be more sylabols to sound right. Do you have any idea's on a long form of Tate and we can just call him Tate for short❤️

07/31/2023 05:14:28

My son was born in 2010 and his name is Tate. Actually, his name is Payton Tate but we exclusively call him Tate. I love the'sound of it. As othe's stated, it is hard to get away from Tater Tot.......

07/09/2023 05:42:38

My son is now 9. I get many compliments on his name, Tate Delsin. He is always very cheerful and brings sunshine into our lives!

07/08/2023 03:15:38

I am due to have my 3rd son in October and I can't get passed this name. I love it. My husbands second name is Steven so think ill team it with that (plus im a liverpool fan so Steven Gerrard's name adds a bonus). Tate Steven❤️ Definitely!

06/30/2023 10:41:54

I think this is a GREAT name if you want something cool, and strong. A few more are Gabriel (gabes), Orlando, Joe, Isiah, Isaac, Patrick, (NOT PAT!!) Elijah, etc. etc., i could go on all night if i wanted to, but those are a few starters for anyone who's inter'sted!!!

06/17/2023 19:24:18

I have been pulling it off for 32 years and none of my family, friends or fellow Marines have once called me girly. BTW I am the 4th Tate in my family dating back to the 18th century. The only confusion is that my last name is a feminine first name. I have two last names or two first names depending on what dry cleaner I use.

06/14/2023 11:10:24

I'm a late 90's baby with the name. I am a girl and my parents chose to spell it Taite, because they felt the I was more feminine. I think this name is great for males or females! I absolutely love my name and the meaning behind it-- "cheerful" is very fitting to my personality. I loved being the only Tate people know and have always found the nickname Taiters to be quite sweet & silly.

06/12/2023 08:37:28

I love that name I'm planning on calling my child that (when I have one lol, not planning to have a child now just looking to the future). I think Tate James sounds like a nice name because he can be called TJ short if you like. xx :)

06/10/2023 13:07:44

My son was born in millenI'm year 2012. We wanted a name that couldn't be made into a nickname. We both agreed on Tate. Have not heard of anyone else using it for a first name only surname. He was thrilled to visit the Tate Gallery with his school. We call him tateybabe (at home) and sometimes Tateypie. He doesn't mind this. Just sees it a term of endearment. Loads of compliments on his name and that It's unusual. i've only just found this site and am thrilled to find some meanings for his name. he's especially excited to see that it means Emperor or Imperial one in Japanese.

06/04/2023 23:42:12

i like the nae tate for a boy. i am writingb a story and the cool bad boy is named tate Gretchen'that's the last name)

06/03/2023 23:36:16

I have a 3 year old Tate Alexander....Loved it from the'start and still do!

06/03/2023 08:36:58

I am a woman named Tayte. LOVE my name and have never had issues. Tayte goes with a lot of other names..!

06/01/2023 03:07:42

We're naming our little girl Naomi Grace- I think It's a beautiful name!

05/26/2023 16:38:30

My name is Tatea . The girl version my tate.But my friends just call me tatertoternatorrrrr! haa

05/20/2023 22:30:50

I am going to call my first born Tate. My husband is Japanese and Tate in Japanese is teito, which means Imperial One, or Emperor!

05/12/2023 06:44:04

Our son is named Tate Steven. He is eight years old. Tate is an artistic, charI'matic boy and the'simple, strong name of 'Tate' fits him well. So far, he has not had any problems with people making fun of his name. Once in a great while someone will think we said 'Kate' instead of 'Tate'.

05/10/2023 21:31:30

Love it! It's been my name for almost 41 years now.

05/05/2023 10:27:02

My husband and I named our son Tate, he is 6 months old. His middle name is Ross which was my maiden name. We get alot of compliments on his name, no one has ever'said anything negative. He is a very happy baby'so the 'cheerful' meaning fits well.

04/26/2023 13:05:14

We have a 2 year old daughter that we named Eden Rose. The middle name Rose was chosen because it is my Grandma's name and we thought Eden was a beautiful first name. It is a beautiful name and matches our little girl perfectly!!!

04/21/2023 13:28:28

Tate is a stupid name and not even nice sounding. Rio ferdinand called his son Tate I think It's an awful name.

03/01/2023 02:33:12

Expecting our second child in 6 weeks and if It's a boy it will be Tate, but I'm not sure about a middle name and came to this site to brainstorm.

02/28/2023 06:16:30

I love the name Tate. I think it has a nice ring to it. The meaning is cheerful which I think is cool. Tate is a unique name which is also good. It can be used for a boy or girl.I think it is better on a boy, though. I know a Tate that is a show off but he is really awesome.If you are looking for a name, than this is perfect!

01/05/2023 00:03:12

I love the name Tate. We just had our first son and my madien name was Tate. So we nameed him Tate and middle name is Griffin

01/04/2023 08:46:16

I have just named my new son Tate - born March 2017. We live in New Zealand and it is quite an unusual name here. I'm surprised to see that it is very popular in the US.

12/08/2022 16:05:36

Our son is Tayte-he is my Pie(TayterPie) when we looked up the name ina baby book in 2012 we found Tate which meant one of ten-he was our tenth.

11/27/2022 00:01:02

My 2 year-old son's name is Tate, and we still think it is the coolest boy's name around. We are having another one now, and we are having problems coming up with a name that we think is as cool as Tate for this one.

11/10/2022 23:54:16

I want to name our boy Tate so bad but our last name is Owens I am very worried about him being called Potato, I really don't mind tater tot or any of that but I am a little worried with our last name beginning with an O.

10/30/2022 14:00:00

I love the name Tate. Its my husband great grandmothe's maiden name. We have a huge family and It'seems to be different and meaningful! But my husbands name is David and he is the 3rd David in the family and we want to continue the name but I feel Tate David doesnt sound right. It looks ok but....not sure❤️

10/25/2022 12:02:10

My son was born in January 2020 and we named him Tate (it was one of the few male names we could agree on and he looked like Tate fit him when he arrived). He is Tate Matthew and we have had many compliments on how different the name is without being trendy or strange.

09/28/2022 04:04:34

My 6 year old is called Tate, his middle name is Mitchell - we call him Tate bear and Tater cakes... We love the name, It's short, strong and It's not very common.

09/14/2022 11:12:52


09/04/2022 16:41:28


08/15/2022 23:36:54

My second son is named Tate - he is 16. We wanted a name that'sounded nice and was not too common. It means "charming" and "cheerful" which is just how he turned out! Our first son is named Zach - he is 18. We thought we were being original with him as well but that ended up being a very popular name in the 90's! Tate's middle name is Quentin after my grandfather - we thought we would call him TQ... but we never did... We did sometimes call him "Tater," I admit, but he didn't mind too much... "Tate" is a great guy's name - just like the actor Tate Donovan or the Michigan quarterback "Tate Forcier!" It also was the name of a great movie "Little Man Tate" about a very smart boy... Jodie Foster played his mom. My son Tate actually ended up being a genius too - he gets straight A-pluses in school. In short, "Tate is great!" (or that's what his 2nd grade teacher always used to say!) We have only met maybe 2 or 3 other guys named Tate... and the only drawback is we could never get him anything with his name on it - like a bicycle license plate or pencils!! Well... that is, not until we ended up going to the "Tate Modern" art museum in London. Then we bought him about a million things with his name on it!!! LOL!

07/11/2022 02:36:00

My son is named Tate. I have met 2 other boys with the'same name, it is increasing in popularity though. People always will call you Tater, Taterbug, Taterhead, Tatertot, Tater'salad. Be ready for it!

06/22/2022 01:06:00

We are having a boy in May. His name is going to be Brody Robert. I love it!

02/25/2022 11:01:48

My sons name is Tate Ryan. He was born in 2004. I too wanted to give him a name that was original. Not too many people have the name. Maybe a last name, but not many with Tate for the first. His name means, "cheerful", and that's exactly his personality.

01/17/2022 02:45:00

What up girlz! My name is Yahaira, I have always loved my name. I'm from Puerto Rico and live in the'states. growing up I hated that people couldn't say my name right, so then'they americanized it.(It'sounded horrible) I got through it. Still today people have problems saying my name'so I just help them out and have them call me Yarie. I also had the privledge of meeting another Yahaira she was a cool girl. Are all Yahaira's burnette❤️ Peace ladies.

01/03/2022 02:56:42

THis is our son's name and we absolutely love..! :)

12/30/2021 11:06:18

This is my little girl's name. I named her after my grandmother. We pronounce it Nath-a-lee.

12/29/2021 14:03:36

I had a math teacher named Tate, now I am going to name each of my children'tate.

12/11/2021 11:26:06

My wife is due this week, we are thinking Tate James

11/30/2021 02:45:54

I was looking up names for a character. I found It's native american for a female wolf. But it could also mean something else in other Languages.

10/10/2021 00:39:54

Our son Tate was born in 2012 . He is very cheerful enthusiastic very popular and loves his name. We also visited Tate modern and he loved it as he is very artistic. His middle name is Samuel.

10/06/2021 06:04:48

I named my 5 month old son Tate and everyone we know has complimented us on what a lovely yet unique name it is. We know noone else of this name'so I think that although he will grow up with an unusual first name it will not be as fat out as say 'Apple' or 'Trixybell'

09/15/2021 07:44:42

i like my name yeah its tate every one calls me patoato or taterhead

08/26/2021 04:37:30

I gave my 4th son the name. I never met anyone with this as a first name. I spell it TATE. Perfect name for him.

08/12/2021 04:49:12

Well my mom named me Madelynn because she loved the movie The North and the' aunt also got my cousin Emily's name from that movie I think. Im 16 and I love my name because I dont really know anyone else that has it and yes, people spell it wrong all the time. My nickname is Madey and people often spell that wrong too. Everyone tells me that my name is as beautiful and unique as I am though :)

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The origin of the name Tate is English.
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Almost 20000 people are named Tate.
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The names of Thaddeus, Thetis, Thaddaeus, Thadeus, Thaddius