Willow meaning

: Willow Bay

Willow Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \will-oh\
Number of People 👶 36,000
Rate in 2021 133
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 English
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Cool Info About Name Willow

Additional name description Willow
Additional name description Willow

The number of Willow's name in numerology is 4. The motto of Willow's name and fours in life is "Comfort, stability and order!"

The patron planet for Willow's name is Uranus.

The zodiac sign for the name Willow is Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Willow's talisman stones are ametrine, red ironstone, danburite, emerald, glass, mochi, moonstone, pumice, clear quartz, black sapphire, white sapphire, yellow sapphire, silver, sodalite, strombolite, tiger's eye, black tourmaline, zirconium .

The “Four” among the Main numbers of the numerological chart is the unshakable stability of the life position, stability and confidence in the future. This is a well-established life, strong family and friendly ties, a reliable, constant income and the invariable respect of others.

The positive value of the number 4 for the name Willow could be associated with purely masculine virtues if thousands of women did not possess them. They value order and practicality, stability and tranquility. Materialists "to the marrow of bones", fours do not like noisy gatherings and thrills. Their main concern is financial well-being, constancy of comfort. These are people with principles, they can be trusted with their secrets and not worry about their safety. Such people have few friends, but those that they have are loyal and proven comrades over the years.

The four named Willow must be confident in the future, they work hard for the future. The material side of life is important to the four, this is a man of action. Vulnerable and touchy. Four can separate the intellectual from the emotional. The Four makes difficult decisions, hesitates and doubts for a long time, making a choice, needs silence. You can help the Four without making decisions for them. The four are fond of esotericism. A man named Willow can achieve anything in life. The main thing is faith in your own strength. A child at heart, the Four knows how to be faithful, loves popularity, has acting talent. The Four is always looking for non-standard solutions. Sometimes it has pronounced healing abilities. The talent for commerce is pronounced. You can please the Four named Willow by giving her stability, confidence and limitations.

The influence of the name Willow on the profession and career

Suitable professions: architect, event organizer, financier.

The impact of the name Willow on personal life. The number four promises a personal life, far from romance and castles in the air. Fours are very hardworking, stress-resistant and patient. The partner of such a person should be able to cheer him up, make him believe in himself, but at the same time be as patient as he is. For people with this number, eights, twos and ones are ideal.


The number 4 for the name Willow means the planet Uranus. The main quality of people named Willow is independence. They are responsible, love nature and look for friends with similar qualities. Carriers named after Willow have many friends and are always happy to chat with them. People of this type are mobile, sociable, hardworking. Among other things, they have excellent organizational skills.


Willow's name is green. Named people wearing green are kind and warm-hearted, ready to give their last. The owners of the Willow name are not afraid of changes in life, they easily take risks for the sake of material well-being. However, money rarely stays in their pocket - "green" people named Willow love to have fun in a large and noisy crowd, treating everyone. Bearers of the name Willow are very vulnerable and sensual, therefore they are often offended by family members, feeling misunderstood and unloved, however, they forgive as quickly as they are offended. Positive character traits of the name Willow are kindness and optimism. Negative character traits for the name Willow are vulnerability and resentment.

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Comments on the name Willow
01/14/2024 00:00:00

This is such a cool name, it is a classic without being common. You just know that a Billy is going to be smart, popular, and athletic. And he can always go by Will or WillI'm if he prefers and those are great too.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My daughter Willow is 12weeks now,we didnt know if we were having a girl or boy but we always had Willow picked as our girl name a year before we were pregnant!! I love it, but my husband loves it even more! We get mixed responses when people ask us her name. Some say how beautiful or gorgeous the name is and othe's say "oh, that's different". I had never come across a Willow but since having Willow, there's Willow's everywhere! :)

01/05/2024 07:20:48

I love my name. i've only met two other Willows that were around my age (34). i've also met a baby named Willow. Often people think it is my last name. Willow Pillow was the grade school chant. Will the Pill when I was older. Sometimes people call me other nature names by mistake like Heather or Meadow. No pre-printed pencils or notepads are available with the name.

12/07/2023 07:07:26

My name is willow, and I have only ever met 1 other willow in my life. I love my name and i think that the tree is beautiful, when I was little I wanted to change my name to skylar or Ashe, but now I wouldn't accept a different name.

10/13/2023 04:37:26

my name is Willow, and i was born in 2001. Everyone always complements me on its origonality. I love it!

10/09/2023 18:20:06

My daughter's name is Madeleine Willow. She's about to turn 5 and she loves the Willow part. We always thought that'she could use it as she got older if she wanted to. My name's Cinnamon so I know what It's like to have an unusual name.

08/27/2023 11:08:38

My daughter is 5 years old and her name is Willow (middle name'sumara) and I think she chose her name. The whole time I was pregnant I thought I was having a boy. So when He turned out to be a SHE and the doctor asked her name I blurted out Willow (I had never even considered a girls name). She loves her name and tells everyone what her name is complete with how to spell it.

07/15/2023 21:35:10

I would love to name my next daughter Willow, but my husband is so against it. Poo. Maybe I'll be able to convince him when'the time comes!

05/19/2023 17:25:08

I have been blessed with this beautiful name that my life has given a true meaning to. Born in 1990. In my Thirty years I have came across two Willow's. In the past five years I have heard of many especially in the'same town. A wonderful name that will never be the'same.

04/21/2023 14:21:22

My 4-year-old daughter is named Willow Vale. I love the image of the tree, the movie (George Lucas), the'sound of the name, and the way in which it can be abbreviated to Will if she has tomboyish tendencies, etc.

04/18/2023 07:18:00

I just had a baby girl 2.5 months ago and I named her Willow Rain. i've loved the name'since I was a little girl. I'm 24 now. I'm not sure where I first heard it, but I think it is just beautiful! When my husband and I found out we were having a girl and people starting asking what we would name her, after we would tell them, surprisingly there was some negative feed back, as well as some very rude comments made. But we didn't care...we stuck to Willow Rain...and that name fits our little tree-sprout perfectly! I think its a very soft and sweet name, and I'm so glad we didn't let anyones comments get in the way of the name we chose for our sweet daughter.

04/03/2023 08:27:42

I named my girl dog Willow. I think it is a beautiful name.

03/28/2023 16:23:28

My three yr old daughters name is willow,we love the name it was summer time when i was pregnant have u ever looked up at the fireworks that are white and fall like a willow tree to the ground well thats what i saw and i said lets name her willow and thats how our daughter got willow cathlin

03/02/2023 06:28:22

Willy Wonka...or the BrIt'sh English slang word. Not a good name for a child to go by.

02/06/2023 00:16:44

I named my daughter Willow in 2008. It was unique for us at that time. Now there are Willows springing up everywhere.

01/30/2023 21:02:26

Willow is my daughters name. I love it. her initials are WOW for Willow Olivia Wells. We get many complements on her name. At age 2 she fits being a Willow. The name is perfect for her

09/28/2022 23:46:00

My name is Abby, and i am a teenager, but just now my mom drops the bomb on me and says she wants to name me Willow! I LOVE the name Willow, and wish I was named that. It is a little too late for my mom!haha:)

02/23/2022 12:21:54

my sister's name was willow.she was born in 1964 and died 1986. when my daughter was born in 1990 i named her willow also after my sister. at that time it was a name no one had used or really heard of.she grew up loving the uniqueness of her name'she never heard of another willow until after the tv show buffy who had a friend called willow.she knew that was going to be the downfall of her name and so it was.i am sure that by the end of this decade it will be up there in the top ten and the uniqueness of her name will be lost sad because it is a beautiful name that'should never have been popularized by television or stars like will smith.pity how all good things come to an end.

12/28/2021 07:51:54

African-American actor Will Smith and his wife, actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, have a daughter named Willow whose name is an adaptation of her father's, just like young Willow's brother Jaden's name is an adaptation of that of their mother.

11/29/2021 18:31:48

I have a 1 year old called willow & she loves it, it was her first word & says it perfectly, she also walks round singing it, her big sister who is 3 also loves it & loves the fact that its the name of a tree, everytime she'sees 1 she tells willow how they are her trees, It is a beautiful delicate name & suits her perfectly... She is my little willow tree :)

10/21/2021 14:49:30

We named our daughter XI'mara and yes we have had people that have trouble saying it. the beauty of it is that no matter what they will remember it. We do also not like when'they tend to shorten it to XIO or Zee-O..we tell them her full name is XI' wife as even gone to the extreme and had to spell it phonetically for people.

08/11/2021 23:19:48

I have an 11 month old named Willow. As soon as we found out we were having a girl, her father whispered to me, "We'll call her Willow❤️" and and that was that. His name is Willis and so I absolutely loved it! Her name is actually Willow Atahua (Atahua being the Maori word for beautiful) - and she is. =)

08/09/2021 09:06:36

I am adopting a beautiful 2 year old Belgian Tervuren Dog named Willow. They look like and are related to wolves. Initially I thought about changing it but decided to keep as it is unusual and unique which is something I strive for whenever I rescue a female Belgian Sheepdog/Tervuren as I have and have had a Pepper, Katie, Chrissy, Lacey, Carly, Emme, Gina, Summer, and Tiffany. All lovely wonderful beautiful girls.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Willow?
The origin of the name Willow is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Willow?
Willow Bay
*️⃣ How many people are named Willow?
Almost 36000 people are named Willow.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Willow?
The names of Yoselyn, Yocelin, Yoseline, Yosselin