Beatriz meaning

: Voyager (Through Life)

Beatriz Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \be(at)-riz\
Number of People 👶 18,000
Rate in 2021 3180
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Latin
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Beatriz Name Meaning

The meaning of the name Beatriz is "happy woman" or "one who makes happy". This meaning is related to beatitude, a quality that brings happiness in the Christian religion.

Beatriz Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Beatriz
Additional description of the name Beatriz

This name comes from Latin and its etymological origin es beatrix, which derives from beatus.

Cool Info About Name Beatriz

Additional name description Beatriz
Additional name description Beatriz

The personality of the name Beatriz
As its meaning says, Beatriz is a woman who is always happy and she carries joy in all aspects of her life, although that does not mean she is naive. Beatriz can smile, but she will not always express what she really feels. Deep down, sometimes she can be insecure or not trust enough with others.
Women called Beatriz are unstoppable, they like to be on the move and carry out many activities where they can express all their energy and sensitivity . They don't like routine, they need a life that makes them feel complete and valid.
At work, she loves working with children, so she can dedicate herself to teaching, as well as other activities that make her happy. others and contribute something useful to their lives. Beatriz is a person who enjoys good company, but always needs to return home, to tranquility and disconnection.

Celebrities with the name Beatriz
Between Celebrities with the name Beatriz include:
Beatriz Luengo: singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer known for One Step Forward. (Appears in the following image)
Beatriz Recari: Spanish professional golfer who participates in the Ladies European Tour and the LPGA Tour.
Beatriz Montanez: Journalist, presenter and screenwriter known for having co-hosted El Intermedio.
Beatriz Arguello: Spanish professional actress who plays Belen in Cuentame como paso.

Diminutives and variations of the name Beatriz
Some diminutives and variations of the name Beatriz are:
Bea, Be , Tris, Bice, Betty, Trixie

The name Beatriz in other languages
The name Beatriz does not present many variants, since it is better known as Beatrice in other languages such as English, Italian, Swedish or German. In French the same name has an accent and is written Beatrice.

Day of the Saint of Beatriz
The day of the Saint of Beatriz is celebrated on November 6.

Numerology of the name Beatriz
According to numerology, the number of the name Beatriz is 9, which stands out for its sensitivity.

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Comments on the name Beatriz
01/14/2024 00:00:00

It's feminine and classic and unique in this period in time. The'spelling is nice aswell.

01/12/2024 16:16:04

im not sure if i reallly like this name. first of all i think It'should be for a very old person and for a kid, you shouild be made fun of if this is ur name. BOOOOOOOOOOOO

01/10/2024 08:08:06

i love my name its different i've never met anyone with that name plus it just sounds like a really strong name and if its too hard to say they just call me betty.

12/09/2023 09:40:22

my name is beatriz but i go by bea because no one can say or spell it.girls use to make fun of my name but now that im older they wish they had a name like mine

12/06/2023 08:47:18

That's my name. :) I was always so annoyed when people spelled it Beatrice. Not that there's anything wrong with that name, just that it wasn't my name. My friends call me Bee, though.

10/27/2023 14:14:14

My name is Beatriz. People pronounce it "Bee-a-triz", "Bee-trice", "Bee-Au-trice"...I always pronounce it in Spanish "Beatriz"

10/14/2023 02:57:34

My name is Beatriz, and took years for me to like it. But I think it is a classy name, unlike Sharon or Tracy. It's elegant and feminine.

09/09/2023 04:12:02

i dont like it when'they tell my name in english cause It'sound wear.

09/01/2023 14:52:16

My husband is Portuguese and we are considering this name for our baby. Trying to decide if it will be too difficult for people to say, or if I care:-) We live in a well educated and multicultural area where unique names are very common - people tend to be more respectful.

08/26/2023 10:09:48

It's my name, i've only met one other person with my name and i like it. People can't exactly pronounce my name and call me Bea or Beatrice but i like it.

08/25/2023 04:11:12

My mothe's name was Beatrice, pronounced Be ah tress, they were from mainland Portugal. It'seems like it is pronounced differently depending on where you are from.

07/20/2023 09:44:14

I ADORE my name! I find that nobody in english speaking countries have it and once they hear it they can't but be amazed by how "unique" it is both spelled and actually said. It is elegant and feminine and It'sounds like you are talking about somebody who is very confident and would love to hang out with.

06/16/2023 15:29:08

my name is beatriz everyone say it perfectly i just love my name but sometimes tell call me betty to but its so nice i was named my a signer a mexican named beatriz adriana

03/23/2023 07:04:48

MY teache's name is beatriz its such a loooovely name!!! but lots of people call her bea

02/21/2023 05:34:58

I love my name'some people pronounce it wrong but im thankful for it because my grandmother is name Beatriz and im the only cousin name Beatriz.

02/08/2023 18:06:36

my name is "beatriz" will 4 me itz a beautiful name lyk me... hehehe.. i love my name... bcoz its just the'sme name of my grandma...

12/28/2022 15:07:56

People often spell it with a ce at the end intead of the z and they pronounce it wrong sometimes as well but i love it m friends call me Betty and my family Beatriz and i absolutely love it.

12/23/2022 04:03:28

I honestly think this is the most beautiful name ever! Sometimes though people don't spell my name right, instead they spell it with a ce, which gets me really annoyed, I only started liking my name after I found out what it meant, brings joy or she who brings othe's happiness. I love my name I would never change it for another name!!

12/08/2022 22:51:10

This is more of a guys name i have a friend named this and she hates it because when ever like a teacher calls her name in the first day of class everyone looked at her and you could hear them giggling.

11/29/2022 11:58:14

ii love my name its the best name ever it brings everybody joy when am around

11/03/2022 11:09:46

My name is Jessica Beatriz and It'sounds so ugly but I like it when you say it in spanish. In all I think that the name Beatriz is a good name but just not a middle.

11/03/2022 01:10:14

I have heard everything from Peaches to Bernice. Most of the time it is spelled with a CE instead of Z. Most people love the name because it is not very common.

05/19/2022 21:03:00


05/12/2022 23:26:06

Wow, I never realized so many people were named after the'same album. I, like so many othe's was named after the'steely Dan album "Aja" in 1990 which makes me 30. But I have never listened to the'song. My mother keeps the album locked away. Maybe its sentimental or something. I love being named Aja. I have an accent over the j which makes my pronunciation different from othe's. But I still consider the name to beautiful and unique.

02/21/2022 14:36:54

This is my daugters name and we love It'she was born in Jan 2012. Have had many complimnets and often people have to ask twice "what did she'say her name is❤️" buit It's all good.

02/17/2022 09:03:00

My name is Beatriz. I am of Puerto Rican decent. Most people say it incorrectly unless they too speak Spanish. It is pronounced 'be-ah-TREES'. The accent is on the 'triz' and my name actually has the accent mark on the 'i'.

08/08/2021 13:53:42

my name is beatriz and most people tend to spell it wrong "ice" instead of "iz" i like the nickname Bea (second letter of the alphabet)that comes w/ it. And It'sound really pretty in spanish.

07/13/2021 10:12:18

I love my name, I wouldn't have it any other way. It was also my grandmother's middle name. Most English speakers have trouble pronouncing it correctly, so I prefer to be called "Bea" (pronounced "Beh-ah", not "Bee") than go by "Beatrice" (which is nice too, just not my name). Anyone else i've told me name too who doesn't speak English as a first language pronounces it just fine. To the person who said they've had people call them "Bernice": ME TOO!! I thought I was the only one!


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Beatriz FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Beatriz?
The origin of the name Beatriz is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Beatriz?
Voyager (Through Life)
*️⃣ How many people are named Beatriz?
Almost 18000 people are named Beatriz.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Beatriz?
The names of Bennett, Ben, Benedict, Benny, Benito