Amalia meaning

: Industrious

Amalia Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-ma-lia\
Number of People 👶 13,000
Rate in 2021 1120
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Latin
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Amalia Name Meaning

Amalia is a name that means “loving, weak, and tender ”. It was made popular in Germany in the 18th century by Duchess Anna Amalia, who held many literary gatherings with famous authors of the time. Nowadays there are many celebrities and artists who have Amalia as their first name.

Amalia Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Amalia
Additional description of the name Amalia

The name Amalia is of Greek origin, it comes from love them that is related to "soft and tender" or also the "tender and weak woman". It is a classic name that has been very popular in different royal houses.

Cool Info About Name Amalia

Additional name description Amalia
Additional name description Amalia

The personality of the name Amalia
Amalia is a woman with a great personality. He has a calm and sociable character. She is a successful counselor and a valuable friend, who manages to gain the trust of a large number of people, so her circle of friends is really large.
Her mind is always creating something. The sensitivity that she possesses makes her a receptive, observant, and curious person, so she will always have something to do and learn. For her friends, Amalia is a great support point and they will consult her to seek her advice, which will be accurate and impartial. The safest thing is that the group that Amalia is a part of will make the decisions after having discussed her plans with her.
She is an independent woman who is looking for the perfect love. That is why she allows herself to be conquered, and once she feels in love, she will be tender, and loving and will give everything for her partner, because she does not like loneliness and easily shows her feelings. Another of Amalia's qualities is her love for family since she loves spending quality time with her loved ones.
As for work, she usually opts for the arts and sciences to get to know many things. It is a soul that is always in search of new learning. Likewise, she is an assertive and energetic communicator, who will not stop until her ideas are taken into account.

Celebrities named Amalia
Amalia Bautista: famous Spanish poetess and author of several books such as Prison of Love and Lot's Wife. (She appears in the image.)
Amalia Avia: figurative art painter of Spanish origin.
Amalia Kahana-Carmon: Israeli educator and writer, author of several books and essays that have won literary prizes.
>Amalia de Llano: Countess of Vilchez in the 19th century.
Amalia de la Vega: renowned Uruguayan singer.
Amalia Aguilar: Mexican singer, comedian, actress, and vedette.
Amalie Skram: writer of Norwegian defender of feminism and naturalism.
Amalia de Borbon: Princess of Spain, daughter of Francisco de Paula de Borbon.
Amalia of Bavaria: queen consort of Saxony in the 19th century.
Maria Amalia of Saxony: queen consort of Spain, wife of Carlos III.

Diminutives and variations of the name Amalia
Some of the diminutives of Amalia are:< /br>Emelia, Mali, Ama, Lia, Amali

The name Amalia in other languages
German: Amalie
Catalan: Amàlia
Finnish: Amalia
French: Amalie
Hungarian: Amalia
English: Amalia
Icelandic: Amalia
Portuguese: Amalia

Day of the Saint of Amalia
The Saints of Amalia are on July 10, for Saint Amalia's day.

Numerology of the name Amalia
For numerology, 1 is the number that represents the name, Amalia. This indicates an independent, creative, and innate temperament. 1 is also attributed to simple, kind, and active people.

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Comments on the name Amalia
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am named Amalia, and I love it. However, some teache's take a little bit of practice to get it right (especially if they only speak English). Every once in a while, there is a teacher that gets it right for the first time, to which I am mildly pleasantly surprised. I am often accidentally called Amelia. I understand the nickname Molly. One of my cousins was too young to know how to pronounce my name, and he has called me Molly ever'since. Of what I know, there are two different pronunciations: ah-mall-E-ah or uh-mall-E-uh. Sometimes, someone To the person who wrote the negative comment: Is English your first language❤️ Amelia means Industrious, which is good. But my parents named me Amalia because we speak Spanish, and that meaning would be "God's Work", which is definitely what we, as humans, are. It also means that in Hebrew, more so than in Spanish. So maybe consider different languages, different meanings, different reasons, or people other than yourself before you insult thousands of people around the world.

01/13/2024 11:04:36

My Swedish great-grandmother was named Amelia but she pronounced it "Amalia." She went by the nickname Malie (pronounced Molly). I named my daughter after her and also adopted the nickname. Some people do mispronounce Malie with a long "a" but her full name has not been a problem. Malie is cute for a childhood name but Amalia will translate well into adulthood when my daughter is a grown woman.

09/05/2023 12:02:02

In The Netherlands there's a princess name Catharina-Amalia, but she goes by Amalia

07/31/2023 08:46:04

My aunt is named Amalia, but goes by Molly. She was born in 1943.

07/21/2023 03:57:30

My name is Amalia, and I stumbled upon this website while doing a school project on identity. I think Amalia is a nice name, but my parents call me Ama (Ah-Mah) and My friends call me Amma (eh-mah) its kinda weird but i don't mind. I think the negative comment on this website is not very nice, but that's ok because everyone can have an opinion .

06/30/2023 03:38:42

I named my daughter Amalia for the Hawaiian meaning calm ocean waters. I have definitely had lots of people pronounce it Amelia which is not the'same thing! I love her name and wouldn't change it!

04/23/2023 08:22:56

We named our daughter Amelie in Feb 2015. She loves her name and it fits her personality like a glove. If only I had an easier time picking this next baby's name (a girl too).

04/05/2023 11:00:38

thumbs up for a boy- the correct name for a girl is Jacqueline just kidding who gives a name❤️

12/19/2022 13:56:54

when i was little it ws really hard to find things that had personalized Vanessa but its gotten way easier i get my name'spelled venessa very often and im not sure why ive met one girl my age with my name at my school but she moved so im the only one with Vanessa at my school i also met another little girl at the park whiloe babysitting who had the'same name and personality- coincidence❤️ i think not

12/11/2022 23:44:14

My name is Amalia and it makes me feel better because no one in my school has my name and I like being unique. I'm in a high school and there are like 2,000 people that attend it.

10/04/2022 15:50:14

My husband and I named my daughter Amalia after her great-great-grandmother who was Spanish. She'spelled it Amelia but pronounced it Amalia. We call our daughter Molly, knowing that her namesake also went by Molly.

04/14/2022 18:20:06

My name is Amalia I thought the name orginated from spain. I went on a tour to greese and to my surprise I stood in two hotels named Amalia Hotel. I went shopping one day and asked a store owner what was behind this name'she told me that they had a Queen named "QUEEN AMALIA"

11/25/2021 00:09:18

My name is Amalia, it is a hawaiian name ("Malia") that means calm waters/calm ocean. I love my name, I have never met anyone with it! People usually pronounce and spell it wrong but when'they find out the correct way they LOVE it even more...

10/04/2021 15:39:00

My name is Amalia, as a child and growing up I disliked being called Amalia and went by my middle name. I was named after my fathe's mother my grandmother Amalia. Later k. In my adulthood I started to use my first name Amalia and now I love it! I have a son and if I❤️d have doughter I think I want to name her after me.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Amalia?
The origin of the name Amalia is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Amalia?
*️⃣ How many people are named Amalia?
Almost 13000 people are named Amalia.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Amalia?
The names of Amir, Amara, Amira, Amora, Amber