Daniela meaning

: God Is My Judge

Daniela Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \dan-yell-uh\
Number of People 👶 62,000
Rate in 2021 508
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Daniela Name Meaning

The name Daniela means "God's justice".

Daniela Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Daniela
Additional description of the name Daniela

The name Daniela has a Hebrew origin and comes from the words "dan", which means judgment and "el", which means God, therefore, we can translate it as "God's judgment". In addition, it is the feminine variant of the name Daniel.

Cool Info About Name Daniela

Additional name description Daniela
Additional name description Daniela

The popularity of the name Daniela

The name “ Daniela “ is the 246th most popular name in the United States of America. According to the database reliable resources, this name has remained a relatively popular name since the year 2000. Name can be personality and heart’s desire. People see you as a person who is independent and active.

The name “ Daniela “ implies a pioneering spirit. Also, you like to be the boss in different situations and you are a natural-born leader. You can focus easily. It frustrates you to do too many unimportant activities. You can do things and make decisions by yourself.

Knowledge can be your heart’s desire. You can be an idealistic analyzer. There is a strong possibility that you are quiet. You might find it difficult to talk to or trust other people. People perceive you are the one who is full of life and energy. Also, you are the life of the party with your lively, intelligent, and witty personality. You are down to earth and prefer structure over chaos.


The personality of the name Daniela

D is for diamond, the brilliance you shine

A is for accomplished, in all that you do

N is for nice, need I say more ?!

I am for impressive, with your list of qualities

E is for endear, all those you touch

L is for lofty, your ambitions are high

A is for accord, the harmony you spread

The true meaning of this name might not be described in one or two sentences. The name “ Daniela “ is the one that implies a pioneering spirit. Enduring hardship to try out new things come naturally to you. You prefer what works best based on the system you have in place.

Also, it allows you to do things quickly and efficiently. You are easygoing and down to earth. You are an independent person who can do things and make decisions by yourself. You indulge in research and prefer scientific facts. It frustrates you to do too many unnecessary activities. There is a strong possibility that you are shy and reserved. Your sense of determination is as solid as a rock!

Your most likely vocations are teacher, composer, and architect. Your lucky colors are all yellows and bronze.


Famous people named Daniela

Daniela Ruah, Daniela Mercury, Daniela Bobadilla and Daniela Cicarelli

Diminutives and variations of the name Daniela
Women named Daniela can be defined as very happy, very responsible women and very sure of themselves. They always know where they are going, what they want, and, therefore, also what is not convenient for them. They will never be negatively influenced by anyone.

Numerology of the name Daniela
According to numerology, the number of the name Daniela is 1.

Similar names to the name Daniela

Daksha, Daniel, Daya, and Dais

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Comments on the name Daniela
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love my name. it is the best name ever!! it is not shit!! even if many people do pronounce it wrong or spelt it wrong, i don't care!! my name is also a portuguese name, although hardly no one writes that.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Daniela is a very nice name. the name daniela is also from the Portugese origin.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Daniela. People usually pronounce it wrong and most of the time they spell it wrong too, such as Danyella or Daniella. I love having this name because I think It's really unique and I have lots of nicknames, such as Dani or Ella.

01/06/2024 07:09:06

My name is Daniela. I am half German so I guess my name would be common. What's cool is you have alternative nicknames. Like Danni, Ella, Elle etc. What's annoying is that people spell my name incorrectly, they spell Daniella or Danielle.

11/06/2023 08:10:22

that is my babys name'she was born early at 7 months and she is going to be 2 in feb.she is so pretty.and loving.i would not have named her anything else.

10/15/2023 03:56:24

Its actually may name and yes people pronounce it wrong and spell it wrong all the time it gets on my nerves sometimes because I hate being called Danielle. The correct way to say my name is Daniela.Yes I have met other persons with the'same name and they face most of the problems that I do thanks to our names.

09/06/2023 15:04:18

My name is Daniela I am from the USA they misspell my name I am nice very loving popular sweet

08/01/2023 13:34:08

I love my name because everyone likes my name and l have the best ❤️ame in my family

07/27/2023 12:29:12

My name is Daniela and I'm from Peru so It's a pretty popular name here but they never'spelled it wrong. When I was little I didn't like Dani but now I LOVE it ...The bad thing is that I have met a LOT of people with this name . I think is a pretty name though.

07/01/2023 12:33:38

my names daniela :) i hate when people spell it wrong but dont mind when im called danielle :)

06/13/2023 08:43:24

Daniela is my daughter's name. It is a rather popular name in Panama, particularly when she was born (in 2010). We notice it is a popular name in Latin America. It is a very feminine name. Her nickname is Dani. Some people spell it with two l's, so we always have to say "Daniela with one l". We think it beautiful and it has a feminine ring to it. She loves it! Now she is studying in the'states, where her name is not that common.

03/28/2023 18:26:54

My name is Daniela it rocks. But it's annoying when people say ut wrong or spell it wrong.

02/01/2023 08:53:42

My name is Daniela I am from France so It's not to common I have come to love it although every time I go to Starbucks and they ask what my name I have to say Daniela with one L because they always spell it wrong❤️❤️

01/20/2023 20:20:44

My name is Daniela and i love it. Most friends call me Dani but my mother calls me Niyel or Niyella for a nick name. From memory i never was teased about my name thats probably why i like It'so much :o)

12/30/2022 22:05:22

Love my name !!! the only annoying thing is that in England they spell it with 2l's and they try to shorten it into danny (which is just a vulgar name). But I love my name :D

12/21/2022 10:37:10

yes peopel often pronounce and spell my name wrong.The correct way to spell my name is Yajaira.I do not meet other peopel nwith the'same name'so far.It is ok to have the name Yajaira.

10/12/2022 08:41:36

I love my name, but people are constantly spelling it wrong or calling me Danielle. The extra "a" sound isn't that much effort people!

09/30/2022 11:37:16

My Name Is Daniela & I Love It <3 Though I Do Hate It When'they Spell It With Double "L" Daniella. Boo. Ohh Wells It's Still Great :)

09/15/2022 02:12:10

My name is actually Daniela and when I'm in school my teacher always spells my name with 2 l's, I know another person with my name but It's with 2 l's, I used to hate my name, but now I'm happy with it

09/14/2022 07:58:54

I agree my name is Daniela aswell and people call me Danielle all the time and I hate it what if I called you a different name. Also i hate when people always assume it is spelt Daniella why would you add the extra l all i ask for is my correct name

06/28/2022 01:40:12

My name is daniela and i love it!, most poeple i know is called Jess, amber, kate , and all does names are SO usual from where i come from my name is VERY normal, but in the US and U.K is not so usual and they pronounce my name like Daniale❤️ or wierd stuff but ilovee the nick names!, my nickname is Dani some poeple call me Ella or Dan withever, so yeah i like it i think this name is perfect for a baby girl its a cute name for what i know xD

05/15/2022 01:45:36

Daniela is an awesome name !!! I have a friend named Daniela and she is smart,awesome,pretty, and really really nice. Most people misspell her name and put another l. I love the nicknames such as Dani, Ella, and Danny. When I hear the name Daniela I think of a beautiful smart girl. I wish I had that name !!!

07/24/2021 01:29:24

Well ofcoarse My Name is Yahaira All but not Latino People cannot say my name right I just Say Call Me Yaya O Yayi is better than being called something u don't like! Mom's said she got the name from some old soapShow! But u know I Love My Name It's Me & Also is Unique like Me!!


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Daniela FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Daniela?
The origin of the name Daniela is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Daniela?
God Is My Judge
*️⃣ How many people are named Daniela?
Almost 62000 people are named Daniela.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Daniela?
The names of Dorian, Deandre, Darren, Darian, Darwin