Aida meaning

: Reward, Present

Aida Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a(i)-da\
Number of People 👶 13,000
Rate in 2021 2282
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Mexican
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Aida Name Meaning

The name Aida means "the woman who returns home" or "the generous woman who returns to House". Therefore, it is related to the kindness, purity and virtue that women have.

Aida Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Aida
Additional description of the name Aida

Aida is a proper name for women which comes from the Arabic "aida" (written in Arabic عايدة), whose translation is "the one who returns" or "the generous and kind woman".

Cool Info About Name Aida

Additional name description Aida
Additional name description Aida

Personality of the name Aida
Aida is a woman with an independent personality and mysterious. She is kind and kind to her peers and, at the same time, she is a person who adapts very well to any situation she finds herself in.
At work, she is curious and disturbing. He has analytical thinking, which is why he always stands out in the areas of research and teaching. It is also possible that she opts for the sciences, the arts and literature, since she is very creative and curious about everything around her.
She is not very close with the Aida family. In fact, she doesn't like being emotionally overloaded with too many displays of affection. That is why at family gatherings and parties she tends to walk away and enjoy the evening with very few people. This does not mean that she is a hermit, but that she enjoys her privacy.
As a mother, she is a good guide and a great support for her children. He always cares about promoting the independence of the little ones from an early age. Only, sometimes, this attitude can have certain risks. In love, she is a passionate and sentimental woman, who does not hesitate to express her emotions to the ideal person. However, she seeks to impose her ideas, which generates certain altercations with her partner.

Celebrities named Aida
The best-known celebrities who bear the name of Aida are:
Aida de la Cruz: television and theater actress, who has participated in various television series.
Aida Yespica: is an actress, presenter, model, and showgirl born in Venezuela. She is known in Italy, Spain and the USA.
Aida Gomez: well-known Spanish choreographer and dancer.
Aida Folch: is a film and television actress of Spanish origin.
Aida Marina Arvizu: is a lawyer and deputy of Mexican origin.
Aida Lafuente: was a Spanish activist and militant, who died during the revolt in October 1934.
Aida Cuevas Castillo: is a singer of ranchera music born in Mexico .
Aida Cartagena Portalatin: was a writer, narrator, poet and educator born in the Dominican Republic.
Aida Luz: was a film, theater and television actress born in Argentina.

Diminutives and variations of the name Aida
Aida's name does not present many variations. However, the most common are the following:
Ada, Ida, Aide, Ida

The name Aida in other languages
Let's know how to write Aida in other languages:
Catalan: Aida
French: Aidèe
Japanese: 相田
Portuguese: Aide
Russian: Аида

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Comments on the name Aida
12/07/2023 05:56:54

I don't know any Aidas but i absolutely adore the name!!! We were doing a thing in school for comercial advertising and we learned about AIDA. Everyione was laughing at the name but i was in li've with it! I'm planning on naming one of my kids Aida!!!

07/13/2023 23:09:06

You've rellay captured all the essentials in this subject area, haven't you❤️

03/02/2023 08:14:10

My name is Aiden (I'm a girl) and It's not listed here. I like my name, but I don't like having a boy's name and people thinking that I'm a boy. When I went to summer camp as a kid, my mom would make me wear pink on the first day so poeple wouldn't think I was a boy, because I used to wear a hat, and my hair wasn't too long (now It's almost to my wais and it got blonder as the years went by...I'm 23)

12/28/2022 19:32:26

I love my name, it means reward, present. I hate it when people pronounce it EIDA. I like it cause people never forget my name, It's a good and bad thing.

11/02/2022 04:00:38

MY name is Aida, in school I was called Aida, pa-taida. It's my grandmother's name and I really wanted my own, oh well. my nickname is Aidita

09/06/2022 23:56:32


02/06/2022 22:20:24

My nam eis Aida an di am happy to know a few other peoples are too it is unique though some people call me aids for the medical name but like every nam has bad parts about It'so It's fine not too many nick names for aida which is good overall love my name

08/13/2021 08:16:12

I think It's a beautiful name, it reminds me of the opera.

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Aida FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Aida?
The origin of the name Aida is Mexican.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Aida?
Reward, Present
*️⃣ How many people are named Aida?
Almost 13000 people are named Aida.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Aida?
The names of Aiden, Ayden, Aidan, Adan, Aden