Prince, Treetop

Amir Name Information

Gender πŸ§‘ Boy
Pronunciation πŸ“£ \a-mir\
Number in U.S πŸ‘Ά 36,000
Rate in 2021 201
Numerology πŸ”’ 5
Name origin 🌍 Arabic , Hebrew

Amir Name Meaning

The name β€œ Amir β€œ is an Arabic name meaning β€œ Prince β€œ or β€œ Chief β€œ.

Β This name is a masculine name and it has been used all around the Muslim countries. The name has different spellings, such as β€œ Ameer β€œ or β€œ Emir β€œ, the first form of spelling of the name is more popular in Asian countries.

The word β€œ Emir β€œ originally means β€œ commander of army β€œ. β€œ Amir β€œ has been used in different languages in different forms, for instance it is used as β€œ ΨΉΨ§Ω…Ψ± β€œ in Urdu, it has the same meaning as Amir. β€œ Ψ§Ω…ΩŠΨ± β€œ is used also in Persian and it means β€œ Immortal β€œ, the mentioned form of the name is the most popular Persian. And also β€œ Emir β€œ is used in English speaking countries.

As the name β€œ Amir β€œ is a popular name for people all around the globe, lots of researches show that, the name has been increasingly popular. It gained momentum after breaking the top 200 in the year 2015. In the year 2020, the given name was at its peak popularity, also β€œ Amir β€œ is the most 11th most popular name based on reliable sources.

In April 2019, β€œ Amir β€œ was at its peak popularity.

Although this name is a common name for people living around the world, but some actors and famous characters named β€œ Amir β€œ have influenced the popularity of the name β€œ Amir β€œ positively.

Most names that are easy to be pronounced, cannot be used as a shortened form, but if you are considering nicknames for β€œ Amir β€œ, you can select β€˜β€™ Ami β€˜β€™ , β€˜β€™ Ammu β€˜β€™ , β€˜β€™ Mimi β€˜β€™ Miru’’ and β€œ Mir β€œ as your baby’s nickname.

It is notable that lots of important characters of the history are named β€œ Amir β€œ. For example, β€œ Amir Kabir β€œ was the most effective character in the history of his country. The main name of him was β€œ Mirza Taghi Khan-e Farahani β€œ but he is known for β€œ Amir Kabir β€œ as it is mentioned.

β€œ Amir Peretz β€œ who is a political born in 192. β€œ β€œ Amir Weintraub β€œ who is a professional tennis player. β€˜β€™ Amir Sjarifuddin Harahap β€˜β€™ who is a politician and journalist born in the year 1907 based Indonesia. β€˜β€™ Amir AlHajj β€˜β€™ who is a commander of the pilgrimage. β€˜β€™ Amir Ghalenoei β€˜β€™ who is an Iranian football coach, he is very popular and effective for Iranian football players and Iranian football fans.

As it is illustrated by the text, most famous characters were positively effective for their countries in their own fields and also some of them had positive influence on the history.

So if you are searching for a meaningful name, the name β€œ Amir β€œ is the best choice for you.

Amir Name Origin and History

What does Amir mean?
The name Amir means "the top of the tree", "he who is on high", "chief", "prince", "leader" or "minister". ".

Origin of the name Amir
The masculine name Amir comes from Arabic origin and is a very common boy's name in the Islamic countries.

Diminutives and variations of the name Amir
The only used diminutive of the name Amir is Ami. In addition, there is only one variation of the name Amir and it is the change of the -i for two -e in a row, that is, Ameer. There is also the feminine form, which is Amira or Ameera.

Personality of the name Amir
Amir is seen as someone very methodical, organized and with great capacity for analysis. Likewise, it is considered friendly, cordial, simple and sagacious. However, it is true that he greatly enjoys the moments in which he feels praised.
He cares a lot about those around him in his closest and most familiar environment. He tries to be on good terms with everyone around him, but he is really stubborn and somewhat rigid in his thoughts, traits that sometimes complicate the social aspect a bit. However, he is not without good friends that he can trust, even if they are few. In addition, Amir is seen as someone very grateful and who never seeks to take advantage of others, even if it is a great benefit, as he prefers to work harder to achieve a goal.

Celebrities named Amir
Amir Iqbal Khan: British and Pakistani professional boxer.
Amir Aliakbari: Former Iranian fighter who is currently a mixed martial artist.
Amir Arison: American actor who you can see in this image.

Day of the Saint of Amir
The Saint of Amir is celebrated on November 1, which is All Saints' Day.

Numerology of the name Amir
According to what numerology tells us, we can know that the best number for those called Amir is the number 5.

Additional description of the name Amir

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Frequently asked questions

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Amir?
The origin of the name Amir is Arabic , Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Amir?
Prince, Treetop
*️⃣ How many people are named Amir?
Almost 36000 people are named Amir.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Amir?
The names of Amir, Amara, Amira, Amora, Amber