Arielle meaning

: Lion Of God

Arielle Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-rielle, ari(el)-le\
Number of People 👶 26,000
Rate in 2021 703
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Arielle Name Meaning

The name Arielle holds a beautiful and meaningful significance. Derived from the Hebrew name "Ariel," it carries various interpretations and symbolisms.

In Hebrew, Arielle means "lioness of God" or "lion of God." This powerful imagery evokes strength, courage, and divine protection. The lion is often associated with bravery, leadership, and a fierce yet nurturing nature.

Beyond its Hebrew roots, the name Arielle has also been linked to other cultures and languages. In French, it is seen as a variant of the name "Ariane," meaning "very holy" or "most holy." This connection adds an element of sacredness and purity to the name's overall essence.

For those named Arielle or considering this name for their child, it represents a blend of strength, grace, and spirituality. It captures the essence of a confident individual who possesses both inner fortitude and compassion towards others.

Ultimately, the meaning behind the name Arielle serves as an empowering reminder of one's unique qualities and potential to make a positive impact in the world.

Cool Info About Name Arielle

Additional name description Arielle
Additional name description Arielle


French Arielle first appeared on the American female naming charts in 1982 (four years after Ariel). Both Ariel and Arielle grew impressively in usage during the 1980s and then saw a further boost on the charts thanks to Disney's The Little Mermaid Ariel in the late 1980s. Although Arielle has never achieved a position in the top 100 names of the most commonly used girl, Ariel did. Instead Arielle has always followed the spelling of Ariel in terms of popularity. Today, Arielle is enjoying more or less moderate low usage. She's definitely not trendy, but she's also not unknown either. Ella is a lovely choice for Francophile parents who prefer the French spelling of names (which also pronounce it slightly differently). More minimalist parents might go for the Ariel spelling. Or the fancier fancy pants could opt for the frillier four-syllable Ariella.

Famous people named Arielle

Arielle Dombasle (actress)

Arielle Kebbel (actress

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Comments on the name Arielle
12/09/2023 16:43:34

My name is Arielle and I love it! everyone always says Ariel like the mermaid. that used to drive me crazy when I was younger. When people mispronounce my name, i always tell them to spell the word relish. They then say R-E-L.... and I say stop! that is my name.... R-E-L that is how it is pronounced!

11/30/2023 13:46:44

My sister's name is Arielle. But it is pronounced "Are-ee-elle" much more prettier than Ariel.

10/11/2023 16:10:54

Wow. I didn't realize that there were so many people with the name Laken. Thats my name, my mom got it from the'soap opera 'Santa Barbara'. I always wondered were everyone else had gotten'their name. I live in Alaska, and i've heard of another girl that lives here with the'same name but i've never met her.

08/26/2023 18:05:54

My name is Arielle to and I absolutely love how unique and wonderful It'sounds and is spelled. It's so elegant and amazing!!! What I do have to say about it is that I often am thought of as an Ariana because of my nickname which has been Ari ever'since I was a little girl and yes a lot of the time it is pronounced like Ariel but other than that I absolutely love my name and the wonderful meaning behind it (it means gods lion).

08/24/2023 17:36:24

the name Ashley is EVERYWHERE!! there is so many people with it, its never mispelled and the only problem with finding it on coffee cups and personalized items is that its often sold out!

08/24/2023 14:40:04

Arielle is my first name. The "Little Mermaid" came out when I was in kindergarten. All the little girls wanted to be my friend, and asked me if I was really the little mermaid. I happened to have long strawberry blonde hair. I only knew of one other girl named Arielle until I was about 16 then It'seemed like there were lots of little three and four year olds named Arielle. However they are most often spelled Ariel. ( I ask ) Now that I am older I some times myself tell people " you know like the little mermaid" In order to get them to understand the pronounciation, and for my name to stick in their head. I have often been called April Arlene, and all sorts of strange mixtures. However, I am often complimented on what a beautiful, and unique name it is! I deffinatly like my name now that I am older.

07/10/2023 18:09:10

My name is Arielle. I pronounce it R-E-L. People often pronounce it like the little mermaid and often spell it Ariel. I have a friend who spells her name "Ariel" yet it pronounced like mine. I guess anytime you encounter'someone with the name, you should ask how they like it to be pronounced. Trust me, they'll like you a lot after!

07/08/2023 02:05:06

My name is Arielle pronounced AIR-EE-YUL but people always spell it wrong. It it most commonly mistakenly spelled ❤️Ariel❤️ and It's almost always pronounced wrong. Most people see it and prounounce it ❤️AR-EE-EL❤️. It's a bit annoying since very few people got it right on the first try, but the name is pretty annoying and I like the unique spelling.l!

06/18/2023 01:52:14

I love my name Arielle;however, my family calls me Ari (R-REE) for short. It makes inter'sting conversation whenever I'meet someone new. I too am often called Ariel or the Little Mermaid. I tell people that it is pronounced how Sebastian says it in the movie.

05/28/2023 22:07:46

i wish i had the name arielle, its the best name ever!!

05/08/2023 19:16:12

My name is Arielle too pronounced air- ee - ul! I honestly love my name ! It's so elegant and creative sounding! But I wasn't born after the little mermaid I was named after the name ariel in the bible which means lioness if god. I am 14 years old

03/19/2023 13:09:00

Ohemgee people! Like, Arielle is a gorgeous name fo sho! It's radical! Gnarly, even! Why, if I could change my name Arielle would be the one! Or Ariel if I had to. Arial and Arialle are ugly names, but Arielle and Ariel are gorgeous/gnarly/radical!

02/11/2023 09:35:24

I love the name Arielle that is my name but hate when'they say Ariel because I that's not my name

01/05/2023 15:02:30

My name is Arielle, pronounced AR-EE-ELLE. I love the name, and the meaning but am constantly called Ariel, Airelle, and am always asked if I'm named after the little mermaid. Which I'm not. Also absolutely no one can spell my name right on the first try.

12/28/2022 18:21:54

My Daughter is Arielle. Pronounced R-E-L. I love the name, it really suits her! I first saw it on the credits for American Pie Band Camp (actress Arielle Kebble). Love the way it looked so did some research into how I wanted to pronounce it!

12/22/2022 17:11:02

My name is Arielle, pronounced AIR-EEE-ELLE and I love it! People get it wrong all the time, especially because I was born after the little mermaid came out so people mispronounce it as "air-ee-ull". I like "air-eee-elle", (my pronunciation), much better and I love the'spelling. The extra "LE"at the end creates the "ELLE" sound instead of "ull". i've never met anyone with the'same spelling as mine, i've only met "ariel"'s. Some pronounce it the'same as me, but most say "air-eee-ull". Only a few people i've met can pronounce my name correctly on the first try! And Starbucks workers are notorious for spelling it "ariel", "Arial", and even "Muriel"! But I guess that's the price we Arielle's have to pay for having such a cool unique name ;)

11/24/2022 15:00:10

my wife and I chose this name for our daughter, we did not know the gender of our baby to be. If it was a boy it would have been Josiah Ariel, a girl Arielle Marie,the Marie fits with the French form, however both our moms were named Mary and Maria, so also a tribute to our moms. We chose biblical names

09/04/2022 19:37:48

My sister's name is Arielle (ah-REE-ehl). My mom used to always get mad because people thought she was named after The Little Mermaid even'though she was born years before it came out. I love the name. I feel It's a classic, unique name that never gets old.

08/23/2022 02:43:12

I Love the name, I actually want to name my daughter Arielle... I love the meaning the'spelling and it is just perfect! I get it from my moms middle name mARIE and my husbands moms name coLLEen.... Hope i get to use it!

05/23/2022 07:24:00

My daughter's middle is Arielle, but I pronounce it Ahr-ee-elle which is the French pronunciation and spelling.

03/16/2022 03:22:48

I LOVE my name!!! most people pronounce it R-E-L though, but I pronounce it A-REE-ELLE! I think its cool cuz i dont know that many people named Arielle, and I'm glad to know that there actually are othe's!!! :)

02/27/2022 17:00:54

My name is Arielle. It's Hebrew and means Lioness of God. i've always loved it. I pronounce it Airy-elle. People always get it wrong. I love that not many people have it and I love the meaning. If I have a daughter in the future I have no idea what I will name her because I think my name is the most beautiful girls name in the world! I'm almost 29 so I was about 5 years old when'the Little Mermaid came out so obviously that was perfect for me! My parents got the name from Shakespeare's The Tempest, there is a male character named Ariel so they just added the extra L and E to use the feminine version.

01/24/2022 19:34:48

My name arielle is awsome. I get called the little mermaid alot (espially of my last name being short) but thats okay. I usally have to explain that my name means lioness of god, but is also french for Gabriel the angel of Jer'salem. In my experiance with the name I have been called Arnel, Aril, Uriel, and many othe's it is quite funny actually.

12/05/2021 17:16:12

My name is Arielle too. I love my name because It's unique in my area. I'm pretty sure I'm the only Arielle at my school. My mom got the idea from (what else❤️) the Little Mermaid but tacked on the "le" on the end of it. The irony of having a unique name has been'that'some people can't remember it! I tell them that when'they see me, think of the Little Mermaid. It's worked so far!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Arielle?
The origin of the name Arielle is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Arielle?
Lion Of God
*️⃣ How many people are named Arielle?
Almost 26000 people are named Arielle.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Arielle?
The names of Louis, Arletha, Arleth, Arlethia