Zane meaning

: God Is Gracious

Zane Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \z(a)-ne\
Number of People 👶 50,000
Rate in 2021 485
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 English
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Zane Name Meaning

The name “ Zane “ is of Hebrew origin and means “ Gold is gracious “. It is thought to be derived from the name John. Zane was originally used as a surname. This name has different origins and meanings such as Hebrew: God’s grace, Arabic: Beloved  , , and Hebrew: God is gracious 

The name “ Zane “ can be used as a given name or a surname. Its western usage is derived from the Venetian form “ Gianni “ or an alternate spelling of the German and Jewish name “ Zahn “.  An Arabic name Zain, Zayn, or as it is often anglicized zone, is an Arabic personal name meaning “ beauty, grace “.


Cool Info About Name Zane

Additional name description Zane
Additional name description Zane

Popularity of the name Zane

The name “ Zane “ is not a popular baby name in North Carolina based on the researches in the year 1963. For example imagine that, only five babies in North Carolina have the same name as your baby in the year 1963. 

A total of only 143 babies bear the same first name during the year 1963. In the United States of America the highest recorded use of this name was in 2018 with a total of 2,014 babies. That’s a lot of baby Zanes from 1880 to 2018.

The year 1914, was the year that this name first appeared and given to six newborn baby boys. “ Zane “ became a popular boy’s name in the state of Wyoming in the year 2006. It ranked 54 with only 14 babies. The all time high record for this name was in the year 2008 in the state of Oklahoma with 69 babies. 

For the past six decades, the name “ Zane “ was recorded 44,631 times in the SSA database. This name is a consistent top ranking baby name in the state of Wyoming for one decade from the year 1990 to 2016.


Personality of the name Zane

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “ Zane “

Z is for zest, your zeal for life.

A is for accepting, your forgiving nature. 

N is for name, a pleasant one indeed. 

E is for exquisite, who could argue ?!

The true meaning of the name “ Zane “ might not be described in just a few sentences. Enduring hardship to try out new things come naturally to you. It frustrates you to do too many unimportant activities. 

“ Zane “ is a name that implies a pioneering spirit. You are a natural born reader, highly focused, and achievement oriented. You can do things and make decisions by yourself. You are also energetic and confident.

You are the one that can be counted upon to do what is necessary. 

Others can trust you and feel secure with your judgment. Even though you are neatly dressed, you are more concerned with price and durability rather than being attractive. 

When people hear your name, they perceive you as the one who is a family person, good provider and also a good protector.

You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. Giving advice is natural ability for you. You are somewhat hesitant to show your artistic talent. People appreciate the love you give to them. 

Your heart’s desire is not to help and care foe those you love.


Famous people named Zane

Zane Grey, Zane Lowe, Lil Zane and Zane Holtz


Similar names to the name Zane

Zara, Zia, Zora and Zain or Zayn

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Comments on the name Zane
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I'm a Zane, its different but I like the fact its not wierd and no-one else has that name. Hope It'stays that way

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My older'son's name is Zane, I chose it and love it. He was born 9-23-93. He is a leader and a literal genius. (I stopped helping him with homework long ago._lol. It is a great name!

01/14/2024 00:00:00


01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love this name! I named my son Zane in 2009 because Zane grey was my Grandfathe's favorite Author.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

It is not common at all where I live. I like it because I am either first in line or last in line. Once in a while people call me Zany Brainy. Sometimes people think it is "Jane" or "Shane" when'they hear it. I like it because it is a little different, but not bizarre.

01/01/2024 04:18:22

My Zane saved me from an abusive marriage. The very second he was placed in my arms joy radiated from him and I knew then I was leaving the abuse so he would could remain joyful. he's 19 and has friends all over. He is entering his sophomore year in college as well as his 2nd year on the Razorbck SpirIt'squad. His joy is spread amongst 1000s of fans & visitors. I truly beli've the name Zane possesses stren'th, joy, and individualI'm.

12/22/2023 08:36:26

I'm a big fan of this name. it comes across as strong& unique.

11/29/2023 13:23:10

I like the name Zane! It's cute! I also like it as a girl's name.

11/29/2023 09:51:34

I love my name!!! It means John in Irish and god is gracious in Hebrew.

11/13/2023 17:23:16

Of course one should never forget the popular author Zane Grey. I am glad this name is still going

11/12/2023 06:24:54

we named our son, born in 2020, vance because no other name really spoke to us like this one

10/15/2023 08:03:16

Zaniya is my name and i love it.Yes people do get my name mixed up but that was only teache's.Everyone loved me and they thought i was an awesome friend and family member.I havent met any other Zaniya's but in the future I'maybe will.When I grow up everyone will know my name.I pronounce my name 'Za-nie-ya'. P.S I am thankful for my name and for my mom giving it to me...

10/14/2023 18:49:46

We named our son born in 2019 gage,we found it in a name book and loved that it meant a "pledge or promise" our baby (now named) gage was our rainbow baby ( a baby born after the loss of another baby) we loved the idea of gage,our promise the rainbow after our storm just like in the bible in the'story of Noah. I love his name it really Isn't to common whitch I love too!

10/10/2023 02:33:50

This is our sons name, and we get the "just jack❤️" all the time , and yes, It's just jack! he's named after captain jack sparrow!

10/04/2023 04:01:40

my son, born 12 May '09, was going to be called Zachary but at the last minute I changed my mind and named him Zane! I am so glad that I did, as It's such a cool and strong name. The only downside is that'some people say 'Zaney' which I don't like too much lol

09/19/2023 00:46:52

What a great review of the faainsttc times we had with Alana, Stuart, and Asha these photos tell a lot about the great times at the Maui Beaches Alana also got a Papa sculptured beach turtle built out of sand @ our favorite beach, and survived her first dunking underwater when Papa accidently turned her upside down in our small pool @ our house. Mostly we loved watching this beautiful family be who they are-amazingly blessed by God & loving life & Him WHAT A JOY TO HAVE YOU WITH US!!!

09/07/2023 13:06:48

My name is Zane and I'm a WOMAN from Latvia (Europa). This is one of the most popular women names in our contry. I love my name! Thats so hilarious - somwhere else Zane is boy name :)

09/04/2023 21:55:38

zane is the name my son he was born in november 2020 i choose it because is unique and i named him sort after my who is willI'm zane and my son called zane willI'm

07/11/2023 15:54:02

i have a nefew named zane and i love it! it is really unique

06/27/2023 04:31:26

its my sons name and its has an arabic origin too, and it means the handsome in arabic

06/20/2023 21:27:54

A populer guy in my dorm is named Zane He Is hottttttttttttttttttt! J.k. he is absolutly annoying and shaves his leggs in Industrial Arts.

06/09/2023 03:37:32

This is my name. I love it! I get a lot of compliments on it, people think It'sounds unusual, beautiful. i've met a few people with my name, but not many. I like that It's not so common. The one downside is that people often mispronounce it, like 'uh-lann-uh' and I hate that hard, nasally 'a' sound.

06/04/2023 01:39:42

I decided to name my boy Zane now 10 we live in the uk It's a great name for a boy.

06/02/2023 15:51:52

This is our son's name, and It'suits him quite well! I think It's unique without being weird, and very masculine.

05/31/2023 06:15:44

My son's name. Have only known one other person with the name but have no problems with people mispronouncing it when'they read it out and get many people comment on it being origional and how much they love it.

05/30/2023 07:37:58

HI'my name is Zane love it love to meet other Zanes in the uk my full name is Zane Christopher Wayne newell I have 2 brothe's one named Aaron and my little brother is call Zachary peace to all Zanes

04/20/2023 07:29:52

I always liked the name after knowing a person called Zane, so we called our first born Zane, i didn't know of the author (Zane Grey) at the time but everyone would associate it with that. The reason we chose it was because it is an unusual sounding name that Isn't hard to pronounce or spell, and we have only had positive reactions to it. I think it is a strong, masculine sounding name. Have never heard it as a girls name before though! I also liked the fact that it is a variant of John, which is a name in our family, so it was nice to use John in a different form.

04/10/2023 20:36:56

My son's name is Zane and he is two as well. We call him ZaneZane and wow is he a busy little guy, quite stubborn at times, but what 2 year old Isn't❤️!! Love the name, very western and strong.

04/03/2023 10:31:08

I love this name! By the way, my mom works at a hospital, and she knew some emo guy named Zane. I cracked up when she told me that.

04/03/2023 07:34:48

My son - born in 2004 - is a Zane. He is the only Zane in his high school of 2,300 kids. he'says he always gets positive feedback about his name. When considering names for him before he was born, I wanted something unique but not totally unheard of. Zane suits him well. I still love the name! To me, it evokes images of a very cool guy, and so far my Zane is living up to his name!

04/01/2023 17:22:28

I love the name Zane. My husband and I named our son Zane(it was the only name we could agree on). He is now three years old and the name'suits him so well. I think it will still sound great on him when he is a teenager and also as an adult :)

03/30/2023 18:56:24

Zane is my son`s name.l like the name alot though l did not know the meaning.He is the only Zane which l know.He is till young 1 momth old but he will like it coz It's unique.

03/21/2023 07:45:50

It's a name what nobody ever forgets i've lived with it for 45 years ❤️

03/20/2023 14:07:50

I got to the end of the name book in 93 zane was the name that'stood strong- zane is cute for a baby cool for a teen and and a name of distinction for an old man- uncommon but ancient- people forget that babies will be far longer old men and women with the grace of God. but lets hope it doesnt get too popular!

03/12/2023 00:06:52

I love the name Zane. i want to name my boy that. i got it out of a book. and i loved it ever'since.

03/08/2023 01:11:18

I currently have a 2 yr old boy called zenon and looking for another cool name for a brother, myself and my partner both think zane would be a perfect match!

03/01/2023 23:42:48

This is our son's name and he is a great kid. His brother, who is almost 2, can't pronounce his name and calls him Bee-bye.

02/23/2023 23:07:12

This is my name. I was told my father got it from a baby book of names. I do not know anyone else with this name. When walking in the mall and someone yells out "Alwina", I know they are calling me. My daughter used it as a teenager as opposed to calling me "Mom" in the mall since many people would have answered. Correct pronunciation: Al wee na. My art teacher in Junior High school never learned to pronounce it correctly in spite of correcting her'several times so I just let her call my name incorrectly.

02/21/2023 21:09:32

My Son is Zane, born 08/08/2004. When I chose the name I wanted something a little different. The meaning of John also were in my thoughts for the choice. Yes, if I'mention Zane, its a name thats remebered. Im Son, is quite a cool lad, and thinks his name is cool too. Although a couple of years later a neighbour of mine called their son Zane, seems to be getting popular.

02/14/2023 09:00:18

We are having a baby boy in two weeks, and are going to name him Kai. I like that it is simple and short, yet distinctive. I also like that it is against the'super trend of "last names as first names" such as Carson, Jackson, etc. It means several different things in different languages, and it is more popular in Scandinavia than in the U.S. I love the name!

02/07/2023 13:18:32

My son was born in August 2019. His name is Zane!! Hes gonna be a rockstar in life!!

02/03/2023 10:16:06

Strange... My name is also Zane, but I'm a girl... Was quite surprising, that in US it is a name for boys... :)

01/21/2023 16:55:04

It's masculine, unusual...but not freaky. I knew i'very kind, intelligent man with this name;he was a real southern gentleman!

01/19/2023 12:18:42

i'll be a father in november and its a boy... im planning to name my first son Zane. Zane means "God is gracious"

01/16/2023 17:35:56

i like Zane, but there is a rapper called "lil Zane"

01/15/2023 21:19:14

I love the name Zane! We have a 7 month old Zane, & the name fits him perfectly. My husband and I thought it was strong and unique w/out being too out there. We don't agree on many names, but we both love this name. It also happens to be my grandfather's favorite author, but we only found that out after we named him.

01/10/2023 06:43:10

I like this name for our baby if we have a boy, due anyway now! Just can't decide to spell it the popular way of Zane or Zaine (a bit diff) ❤️❤️ Help.

01/09/2023 05:44:20

Im having a boy in Feb & im naming him Zane Ziggie :) i love the name Zane

01/02/2023 04:27:32

Zane is a family name and we also chose it because of the "cool" factor. The fact that it is impossible to shorten and a very strong name were also important to us. Our son was born in 2015. In Australia in 2020 there are alrge number of Zane's with our son once 1 of 3 Zane's in a kindy group.

01/01/2023 07:53:12

I'm a girl and where I live Zane is a very popular girl's name. I was really surprised when I saw that It's mainly given'to boys in the US. The name pronounces Zahn-neh not zaney or zayne..

12/21/2022 06:12:40

I'm having my third girl in early 2019 and naming her Zayne.

12/13/2022 16:00:00

Though I did not like my name as a child, I have come to love it! I am named for my grandmother who died before I was born. In her graduating class of under 30 students in the early 1920s, 3 girls had the name. F. Scott Fitzgerald's first girlfriend, Ginevra King, may have inspired him to write The Great Gatsby, though her name was spelled with an i rather an e after the G. The famous portrait of Ginevra DeBenci painted by Leonardo DiVinci has always been one of my favorIt's. There are other references in classic literature to the name. Also, while traveling in Italy in the 1992s, I waiter in Florence told me that both his mother and grandmother had the name. I have only known of one other person my age with my name, and though I have never met her, i've met people who knew her. We both graduated from the'same college on the east coast in the early 1992s. I do have a distant cousin with the name. She lives in Florida and is quite elderly. She, too, was named after my grandmother. People tell me how unique and beautiful my name is. I suppose the best thing about my name is that people don't forget it, and It's a great ice breaker! It does make me sad that It's basically a "dead" name.

12/12/2022 22:04:22

I named my son Zane in 1995. It is something different and I got the name from Zane Gray the great writer. He gets a number of commments about his name with the majority saying "its a cool name".

11/30/2022 10:36:00

I am 5 months pregnant and found out that we are having a boy. We named him Zane because we love that it is easily pronouncible, but unique. What a strong name :) We are getting nothing but positive remarks on what a cool name it is!

11/24/2022 22:21:00

Our son was Born 26 Feb 2020 and we called him Zane. I think it is very nice name. We only had positive comments about his name

11/13/2022 23:19:10

It'stands out sometimes when you don't neccesarily want to. Otherwise, a very unique name! Zane

10/04/2022 19:39:28

I named my baby boy "Zane" born this September. I chose Zane because I am a teacher and It's difficult not to associate other kids with common names. I first heard the name from Billy Zane in the'show Twin Peaks in the early 90's...I wasn't crazy about him personally but I thought his name was strong, nobody messes with a Zane in the playground (coincidentally my boy is in the 90th percentile for height and weight). Also, my friend's brother is named Zane, I have never met him but he is some sort of secret agent with the army, that's cool too. No nicknames can be made out of it, he is what he is, he's Zane.

09/21/2022 02:47:46

My name is Zane. I have only met one other man who had the name, so it is still uncommon. One the the best aspects of the name is that when my name is called, even in a noisy crowd, it cuts right through the noise and your attention snaps to it. Much more so than other names like John or whatever.

09/16/2022 09:21:18

Due with my first child on Monday. It's a boy and we are naming him Zane. It's masculine, cool, and unique but not too crazy or made-up sounding. I can't wait to meet my ZANE! :)

09/11/2022 07:23:28

Double thumbs up!! Zane is my son's name. He is a leader of the pack. It is like instant "cool" for him. We were at the library the other day and some little girls (he is 9) came up behind us whispering, "thats Zane!!" Like he is famous or something. Cracks me up, but I think the name has a lot to do with it. By the way, can'totally relate to the guy that posted on Feb 23, 2018, sometimes it is hard for people to understand what the name is, especially if you say "is" right before it. Like "this is Zane.." the two Z sounds kind of blurr together.

08/09/2022 08:24:18

My one-year-old's name is Zane. We've gotten mostly positive comments on it. As for the person's question above, Zane Grey was the author, not a character. His "Riders of the Purple Sage" is excellent.

06/05/2022 22:58:12

It's my son's name. he's two. Everyone seems to know someone or have heard of someone named Zane but we've never met another one yet. I'm really happy with the name and I hope he likes it too.

05/08/2022 09:38:06

Our son is named Zane. I don't see it as a western name unless you only associate it with the author. It is a strong, sturdy, unique, authentic, name. People respond well to it.

05/01/2022 00:07:30

Our son was born 8/8/08 and we named him Zane. We love the name! It is very strong and evokes images of the west and of someone who is a leader, not a follower. It is an unusual name, but Isn't out there or wierd. Our 18-month-old is named Wyatt and we chose his name for the'same reasons.

04/24/2022 12:34:30

We named our son Zane, he is now three and we have gotten lots of positive comments. It's not a very common name, but most people have heard of it and everyone remembers it. I love this name.

04/19/2022 16:22:12

One of my students is named Zane. I quite like it.

04/02/2022 23:36:00

Zane is my name. I love this name it is unique in alot of ways :)

03/26/2022 19:34:48

My youngest son born 14.10.06 is named Zane. We all love this name because It's still unusual in the UK. I think of people called Zane as creative and strong... I chose the name after a character called Zane in a UK Police drama called 'The Bill'. Fab name, Zane, no regrets with this choice! Zane's older'siblings are named Hollie and Jaden....

01/10/2022 01:28:30

I like my name. because I, Zane MS, am superior =) i think my name is great. infact, i could not imagine my life with a different name. It just wouldn't be the'same. I could no longer be referred to as 'Lord Zane' , or, 'The Zane Supremacy'. THANKS MUM!

12/29/2021 05:49:30

My son was born last New Year's Eve, and we named him Zane. Our last name is very common, so we wanted one that was unique (but not weird). The older he gets, the more It'suits him.

11/10/2021 03:18:18

My son's name is Zane, he was born in 2018 and It's still my favourite boys name now. He always gets told he has a cool name as It's still uncommon here in the UK - trouble is I am now trying to find a boys name that will go with it for a sibling due in a few months. It's an impossible task!!

11/01/2021 17:05:24

My husband and I named our son Zane in 1999 because we loved the name. He is now 29 years old and is one of the finest people we know. A true child of GOD.

10/24/2021 10:32:06

Great name. My son was born on 6th February 1995 and we called him Zane Aaron. A Hebrew man heard me calling him one day in a park and told me that it is a Hebrew name and it means "A Gift from God" and as far as I am concerned he is a gift from God to me. When he was younger he'stopped liking it because it was so easy to rhyme and other kids used to make up sill rhymes so for a while he called himself Paul because it was plain and simple. However he is now a grown man and loves his name and I am proud of that.

10/06/2021 18:53:24

Kayne, Wayne, Shane, Dane, Stan, Ian....... Hussein! I have a strong Australian accent so you can see how people can mishear me when I tell them over and over... ZANE - ZANE - ZANE

08/12/2021 22:12:18

Our 2nd son was born on 5-10-08. We named him Zane Garrett. This is the only name we could agree on. i've gotten lots of positive comments on it! I so have trouble with people understanding what it is. They will say "what" and I'll say "It's Zane" and the two s sounds to blend together'sometimes. But, I love the name! It's cowboy.

08/10/2021 01:34:48

My name is Zane and i've never met another one but I'm sure they're out there. I think It's a pretty good name.

08/08/2021 22:07:48

it is my name and we spell it Zaine and gotten good feed back and love being the only Zaine in my city of wadsworth

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The origin of the name Zane is English.
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God Is Gracious
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Almost 50000 people are named Zane.
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The names of Sanam