Arianna meaning

: Most Holy

Arianna Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-rianna, ari(an)-na\
Number of People 👶 94,000
Rate in 2021 309
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 Welsh
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Arianna Name Meaning

The name Arianna is a female name. It is originally Greek and means “ very holy “. One of the most popular variation of this name is Ariana.

The name Arianna is also connected to a region; the region of eastern countries of the persian empire. This name has different versions and meanings in different languages, for example, the German version of the name means “ Melody “, English version of the name means “ Silver “, Greek variation of this name means “ holy “.


Cool Info About Name Arianna

Additional name description Arianna
Additional name description Arianna


Arianna’s popularity

In the United States, the name Arianna peaked at 30th most popular name for baby girls in the year 2014. Also in the 21st century, this name was in the top 40th to 100th most popular names. Notably, the name Arianna peaked at 40th place and also it was in the top 50 to low 100s range.

The name Arianna has been increasingly popular. This name is now falling from the top 100 that is where it had been since the year 2003. Also from 2012 to 2014, Arianna was in the top 50. Also, this name is the 19th most popular name.

Famous people named Arianna

As famous characters might have influenced this name’s popularity positively. For example, famous successful people are, “ Arianna Vanderpool Wallace “ who is a swimmer and national record holder. “ Arianna Fernanda Follis “is an Italian cross-country skier who started competing in 1995. “ Arianna Fontana “is an Italian short track speed skater, born in 1990.

As it is illustrated by the text, the most famous people named “ Arianna “ are young and also they are successful. So if you are considering this name as your baby’s name, Arianna is a powerful option for you in the name selection process.

Nicknames for Arianna / Similar names to Arianna

Arianna cannot be used as a shortened form, but still, some parents want to select nicknames for their parents. Nicknames can be “ Anna “, “ Ari “ and “ Nana “.

If you are planning for your next baby like Arianna’s siblings, similar names to this name are “ Ariana “, “ Adriana “, “ Angelina “, “ Ariel “ and “ Ariella “. Some of the names mentioned can be suitable for Arianna’s brothers, too.

But totally the name Arianna is more suitable for girls than boys. You can select another version of the name for your baby boy.

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Comments on the name Arianna
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My twins are named, Autumn Nicole, and Ariannah Natalia. i'very much love the name Arianna. Except with a H on the end. People ofter call her Airy-anna, when'the correct way is, r-e-anna.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

i love this name this is what i named my daughter and everyone loves it her name is arianna lenora (after my grandmother) mae ( after my other grandmother) i always get complements on what a beautiful name it is and how beautiful she is!

01/03/2024 07:44:12

I absolutely love this name! My three favorite names are Arianna, Lucinda, and Emmelina!!

01/01/2024 11:21:34

my partner doesnt like it as a first name unlike me so we are thinking Kaylee Arianna for our little girl

12/02/2023 15:09:08

My daughter's name is Arianna Sophia and I chose this name because it was different and unique. She is 5 yrs old now (born 2020) and she gets all kinds of compliments on how beautiful her name is and for short we call her Ari or Nah-Nah. So far I haven't met anyone with the'same name as her.

11/26/2023 06:19:48

My name is Arianna, pronounced AIR-E-AH-NAH, and I have a twin sister Arielle, (AIR-RE-EL). As a child teache's always mispronounced it as Adrianna, Adrena etc. But I love my name, I get constant compliments on how beautiful it is.

11/07/2023 19:44:00

This is the name we decided on for our baby boy. I love it! So does everyone else It'seems. :)

10/17/2023 04:43:32

Before my hubby and I were even engaged, I settled on the name Arianna. Now we have a beautiful baby girl named Arianna Kareli. Kareli is in honor of my best friend whose name is "Karen Elizabeth". I just mashed her names together to create "Kareli". On a side note, until today, for some strange reason, I hadn't looked up the meaning of Arianna and to my surprise, it's Italian... I say it's a surprise because ever since I was little, I have fantasized about Italy. My mom said it's like I had a past life there because she couldn't understand how I even knew about Italy at such a young age. I finally went there in 2003 and I felt such peace being there. Now, to find that my daughter's name is Italian sends chills down my spine :)

10/01/2023 02:33:20

my name is ARIANNA and i get alot of people that'say It'so many different ways and like they said it bothe's me and it is pronounced R-E-ONNA!! I LOVE MY NAME IT MAKES ME FEEL BEAUTIFUL!!

09/26/2023 12:20:50

I named my baby girl this name but It's not pronounced Air-re-anah it pronounced ar-ee-anah and I spell it completely different. Her daddy's name'starts with a R so I wanted her name to start with a R as well so I spelled it RieAnah. I love this name and think It's a very beautiful and I think it goes great with her middle name frances

09/18/2023 12:43:54

I am dying reading these comments! My name is Arianna, and all of the other people yelling about pronunciation are so right! Mine is NOT Airy-An-uh... Air is a word, Ari is a different word. It is R-E-On-UH! I love my name'so much. Low-key wish it wasn't getting so popular though, because it being unique was the best part.

08/31/2023 10:21:50

In the'stravaganza books there is a character called Arianna. It's a very pretty, unique name.

08/28/2023 00:57:24

I am naming my daughter who is due to be born in April 2010 . Most people spell it Airanna. But i wanted the spelling to be diff. What do you think of the way i will be spelling it❤️

07/06/2023 22:27:34

This is what Im going to name one of my identical twin girls to be. Her full name is going to be Carlie Alexis Ray ****. And her twin is Julie Anett Ray ****. I love this name.

07/02/2023 09:25:36

my daughter is arionna rayne. and i pronouce it air e on ah. i also like the'spelling aryonna or areeonna.

06/28/2023 13:26:22

My oldest is named Arianna Nicole and she receives alot of comment on how pretty her name is :)

06/17/2023 18:13:46

My name is spelled Arianne and people always pronounce it ar-e-ann-e and it bothe's me

05/31/2023 20:22:08

My friend's name is Arianna. Often many people say Adrianna when'they first hear it, gets pretty annoying.

05/25/2023 17:07:50

i love this name my daughter's name is Arryonna Merrie(pronounced the'same spelled differently)

05/21/2023 02:02:26

I am going to name my daughter Arianna...Love it..sounds very sweet!

05/20/2023 21:55:34

This is the name my husband wants to name our first girl. I think its very pretty.

05/11/2023 08:06:18

I don't think the spelling of Arianna should be messed with because it is a very pretty and unique name already and the spelling looks great! My mother named me Arianna Mirell and I get lots of compliments on my name. I find out next week what we are having and if it's a girl we will use my middle name...another unique name.

03/24/2023 04:32:02

This Isn't my name, but I think It's beautiful. Being born in 1999, I grew up with more than a few Ashley's, but since it was so over-used back then, I am definitely considering it as a name for my future daughter. But I'm conflicted, since I know tons of people would wonder why I named her Ashley.

03/22/2023 11:23:22

My name is arianna but It's with the long r like saying arrrianna

03/12/2023 07:10:04

My first baby is a girl. I just founr out about a week ago and am anticipating the arrival of a healthy little girl in November. I'm 26 years old and have been set on the name Arianna or Ariana since I was 16 I'm just trying now to see which spelling is best and if it changes the pronunciation at all. I like Are-eee-on-a to be the pronunciation and I also chose the middle name Rose. My family likes it a lot even though I picked it because no one related to me has the name. I figured if I didn't name my baby after anyone in my family there wouldn't be any fights asking why I named it after so and so and not them. If you know the difference between spellings please help❤️ thanks again

02/23/2023 02:50:30

very cute name. someday when i have a baby I'might name her Aaliyah. [[if its a girl]]

02/14/2023 22:31:26

This is my daughters's name. People always pronounce it wrong, they say: Beatrice, and you tell them, but they are careless. This name is pronounced: be as in berry, a, trees. I hope people start being respectful of othe's' names.

02/03/2023 17:36:56

My daughters name is Ariaunna Elizabeth. I love it!!!

01/31/2023 22:01:16

Named my daughter Arianna...most people pronounce it wrong. They say 'Air' e ah nah, instead of 'Are' e ah nah. She receives alot of compliments about how pretty her name is and loves it!

01/02/2023 01:13:34

Howdy, My name is Arianna Maria and my hole life it has been pronounced wrong. Since I am American and Hispanic. I just except it, I figure our culture as a hole has a problem. Yet in Spanish it rolls better and sounds most feminine. If people are curios I explain. The closest correlation in English is Oddieannah. Hope this helps........

12/28/2022 08:22:22

My name is Arianna and It's pretty except people give it the worst nicknames!!! I WONT FORGIVE Y'ALL. luv ya arianna

10/13/2022 02:54:52

My little sister's name is Arianna and we pronounce it 'Air' e ah nah. She loves her name and the way it is pronounced. We haven't met anyone with the exact name but we have met a few with different variations of her name. I think It's a very pretty name.

10/01/2022 04:40:00

My name is Arianna. I love the name Arianna but people pronounce it aireanna it annoys me sometimes

09/18/2022 12:29:30

This is my favorite name. It's pretty, feminine and not too common. I plan to name my daughter Kailey Diane.

09/14/2022 06:30:44

My name is Aireanna. I know people with almost the'smae name but never'spelled the'same. People sya my name Ariana or say Airyanna. I'm quick to sya, " It's AIREANNA"

08/25/2022 21:30:54

i just found out that i was pregnant a couple of months ago and about a month ago i fell in love with the name Arianna but i wanted my daughter to still have a unique name so i decided to spell it different and name her Auriona...instead of the regular Arianna..bc my name is Portia which is pretty unique and different from the other girls you tend to see named Porsha, Porche etc...what do you guys think.❤️

08/12/2022 02:17:06

I love this name my name is Arianna McRae I get so many nice comments on my name

07/02/2022 02:39:36

My step daughters name is pronounced the same but her mother spelled it Arrianna. She uses "Anna" for short sometimes. I do like that spelling with the 'Y" also.

06/16/2022 18:49:48

My name is Arianna and I just don't like my name. People make weird names like Ariel and I wish they would just per bounce it right. Or at least my real name. I want a nickname but none are good like ari, ri, Rianna, Anna. I don't like any of those and wish my name fit a good nickname like Cece or Gigi.

02/05/2022 00:35:24

I i've this name and ya'll little losers better'stop dissing it

12/23/2021 17:09:00

My name is Arianna. It has become very popular recently, but I was born in the 60's(!) and have yet to meet another Arianna in person.

11/05/2021 19:54:36

The correct way to prounounce Aliya in Arabic which is where the name'stemmed from is Ahh-lee-ya with the emphasis on Ahh . Many Americans pronounce my name A-lee-ya though which is fine too. The meaning in Arabic means "exhalted or highest " one.

08/18/2021 03:33:36

My name is Arianna my frwends call me Raina, Aerie, Aerianne, Arielle, Anna, Ari, audrie, Reila, Auberi,si'ver, and Reia


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Arianna?
The origin of the name Arianna is Welsh.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Arianna?
Most Holy
*️⃣ How many people are named Arianna?
Almost 94000 people are named Arianna.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Arianna?
The names of Arvie, Arif, Arvo, Aarav, Arav