Andrew meaning

: Man, Warrior

Andrew Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \a-nd-rew, an-drew\
Number of People 👶 1,300,000
Rate in 2021 80
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 English
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Andrew Name Meaning

Andrew is one of the common names in many countries. This name is very suitable for boys. One of the main meanings of this very beautiful name is "brave", "capable", or "warrior". If you want to choose a name for a baby boy Andrew is the best choice. This name has a pure meaning and it can be considered a very beautiful name.

It is possible that you like this name for your baby since it is a strong, elegant name and has a beautiful meaning. In addition, it is a name of Greek origin and is very popular in Spain.
In this MyCuteName article, we will tell you what the meaning of the name Andres is. Likewise, you will find information on who their saints are, their diminutives, which celebrities are called, and the popularity they have in Spain. Each of these details is very interesting and will surely draw your attention when deciding what name to give your baby. Andres is a boy's name.

The name is Andres means “he who is strong and brave”. It can also be translated as "the virile man" or "he who possesses strength".

Andrew Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Andrew
Additional description of the name Andrew

This name is derived from Greece. In 2004, the name was chosen for a large number of baby boys. So it can be concluded that Andrew's name is very popular. It is worth mentioning that a person named Andrew was one of the first students.
In general, it can be said that the name Andrew is one of the most attractive boy names. Andrew has a lot of fans as a male name. This name is also pronounced in two forms, Andy and Drew. This incredibly beautiful name is expressed in different ways in different countries.

 This is a name that has a great religious connotation since in the New Testament it was the name given to the Apostle Andres, who was the older brother of Saint Peter.
plus to that, Andres is a name that has a Greek origin. It is a variant of the word Andreas (Ανδρέα) which means “the virile man”.

Cool Info About Name Andrew

Additional name description Andrew
Additional name description Andrew

Diminutives and variations of the name Andres
Because it is a name with a long history, some several diminutives and variants are related to the name Andres, such as:
Andrew, Andreu, Andre, Andri, Andy, Andi, Andris, Andrea (in some countries this is his female variant)

The name Andres in other languages
There are different spellings of the name Andres in other languages. Let's see some of them below:
German: Andreas
Arabic: أندراوس
Bulgarian: Andrej
Basque: Ander
Finnish: Andreas
French: Andre
English: Andrew
Italian: Andrea
Portuguese: Andre

The personality of the name Andres
Andres is a kind man, responsible, and willing to take on the challenges that arise. You have great creativity and an innate gift for leadership. You are also observant and like to have a clear perspective of what you want in life.
In the workplace, you may prefer the arts and literature. Likewise, he is very proactive, so he will always be participating in different activities. Andres is methodical and organized, so he is usually placed in charge of projects so that the results are the best.
With the family, he is a selfless and careful man. However, he is not one of those who openly expresses his feelings but rather is somewhat reserved. In love, he is charming and romantic, which makes many people feel attracted to him. In addition, he is also thoughtful and likes to keep the relationship alive.
It is normal for Andres to want to have children and a family of his own, however, he is not one of those people who have many friends, since it is difficult for him to socialize a bit. Still, once it opens up and they get to know him, he turns out to be an attractive and charming man.

Celebrities named Andres
Now, we'll show you which celebrities are named Andres:
Andres Bello: was a renowned philosopher, essayist, and poet born in Venezuela who left a great literary legacy in Latin America.
Andres Suarez: singer and composer of jazz, ballads, and boleros. He is of Spanish origin.
Andres Pajares: renowned film and television director, actor, and screenwriter, born in Spain.
Andrea Bocelli: Italian musician, opera singer, and composer who has won various international awards.
Andres Velencoso: Spanish actor and model who has participated in various advertising campaigns for major brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton.
Andres de York: Prince Andrew and Duke of York is one of the sons of Queen Elizabeth II.

Day of the Saint of Andrew
The Catholic saints indicate November 30 as the day of Andrew in homage to the apostle Saint Andrew. In addition, there are other dates to commemorate this name:

Numerology of the name Andres
The name Andres is associated with the number 7, which is the digit of balance and energy.

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Comments on the name Andrew
01/12/2024 10:23:24

We named our first son Andrew. Each of our children have a Bible name and my husband loved this name. I just pray that he is a soul winner like the Apostle Andrew!

01/01/2024 23:24:32

Honestly this is the best name a guy could have and only the best lookin guys get to wear it proudly.

12/19/2023 08:18:38

I'm gonna name my first baby andrew, or gavin, or bryce, or mason, or kale, or shiloh, or elijah, or chase, or gabe, or mackenzie, of thomas, or peyton, or kaleb.

12/15/2023 12:54:40

If I was a boy my mother was going to name me Andrew. I love this name and I know a lot of Andys! I am surprised the name Byron is more popular than Andrew!

11/16/2023 20:19:46

we named our first son andrew as its such a traditional name, not like all those weird names you hear and our son is very manly and he's only 3.

09/16/2023 22:13:56

Why 4.43 stars❤️ Lame. I'll give it 12.41 to bring the average up to 5.

08/18/2023 23:11:06

this if my first borns name. his full name is andrew david hart, and we all love i just hate it when people call him andy cause thats not his name lol

06/09/2023 08:02:02

Andrew is the coolest name ever. I love it.

05/12/2023 09:58:02

Andrew is the gratestname ever

03/10/2023 12:50:52

yeah this is most deff one of the Greatest names because my friend is named Andrew and he is like such a cool guy!!!!!!!

01/25/2023 01:08:58

My brothers name its Andrew and I love him.

12/22/2022 16:53:24

My name is Andrew Brown and I am from Salina Kansas.

12/21/2022 22:22:30

I'm strong and I put it down to my name. In the bible it says that what you tell yourself or hear is what you become. I'm always called Andrew so have become strong because that's what Andrew means

09/22/2022 16:42:28

My brother's name is Andrew Joel Reed. When he was little we called him Andy Pandy. Congrats Andrew on your marriage to Sara Nicole Reid! Well now it's Reed instead of Reid. I love you Andy Pandy! lol. Desi

09/15/2022 08:04:50

I just like wot the meaning is.

06/24/2022 08:00:00

The name Jace comes from the'scottish/Gaelic name Deas (Which inter'stingly enough is prounouced Jace). Jace means South and a large number of female Border Collies in Scotland are name Jace (or Deas - however you prefer to spell it).

07/18/2021 10:04:12

I want boys (not such how many) but these are my name choices: Aedin (Aidan or whatever) Raymond Andrew Lucas Malachi Jeremiah or Malachi Edward Seth Jakub and Xavier Michael What do you think❤️

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Andrew FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Andrew?
The origin of the name Andrew is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Andrew?
Man, Warrior
*️⃣ How many people are named Andrew?
Almost 1300000 people are named Andrew.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Andrew?
The names of Analia, Annalee, Annelle, Anil, Anyla