Father Of Exaltation

Abby Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a(b)-by\
Number in U.S 👶 59,000
Rate in 2021 998
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

What is meaning of name Abby?

"Abby" is a popular name for girls that has Hebrew origin. Meaning of the name Abby is: "Father Of Exaltation".

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Comments on the name Abby
12/7/2022 5:07:14 AM

HI'my name is abby.c when i was kid, i dont really like the name of abby because when i was is primary school, all my friends and teacher call me ABC (Alphabets)& sometimes, they sing ABC song in front of me and laugh like crazy and hell...i really hate the name of abby but then i realize my name is unique. In Malaysia, not easy to find other person name "abby".. i think, I'm the only one name abby in Malaysia..hehehe... abby chok

12/4/2022 12:45:32 PM

People used to call me 'Abbey National' at school and I really hated it! I like my name now but people always assume that my name is Abigail.

11/21/2022 5:53:22 AM

I wish I was named Abby/Abbie/Abbey, however you want to spell it. I love this name!

11/13/2022 10:08:38 PM

i like abby...It's my best friends name...her name is abigail...but she hates it if anyone calls her we jus call her abby or ab

11/13/2022 12:26:44 PM

I am the fourth Abby in my family and I love it. I have not run into many othe's my in my age group (30). It is just femine enough, but not frilly. It lives up to its mean "Joy."

11/8/2022 12:11:44 AM

people always think my name is abigail and it drive sme crazy!!!Also when you try to get stuff with your name on it you cant find it!!I still love my name though.

11/7/2022 3:58:00 PM

i love my name abby . i am still a teenager and yet my teache's still think its short for abigail . its not thats why i love it

11/2/2022 6:59:56 PM

My name is Sara Abigail. I go by Abby. I do not like this name! I`d rather go by Sara, but force of habit. It means "Father rejoicing". Wow.

11/2/2022 12:11:24 AM

HI'my names abby. i like my name. lots of people misspell it. My read name is Abagail but people just call me Abby. :)

10/28/2022 4:06:14 AM

My name is Abby and i hate my name'so everyone and I'mean everyone class me Abs. And girls who were named Abigail just streched out the name Abby their so copycaters. And i hate how people try to spell my name Abbey, Abbie. But i think it would be kwl to spell it Abi and it going to be awesome when i am 70 and people call me Abby, It'sounds youthful. Cause i do not want to be old when i am old hehehe. By the way im 11 and i amprove this message hehehehe

10/26/2022 5:07:52 PM

hi im an ABI and in kindergraden my mom was decide abi other whys i would still be abigail.and lets just say ask anyone i am NOT an abigail. abi for my something different

10/26/2022 4:32:36 PM

I like the uniqueness of having my name just be "Abby" instead of Abigail...Oh and the list goes on for nicknames...Babs...Abilina, Ab...Love my name

10/25/2022 1:27:22 AM

My name is Abby (and just Abby - not short for Abigail) - and I love it! I'm 30 years old, and have never disliked my name. I haven't met many Abby's in my life, so I feel It's fairly unique. And I, personally, love the nicknames/shortened-versions people come up with: "Abbs", "Ab", and my parents call me (yes, even after 30 years) "Abba-Zabba" or just "Zab" (after the 'Abba-Zabba candy bars that were popular in the '80s). I like Abby because i've climbed the "corporate ladder", as it were, and have never felt that my name felt too childish or young to be taken seriously. Sure, people may not spell it correctly with "-ie" or "-ey", but hey....I let it go. Go, Abby's!

10/20/2022 12:40:04 AM

my name is abby but I love it and very surprisingly no one spells it wrong

10/17/2022 7:28:26 PM

Abby is my 13 year old first born. I don't know very many Abby's and I thought it was a cute and simple name for a child and a "spunky" name for when she's older. Just think...a 70 year old named Abby! Now that's cool!!

10/12/2022 10:48:00 PM

my lithuanian cousin pronounces my name [abby] a-bee. its kinda cool [=

10/10/2022 8:50:20 PM

Hey, my name is Abby. People always assume that my name is Abigail, and it gets frustrating! I used to think my name was 'okay', but now I like it. Besides, I have the coolest nickname! I am always called Abs. I love it! It is just my natural born nickname! I love it, and It'sounds cute:) ABBY'S R AWESOME!

10/7/2022 5:36:12 PM

im and abby! people always spell my name abbey. and they always assume my name is abigail, but its not my parents liked just abby better.

10/6/2022 4:02:06 PM

that is my name, so it is a good name!!!!

10/5/2022 5:59:36 PM

hey im abby and the best way 2 spell abby is A-B-B-Y lol hahahah

10/3/2022 8:41:06 AM

my name on my birth cert is abbie but i love being called abby and spelling it with a "y" because my best friend is called abbie too so its good that people can'talk about us both without getting us mixed up. i hate the "abbey" spelling, it looks ugly. abbys ftw :D

10/1/2022 10:15:02 AM

hey were abbi's too. were both the'same age in the'same class but we shorten our name to thing 1 and thing 2 cause it get confusing when everyone shouts abbi and we both look around but we like abbie :By thing 1 & 2 ( abbi g & Abbi t )

9/28/2022 8:49:40 PM

One of my personality's names is Abby. I think It's an adorable name.

9/22/2022 4:04:14 AM

people call me "Ab" all the time. IT is SSSOO annoying!! My name is Abby! call me that!!

9/5/2022 12:55:12 AM

i have a cat named Abby<3 i love that name It'sounds so sweet!

9/4/2022 8:30:42 PM

My sister and I fought over who would name their daughter this one day. She got pregnant first, but I convinced her to go with Lily, so I can name my daughter this one day :)i've always loved this name.

8/20/2022 10:33:54 PM

My name is Abby and I love it. I just hate it when poeple think my name is Abigail... it drives me insane. Like I just got teacher i've known for so long, to knowing my name is Abby. People call me a bunch of different names such as, Abracadabra, Abbs, and Abba-dabba-doo. love em all!

8/20/2022 6:05:42 AM


8/5/2022 10:09:36 AM

my name is abby, and i love it but i do agree that i am always asked if my real name is abigail too. And again it is always mis spelt. but it is not common where im from and in 25 years i think i have only ever met about 4 or 5 othe's. never'spelt the'same tho.

6/17/2022 2:02:42 PM

My name is Abby, not short for anything. I really hate my name though, because it has become soooo popular, that literally in every single one of my classes every year, there is one other Abby (Whose real name is Abigail, btw). My parents figured they would never call me Abigail, so they named me Abby instead.

5/27/2022 10:06:54 PM

Way too feminine. You're asking for your boy to get teased if you name him Nancy.

5/15/2022 4:24:00 PM

my name is abby well abigale but i like abby better its shorter'sometimes i don't like it becuse i feel like i am the only abby from anywere :(:(

5/6/2022 7:18:36 AM

My name is Abby not Abigail. When I was young Abby was not a popular name by any means. My biggest pet peeve was(and still is) that I would introduce myself and people in turn would call me everything from Amy to Debbie.

4/28/2022 2:28:48 PM

My name is Abigail, but I go by Abby because Abigail doesn't suit me very well, It's too fancy for my taste. It does get spelled incorrectly quite often'though. Overall, I like the name Abby, It'suits me well and I don't know anybody else with that name. :)

4/12/2022 6:45:18 PM

I love my name.. but i hate it when people call me abigail.. because i think It'sounds like a cows name.. dont get me wrong i adore this name.. just not what it comes from.. people call me abigail and i am like uh no. that is a cow

4/8/2022 4:02:24 AM

Hi, my name is Abby. It is short for Abigail. I go by Abigail when I want to be fancy or when I am in trouble.

4/4/2022 4:46:30 PM

My mom named me abby b/c the nurses wanted me named before she took me home and the first name in the baby book was Abby. I really don't know if I like b/c it is sooo common. Their are 4 abbys in my class!

3/23/2022 12:04:48 AM

My name is just Abby, not short for anything. I love being an Abby! Most people call me Ab or Abs for short, and I don't mind. I feel like Abby is a very cute, feminine name.

3/22/2022 7:30:18 PM

Yay! Its My Name Too., I Thought No One Spelt It Like This Either. Yay!!! My Friends Can Spell It. But No Else Can.

3/18/2022 9:21:54 AM

My name is Abby! I think its a REALLY cool name as its a unique spelling because some people spell my name common ways such as Abbey or Abbie. My friends call me ab,abs or abfab! I am 10 yrs old no offence but I hate the name Abigail as there is a mean girl at my school called Abigail and it wasn't my favourite name before I'met her either. I love my name and spelling of it but they do a lot of personalised stuff in shops that is only Abbie or Abbey - which is EXTRA MEGA annoying! Though I did get a necklace with the right spelling ONCE! Anyway I L.O.V.E my name ABBY'S ARE THE BEST! YEAH!

2/13/2022 1:39:18 AM

No Abigail here either, just Abby, short and sweet! I am 29 and have grown much closer to my name throughout the years. I had to suffer through the "abs of steel" years in my early teens, which somehow branched into a thousand nicknames. I now embrace my name and love it. For me It's always been unique as not many people in my age bracket share it. My parents were all about the'shortened condensed version of names and now that I am creating a family of my own, I am as well. I have always been very grateful that I was not named Abigail, as it reminds me a 70 year old woman. Besides I could never imagine wanting to be called Gail. Often'times people take the liberty in calling me Abigail and it really depends on how much I like the person if I correct them or not ;)

12/29/2021 3:53:24 PM

My names Abby! i know TONS! of abbys but NOBODY spells it like mine!!! and people spell it wrong and its annoying! lol!

11/15/2021 9:34:30 AM

I love my name Abby but what I don't like is that everybody either miss spell it or think my real name is Agigail. Whenever I have a new teacher or something like that they all ask me the'same thing "Is your real name Agigail" but on top of all that I totally remend this name It's unquie and not that common there's only like 1 Abby in my grade and It's me.

11/11/2021 11:19:48 AM

abby is a very cute name and can be still pretty and sexy for an adult. this is my name but i spell it Abi its more orriginal i think, as everyone spells it Abby in england nice to be different.

11/11/2021 5:50:24 AM

My 3month old daughter is Abigail. We call her Abby (Abbey,Abi, Abbie), THE Abster, and AbbyShmabby! :=)

11/3/2021 12:12:00 AM

My name is Abbey though many people including my bf spell it wrong I understand Abby and Abbie are ways to spell it too but I like my name.Also I am just Abbey I am not a Abigail or anything I understand other Abbey get angry like me when someone spells it wrong it really ticks me off.My name is popular in the year I was born.if you guessed 2011 you were correct bye Abbey ps my Bffs call me Ebby

10/27/2021 1:40:12 AM

Okay, first things first, people always spell Abby wrong even my teache's. Secondly, being called Abbs Kebabs is annoying. People call me Abigail and it is so weird cause that is not my name. And last but not least, no one I have ever met spells it like mine which is kinda odd. But overall I love my name. And, by the way, I am my fathe's joy.

8/21/2021 1:54:36 PM

I like the name, but couldn't use it because It's become so poplular.

8/10/2021 4:19:30 AM

my name is abby and everyone always spells is "AbbIE" its abbY! hahah <333

8/7/2021 10:26:42 AM

My new cousin's name is Abby, short for abygaile.....but I like abby

8/5/2021 8:07:12 AM

people are freaken mean abigail and abby are great names!(: so shut up


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Abby?
The origin of the name Abby is Hebrew.
*️⃣ How many people are named Abby?
Almost 59000 people are named Abby.
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The names of Abigail, Abby, Abbigail, Abigale, Abagail