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Ashley Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-sh-ley\
Number in U.S 👶 864,000
Rate in 2021 368
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 English

Ashley Name Meaning

Ashley is a given name that has been used all around the English speaking countries. It is originally English and it is more common to be used as a surname before. It is derived from the Old English words “ æsc “ ( which is ash ) and “ lēah “. The name means “ Dweller near the ash tree meadow “.

The name Ashley was a given boy’s name in England, France and Germany. In the 6th century, this name appeared for the first time as a male name. The name’s popularity in England came in part from the prominent 17th century politician Lord Ashley. In 1960s, people in the United States of America, started using this name in the same form as baby girl’s name.


Popularity of the name Ashley

As it is mentioned the name Ashley is a name that has been used all around the globe. It is very popular and common. Based on the data given by reliable resources, the name Ashley is not a popular name in Georgia. Only near 6 babies were named Ashley in the year 1924.

A total of only 46 babies also near the same first name as tour baby. Also the highest recorded use of this name was related to the year 1987 with a total of 54854 new born babies. The name Ashley was recorded 861788 times in the SSA public database since the year 1880 up to 2018. This name first appeared in the year 1880 and given to 8 new born babies.

Also the name Ashley became a popular girl’s name in the State of Indiana in the year 1983. The all time high record for this name was in the year 1987 in the state of California. And for the past 20 years this name was recorded 187330 times in the SSA public database.


Personality of the name Ashley

Here we have the letter analysis of the name bellow.

A is for amenable for your easy going nature

S is for success, in all you will do

H is for heart, warm and loving

L is for lively, your life is full of energy

E is for elate, you make others happy

Y is for youthful, your eternal look

The true meaning of the name might not be described in just a fews words. Your name can be your heart’s desire and personality. If you are named Ashley, you are intelligent and intuitive. You are that person who appreciates luxury and elegance. Your heart’s desire is to help others and encourage people who are important to you and you love. People perceive you ad someone who is well dressed and dignified.


Famous people named Ashley

Here we have a list of well known people named Ashley.

Ashley Benson

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Judd

Ashley Walters


Similar names to the name Ashley

Alexandra, Abigail, Asher and Ariel

Ashley Name Origin and History

If you are looking for a name for a girl that is of English origin and popular, Ashley can be a great choice. However, it may surprise you to know that although it is now mostly used by women, there are also men who bear this name, and that is because it was originally masculine.
Are you curious to know more? So, keep reading carefully to find out everything behind the name Ashley, because in this MyCuteName article we explain everything about the meaning of the name Ashley, its origin, personality, saints, popularity and much more. Ashley is a girl's name.

What does Ashley mean?
The female name Ashley comes from English and means "ash tree", "ash tree or ash forest". ash trees" and also "rising or reborn from the ashes". In fact, in English the ash tree is known as ash wood or ash tree and ash also means ashes.

Diminutives and variations of the name Ashley
Some Common diminutives of Ashley are Ash, As, and Lee. This name has no translation into other languages, it is Anglo-Saxon and, although there is no translation, there are different ways of writing it. Here are some variations of the name Ashley:
Ashlie, Ashlee, Ashleigh, Ashliegh, Ashlaie, Aisley, Ashlynn

Personality of the name Ashley
The Ashley's name is related to a person with a creative, calm, funny and very imaginative personality. In addition, due to her personality, she is not easy to manipulate or influence.

Numerology of the name Ashley
According to numerology, the number associated with Ashley's name is the number 7.

Additional description of the name Ashley

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Comments on the name Ashley
3/7/2023 6:08:06 PM

When i was younger i was too happy about having that name since its so common and also you dont see many latinas with that name (no offense to anyone) but when my teachers used to say my name o the first day of school they were suprised to see i was hispanic. as i grew i learned to love my name it was special to me because my dad named me and passed away when i was 2 yrs of age. . when i got pregnant i decided to give my daughter a diff name something no so common! so i put my mother's first name and my name together and got a unique and special name my lil princess name is Anashley and i love it soooo much when people hear it they say wow its diff and pretty it fits her and shes three now and say i love my name!

3/4/2023 5:15:02 PM

My name is Ashley and for the most part I'm ok with it. It's pretty, It's very easy to spell and pronounce, and Ash is a nice would just be better if there were a few million less of us in the world...

3/4/2023 2:15:44 AM

Ashley is a really popular name. Even my ag. Teacher is named ashley only she'spells it Ashli, And I spell mine Ashley.

3/3/2023 11:01:46 PM

At least it is easy to spell, but every 3rd person you meet, that is there name. I personaly like less common names.

3/3/2023 6:54:54 PM

I was born in 1986 and I knew one other Ashley in all my years of school K-12. I am Ashley Brooke and when I went to college there was an Ashlee Brooke also listed in the'student directory. I nearly fell over!

3/3/2023 6:02:00 PM

my name is ashley. i hate it and i wish that it wuzz at least spelled originally if anything. its not fun to not have your own identity all the time. I'mean, its like michael!

3/1/2023 8:25:52 AM

im in the fourth grade and my best friends name is ashley i loved how its spellted and sometimes a wish that was my name

3/1/2023 5:47:10 AM

Ashley is a man's name. I have no idea how it became cute to name girls Ashley. She'sh!

2/27/2023 6:10:34 AM

my name is ashley, and people call me ash. But there are so many diffrent ways to spell it! Ashli ashleigh ashly! and my parents had to chose the'simplest way, when my parents wrer going to name me skye

2/25/2023 4:12:54 AM

I have a daughter named Ashley who loves her name. She has just turned 11 years old. I fell in love with this beautiful name when I was a little girl, long before it was popular as a girl's name. Anyone who's read my late cousin Margaret Mitchell's novel "Gone With the Wind" (or have seen'the movie) are familiar with the character of Ashley Wilkes and remember that long ago this was a "boy's name." But I knew of one girl when I was growing up with this name and thought it would be beautiful for a girl. So many, many years later after getting married and having a little boy named Shane, I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl that was named "Ashley Nicole". I thought the name was wonderful all those years ago and still do.

2/24/2023 10:20:14 PM

My baby girl is named Ashley and I always get lots of compliments. Don't know a lot of new Ashley's being born these days.

2/23/2023 5:14:32 PM

My daughter's middle name is Ashley (after my sister)... I love the name, although I think it is better as a middle name (sounds great with almost every first name)... Ashley is very common as a first name. Our daughter's first name is not common, so It'sounds really beautiful combined with Ashley for a middle name.

2/20/2023 3:46:12 PM

I don't dislike my name, but I absolutely hate how common it is. Including me, there are four Ashleys and one Ashlyn in my geometry class...

2/18/2023 11:12:48 PM

Ashley. Ugh!! Waaaaaay to common. My parents were so original since I was born in 2004 and that's when'the name was at It's height. There are 6 other ashleys in my pe class which is we all go by code names (Ashley blue, Ashley red, ashley orange...) ;]

2/17/2023 5:49:28 PM

My daughter's name is Ashley Elisabeth. The name Elisabeth is Ashley's Grandma's name. I think the name is a bubbly name and all the other Ashley's I know have a bubbly personality. Cool!

2/16/2023 4:30:02 AM

my name is ashley and i hate it. if i could i would change it because it is so popular it gets annoying.

2/12/2023 4:44:32 PM

My name is Ashley Adele. I am from the UK. I was born in 2007. There is only one Ashley in my year at high school. Its not a pretty name i with my name was something like Lilly or Amelia.

2/12/2023 7:02:38 AM

Yeah i have another girl named Amanda at my school but we are complete opposIt's its kinda annoying cause when'they are yellling at her im like what did i doo cause i get confused i think it is coll to by nicknames cause they arnt as over used as some real names like for real!

2/10/2023 1:18:42 PM

i love my name! its spelt ashlea though..and yea there must be alot of people in the 1992s with this name.. i know quite a few.. I'm 18

2/10/2023 7:08:24 AM


2/8/2023 5:13:42 PM

my name is Ashley Elizabeth, i was born in 2009. my middle name after my Grandmother. when people say actually or something that'sounds like Ashley, i always look up and say what?! it gets conusing. i never really liked my name. i always wished my name was Elizabeth Ashley. or at least a less common spelling, like, Ashliegh. i love that way of spelling it. but i've grown to like Ashley. (:

2/4/2023 12:22:30 AM

My names Ashley (I'm 24) and i've always loved it. It is very popular and there were many other Ashley's in my school. Luckily my middle name is very unique (Blaine) and my initials are ABC, so I still felt my name was special:)

1/29/2023 9:11:10 AM

my name is Ashley Brown. Both my first and last name are extremely popular. at partys i always introduce myself as ashley brown (the whole thing) because i know that they already know at least 5 people named ashley. people call me -ashley brown. and sometimes hash brown(ie). i used to hate my name but now that im older ive fully embraced it :)

1/28/2023 11:46:54 PM

Actually i've been'the only Ashley in my grade up to last year. And I'm now a 10th grader.

1/27/2023 2:49:00 AM

my name is ashlt and the reason i think that is special is b/c i have only ever met one other person who spells it that may, my grandma also told me that when ashley was a popular name for boys, that when a boy would be named ashly is was ashley and a girls would be ashly... im a girl haha for you with the e, plus, it makes more sense gramatically without the e..i love my name even'tho it is wayyyy too popular

1/21/2023 10:09:30 AM

My name is Ashley, and I would like to say that it doesn't matter if you like it, obviously a lot of people do or there wouldn't be so many of us. It is a traditional and pretty name.

1/17/2023 8:52:52 AM

My name is so exciting. I really like it because it is popular and easy to pronounce.The way you say my name is Ash-with-ley.There are so many people with the'same name wtch makes its realy crazy when someone else says it and it is not for you!

1/16/2023 12:18:32 PM

My name is Ashley & I'm 19. I don't like my name only because It's so popular In my garaduatinclass there were 5 Ashley's total

1/14/2023 10:56:08 AM

ASHLEIGH is the'spelling of my name, not the ASHLEY... it is so ANNOYING

1/12/2023 2:51:08 PM

My name is Ashley and i love it! when i was 4th grade,i got poupular because of that name!

1/9/2023 2:33:20 PM

Some Ashley's may think Ashley is a too popular but everyone of us are special in are own way.

1/8/2023 2:45:02 PM

Hey my name is Ashley even'though there are alot I like my name!

1/6/2023 1:02:02 AM

I am ashley. i lovee my name. there is alot of us ashley out there, so if you think its wayy too common, think of a nickname. there is aloyt for ashley. my friends call me ashdizzle.

1/3/2023 5:46:58 PM

It'seems as though this name is much more popular in America than other Western countries. Here in Australia, where I named my beautiful daughter Ashleigh, it is quite an unusual (and pretty) name.

1/1/2023 7:03:16 PM

My girlfriend's name is Ashley, and even'though it is extremely popular in these parts, I love her and she is unique and very beutiful. (she is the black and white beauty shot at the top)

12/31/2022 4:01:00 PM

My name is Ashley and i hate it! Three if my best freinds names are Ashley, that is a little wierd. Don't ya think. Anyway there is plenty of other Ashley besides us at our school. I wish i had a different name. There are also try having me and my best freinds the othe's Ashley's all on our basketball team. We have to have nicknames. Like mine is Sizzlin, and the other ones they don't really matter. Love&peace; other Ashley's!!!

12/29/2022 4:59:40 PM

My name is Ashley. I love my name, but yes its verry common. My mom was origionally going to name me Laken, which Isn't common at all! and My dad wanted Gwendolyn, which is also not common. But no, I get stuck with the name everyone has. But because it is so common, i think if you named your baby Ashley now, it wouldnt be so bad because people are naming the new generation some wild names!

12/27/2022 2:41:24 AM

I like comin up with creative nicknames cause my name && almost everyone elses name is Ashley

12/26/2022 1:45:32 PM

My name is Ashley and I like the name because it is the name I wa givin and I like it a lot!

12/20/2022 6:27:20 PM

my name is Ashley, people often spell it wrong,there are famous people named Ashley i have definetly met people with the'same name.

12/19/2022 11:53:28 AM

my names spelt different thankss to a day of labor & a tired dad. I love how it's such a popular name but yet so different.

12/17/2022 5:48:56 AM

My mom had never heard anyone with the name Ashley when she named me... I wish it was as unique as she thought it was. I was born January 1993... so I didn't really ever have other Ashley's in my classes thank god... but I still don't like it because of its popularity :(

12/16/2022 4:32:28 AM

I kinda like the name Ashley.Beacuse it is my sisters name'so i have to like it i tank?

12/13/2022 12:28:24 PM

My name is Ashley Marie Allison and I was just saying that many of my teache's have called me by my last name instead of my first name. I even have a best friend named Ashlee. She now lives in texas. I once had a chance to change my name, but i just thought of how many times i would probably misspell my name! So Ashley it was!!;)

12/12/2022 7:22:42 AM

My name is Ashleigh and the name comes from ash tree :p i come from England and i love my name. But its to common i think. I was born in 2000.

12/10/2022 9:17:14 PM

To the person who thinks she is the only Heather Patricia. Wrong I am also a Heather Patricia and also love my name

12/9/2022 10:21:50 PM

There are way too many little girls named Hannah, Emily, Anna and Madison in this world. These names are so over'sed. Find an original, unique name and go with that!

12/9/2022 9:43:36 AM

i like this name because it is mine it is the best name in the world because of my name i have alot of friends because us at the jr. high all have the name ashley and we have to stink togather and make the name ashley live forever

12/8/2022 7:37:12 PM

in response to that person who said "Its a places name not a person's"...there are probably more people named ashley than there are places! lol. My name is ashley. I was born in 1997 and my mom had never heard anyone named ashley and thought it would be original! HA! she was wrong. She thought about naming me amber...kinda wish she had. Growing up there were always at least 3 other ashleys in my class. i wish people would stop using that name'so it might become original again one day! spelling it a different way doesn't make it different either!

12/5/2022 1:09:06 PM

My name is Ashley and I hate it. It's way too popular.

12/4/2022 9:13:56 AM

my mates name is Ashley and it is like a well popular name and he is popular himself!

12/4/2022 7:45:46 AM

Okay, I'm Ashley, and honestly, I really hate my name. It doesn't have any flair, It's so boring when you say it. I don't like that there are so many other people with it, but that's not so much it. I really hate it and I wish I had a more exciting name.

12/2/2022 1:26:34 PM

My name is ashley, i hate it most of the time except the fact that there are a million different variations of it.. lalala

11/29/2022 8:44:16 AM

My sisters name is Ashley. And this name is very very common. Almost everyone I'meet, there name is Ashley. Lots of people spell the name Ashley differant ways. Some people prefer it to be "Ashlee" or "Ashleey" and ther's other ways to spell it. We have three Ashleys on our street. And ther's alot of Ashleys in our school!! I personaly dont realy like the name Ashley cuz its so popular. But its a nice name I think, but just tooo common!!! I like names that are not used that much.

11/29/2022 12:48:10 AM

I'm Ashley Ann. I love my name. It's pretty common. But I'm the only Ashley in my school, and I think the'spelling A-S-H-L-E-Y is best. I was born in '92, and my dad came up with it. I'm glad I was Ashley Ann instead of Ashley Marie. I hate the name Marie, and even'though my name is common, I know there's no other Ashley quite like me. (:

11/27/2022 3:15:00 AM

I feel like there is at least three Ashleys in every ten girls. Not a good thing!

11/26/2022 10:50:30 PM

i am called ashleigh but people spell it the other way i was born in 2011 im at mi cousins melanie beldan

11/25/2022 12:27:24 PM

I love my name. In my city there is an Ashley in every grade. It's neat not to be the only one.

11/19/2022 5:09:12 PM

My name is Ashley and I really like the name! Even'though some people have the'same name as you It's not always bad! I used to have a best friend named Ashley and in class we would just know which one of us the teacher was talking about! It's a really great name to have!

11/15/2022 9:24:38 AM

My name is Ashley, some people say Ash-lay but It's really Ash-lee. I love this name a lot.

11/14/2022 6:57:38 AM

Ashley is my name. I love it. It is very popular, It's like EVERYWHERE, now a days. People often misspell it, but i don't care. I do meet many people with the name Ashley.

10/31/2022 4:09:22 PM

i love my name i spell it ashley. i also hav a friend named emily and amy and ity goes really well together but its funny i dont really meet that many ashley's. i dont know why but not very many of the were born in '92, but anywho a shot out to all those ashleys out there and ps love the nick names ash shley and lee bye<3

10/25/2022 2:40:52 PM

I loveeeeeeeeee it . its shoo cuhhaaaaaut! shooooooo cutee .

10/25/2022 7:02:24 AM

There Isn't a category for girl's name Paxton because this is a boy's name duh! It would sound strange on a girl and she would get mistaken for a boy all the time. I hate that'so many people are giving boy names to girls!

10/25/2022 12:52:06 AM

my name is Ashley Elizabeth. i was born in 97. I think my name is used too much and im used to coping with it. somtimes when people say actually i look up cause i think there calling for me.the only problem for me is that i cant picture calling me " aunt ashley" or "grandma Ashley"

10/21/2022 1:59:30 PM

the name ashley is total CRAP. its WAY too common like i can name ten people with the name ashley (including famous people) ther's ashley tisdale, ashlee simpson, ashley conrad, ashley tentard, ashlie sacrid, ashley marago, ashley stanes, ashlie corodo, ashley codey, ashley nelson, and ther's even MORE than that! i HATE the name ashley! period.

10/17/2022 4:46:46 AM

My name is Ashley and about 90% of the time I hate it, though I've never tried to change it. Ashley was the number one female name of my birth year and it was top five around it for the next several years. The worst part is sitting in class with multiple Ashley's who get in trouble frequently so when the teacher chastises the other Ashley's you feel you are the one in trouble. There's about a billion names out there...get a little more creative...oh and NEVER nickname them Ash. It really annoys me to be called Ash, mostly because I am not the main character from Pokemon. -Ashley Rose

10/16/2022 3:47:56 AM

my name is ashley and its iight i gues, but its over'sed.

10/14/2022 4:31:56 PM

It's a pretty name in a way but the ash in It'sounds like ashes!

10/11/2022 7:25:08 AM

My name is Elizabeth Ashley and I love my name. I like to go by my mid name Ashley tho.

10/9/2022 10:30:12 PM

hey everyone this is my name aswell... not many people that live around my area spell it like me.. actually.. i think i have only met 1 person who does my names spelt ashley but they are usually spelt different like ashleigh or ashlee or somethiong like that lol well i like this name.. i would have prfered adria lol i like that name but this name'suits me lol i gess? and my parents actually werent thinking of what ashley means when'they named me... i was named after my father'secretary because she was young and very kind and fit.. shes really cool.. i have met her befor :) so its not always that the parnts want to call you what the name means lol

10/9/2022 10:09:36 AM

my name is Ashley Jane and i love my name. where i live there isnt very many ashleys and all the other ashleys have diffrent spellings i just think its a pretty name. the funny thing about the name ashley is it also is a guys name. and i have met more guys with that name then girls.. <3 ashley

10/4/2022 4:43:08 PM

My name is Ashley. It IS a very common name (I even went to school with an Ashley with the'same last name...beat that one.), but I still love it. It is my name after all.

10/1/2022 2:01:18 AM

Young is a last name and It's my last name. You can clearly tell by this chart no one should being using this name as a first or middle. Unless of course, you want to be the nut to call your kid a name that hasn't been used in over 100 years.

9/30/2022 3:08:52 PM

When my daughter was a little girl, she use to say, "I hate my name. There is no one older than me with the name of Ashley." Now, that she has finally become 21 years old, she has met many females older than herself and appreciate the name. My late husband and I picked the name Ashley 22 yrs ago (I was 18 yrs old and my husband was 25 yrs old at the time)fell in love with the name Ashley. If our child was a boy, his name was Ben Ashston, and of course the girl's name was Ashley. I agree with Afia Thompson's post the name Ashley is equal to a regal lady. An example of this was when my husband died, our daughter Ashley with tears in her eyes and a heavy heart was able to complete funeral arrangements as I broke down. I could not have continued without our daughter. At a young age, Ashley was and still is a female of noble strength courage and intelligence (she graduated from high school early {Ben was fortunate to see her graduate, and is now in medical school).

9/29/2022 5:41:38 PM

my name is awesome It's spelled diff. too ( ashlee) so nobody spells it like that

9/28/2022 11:07:46 AM

My name is Ashley and It's okay but everyone has it...

9/27/2022 1:05:16 PM

My name is Ashley so whoever dont like it is outa their mind... its tha hottest girl name eva

9/27/2022 8:58:24 AM

my mom thought she was being unique when she'spelled my name asheley with an extra E well like all of the othe's i have had an asheley in like all of my classes and my last name is smith which is really common too so that doesnt help and there was another asheley smith in my school so everyone was always confused and she gave me a really bad rep for a while but i love the name and i couldnt think of my name being anthing different i love it

9/21/2022 8:40:26 AM

well to start it off, my name is keely-shae fisher and im 11 years old, i love my name but sometimes people spell it really weird, like my nan spells it keelEy but i dont have an E before the Y. Its pretty cool being named Keely-Shae because people often don't have my name, but when i looked you guys do have alot of keelEy's lol. bye

9/20/2022 8:02:12 PM

ashley is the best name that anyone could ever have. i spell mine "ashley" my nickname is ash, smashley, smashy, and smashalot, yeah i know we're cool

9/20/2022 2:27:10 PM

I love my name, and i only know 4 other Ashley's!! lol

9/18/2022 6:54:28 AM

My Names is Ashley and ya know i always sayy i love this name or i love that name but rly i love the name ashley its just who i am its attached to me.

9/17/2022 2:41:40 AM

yes me 2 my name is Hailee and everybody always spells my name wrong it bugs me but life goes on and i've only met one other hailee in my life

9/16/2022 8:49:00 PM

My name is Ashley Dawn, I was born in 2009. I absolutely, postively, 100%, LOATHE my name. i've always hated my name, for as long as I can remember. My dad wanted to name me Lilliana.

9/14/2022 3:02:06 PM

I have grown to dislike this name. It is so common and I know of at least thirty other Ashley's. My name is Ashley, so it gets very, very annoying. I always had to use my initial so teache's could distinguish between me and the other Ashley's. Whenever I walked down the hallways of school, there was always a Ashley being called, and I always ignored it. My mother could of named be Rhea, a uncommon name compared to Ashley, but of course she had to pick the most common name during the 80's. I also hate how people stereotype this name! Not every Ashley is blonde and a cheerleader or stuck up! People, a recommendation. Wait at least another twenty years and probably named your kid Ashley!

9/9/2022 12:08:24 AM

I'm an Ashley - I love my name. When I was 8, I'moved to England - here for some reason people thinks its a boys name - so I hated it. But now I know its actually a GIRLS name, I'm proud to be an Ashley! I was too was born in 85 (someone else said it above me - or below, dont know how this site works...) So yeah... I love my name!!

8/30/2022 1:08:42 PM

My name is Ashley Sara, and i've always loved my initials, A.S.H. I was born in 1987 and could NEVER find my name on anything. It was very uncommon at that time, at least where I was going to school. I like to think that when I'm old, at least my name will still sound young.

8/29/2022 3:17:24 AM

A plain and ordinary name that doesn't sound very good, either.

8/26/2022 2:05:24 AM

i love this name! you are all just super jealous! bet you rname is something weird like shaki!*jk!

8/22/2022 12:59:42 PM

Wazz up? My name is Maggie but I hate it when people think that my real name is Margaret. I also dont like it when people call me maggot. I also like the meaning of my name pearl;of great value because my daddy said im worth a lot of money. Maggie is unique and not very common so thats why i like it 1

7/26/2022 7:34:48 PM

Well ya.. everyone spells my name: Gabriela.. and I get mad because.. u know its GabrieLLa. i've never met someone with the name with double "L".. but yes with one "L". And u dont usually her my name in my country so I was surprised when I saw that the High School Musical's Gabriella Montez had the'same name.. it was really cool :P

7/22/2022 3:02:06 AM

It would be a nice name if every 99 out of 100 girls weren't named this name. I'm so fortunate I wasn't named Ashley. My name is much, much rarer.

7/15/2022 8:58:30 PM

There should and always will be one Jesus. Do not name your child Jesus. It is a nice name, but there should be only one.

7/14/2022 11:55:48 PM

My male friend is called ashley he will allways now be a girl in my eyes.

7/6/2022 3:32:42 PM

I have a friend named Ashley. I kinda like the name. Mine is Emily and I think those two names go great together as best friends!

7/3/2022 6:00:18 PM

My name is Ashley and i love my name because everyone has it!!! It's so perfect for me and my family loves it to so im happy

6/27/2022 2:47:42 AM

My name is Ashley, just like EVERYONE else's name is Ashley. It's FAR too common. It confuses me when people say "Ashley!" and five or six girls turn around. I like the name, but I don't enjoy the popularity of the name.

6/25/2022 11:20:42 PM

most people say it correctly. my bffs name is ashley too. some peple spell it ashely or ashlee.

6/11/2022 5:14:24 AM

i named my daughter ashley in 2021 and i love it. i only know two other ashley's under the age of 10. one is 6 and the other is 9. it is nice when we go out and normally there arent any other girls with her name

5/28/2022 10:00:36 AM

I think the name "Ashley" is classic and trendy, and why is popular and common bad, that just means alot of people like it, period.

5/5/2022 3:45:18 PM

My name is Ashley and I like it, even'though there is like 2 or 3 other girls with the name of Ashley in my school I still like it!!

4/23/2022 5:27:54 AM

My name is Ashley Marie. It can't get more common than that. I was born in 2008. i've actually learned to tune people out when'they say my name just to avoid the awkwardness of it not being me they meant since it happens so often. Stop being selfish parents and name your child something original instead of something you just think is pretty. It doesn't even have a pretty meaning. if I have a girl in

4/14/2022 5:25:12 PM

My name is Ashley and i am a freshmen in my high school were their are at least six othe's woth my name at times it is realy annoying so i shorteded it to Ash and write ashes on my papers to help my teache's know whos paper it is.

4/13/2022 10:18:36 AM

This name is exotique sounding(especially if you put an accent on top of the e)and is not over'sed. I recommend it to anyone.

4/11/2022 3:18:18 PM

my name is ashley an i LOVE IT!! im the ony gir n my town called ashley which makes me different! an every one comments on my name an thinks it lovely!!

4/9/2022 2:00:00 AM

the name ashley is super awesome!...and yes my name is Ashley..People think its over used but i think thats because its just too nice...people often mispell it to ashely..and i hate that.but i love my name--Ashley!

4/2/2022 6:06:36 PM

My name is Ashly Nicole, my mom and dad wanted my name to be spelled like that not like other ashley's, some of my friends call me ashes,im a Random crazii lovable outgoing and active Kind of ashly

3/20/2022 10:40:12 PM

Wow I go to school with many Kaylees or Kaylies, ect. I never knew that there were so many Kayleighs. I was going to be Kayleigh Grace but I am Kayleigh Erin.

3/13/2022 9:30:00 AM

i have 3 best friends named ashley only they all spell it different, like ashlie and ashlee and ashley so we just call them the ashleys or we call them by there last names...sometimes it gets annoyin...

2/21/2022 1:42:00 PM

My name is pretty cool! You got to admit. It's probably the most popular name ever. It means "my fire"!

2/17/2022 8:08:06 AM

my names Ashley and i hate how popular it is but other than that i like it. my friends call me Ash, Ashalay, Assley, AC, and probally othe's that i cant think of right now. (: and ther's always a ashley in my class and it hate that..

2/12/2022 2:40:30 PM

well im called kayleigh and i guess its pretty different, i cant find a meaning for it anywhere (anyone help?) plus i can never find personalised stationary haha but apart from that aye its not bad the pronunciation isnt too nice though, i wish it could be varied like laura (law - rah, lara, etc... =P )

2/9/2022 4:13:12 PM

There is a residental street in Stuart, Martin County, Florida named "Ila Street" in 1925 for a baby born to a family who lived in the neighorhood. The'street is still there.

2/6/2022 4:57:18 AM

I love the name ashley because of its origin, i think it is a populer name but everyone remebers it!

2/2/2022 5:41:24 PM


1/31/2022 9:46:12 PM

I absolutely love it! It is so pretty, and yea, its popular because of this. I ask, how can you not like this beautiful name?

1/28/2022 5:49:30 PM

When I was little, I used to hate my name, because it was so different from everyone else's... it wasn't Cris, or Nick, or Mike. Now, however, I wouldn't want a different name! I love how while there are other Nathans out there, we're still pretty few-and-far-between, and consequently, I am rarely confused with anybody else. Most people just call me Nate, which is pretty easy to remember, and hard to mess-up. One thing I hate, however, is how some people INSIST that my full name must really be Nathaniel... well, It's not! It's just Nathan. Anyway, the worst was when somebody asked me if "Nate" was short for: "Nath-ahh-neel." Classic.

1/23/2022 2:24:18 AM

yes my name is brian and i like it alot. ive never nad anyone mispronounce it. and i do know alot of people named brian. there are 6 brians on my street

12/29/2021 2:09:54 AM

Yeah my name is Ayla And it is soo cool. I have only met one other girl named Ayla my parents got my name off of the mobie Clan Of the Cave bears. Chea!!!

12/17/2021 9:15:36 AM

Although I agree that the "Ashley" is a very common name I still love it because my mom decided to make an original name'somewhat unique, she'spelled my name "Ashleigh" and I love it!

12/11/2021 7:46:30 AM

My name is Ashley...and I have not only looked at the popularity rating given here, but also in records that I work with most often...and you can bet if you come across the name Ashley...not all, but most of these females were probably born between '85 and '89. For some reason the late eighties tended to make this name a trend. Everyone wanted to name their babies Ashley. I was born in 86...I like the name, but as stated previously by othe's, its pretty common...having had three or four friends in my life named Ashley...

12/9/2021 12:52:30 AM


12/6/2021 1:24:00 PM

My Name is Ashley and thats the only reason im okay with it

12/6/2021 11:34:12 AM

I'm proud of my name. And for some odd reason, I love hearing Scarlett O'Hara say it in "Gone with the Wind." I love it as both a boy's and girl's name, and I think more boys should be named Ashley.

12/1/2021 9:52:30 AM

well, i love my name, because its spelt differently . im somewhat heartbroken, to see that there are so many other hailee's with the'same spelling. well i guess im original still.. just not by name. so to all you hailee's .. keep on rockin' the world .. one hailee at a time.

11/22/2021 7:11:24 AM

Don't name your child Ashley. And don't do any of those cutesy spellings that make it more "unique" because when it comes right down to it, Ashley (or Ashlee, Ashlea, Ashleigh or any other butchering you can think of) is the most bland and common name available. You may think it's pretty but there is nothing more annoying than sitting in a classroom with five other Ashleys of various spellings, wishing your name was in some way or another different from the majority. If you really MUST get this god awful name on your child's birth certificate at least make it hyphenated with something that sucks less or as a middle name. Trust me on this one. Almost all of my friends say that Ashley doesn't fit me in any way and is so common and boring that they just call me by my last name or "Ash" - which, by the way, has also been ruined by Pokemon. Do your kid a favor and just avoid it all together. Oh, Marie as a middle name is way over used. Stop it.

11/15/2021 11:18:00 PM

I was born in 1997, after a character in my mothe's favorite story 'gone with the wind' (the character is a guy but she loved It'so much) - I do not dislike the name, except when people say the word 'actually' - I respond to that a lot if people do not enunciate..

11/7/2021 1:11:24 AM

My name's Ashley Jane, just like someone up there ^^ haha But I guess I loveeed my name when I was little but now I kinda don't like it because there are like 4 Ashley's in every class. It's a bit over'sed but apparently people find it a beautiful name. (:

11/3/2021 4:46:30 AM

I'm Ashlee-Marie and I absolutely LOVE my name I'm the only Ashlee in my class but it does get confusing when someone says actually

11/1/2021 4:10:30 PM

My name is Ashley, and I get ashalleee asherly ashaley ashlah !!

10/21/2021 7:24:00 PM

i really hate my name. It's boring and too many people have it. xP It's an okay name otherwise, i just... don't like it for me. at all. especially the negative stereotypes people seem to associate with it. -.-

9/12/2021 8:16:12 PM

I love my name!!! i dont know why! i just love the way It'sounds! but it is really popular!!

9/11/2021 1:09:36 PM

omg, ok well my name is ashlie too, but i dont see how all u people are like i love my name, haters are just jealous. i hate having this name, why would i want the'same name as like ALL my friends. or like a bunch of other ppl. i hate it!!!

9/6/2021 7:48:18 AM

My name's Ashley, and I absolutely hate it. I think of myself as a very original person, and my name pretty much takes away from my originality. I know 8 other ashleys, and it gets me so annoyed.

8/28/2021 6:57:00 AM

My names Ashley, i prefer Ashlee. I never think too much about my name, tho it is very common. im 18 and have always known at least 3 other ashleys in my class. my middle name is anne, which is even more common. (ashley anne).

8/26/2021 12:03:00 AM

my names ashley , wouldnt wanna b called anyfink elce . its boys and girls name . it dont bother me.

8/25/2021 5:38:42 PM

i like my name but it is just a lot of ashley's in my school i spell my name like ashley

8/14/2021 1:33:00 PM

I love my name even'though so many people have this name It's still a great name to have.

7/20/2021 8:37:48 PM

my name is Ashley my middle name is nicole i was born in 1999 when it was most popular a lot of people do have my name i was in a class in middle school i was new and moved there my teached asked me my name i said ashley he'said how many people in here are named ashley too 5 girls raised there hands haha

7/16/2021 2:15:18 AM

This name is weird...the'spelling anyway. My cousin is called Aleyce

7/15/2021 6:01:12 PM

My name is Ashley and every single one I have met is pretty. It'sounds very classy. No one has ever misspelled my name(you would think with so many people thinking it is popular they woud have it down by now, right????). This was definitely an 80's name. My mom chose well.

7/7/2021 9:38:06 AM

I like it even'though in 4th grade there was 3 other people named Ashley. it kind of got confusing. but we all hang out and our classmates would call us the ashley club


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The origin of the name Ashley is English.
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Ash Meadow
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The names of Austin, Austyn, Aston, Austen, Auston