Ashlee meaning

: Ash Tree Meadow.

Ashlee Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-sh-lee\
Number of People 👶 44,000
Rate in 2021 5588
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 English
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Ashlee Name Meaning

Ashlee, meaning "ash tree meadow", carries significant symbolism. The Ash tree, revered for its strength and endurance, is associated with solidity, reliability, and deep roots. The meadow symbolizes tranquility, peace, and natural beauty. Therefore, the name Ashlee implies a person who is strong, reliable, grounded, peaceful, and possesses natural grace.

Ashlee Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Ashlee
Additional description of the name Ashlee

Ashlee is a contemporary variation of the traditional English name Ashley. Originally a surname, Ashley was derived from an Old English word, æsc lēah, meaning "ash tree clearing". In the late 20th century, Ashley became popular as a given name, with Ashlee emerging as a modern, feminine variant. Although less common than Ashley, Ashlee has gained popularity in its own right, particularly in English-speaking countries.

Cool Info About Name Ashlee

Additional name description Ashlee
Additional name description Ashlee

The name Ashlee has been borne by several notable personalities. In the music industry, Ashlee Simpson, the American singer and songwriter, is a well-known figure. Ashlee Hewitt, the country singer and songwriter, is another famous bearer of the name.

Individuals named Ashlee are often perceived as strong, reliable, and grounded, reflecting the qualities of the Ash tree. They may also be seen as peaceful and graceful, much like a serene meadow. The name Ashlee carries a sense of modern coolness while retaining a touch of classic charm, making it an attractive choice for a baby name.

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Comments on the name Ashlee
12/15/2023 09:40:42

I was born in 2001 and i have the'spelling of "Ashlee". i could never find stickers or those little pads of paper with "Ashlee" spelt like that on it, but i think that now Ashlee Simpson has becum famous, it might become more popular :)

11/03/2023 13:27:36

Wow...look at all the well My name is Nakia, born in 1986. named after the movie as well. I also went to school (Atlanta) with a Nakia from New Orleans when i was in the 7th grade...she'said she got her name from the movie as well. I didnt know about the egyptian thing, Ive always thought it was Native American. I like the name now, not always though. I just saw the Nakia Resort & Dive vacation spot in Their pool has NAKIA at the bottom, makes we wanna go there. My family is African-American, Irish and Native-American heritage so I thought that validated my name being Native American lol..But wow..I do like the fact that its not a widely known like John and Tim and etc. And I get the misspellings too Nikia, Nokia, Nekia...Nikita (Russian). Well at least I know Im not

09/05/2023 20:33:24

I was born in 1993 and I have met a handful of people w/ the exact spelling of Ashlee. Then I noticed that Ashlee Simpson the'singer'spelled he's like mine.

08/28/2023 05:57:10

my name is ashlee but every1 spells it rong so every1 calls me babyee gurl ash long but easyer

07/20/2023 08:33:42

my name is ashlee but i go by ash now as people somehow spell it with a y so either they ask me how its spelt or i just say my name is ash which everyone i know has started calling me,its easier to remember and saves them from the'sight of me getting furious at them.i prefer ash so hardly anyone knows me as ashlee,im just ash to them which is easy as i have a huge group of friends so its easier and they love calling me ash.

07/14/2023 08:33:22

Ashlee is a pretty name. I prefer it this spelling as you can choose to be called Ash or Lee.

07/07/2023 20:12:26

I was born in 2005 and there's soo many Ashley's but i love mine because It's different and original in its own way. Although i get frustrated when people continuously spell it with a 'y', i like the originality. But i can never think of any good nicknames =/ It's either Ash or Lee and too many people use those. Any ideas❤️❤️

06/06/2023 02:09:12

I went to school with an Ashlee Ann in High school. She was shorter and very thin. She was very annoying also. I'm an Ashley and i've also known an Ashleigh she was nice and very plump. I'm about 5'6 and am healthy...Not fat by any means just not a stick that's for sure!

06/01/2023 17:31:44

My name used to get on my nerves. But now, It's become alot better. I used to feel left out as a kid because I couldn't find cups, pens or anything with my name'spelt right. Now, It's alot easier.

03/18/2023 20:06:16

I named my daughter Ashlee, it is a beautiful name and she is a beautiful young woman.

01/26/2023 03:00:42

I LOVE my name. Its the prettiest name there is I think. I hate that there is hardly anything with my name on it. I guess its a good thing about Ashlee Simpson lol... Its very unique, and cool!!

01/13/2023 03:47:00

my name is ashlee, and i LOVE it. my mum thort it was different but when i went to skool i had 4 ashlees, 2 ashleys and 1 ashleigh, so obviously in 1999 everyone had the'same girls name piked out. thats y i went by lewi which is an abb. for my last name lol. so to all the ashlees out there. we have the BEST name in the world haha

01/10/2023 12:53:28

I know the name Aseel, which is an arabic name and means " the'soft nice cheek"

12/30/2022 05:55:32

I never heard a lot of people who spelled their name Ashlee, like mine is spelled, until Ashlee Simpson then'they started poppin up. I get some complements on how my name is spelled some people say they wish they had a uncommon way of spelling their name like Ashlee is spelled. But it is hard to find little pens and things that have Ashlee spelled with two e's insted of a y.

12/27/2022 19:26:30

I was born in 2001 too and my sister named me. Sometimes I wish I didn't have the name because It's so common now, but the way my mother wanted It'spelled shows that it is unique to be such a common name. I kind of like my name'spelled as Ashle or Ashleigh but Ashlee is sophisticated and unique!

12/04/2022 19:31:06

I love my name. I love it that not alot of people have It'so its like you are your own unique person. People do spell it wrong and I absolutely hate that but I'mean you get over it anyways. I think I have only actually met one person with the'same spelling.

10/15/2022 01:56:12

My name is Ashlee, but I often go by Ash. People usually spell it 'Ashley', but I'm fine with that because that's how I prefer to spell my name anyway. The name is pretty easy to say lol. I'meet many other Ashleys but never Ashlees. And I have never met an Ashleigh.

06/08/2022 12:16:30

I was also born in 2001 and have had similar problems with finding things such as pens with my correct spelling but reciently it has become easier. This spelling is becoming more known now

04/15/2022 21:47:06

I was born in 2004. Ashley is more a boys name in England than a girls name, and Ashlee is really uncommon. I live in the USA now and see its more common as a girls name here, but I still think Ashley is cool as a boys name. And even'though mine is spelled Ashlee, I don't see why that can't be used on boys too.

03/12/2022 17:56:42

for a long time i hated my name being spelt "Ashlee" but as i got older i liked being original, but now that'spelling is gettin more popular and even some girls just like to pretend that tis spelt that way because of Ashlee Simpson now, i think its slightly rediculous, but i guess ther's not much we can do about it hey...

12/11/2021 16:55:30

I love my name it is sort of unique. I have only heard of Ashlee Sinpson woith this spelling.And people (teache's, cordinators)even family spell it wrong it is still mine and I wouldent give it up for the world (well for that maybe but I still love it!)

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Ashlee FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Ashlee?
The origin of the name Ashlee is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Ashlee?
Ash Tree Meadow.
*️⃣ How many people are named Ashlee?
Almost 44000 people are named Ashlee.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Ashlee?
The names of Asad, Aissatou, Aissata