Walker meaning

: Cloth Washer, Walker

Walker Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \wa(l)-ker\
Number of People 👶 27,000
Rate in 2021 354
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 English
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Walker Name Meaning

The name Walker is an English name meaning “ Cloth worker “ or “ Fuller of Cloth “. This name has 2 other variations, Walk and Wally; you can select them as nicknames for the name Walker. The name also has a Scottish origin. The given name has been mostly used in English speaking countries. Although name should not have impact on the name selection process, but the name Walker is mostly used as a boy’s name.


Cool Info About Name Walker

Additional name description Walker
Additional name description Walker

PoThe popularityf the name Walker

The name Walker is popular all around the globe. It has been mostly given to boys. It has been a popular masculine name during the last 2 decades. This name is the 206th most common name in the United States. Since the year 2000, the given name has been steadily increasing in popularity. It is the 9th most common name based on the data given by a reliable resource.

The name Walker was searched for most often in the states of, Louisiana, Alabama, Minnesota, Georgia, and Tennessee.


The personality of the name Walker

Here we have the letter analysis of the given name,

E is for warmth, the glow of your friendship

A is for accord, the harmony you spread

L is for loyalty, which you show

K is for Kindle, the warmth in others

E is for elate, you make others happy

R is for righteous, you know when you ate right

If you are named Walker, you are a person who can encourage people easily. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. Giving advice is a natural ability for you. Also, you are the one you people appreciate the love you give to them.


Famous people named Walker

Here we have a list of people who have influenced this name’s popularity positively.

Clint Walker, Paul Walker, Madam C. J. Walker, Herschel Walker, Andrew Walker, Jimmie Walker, Alice Walker, Alice Walker, Robert Walker, and Walker Hayes

As you can see above, most people are given “ Walker “ as their last name, but it does not mean that the name “ Walker “ is not popular enough.


Similar names to the name Walker

You can select names similar to Walker ad your next babies, also if you are looking for a rare name, you can select names similar to “ Walker “.

Wade, Wagner, Wake, Wakeman, Walden, and Wallace.

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Comments on the name Walker
01/14/2024 00:00:00

We plan to name our daughter Kaelyn due in May. We have loved this name for so many years and am happy to see that all you girls love your name!! :)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

We named our son Walter after his great-grandpa. It is a great name and if Walter takes after his great-grandpa, more power to him!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Love the name walker. My three year old son is Walker Dayne!

01/11/2024 13:31:26

I love this name. I am expecting this summer and if this is a boy his name will be Walker!

01/01/2024 00:46:46

We named our son Walker and so far have only had one mix up with our last name.

12/31/2023 20:39:54

My youngest sons name is Walker he is 15 ..We have to older boys named Wesley and Wyatt so We needed a third W name and thought Walker was original ..never met another one .

12/23/2023 11:38:42

i have a 5year old called walker and of course we love it we chose it because we wanted another name to compliment my first sons name which is fletcher and i think it works well.

12/16/2023 22:07:14

Nine year old son is named Walker after his maternal grandfather (Scottish). We call him Walkie Talkie because he loves to talk. No one in our area has the'same name. Walker WillI'm. Walker loves his name and it means a lot because of his namesake.

11/30/2023 04:04:50

Walker has been a first name'since the 1800s. Walker Evans and Walker Percy come to mind. Yes it is of a style in-line with trade names and last names first which "traditionalists" object too. I know they are very unlikely to get the message but JIC To Aug 23 2018 comment: Do your homework before you trash a perfectly good name.

11/29/2023 01:37:50

I love the name Walker, so much that I have a beautiful 2 mmonth old thats name is Walker Joseph.His daddy picked out the name. And family and friends are in love with it too!!!

11/17/2023 03:40:36

I LOVE THE NAME!!! So original and classy. Rarely do I run across someone with the name. I was a little sad when I saw a Sex and the City episode and the character's name was Walker Lewis (the politician Carrie dated briefly). I don't want it to become popular and over-used.

11/15/2023 16:59:52

My son, Walker is 10 years. We've come across 4 othe's. We just met one who is the'same age and has similar looks as my son. Another is a girl! He hates being called "Walk." Remember "walka walka" from the Muppets❤️

11/15/2023 07:00:20

My 7 yr old is Walker. Fits him perfectly and not another one in the town we live in...I love the name

10/26/2023 10:54:20


09/30/2023 01:34:30

I greatly appreciate my name'since it does not label you as a cerain personality and can be interpreted in any way. Born in 2007, when'the new trend was starting.

08/26/2023 23:58:34

My name is Walker and I love it. People always have liked it, was born in 1990 and it has became more popular. But I still know when someone says my name they are talking to me.

07/18/2023 04:32:36

Our son Walker was born in 2010. When he was a sweet baby'strangers, after finding out his name, would say, "Hey, It's Walker, Texas Ranger." Fortunately this trend has ended and he is becoming a strong individual. We chose the name because we thought it was strong and unique.

06/17/2023 03:14:28

We are having our 3rd baby and we really like Luke the best so far. We don't really know any Luke's but we think It's a nice, strong, handsome sounding name. :=)

06/10/2023 11:57:12

I plan on naming my kid is my last name and it is very cute :)

05/18/2023 19:05:00

walker. are you serious❤️ naming your children last names has got to be the fad of the century behind starbucks and friends

05/13/2023 06:50:00

My mum's maiden name is Walker'so i've grown up with 'Walker' grandparents and think it would be a nice way to carry on the name.

04/29/2023 23:22:34

My name is walker i've been'told It's a strong name I'myself didn't know there were as many people with this name It's kinda cool, TBH I appreciate the fact that there are some people who remember the Chuck Norris show and that'so many people took this name on after Paul walker. Now that is cool. Often I have been called Hunter It's kind of offensive TBH I always correct people but what u gonna do people gonna be people.

03/27/2023 12:28:18

Our son is Walker and the names fits him to a T we are always saying Walker dont run,Walker..walk...he is our angel and I would never change his name!

02/11/2023 04:53:16

this is my 4 year old daughter's name and we LOVE it because it is feminine and she turned out to be quite the little princess (very long hair, wants to wear "princess dresses" every day, etc.)...we call her Princess Anna from time to time. Most of the names I wanted had "anna" somewhere in it, and I realized it was "anna" that I liked the most about those names. I love the way it looks in cursive as well. we didn't want to name her a uni-sex name, since I am a big fan of feminine names for girls and masculine names for boys; nor did we want to choose a trendy name because over time those names die out. Unlike Anna and some other names, which have been and will be around for a very long time.

02/08/2023 17:48:58

Surnames as first names may be a "fad," but Walker is a actually a first name that's been around for years.

01/24/2023 03:41:44

My experience is with my best friend. i've known him since the 2nd grade and we're in the 8th grade now. We have had crushes on each other but, now we are best friends. He has been'there for me through everything and always protects me from any type of danger that comes my way. I say that you should name your don Walker because he will grow up to have lots of friends and will protect an love every one of them and so will they.

01/04/2023 09:21:32

My 13 month old is Walker Frederick. We decided on Walker after we had orginally wanted Weston. A collegue of mine has a Weston, so I didn't feel right using the name. We have a 4 yr old named Wyatt. When I suggested Walker to my husband he loved it. All of our family and friends call him Walka Walka from Fozzie from the Muppets. His name truly fits! I absolutely love him and his name! We always get comments on how unique it is.

12/29/2022 05:49:36

My husband and I are expecting our first son/baby this Sept. We will be naming him Walker. I love the name for It's originality and have never heard the name Walker growing up or now. I know It's out there but not super popular. I can't wait to meet our son Walker WillI'm (middle name) very soon!

11/27/2022 01:46:50

We named our son Walker James. Walker is a family name on my husband's side and James was my father's name (RIP). Walker is 15 months old now and it fits him perfectly! He never crawled and went straight to walking. He is always on the move unlike his big sister who was a chill baby. We get the occasional Texas Range comment from adults but most people say they love it. I love when I say it, no one mishears me. They always hear it right the first time.

11/06/2022 12:55:44

I'm having my first son and we play to name him Walker Benham. Benham is a family name. We're excited about our choice but my mom told me she hates it.

10/21/2022 04:52:52

It is usually pronounced correctly (some mis-read it as Walter). Most people say they like it.

10/16/2022 14:22:44

This is my sons name! It is pronounced (KAY-den) but we decided to spell it this way so that it would have the'same letters as my name! I think it is a very strong males name!!

09/28/2022 01:08:14

We named our daughter, (born in '04) Regan and love it I'mensely! She will live up to the power of the name, I am certain--spunky little thing that'she is. It wasn't out of reverence to the late President (he died the month she was born though), but we never could have named her that if we didn't love him as well :-)

09/16/2022 06:42:36

I use to think why whould you name your son WALKER. Then it grew on me and i think its so cute

08/13/2022 04:49:12

I love surnames as first names. I have two daughters: Micaela and Kinsey and am expecting again. If this is a boy, we're going to name him Walker!

08/08/2022 14:06:18

my maiden name...trying to get my granddaughter to use it. strong, unique, manly, simple, fairly rare. How can she go wrong. I'm 83.

08/06/2022 16:21:18

My husband and i named our son walker, after paul walker. We were huge fans of the fast and furious series, we grew up together and always saw them together. We found out i was pregnant the day he died, It'seemed suiting

08/03/2022 06:55:12

My son is named Walker. After my Grandparents last name. We have only met one other person so far with his name... hes 7!

08/01/2022 01:51:00

We named our first son WillI'm and we call him Will. Every now and then my dad slips and calls him Bill, but I don't think he'll ever have the nickname Bill because we as his parents can determine what he is called. I love the name Will for a little boy and I think it will fit when he's older but if not, WillI'm is not such a long name that it must be shortened w/ a nickname.

07/24/2022 20:00:00

We chose the name Aidan for our son, who was born Nov. 21, 2019, because it was strong, beautiful and (we thought) unusual. We really wanted a good Irish name. Even'though we now know just how popular this name is - we would n't change our choice at all. The name and its meaning fits our Aidan perfectly. Aidan's rock!!

06/28/2022 06:14:42

All I can'think of is Chuck Norris and Walker Texas Ranger

03/20/2022 12:36:18

Wallace is my name and I beli've in the name Wallace because It's a name for great people.

03/14/2022 12:02:06

Love my sweet baby's name...we did pick it after all. :) I'm hoping it is not going to become a super popular name.

10/12/2021 13:03:18

Mine is walker Leslie was named after a character in a book and i've only met one other person but only cause I wrestled him in school

10/04/2021 11:59:24

Naming my son Walker! Its a cute strong name. Not naming after anyone we just loved the name and dont know anyone else personally with the name.

07/20/2021 04:09:36

I named my son Walker after the poem by Antonio Machado: "Walker there is no road, you make the road by walking." (Caminante, no hay camino. Se hace camino al andar.) He later honored me by getting a tatoo with the'spanish lines.

07/10/2021 22:43:48

My name is walker and i love it cause it is unique. Born 2005 but my parents did get it from Walker Texas Ranger. I am 15 now and never met another Walker. Ha going back to Aug 30, 2017 my middle name is Joseph.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Walker?
The origin of the name Walker is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Walker?
Cloth Washer, Walker
*️⃣ How many people are named Walker?
Almost 27000 people are named Walker.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Walker?
The names of Yarely, Yarel, Yarelli, Jareli