Delilah meaning

: Languishing, Lovelorn, Seductive

Delilah Name Information

Gender πŸ‘© Girl
Pronunciation πŸ“£ \d(e)-li-lah\
Number of People πŸ‘Ά 43,000
Rate in 2021 184
Numerology πŸ”’ 6
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Delilah Name Meaning

The name β€˜β€™ Delilah β€˜β€™ has two different origins. This is β€˜β€™ Hebrew β€˜β€™ and β€˜β€™ Arabic β€˜β€™. But this name has one meaning that is β€˜β€™ delicate β€˜β€™. People who are familiar with the biblical stories, they will recognize the name β€˜β€™ Delilah β€˜β€™. β€˜β€™ Simson β€˜β€™ the person who was famed for his great strength, β€˜β€™ Delilah β€˜β€™ was the love interest of him. Actually β€˜β€™ Delilah β€˜β€™ found out that Samson’s strength came from his long hair.nBased on a biblical story, β€˜β€™ Simon and Delilah β€˜β€™, β€˜β€™ Delilah β€˜β€™ is painted in a unflattering light.

Cool Info About Name Delilah

Additional name description Delilah
Additional name description Delilah

The popularity of the name Delilah

The name β€˜β€™ Delilah β€˜β€™ is the 69th most popular name for girls in the United States of America, based on the 2020 data of different resources. Actually this name was the most popular and common name is the 1980s and 1990s. But shining period of this name was related to the year 2007, that experienced a sharp spike in popularity. Also it is notable that 1136 babies were named β€˜β€™ Delilah β€˜β€™ in the previous year. β€˜β€™ Hey There Delilah β€˜β€™ was released one year before and the name β€˜β€™ Delilah β€˜β€™ was positively effected by that and became more popular and common to be considered as a girl’s name. Also it is considerable that β€˜β€™ Delilah β€˜β€™ is still at its peak popularity.

Similar names to Delilah

β€˜β€™ Abigail β€˜β€™ , β€˜β€™ Diana β€˜β€™ , β€˜β€™ Eve β€˜β€™ , β€˜β€™ Hannah β€˜β€™ , β€˜β€™ Leah β€˜β€™ , β€˜β€™ Miriam β€˜β€™ , β€˜β€™ Esther β€˜β€™ and β€˜β€™ Esther β€˜β€™.

Famous people named Delilah

Β β€˜β€™ Delilah Cotto β€˜β€™ American actress and dancer, β€˜β€™ Delilah Hatuel β€˜β€™ Israeli foil fencer and β€˜β€™ Delilah Loud β€˜β€™ who was in the television documentary.

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Comments on the name Delilah
12/30/2023 01:45:26

This is my best friend's middle name. Her first name is Chole. They may not sound good together but it's still a cute name. I also like the song Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T's

12/15/2023 12:37:02

Five years ago we were blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl. We call her Lilah Grace. Delilah is a heaven sent and Grace just completes it

11/25/2023 05:20:58

the song hey there delilah makes me want to cry but i love the name

09/14/2023 07:55:40

I think the name is pretty, as I am sure she was, but I could never name my child after a person who was so intentionally evil! It's like this poor child I knew where the parents named him Lucifer because they liked the way it sounded... so sad.

08/04/2023 08:16:54

My husband and i have always loved the name Dalilah. inthe event that we have a girl, we decided to change the spelling to Dalelila after my late father Dale. Dalelila Elaine

05/29/2023 23:06:36

The first time I heard the "Hey There Delilah" song by Plain White T's, my boyfriend sang it to me. Ever since I have adored that name. He says he's going to name his first little girl that name and everytime he does, I love the name that much more! I can't wait until I can name my little girl Delilah. It's such a strong and beautiful name!

01/31/2023 15:50:58

In 2004, I had a baby girl who we named Delilah Celeste. My mother-in-law hated/s the name. She told my older daughter it's a hussy name. The name is perfect for her. She is so full of life and energy! She's perfect, and she drives me nuts. She loves hearing "her" song. When they say "Times Square can't shine as bright as you", that is totally her. She's just a joy. I chose Celeste because I felt she needed an equally strong, beautiful, uncommon name to compliment her. She's perfect.

11/19/2022 22:08:58

Since the first time I read the story of Delilah and Samson, I have been in love with this name. I am not pregnant now, nor do I plan on getting pregnant any time soon (I'm 17) but my boyfriend and I both adore the name. We plan on naming our first daughter Delilah. :D It will probably fit her well.

10/21/2022 10:27:54

I love Delilah Maeve :)

09/29/2022 00:21:16

my puppies name is delilah grace the name completes her it fits her personality perfectly!!! i love the name

10/05/2021 23:40:30

love the name beautifull and exotic hate the person in the Bible haha she is lust


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Delilah FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Delilah?
The origin of the name Delilah is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Delilah?
Languishing, Lovelorn, Seductive
*️⃣ How many people are named Delilah?
Almost 43000 people are named Delilah.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Delilah?
The names of Demi, Dimitri, Demetri, Dmitri, Demitri