Broad, Brave, Wise

Brayden Name Information

Gender πŸ§‘ Boy
Pronunciation πŸ“£ \b-ray-den\
Number in U.S πŸ‘Ά 123,000
Rate in 2021 194
Numerology πŸ”’ 6
Name origin 🌍 Irish , English

Brayden Name Meaning


Β It means β€œ broad β€œ and β€œ wise β€œ. The name β€œ Brayden β€œ means both β€œ brave β€œ and β€œ salmon β€œ. As it is mentioned this name has been used as a surname but in a different form, such as β€œ Branden β€œ.Β 



Brayden Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Brayden
Additional description of the name Brayden

The name β€œ Brayden β€œ is originally Irish , English and Scottish. This name is the modern form of the name β€œ Branden β€œ. Also the name β€œ Branden β€œ is originally Irish and it has been used as a last name.


Cool Info About Name Brayden

Additional name description Brayden
Additional name description Brayden

The popularity of the name Brayden

β€œ Brayden β€œ has been popular for a long time all around the world, only falling out of the top 100 in the year 2019, but this name is still the most popular name among parents in English-speaking countries. Also in comparison with other forms of this name, the main form of it, β€œ Brayden β€œ is the most popular one. This name is also 62nd most popular name in different reliable magazines. In February 2021, β€œ Brayden β€œ was at its peak popularity. It is notable that the name β€œ Brayden β€œ has been used as a surname and that gained popularity also as a surname.Β 

If you are considering nicknames for your baby, β€œ Brad β€œ, β€œ Brade β€œ, β€œ Brady β€œ, β€œ Den β€œ and β€œ Denny β€œ are possible nicknames for β€œ Brayden β€œ.Β 

Some parents consider famous people named β€œ Brayden β€œ, Here we have a list of famous characters named β€œ Brayden β€œ.Β 

β€œ Brayden Whaley β€œis a Tiktoker star born in 2003 in California, He is k known for posting funny videos. β€œ Brayden Ledford β€œis a Tiktoker star born in 2001 in the United States. He is known for his short-form content. β€œ Brayden Raper β€œis a Cheerleader born in Plano, TXΒ  in August 1997.Β 

Similar names to Brayden

β€œ Braden β€œ, β€œ Bryson β€œ, β€œ Caden β€œ, β€œ Rylan β€œ, β€œ Bryce β€œ, β€œ Cayden β€œ, β€œ Bentley β€œ and β€œ Kyler β€œ.

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Comments on the name Brayden
08/24/2023 07:54:30

My son is 2 months old with this name and even his father'still has issues with the'spelling. Everyone keeps calling him Brandon or they spell it Bradon. It gets under my skin...but I guess i should expect it with it being a little different and all.

08/24/2023 02:01:50

My son's name is Brayden Coe and I love the name! After naming him this I hear lots of other kids named Brayden.

08/07/2023 10:38:08

My name is Brayden. I associate this name with trailer parks in rural Florida. It is a trashy name and I hate it. But, I beli've it accurately reflects my trashiness. Although, the pressures and associations with this name may have tainted me and encouraged this trashiness to arise.

07/27/2023 12:11:34

This is my son's name. I gave him this name because I was looking for something with a Scottish origin, that had an original flare.

07/14/2023 10:19:10

My best friend just had her 1st son today and named him Charles Brayden, but they will call him Brayden cause his daddy's name is Charles. I love that name. If I were to have another baby boy that was going to be one of the name possibilities, definitely. Very cute.

07/12/2023 13:38:54

is Brayden. hes 12 in september 08. this was a name i thought id made up all by myself, i knew someone who had named there son bayden so when i came up with Brayden i feel in love with it. its great to see its becoming more seems when you hear the name many just fall for it.

06/25/2023 14:01:28

my son's name is also Brayden, hadn't heard the name much now i hear it all the time people always comment on how It's a powerful name and i agree, people do mistake his name for something else but are always corrected.

06/12/2023 16:51:12

Honesty, I'm sick of hearing it! I don't understand the appeal at all. It's so unclassy and doesn't age well. More parents should go back to the classics. I'm sure their sons would appreciate it.

06/02/2023 09:59:12

okay well this is my name. but im a girl. and i hate my mom for giving me a guy name. as you can clearly see.

05/16/2023 20:56:34

Brayden is a lovely cute name ( I LOVE IT ) but my husband HATES IT.. :-)

05/04/2023 05:21:20

We named our daughter Bridger and though we have had mixed reactions to the name, it completely fits her crazy, adventurous personality. We call her Bridgie or Bridge for short. Oddly enough, a few people have told us that we could have named her "Bridget" but that name has a completely different feel to it. My family all agrees though, Brudger'suits her!

04/23/2023 16:01:24

When I do have a son I want to name him Sammy! It's a cute name and for when he grows up it can also be a tuff name. I definataly WILL name my son Sammy!

04/21/2023 19:03:30

I absolutely love the name Brayden. We named our first son, Brayden Matthew (Matthew being his father's middle name as well), and although, as agreed with others, Brandon does get miscommunicated with his name, I wouldnt have it any other way! He fits his name VERY well :)

04/20/2023 00:44:18

my husband told me of this name and i had never heard of it! now its every where! So we called Brayden James, Brady til he went to preschool and there was a Brady in the class now he gets upset when we call him that! So we call him Bubba J Brayden or Bray. good luck every new mommy!

04/08/2023 18:39:16

my sister is pregnant and looking for names and she told me that i could help her. i love this name. i would spell it differently though Braeden. i think i am going to tell her to name her son Braeden Matthew or Braeden Christopher

03/26/2023 06:12:04

My little Brayden's middle name is Levi and I love it when people ask his name I tell them and their responce has ALWAYS been wow what a STRONG name. I love my little Brayden Levi!

03/01/2023 17:14:52

The first time i saw this name I needed to name my son this name even though i am still looking.

02/09/2023 12:55:08

as soon as i first heard this name, i fell in love with it. i am far from being a mother, i'm almost 16, but i love looking for baby names. i already have some names in mind for when i have kids =] GIRLS Evangeline May Juliet Ann Lorelei (no middle name) Ransom-Riley (got this name from a story i read on quizilla =]) Kristine Starr Karter Lynn BOYS Nicholas Brayden Joseph Alexander Daniel Allan Carter Thomas Edward Jacoby (from twilight) Zachary Taylor aka Zac Taylor (two thirds of Hanson) Thomas William (i wish i could use bill instead of william, but it wouldn't sound right) and i would love to have two dark names (one girl and one boy)

02/02/2023 17:31:00

I'm due in December with twins -- a boy and a girl! My fiancé and I have decided on the name Everleigh for our girl and Braiden for our boy. We decided on the spelling variation when we found out that all of the men we know with that name spell it with the "y". I think the "I" gives it more character. Such a handsome name!

01/16/2023 22:18:04

This is my friends name and i love it because It's not that common.

01/05/2023 00:38:28

We have a 3 year old son named Brayden Michael he gets great comments on his name.

12/20/2022 10:48:52

I have an almost 6 year old named Brayden Alexander. I love his name. He was named Brayden because my husband's name is Brandon. I think it is a very special name for him. When I named him I had never heard the name before. Now, It seems to be a very popular name.

11/27/2022 18:31:56

Will be having a baby girl soon and she will be Braidin Michele

11/19/2022 07:27:18

my name is brayden and there is n't one person with that name and it is really cool.

10/02/2022 15:38:22

My options for a little boy... Aaron Robert or Brayden Robert, the Robert would be after my husband. But I love this name!

09/26/2022 01:14:00

My husband and I are naming our twins Brayden Louis, and Christopher Lawrence. When they are born, I will have four kids, Olivia, Jason, Brayden, and Christopher!

09/16/2022 08:28:24

I chose this name for my son in 2011, based on a dream while pregnant. Only I spelled it Braydon. And, yes,some called him Brandon. But the name fit him well.

07/13/2022 22:18:36

This is my son's name, inspired by Luc Robitaille. He is a 2015 baby. People spell it Luke all the time, but he doesn't care. he's the first to say he loves his name.

04/29/2022 17:55:48

Well i have a friend named kaelyn and i guess she was the'second person born with that nmae! she was born a year after that! lol

04/12/2022 07:46:30

I love this name and didn't think anyone was called it. This is my sons name, people often call him Brendon or Brandon. People have now called their babies Brayden since i named him 4 years ago. He was in'the local paper for being born on New Years Day!

01/23/2022 23:27:00

I love the name Brayden. I also named my son Brayden in December 2004. His name is Brayden Curtis. I prefer unique names because my name is Chaleena(pronounced Shaleena)

12/15/2021 00:31:48

My sons name is Brayden spelled a litle different but thats the way i wanted it he'six months old he my pride and joy!!!

11/11/2021 22:18:36

this name is soo cute. i will name my son this more than likely...i like Brayden Kole or Brayden nicholas..:)

08/03/2021 10:22:12

I also chose the name Braeden for my son(now 3) because it seamed unique at the time. Though, it does seam to be getting popular rather quickly. I loved it the moment I heard it, and that was it. Now we're having trouble picking a name for our third child, second boy. I'm leaning toward another Irish name. They are so just beautiful. Maybe Cian or Killian. I just wish picking a name was as easy as last time!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Brayden?
The origin of the name Brayden is Irish , English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Brayden?
Broad, Brave, Wise
*️⃣ How many people are named Brayden?
Almost 123000 people are named Brayden.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Brayden?
The names of Brennan, Brennen, Brennon, Bronwyn, Brennin