Aaliyah Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a(a)-li-yah\
Number in U.S 👶 91,000
Rate in 2021 175
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Arabic

Aaliyah : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’ is a girl’s name with Arabic origin and it means ‘’ heavens ‘’ , ‘’ highborn ‘’ , ‘’ exalted ‘’. Actually ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’ is the feminine version of ‘’ Ali ‘’ that is Arabic with the meaning of ‘’ high ‘’. There are more variations of the given name, such as ‘’ Alie ‘’ , ‘’ Aliyah ‘’ , ‘’ Aleah ‘’ and ‘’ Aliyah ‘’. This name is pronounced with the emphasise on the second syllable. Also the Hebrew version of this name means ‘’ rising ‘’ and refers to Jewish immigration to Israel.

For the beautiful baby with a touch of sublimity, no name is more resonant that the name ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’. The meanings that are mentioned in the text above, make this name a powerful one to be considered by parents, especially for baby girls born in the Muslim areas.

Also some famous people might have an affect on this name’s popularity, such as ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’ who is a rapper, ‘’ Aaliyah Ei ‘’ who is a famous model, ‘’ Aaliyah Kashyap ‘’ the daughter of director Anurag Kashyap.

Although sex does not need to play a role in children lives, but this name is mostly used as a girl’s name during the decades in different cultures. This name has 3 syllables and is pronounced like ‘’ Ah – lee – ah ‘’ or ‘’ a – lee – a ‘’.

‘’ Aaliyah ‘’ is the name that is used all around the world. This name has different meanings and origins in different areas. ‘’ Ali ‘ which is Arabic ‘’ , ‘’ Allie ‘’ is the one that is used for that the other versions in the English speaking countries, ‘’ Lala ‘’ which is Slavic , ‘’ Lee ‘’ is also English , ‘’ Lia ‘’ is the Hebrew version of this name , ‘’ Aleah ‘’ and ‘’ Aliah ‘’ and ‘’ Alizah ‘’ and ‘’ Alliah ‘’ and ‘’ are also the Hebrew versions of this name, ‘’ Amaliya ‘’ which is the Latin form of ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’

In the year 1994, ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’ became a popular name for girls. The name ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’ entered the charts at an impressive 204th position. After that it experienced a significant rise in 2001. Since then ‘’Aaliyah ‘’ ranking has been a top 100 favourite. Based on the data given by the researches, ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’ popularity index toggled between the top 60 throughout the past decades. ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’ is the most popular version of this name. but the given name gained popularity in the 90s. Also the Queen of Iraq also shares this name, though it is spelled as ‘’ Aliya ‘’.

Actually the interest in the name ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’ has been seen to be the highest in ‘’ Trinidad ‘’ and ‘’ Tobago ‘’ during the last decade. Some countries, such as ‘’ Jamaica ‘’ , ‘’ South Africa ‘’ , ‘’ United States ‘’ and ‘’ Nigeria ‘’ have made it to the top 5 positions. Most people in ‘’ Trinidad ‘’ and ‘’ Tobago ‘’ are Christian and this name of Hebrew origin is much appreciated by the families.

Some celebrities who have made a lasting contribution towards creating a better world often youngsters to work towards their goals. Here we have a list of famous people named ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’, such as ‘’ Aliya Bint Ali ‘’ who is the Queen of Iraq, ‘’ Aliya Leekong ‘’ who is an American chef, ‘’ Aliya Mustafina ‘’ who is Russian artist gymnast, ‘’ Aliya Jasmine Sovani ‘’ Canadian TV personality, ‘’ Aliyah Rose ‘’ who is an Youtuber.

Also here we have a list of names starting with the letter ‘’ A ‘’, Such as ‘’ Analisa ‘’ , ‘’ Adriana ‘’ , ‘’ Asha ‘’ , ‘’ Amani ‘’ , ‘’ Aisha ‘’ , ‘’ Angelina ‘’ and ‘’ Amaya ‘’. Also here are some names that sound like ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’ to replicate its pronunciation easier : ‘’ Aarhiya ‘’ , ‘’ Aasiya ‘’ , ‘’ Aleeya ‘’ , ‘’ Aniya ‘’ and ‘’ Atiya ‘’.

Some names are fit for siblings of a baby named ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’, such as ‘’ Azalea ‘’ , ‘’ Roxana ‘’ , ‘’ Ava ‘’ , ‘’ Amber ‘’ , ‘’ Yasmin ‘’ , ‘’ Kayla ‘’, these are the feminine names for siblings. ‘’ Jayden ‘’ , ‘’ Daxton ‘’ , ‘’ Jordan ‘’ , ‘’ Amir ‘’ , ‘’ Justin ‘’ and ‘’ Andre ‘’, are the masculine names for ‘’ Aaliyah ‘’ siblings.

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Comments on the name Aaliyah
12/1/2022 1:17:40 AM

Aaliyah Haughton is the princess. She is the highest, most exalted one. RIP BABYGIRL I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH

11/22/2022 10:06:10 AM

My name is Aaliyah I am 11 I now 5 more Aaliyah's .my dad named me that because he liked sound of it and meaning.i have 3 sisters no brothe's.born feb.9,2016

11/20/2022 7:18:34 PM

I want to name my next daughter Aaliyah but not sure how i would spell it.

11/6/2022 6:30:46 PM

My name is Aliyah. I love the'sound of it .it is so unique and I was named after the'singer Aliyah.shes my hero

11/5/2022 1:25:04 PM

My 1yr old baby girl's name is Jaydi Aaliyah. Jaydi Because my husband's name starts with J and mine starts with D. Her second name is Aaliyah because I always loved that name and I always dreamed of havin a baby girl and I would name her Aaliyah. Last year my dream came true!!

11/4/2022 1:19:08 PM

sounds like one of those Jokes Jeff Foxerworthy does... Aaliyah, "I laya the balnket over there"

10/31/2022 10:02:02 PM

Trying to find a pretty and traditional girls name for our first daughter, due in 2 months. Kaitlyn is the only name'so far that we have both agreed on... but I would probably spell it Katelyn?

10/25/2022 5:19:34 PM

my baby girl name is aaliyah, i always thougt the origin of the name was muslin until i found out it was really hebrew but regardless of its origin i love the name

10/17/2022 1:32:48 AM

My name Is Aaliyah its a nice name too have better then what my Mom was Gonna name me A lot of people pronounce it wrong but most of the time its right and I prefer to be called Lili or Liya ...♥♥❇

10/12/2022 6:41:08 PM

the correct way to pronounce it is: /hee-men'-ah/ In Spanish, X has 3 different sounds: /h/, /sh/ and /ks/. In this case, it takes the pronunciation of /h/. Of course... if you are a Spanish speaking person, this phonetics will not sound exactly right, but for English speakers, this is the closest we can get. It is a beautiful name and It's nice to make our best effor to pronounce it properly. By the way, I'll name my baby girl: XIMENA

10/12/2022 5:45:16 AM

is my niece's name. I love it! And my niece too. :)

10/12/2022 1:38:24 AM

I love AALIYAH DANA HAUGHTON from the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul.Aaliyah is my bff 4 life.Aaliyah has inspired me to sing and be able to act also.I truly thank god for aaliyah.I wish aaliyah stuck around much longer because I want her to sing on my 13th birthday.Also at my wedding when I get older I want her to sing and be one of my bride's mades.I love u aaliyah dana haughton!!!

10/10/2022 5:15:46 AM

I was considering Aleea for a baby girls name'since lee is a carried middle name for my family??? what do yall think?? Aleea Madison??

10/5/2022 1:14:30 AM

HI'my name is Aliya!!! I am named after the'singer Aliya my parents where going to name me Leah but my mom heard Aliya sooo that's my name....Also my birthday is Augest 3 do I have any birthday twins on here I guess I will find out bye now

9/29/2022 6:52:10 PM

I am calling my little girl Aaliyah when she is born in february 2021. I think it is the most beautiful name but i am a little worried about people spelling and pronouncing it wrong!

9/28/2022 9:57:14 AM

i never hut i herd of the name but It'sounds weird!

9/24/2022 9:54:06 PM

MY favorite singer, her name is Aaliyah and i love it, if I have a baby girl i would want it to be Aaliyah.

9/13/2022 1:45:38 PM

im naming mah daughter aaliyah jean i love the name i love the way its spelled

9/11/2022 6:15:54 PM

If I am pregnant with a girl I want to name her Aaliyah

9/6/2022 8:42:34 PM

i've just had a little girl who is now 3 days old, we have named her Aaliyah. It's so unique and individual, I love it.

9/6/2022 9:50:08 AM

My name is Aaliyah. All my life I have lived with mispronounciation after mispronounciation. I hate it. From ?a-liar? to ?ay-lee? to ?ar-liar? to even ?a-layer?. And not to mention the'spelling!! I have never met anyone who hasn't asked me to spell out my name as they write it. Teache's just give up and spell whatever. Besides, making a four year old suffer through writing out A-a-l-i-y-a-h is just cruel. i've gone by Leah for twelve years because I refuse to have someone say ?a-liar? as they read my name tag and have all my colleagues laugh.

9/4/2022 10:34:08 PM

I,Have a daughter name Aaliyah Sunhine. I did get it from the R&B; singer Aaliyah.I love the name,my daughtrer is now 1 years old.It's a beautiful name i would have not pick any other girl name for my only daughter.

7/30/2022 5:55:48 AM

alia is my name nd i think It's a lucky name 4 sweeeeeeeet frnds nd lovelyyyyyyyyyyyy b.f call me lia as a nick name.i thanx to my parents 4 giving me a veryyyy lovely nd cute name alia,plx guys pry 4 me k mn or mera b.f hameshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sath rahyn nd pray k mery or mery b.f ky parents hamari relationship ky liye maan jain plxx.

5/28/2022 4:24:54 PM

i names my daughter Aliyah in august 2021, and it gets miss prenounced all the time, as a- liar!

4/29/2022 12:32:42 AM

The only personthat pronounces my name correctly is my husband no one else gets it right.

4/25/2022 1:16:48 PM

people always pronounce and spell my name wrong. but i love the name.

3/4/2022 7:37:30 PM

I like the name Aaliyah. I named her after the'singer Aaliyah. Loved her music so much. Plus I was trying to keep both of my children name ending in "yay."

2/17/2022 1:37:30 PM

I think It's awesome , my name is Spelled Aliyah tho not with 2 A's but my m named me after the'singer aAliyah which is awesome

1/28/2022 9:35:24 AM

I have a 6month old daughter named Aaliyah... the name is so perfect/unusual/girlie and so much more it is such a powerful name too... and so far my daughters personality suits her name i couldnt picture her as something else only thing is though i am forever having to correct people on the pronounciation and spelling it does drive me nuts on occasions... Its pronounced Ar-liyah but spelt Aaliyah just draging the a is what gets people

1/25/2022 8:23:24 AM

my daighters name is aaliyah! unfortunately after we named her we realized how many peoepl have it, i love her name and the meaning of it.

12/27/2021 1:40:12 AM

my name is aaliyah except only I SPELL IT AHLEIGHIA, its pronounced the'same way, but people get it confused with ashleigh and its annoying. I also think im the only person in the world who spells aaliyah this way. OH WELL!!!

11/30/2021 1:44:42 PM

hI'my name is babrbrika i I'miss my aalihya lve my gilr

11/21/2021 7:24:00 AM

The correct pronunciation of the name Caleigh is KAY-LEE. Like a previous poster'said, It's derived from the Gaelic word Ceilidh. I hate that people can't say it correctly, but I knew that would possibly be the case before naming my daughter. I hope she doesn't mind too much!

11/3/2021 1:55:30 PM

I love it because its my name and when people like my crush forget my name ots romantic!

11/1/2021 9:39:54 PM

Would not know how to spell it until I was told. Too weird a name

10/11/2021 1:22:12 AM

If you were to sass the teacher would you care? Not Aaliyah she is too PERFECT! And she has enough money to buy the whole ministry so why is she'stalling? My head hurts just thinking of that brat and her goody two shoes brother, Gooby. Why does Gooby care enough to buy a store of ice tiaras? They might as well be dung for all I care!

10/10/2021 3:18:18 PM

love it! My daughter is called Aliyah it is a very unique and beautiful name

9/10/2021 5:01:48 PM

we are having a girl next march and have decided to name HER Aiden Elizabeth. I think this name is as beautiful for a girl as a boy

8/16/2021 6:43:30 AM

This is a unique beautiful sweet name. Any negative comments is more than likely down to jealously!

8/12/2021 3:54:18 AM

well i like ma name its kool.....but people dont know how 2 pronounce it

7/11/2021 8:41:24 PM

My cousin's name is Aaaliyah. I like the double a's in the begining and I love the fact that we call her Liyah for short.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Aaliyah?
The origin of the name Aaliyah is Arabic.
*️⃣ How many people are named Aaliyah?
Almost 91000 people are named Aaliyah.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Aaliyah?
The names of Alyona, Aliyana, Alyanna, Alyana, Aliyanna