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Addison Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-ddi-son\
Number in U.S 👶 139,000
Rate in 2021 121
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 English

Addison : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

The name Addison consists of 7 letters. The seven letters in the name are the people of the canon. They unconditionally accept the rules inspired in the process of upbringing and sincerely believe that their strict observance is the only possible path to happiness. Therefore, they often show stubbornness and intolerance, even in cases where this is not logically justified. After analyzing the meaning of each letter in the name Addison, you can understand its secret meaning and hidden meaning.

The meaning of the name Addison in numerology

The numerology of the name Addison can suggest not only the main qualities and character of a person. But also determine his fate, show success in his personal life, give information about his career, decipher fateful signs and even predict the future. The number of the name Addison in numerology is 8. The motto of the name Addison and eights in life is: “I am the best!”

The patron planet for the name Addison is Saturn.

The zodiac sign for the name Addison is Leo, Scorpio and Pisces.

Talisman stones for the name Addison are calcite, cinnabar, coral, dioptase, ivory, black lignite, marcasite, mika, opal, selenite, serpentine, smoky quartz.

The "Eight" in Addison's numbers - the Number of Expression, the Number of the Soul and the Number of Appearance - is, first of all, the ability to confidently handle money and secure a stable financial position. Leaders by nature, 8s are incredibly hardworking and resilient. Natural organizational skills, dedication and extraordinary mind allow them to achieve their goals.

The G8 man resembles a safe, it is so difficult to understand and decipher it. The true motives and desires of the Eight with the name Addison are always hidden from others, it is difficult to find common ground and establish easy relationships. She likes to control and dominate in communication, she herself does not admit her mistakes. Very often he sacrifices his interests in the name of the family. Eight is reckless, loves non-standard solutions. In any profession, Addison achieves a high level of skill. This is a good strategist who is not afraid of responsibility, but it is difficult for the Eight to be in the background. Addison learns quickly, loves history, art. Able to keep other people's secrets, by nature a born psychologist. You can please the Eight only by trust and open communication.

The influence of the name Addison on the profession and career

 The best options for professional self-realization of the G8 are own business, managerial position or politics. The final type choose often depends on the initial assumptions. For example, it depends on who the dad is - a senator or the owner of a fashion studio - what the number 8 means in choosing a particular occupation in life. Suitable professions: financier, manager, politician.

The influence of the name Addison on personal life

The number 8 in relationship numerology makes a life together or marriage as much a business venture as any other. he have a strong-willed character, great energy and authority. Once disappointed in a person, they will make huge demands on the next partners. Therefore, those who simply come to their aid without further ado are important to them. They fit units, twos and eights.

Addison name color

Pink is the name Addison. Named people wearing pink are reserved and good listeners, they never argue. It is impossible to hear criticism of others from bearers of the Addison name. But they evaluate themselves people with the name Addison always critically, because of which there are frequent emotional gains and depressive states. They are wonderful family men, because it is impossible not to love them. The positive character traits of the name Addison are philanthropy and sincerity. The negative character traits of the name Addison are depression and criticality.

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Comments on the name Addison
12/1/2022 1:00:02 AM

i love the name addison!!! adorable ..i like addison grace=)

11/27/2022 4:07:54 AM

My daughter's name is Addison Paige. We get lots of comments on what a pretty name it is. We love it and do call her Addy for short but prefer Addison!

11/23/2022 6:40:30 AM

My son is called addisyn-thomas .. we loved the name addison but found it was referred to alot as a girls name so we changed the spelling :) we've never met another addisyn yet :)

10/31/2022 6:09:50 AM

I think It's pretty. And I like the possible nickname, Addy.

10/27/2022 12:11:04 AM

I babysit a baby girl named Addison and she's adorable!!!

10/26/2022 11:18:10 PM

I named my son Addison in 2020. It is a boys name in England and has become more popular in the past year. People always comment as to how nice the name is. It's nice to know he is the only child in his school with this name.

10/20/2022 7:08:00 AM

some of you mothers should be ashamed of yourselfs for thinging addison would be a bad boys name... my two year old boy is addison michael... and he makes that name rock!! the way i see it.. if you can name a boy ashley.. you can name a boy addison!!

10/19/2022 1:27:02 AM

I can't believe anybody would ever think Addison is a boys name! It's like saying Madison or Allison are boys names too! Anyway it's a really cute GIRL name.

10/12/2022 1:59:00 PM

I'm naming my daughter addison. it doesn't sound like a boys name at all!

10/7/2022 12:36:26 PM

My name is Addison or Addie. I LOVE my name because It'sounds nice and has a connection to Christ.

10/4/2022 1:26:12 AM

LOVE IT! We used this for our daughter but spelled it Adisyn.

9/28/2022 10:17:50 PM

We are naming our son Aiden Christopher and have had Absolutly zero negative reactions! Our last name is Martin and it means Warlke and Combative too! So the meaning Firey just fit! Besides I like popular names too. I have 2 daughters also named Kaitlyn and Hailey! Ive read popular names help your child fit in and be more excepted by thier peers!

9/10/2022 9:38:36 AM

My two year old daughter is Addison Rose, which we just love! We usually call her Addie or Addie Bear. I grew up a huge Chicago Cub fan, which was the reason I suggested the name to my wife (who had no idea that Addison was a street that Wrigley Field was on). Once she found out, she was fine with it because she really liked the name.

7/18/2022 5:42:18 AM

My 15yo son is named Addison. Been in my family for over 150 years. The'sharp uptic in naming girls Addison coincided with the introduction of a female character on GRAY'S ANATOMY. ""Gee daddy, how did I get my name?" -- "well daughter, your mom really likes TV." or "Being trendy has always been important to your mom."

7/14/2022 2:53:06 AM

My sons name is Addison and I love it! Shortly after he was born, Grays An'tomy comes out with a female names Addison and all of the'sudden people were naming their girls it! Cute for a girl, but I still think It's a strong, masculine name. His middle names is "James" and I think it flows nicely. I think It's an intelligent name as well.

6/6/2022 3:32:42 AM

My daughters' name is Addyson. Everytime I say it to someone who asks they think I have said Madison. Once they are corrected I often hear that its a beautiful and original name.

5/17/2022 9:28:12 PM

I love the name Addison by best friend is named that, it is a beautiful name.

1/31/2022 6:06:36 PM

even though I'm having a boy I couldn't name him addison even though I love the name

11/17/2021 12:00:18 AM

So my husband and I don't know the sex but we are thinking if it's a girl the name, Addison Leigh. What are your thoughts?

8/11/2021 3:05:42 PM

My name is Addison But i like AddI'more. (Yes that's how I spell it) with the name meaning son of Adam I'makes us Addisons feel tough and brave! I know 4 people with this name and I get confused but I love it!

7/21/2021 1:12:18 AM

I love the name Addison n if I ever have a girl she will be named Addison Lashay :)

7/16/2021 5:00:00 AM

my little boy is called addison chase and i didnt even know it could be a girls name! i dont know anyone else with the same name and it is very unique everyone i have met have love dit!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Addison?
The origin of the name Addison is English.
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Almost 139000 people are named Addison.
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The names of Addison, Addyson, Mykah, Addy, Adison