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Eden Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \e-den\
Number in U.S 👶 43,000
Rate in 2021 255
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Eden Name Meaning

We all know that Eden refers to the Biblical place known as the Garden of Eden. Religiously, it is the utopian paradise where God put the first human beings that He created (Adam and Eve). Adam and Eve lived in this garden until they made a mistake and ate from the forbidden fruit.

In Hebrew, Eden means the “garden of God” or “place of pleasure, delight.” Some others suggest that it comes from ancient Aramaic and therefore means “fruitful, well-watered”. All of these potential sources are perfectly compatible with our perception of Eden as a place in heaven. But do we know where Eden is located? According to the Book of Ezekiel, the ancient Garden of Eden was located in modern day Lebanon. Another theory suggest that Eden is located in modern-day Iraq, near where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet in. It is safe to say that nobody knows for sure where Eden is located. As a name, Eden is a modern coinage which is mostly used in the United States. It is considered a unisex name which can be used for both boys and girls. Although, it is more common among girls.

Cool Info About Name Eden

Additional name description Eden
Additional name description Eden

What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name him/her Eden?

Just like Zachary, as a name, Eden suggests that you have a pioneering spirit. You are a natural born leader who is highly focused and designs everything around achieving his goals. Enduring difficulty to try out new things is normal to you. It makes you angry that you have to do too many unimportant things. You are independent and decisive.  You are also energetic and confident.

You like to become a leader. You do not like to be told what to do and that's why you want to become the boss. Your creativity helps you find new solutions to your previous problems. You can think of good ideas on the spot and you would like your efforts to be recognized and admired by others. As for your friends and coworkers you try to avoid lazy and needy people.

You have a free spirit and love to party – active and restless. You have a sharp brain that makes it hard for others to deceive you. You can see matters from different angles and try to fix them in the best way.

How do people react to you?

When people hear this name, they think of you as someone who is impressive, elegant, and from a higher social class. You have some qualities that are common among actors, dancers, and performers. You have a confident character and people like it. Unfortunately, there are some other people who get jealous of you. Idealistically, you would like to work on large-scale projects and avoid working on jobs that require one on one communication.

People have a positive attitude toward this name and think this name is natural, wholesome, and refined.

Lucky colors: All yellows, ocher, bronze, gold, orange

Lucky day(s): Sunday


As a first name, Eden only dates back to 1986 in America. This means that the use of this name is still fairly modern in the United States. The name itself is considered to be unisex but it is substantially more common among girls that among boys.

Currently, the name is among the Top 200 favorite names for girls and it seems that it is gaining momentum. Whether it makes to the 100 most popular names or not is something that we need to wait to see. In general, Eden is a simple and straight-forward name that does not need explanation. The only negative thing that we can say said about Eden is that unfortunately we don’t live there anymore.

Here are some famous people named Eden:

Eden Atwood (jazz artist)
Eden Riegel (daytime actress)
Eden Espinosa (actress)

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Comments on the name Eden
10/01/2023 05:12:02

I'm having a baby in the'spring and whatever the gender is, I'm naming it Eden. If It's a girl I'll name her Eden Joy and if It's a boy I'll name him Eden Michael. The name is delight, paradise which is how my husband and I feel about our baby.

09/27/2023 12:26:46

We are considering this name and would call our son "Blue" or "Blu" for short.Would love to know if you know anyone with this name!I Know it was popular in'the Civil War Era

09/26/2023 14:59:32

My name is Eden AnnTonia Kathleen. I grew up in the'south (Kentucky) and everyone called me Toni or Toni Kate. When I left home, and went to uni, they called me Kathi but now I am trying to get everyone used to Eden. It wasn't popular growing up but over the years I have come to appreciate it more and more and find it to be a beautiful name. I love being an Eden..........

09/25/2023 15:28:52

My son Eden Gabriel is now 16 months old and my wife and I always loved the name. Below is a little piece I found about the name Eden.... "It is traditionally considered to be a masculine baby name. Its bearers are remarkable for their purposefulness, clarity and certainty of their plans as well as their adherence to one idea and one credo. They are strong characters, stubborn and sometimes belligerent. Quite often, they are individualists and sometimes even egotists. Self-confidence, intellectual curiosity, vigour and aspiration for leadership - these are their features".

09/23/2023 21:27:18

I am so pleased to see that others like the name Edyn too. I came up with the idea to change the way to spell Eden, as I've never seen the spelling Edyn before. Im also pleased that people also see Edyn as a girls name, because every time I mentioned liking the name Edyn for a girl, people would say its very much a boys name! I consider it to be for either sex, but it is a very pretty name.

09/18/2023 06:51:14

I have loved this name for over 10 years. I have not found one that I like better. If I have a girl I will name her Eden. It is feminine and not very common which I like.

09/17/2023 05:34:46

I have always liked the name'since I heard it used on Santa Barbara, the old soap opera. The character Eden was beautiful and I like the unique name. Thinking of naming my daughter that if/when I have one.

09/14/2023 15:51:46

my little sister is named eden i think of the garden of eden i love eden

08/22/2023 22:06:40


08/21/2023 08:29:36

My name is Eden Ashley Meadows and I have always been complimented on my name my entire life. I don't think I'm even going to change it when I get married. My mom wanted something biblical but unique. I thought it was a weird name when I was a kid in the 80s because no one had the name, but then people in my town started naming their babies after me. So you could say I grew to love it!

08/10/2023 17:23:52

Named our first child (a girl) this in 2017, unaware it ranked at all in popularity. i've only ever met one other person with the name, and that was after our Eden was born. When people ask her name, the reply is without exception along the lines of "what a pretty/great/beautiful name." We have yet to see what kind of person she'll be, but as a baby/toddler'she's been very good, easy, and tremendously good-natured. A real delight!

08/07/2023 13:34:28

my name is eden i am 11 yares old, with the name eden i think it is a bit werid but other people say it is a nice name.

07/31/2023 21:41:56

My name is Eden and I'm 10 years old.And every teacher i had always spelt and pronounced my name wrong.i was born febuary19,2010.My mom and dad say it was great they named me that because It's a wonderful and beautiful name and that's what i am wonderful and beautiful.

07/29/2023 23:33:30

My name is Eden. I really love my name and other people should name their child Eden!

07/28/2023 13:28:02

Well , i like my name but my name is spell kanisha if you won to know how It'spell

07/26/2023 05:02:26

My name is Eden and last night I'met a girl named Iden pronounced Eden. She was frustrated because people call her I-den. The'second e in Eden is silent making the first say its name. Why would someone spell Eden with an I? Thank you Mom and Day for my beautiful name that you spell right.

07/21/2023 08:39:38

My youngest daughter's name is Eden and It'suits her'so well. It is a beautiful name and not too common where we live, though I guess it is gaining popularity. We love her name!

07/18/2023 16:53:12

My name's Eden and I'm 15. I love it everyone tells me that It's a really pretty name.

07/11/2023 01:47:38

My name is Eden and I'm only 11 years old. Sometimes I think that I was the only person in the world that is named Eden. But, I think I was wrong! Now I think the name Eden is a pretty awesome name!

07/07/2023 12:51:36

We named our daughter, who was born in September 2017, Ava. We thought it was a unique, beautiful name and have yet to come across someone with that name. My husband and I both work with kids with special needs since 2011 and we have never come across an Ava yet. We love it.

06/30/2023 16:16:56

I think that eden is a beautiful name. My best friends name is eden and people always coment on it. it fits her very well i think, but a lot of people will pronounce it wrong. and they would ask is it a boy or girl?? um hello its a girl! who would name there child after a garden. seriously it makes us mad.

06/25/2023 01:05:36

We named our daughter Eden Elizabeth in '08. It'suits her perfectly. We love the name and that's all that counts!! We love the fact that there will not be seven other Edens when she'starts school :)

06/19/2023 06:05:02

My husband and I are expecting a baby girl in December. She will be named Eden. We are still searching for the perfect middle name! Our last name is Lovejoy and we have MANY MANY family members and wish to have a unique middle name for our unique Eden! Wish us luck...

06/12/2023 06:51:40

I'm curerntly 28 weeks pregnant. I'm due December 13th and we've picked the name Eden for our little girl! I love the name, its meaning, and the fact that it is still pretty original! My daughter, who's now 5, is Bella. It was extremely uncommon in 2014 and now everywhere we go, there's another Bella. I hope Eden doesn't end up this way. However, we still get a lot of compliments on Bella's name!

05/31/2023 17:25:48

My name is Eden in the bible its garden of eden so its a girls name so there and it also is paradise but paradise and elight are both good.

05/19/2023 21:49:38

ok i have the name eden since i am from eritrea it is pronounced(eh-den) not (ee-den) i have had many many encounter's with people saying the wrong pronounciation but usually i will correct them and it is all good but her's something even more inter'sting i have 7 cousins named Eden it is not a suprise getting introduced and their name is eden i even met a teacher whose name was Ms.Eden(ee-den) Eden is a pretty easy name to spell but few people make mistakes and write aden well eerytime i really think about my name i know it means a delightful paradise and i am glad that i was blessed with that name

05/17/2023 05:10:18

I will be 35 this month and have always loved begin named Eden. My parents said they found it in a book of boys names in the 70's but loved it too much not to have it as a girl's name. I have only met 1 other Eden, she was a small child, that was about 5 years ago, It's more popular now than I have ever imagined.

05/16/2023 05:22:00

My daughter is Eden Elizabeth, she was born January 2018. I named her after my mom, Eden is her maiden name and Elizabeth is her first name. I love the name, especially because it is a family name for us. I love that it is unique.

05/14/2023 23:23:24

My daughter is called Eden Abbi. She was born october 2019 and everyone loves her name and says It's so pretty. We live in Cumbria, England and running through the city is the river Eden. Nearby is the Eden valley and there are lots of streets, businesses and things with Eden in them. We love her name and I really hope she grows up to love it too.

05/06/2023 22:53:34

my daughter was born in june 2017 and i wanted to name her'something different yet beautiful,so i choose eden leigh

05/06/2023 11:43:30

My husband and I named my 2 month old Eden and we absolutely love the name. Many family members and friends think that the name is odd and don't care for it though.

04/24/2023 22:35:16

Mu daugter's name is eden, but i wanted to name her a unisex name. It really suits her but i also got a bit of stick about it from the grandparents! "Evan" is a popular girls name now, so eden boy or girl suits both.

04/17/2023 03:58:06

Eden is a girls doubt. Your son is doomed.

04/16/2023 01:13:28

My new sister I'm getting will be named Eden. I can't wait for her to be born, and she'll be the third child in our family. I'm taylor and my sister is called Jo so I can't wait!

04/06/2023 16:59:14

Not sure why it would be considered anything other than female. Our daughter is named Eden and when we looked up her name in a 1975 baby name book one of the definitions was, "the ultimate in femininity".

04/06/2023 15:13:26

We plan on naming our daughter is a friends last name! I think it is very pretty.

04/01/2023 21:29:20

After 7 months of searching for the perfect name, Eden fits the bill..Although my husband and I are not religious, Eden is thought to be "perfect" and "paradise"..sounds good to me!

04/01/2023 04:26:36

My daughter is named Eden. I always loved the name after reading it in a book years ago! The main female character was named Eden and the name'stuck with me - I love it!!! I have found elderly people don't like it much though. Glad to see other people love it as much as I do!

03/31/2023 09:38:04

I am also going to call my baby girl Eden although when i have told people their immediate reaction is to say thats a boys name I think its a really lovely name for either sex and dont really care what people think I also like the variation too I love the idea of different names my son is called Sullivan and I love that too

03/28/2023 10:13:10

We named our daughter Eden Olivia who was born in August 2020. We love it and everyone seems to like it also. The older generation not so much.

03/27/2023 01:35:52

We have a daughter named Anna Elizabeth. I think the name Anna is absolutely beautiful. I love the way It'sounds and her eyes light up when she hears her name. She is a beautiful little girl and I can't imagine her with a different name.

03/26/2023 17:39:46

I really like it. I'm just not sure I'll name the baby it. She's due in 8 weeks... so I'd better get my thinking cap on. I do like Eden'though.

03/20/2023 10:36:14

My friend just had a baby boy and she named him Eden.

03/15/2023 01:17:34

My 4 year old is Eden and the name'suits her perfectly. I couldn't be happier that I chose to take a risk and name her a name that othe's gave me flack for when I was thinking about it while pregnant. It's a gorgeous name, I see nothing wrong with it at all - it connotes beauty and sounds pretty and unique. Too many Avas, Gabriellas, Katelyns -- Eden stands alone! Go for it if you are thinking of it for your child!

03/14/2023 16:46:12

I named my 2nd daughter Eden.. My first daughter's name is Noelle. My husband and I wanted a unique name that went well with Noelle. We really love it!!

03/12/2023 10:59:18

i plan on naming my adopted daughter this name when i get her from china. eden joy

03/04/2023 08:08:24

My daughter is Eden Diana, I think It's a beautiful name and so pleased we found it!

02/22/2023 18:36:46

My baby girls name is Eden hope and everybody loves it,I love it!I wanted a biblical name n eden is beautiful,I think its cool to name a boy or girl eden its like ashley a boy or girl...

02/19/2023 13:19:12

hiyya everyone my name is eden i am 11 years old i know only one other child called eden but she died from cancer boo hoo I'miss her i think the name eden is unique and It'stands out and so does my hair because i am ginger

02/10/2023 00:58:06

My son's name is Eden. he's 17 and throughout the years different ones (kids) have commented that they think It's a girls name, but for the most part we've had many compliments on having given'the name to a boy. I love it and to me It'sounds like a boys name just like Ayden or Ethan. In the Bible it is a boys name.

02/06/2023 06:44:40

I named my daughter...eden mariann. It totally suits her. The compliments on her name and personality never end :)

02/05/2023 23:23:50

The name Elisha is kind of differnt, but if you like it I suggest u call him Eli.

02/05/2023 05:28:12

My sons name is Eden, but It's spelled Edin, and I absolutely love his name, I don't really hear it and I personally like it for a boys name, I know It's unisex, but the name fits him and his personality ?

02/04/2023 13:00:44

My son who is 2 years old is named Edan there is another boy in our town who is also Edan. I think It's a very strong and unique name for a boy, it is celtic and means the fiery one! He also has a friend of the'same age whos a girl her name is Eden but the'spelling is different.

01/28/2023 10:33:24

Our daughter (expected August 2020) will be Eden Renee. i've known it was "her" since early in the pregnancy and It'still strikes me as beautiful and unique each time I say it. Renee is my best friend's middle name and will turn the meaning of our daughter's name to 'paradise reborn'-- nothing slight about that.

01/23/2023 01:32:22

my daugthter is named Eden, which didnt go down too well with the oldies at first, as it is very unusual and a lot of people have never met any Edens before. They have slowly warmed to it and you know it is good to stand out a bit from the crowd. I do like it for a boys name but prefer it used for a girl. time will tell if it causes any problems for her but but i dont think it will as It'sounds sweet.

01/09/2023 23:57:36

My names Eden and I get really annoyed when people pronounce my name ?EEDEN? I'm 9 and the name eden is very wonderful in my opinion. But I hate it when people pronounce my name eeden

01/09/2023 13:58:04

This is my sister's name and I think it is really pretty! However, people always spell her name wrong like: Karena, Carina, Corrina, Kirina, and more!

01/04/2023 23:45:34

Clearly the right way to pronounce Eden is E Den. As a woman who cannot have babies I will miss not having a daughter and naming her Eden Grace. To all Mothe's' blessed with new babies - I say enjoy giving your baby a truely gorgeous name like Eden.

12/28/2022 11:36:20

My name is Eden when i was in kindergarden my name was adien well... thats what everyone called me because i had an adien in my class and i played with him if i dint want to play with my other friends.I love my name every time the kids sing adam was a prophit first one that we know in a place called EDEN!!! it hits me every time.

12/25/2022 23:03:52

Thanks for your comments...this really helps! I am 5 months along now and having a very difficult time deciding on a name. I have always LOVED Eden but I usually do not get a great nice to hear positive comments!

12/11/2022 22:51:20

LOL Eden Wood the pageant girl!! She has the middle name Alexxa (yes, spelled w/2 x's), and I think the name just sort of rolls off the tongue ha ha.:) -Izzy

12/11/2022 01:41:44

My name's Eden! I don't know ANYONE with the'same name...It's unique and It's not insane. People always say "You have such a beautiful name" :)

12/07/2022 01:18:00

My birthday is in 1985, and was given'the name Eden. Up until recently I hadn't really come across too many othe's that'share my name. It does seem too have gotten quite popular, which does not surprise me, as it is a beautiful name that evokes images of perfect grace... I am female, and growing up with Eden was something I have grown to love.

11/27/2022 12:56:54

I love the idea oF spelling the name Eden, Edyn. I am naming my first daughter Eden becasue I know that when I have her this is how I will feel, paradise!!!

11/16/2022 12:26:54

My name is Eden... and i also like the spelling Edyn... I might use it as one of my daughters middle name one day!! :)

11/15/2022 23:48:40

My name is Eden, and while I didn't care for it growing up, i've grown to love it. It's unique, not THAT difficult to spell or pronounce, and I get lots of comments on what a nice name it is. i've met several other Edens (including a man), but i've never met an Eden older than me, though. I was named in the 70's.

11/04/2022 03:54:52

People pronounce my name right. They spell it wrong, some people spell it like this "Edan" but my name is spelled "Eden". The correct way to say this name is eden. No i don't meet any othe's with the'same name.

10/15/2022 08:24:08

I noticed on the chart that in the US since 1997 over 11,000 girls had been named Eden but no boys had been. I named my son Eden. He was born on June 16 2017 here in Australia. I came across the name when I was reading about an Australian movie called The Proposition and one of the male characters was called Eden. However, lately i've been a bit worried that the name might be a bit too effeminate for a boy and that he might be embarrassed to introduce himself to other boys when he's in his teens. I guess he could shorten it to Ed if he felt the need to butch it up a bit. Anyhow I like the name but I don't how much my son will like it as he grows up.

10/09/2022 00:10:04

i love my name. I have always loved my name. people always say watcha eatn' eden.

10/02/2022 04:28:18

I love this name for a girl and the meaning behind it. I hope no celebraties name their children Eden as I want it to stay orginal. It'll definately be high up on my list when I have children.

10/01/2022 15:32:26

Am considering this for my bub, due in May, if It's a girl. I think It's pretty and a bit edgy

09/23/2022 09:45:12

ℓσνє ιт fσя α вσу

09/22/2022 14:39:02

This is my name (Kahlil) and the way I tell people how to pronounce it is to say the Kah part like the cu in cup and the lil part is like eel with an l stuck on the front of it. It is always spelled wrong and said wrong. I have never met anyone with the'same name, but I hear of male athletes with the name. I am a female with this name and have never heard of another female with the name.

09/18/2022 09:50:48

i've had mixed feelings about my name my whole life...didn't mind it as a child (didn't know it wasn't normal), went back and forth through school, and now, as an adult, don't mind it at all. Usually I get very positive comments about it when people read it on a credit card or drivers' license--most comment that It's beautiful. But I frequently have to clarify to people when introduced--they often mistake it for Edith, Eva, or even Erin. And I can't even begin to count how many times i've heard, "Oh, like the garden?" and "So where's Adam?" Clever, eh?

09/16/2022 00:14:40

I think its a lovely name for both genders. I am about to have a baby boy and planning to call him Eden. Originally in the bible it was a male name.

09/15/2022 21:00:42

I'm having a baby boy! i'm due May 31st and I love the name Eden but I need a middle name ....looking for help

09/10/2022 01:42:30

My name is Eden and I happen'to like being one of the only edens at my school. I have only met 3 other people with my name.

09/05/2022 03:51:32

My name is Eden and i really like it. Everywhere i go people love my name and say its really pretty. it makes peoplee remeber me easily and even'though i have nicknames like edooon and ednaa its all good cause they still like my name. sounds pretty when people say it :)

08/24/2022 10:44:42

I love the name Eden and Im glad to see that othe's appreciate it also! I also get very cold responses when I'mention the name Eden for my future Daughter's name. But I'm very much an individualist and I know that name will suit her just fine. I'm going with Eden and Jolie for her middle name. Jolie meaning beauty in french! I can hardly wait :)

08/21/2022 12:17:24

Eden is good strong name that I will name my new son. I am sick of being called John and wish my name conjured up images and story. I enjoy several things but the name John is not one of them. Eden will have his photo taken and then'that photo will be uploaded on the the internet.

08/21/2022 11:22:30

My names Eden and I love it. Whoever'said It's out of the bible, You're wrong. It's a Hebrew name and It's beautiful for both boys and girls. For girls It'sounds so beautiful like an old name. It's like a name for someone with an old soul. It's just so amazing I can't even comprehend it lol. I'm Jewish but i've heard a lot of people from Israel have the name Eden.

08/10/2022 10:01:30

I have an Eden Rose, with the middle name being a shortened version of my mothe's first name, Roswitha.l absolutely love the name Eden.,

08/06/2022 21:50:42

the name eden is hebrew and it means place of pleasure, delight it is a unisex name

07/09/2022 14:54:54

We named our daughter Eden and think it is beautiful. especially for a girl. Although sometimes people mistake is aiden,depending on how they hear me pronounce it. My daughter is 2 and loves to say her name'so hopefully she will love it in the future.

05/29/2022 08:53:06

My daughter is Eden - she truly is a "delight". People have often known a boy named Eden but not a girl.

05/14/2022 07:27:36

Even if Eden was used for a boy's name it just sounds like a girl's name. I named my daughter Eden 20 years ago. I got it off a soap called Santa Barbara, Marcy Walker played the girl character name Eden. I can only see it as girls name.

05/03/2022 17:05:24

We chose a variation on the name Eden and spelled it Edyn for our daughter. I think it is a beautiful name for a girl. Any way you spell it

05/02/2022 03:34:30

My name is Eden and I am 21 (born in 2000). I hated it growing up and even went by my middle name for a while in my early teens but I love it now. I am a girl and have only ever heard of/met one other girl called Eden. Most Edens that I am aware of are male, though it is a fairly uncommon name anyway. I think it works well for both sexes. I have never had anyone have trouble pronouncing it though when I introduce myself I often get asked "Edith?". My nickname is Edy (pronounced Edie - I often get people mispronouncing this one). My mum decided to name me Eden after reading about Groucho Marx's wife who was also named Eden.

04/20/2022 07:00:36

my grandmother's name is Eden and i always wanted to name my daugter after her, altough i am looking for some ideas to make is sound more "girly" something like edeni or edenay or so. some ideas please?

03/25/2022 16:07:48

what a great name i wish it were mine!

03/14/2022 14:46:48

I was named Eden in 68 as a child I hated my uncommon name but as an adult I love it, most of my family calls me Edie though...

03/13/2022 21:23:42

My 5 month old Eden Bastet. My grandmother and aunt are Edith, she is name after them without having to have a 3rd Edith. She is little Edie and perfect. I also have a 2 y.o. named Lena Makeda, who is named after my aunt and sister who are Elaine. Again named after them without having to use it a 3rd time.

02/27/2022 17:55:48

my sons name is eden ,hes 10yrs old,i know alot of people calls girls eden but to me it doesnt sound like a very feminine name, my son does get called "aidan"sometimes and we do shorten it to eddie for some reason but he loves his name and has never had any comments from children at school as it doesnt sound too unusual, I LOVE IT !

02/26/2022 09:54:18

Our little girl is called Eden and was choosen on the grounds that we got a book from the library having failed to find a name we both liked. (three children on.) The book opened and we were both independantly imediatly captured by the name thst means perfection. When our little girl came along it was perfection. (we already had two boys!) Hardly a day goes by when I don't think how special her name is (she is seven now)

02/23/2022 21:30:54

I love the name Eden, my daughter is called Eden Andzia, she is now 12, I called her this as the name means paradise and pleasantness and I wanted a name that was no well known and at the time we only knew of one other Eden on tv. It's a beautiful name , she gets so many positive comments about it, none negative and no she has never been'teased once at school 're 'Garden of Eden' comments.

02/18/2022 14:19:48

Hey It's me again, taylor, my comment is below. The new baby'sister I'm getting will be called Eden Ariana. I think It's a beautiful name, and I cant wait for her to be born!! The name Eden for some people takes some getting used to, but not for me, It's a very beauiful name, and Eden Ariana sounds even better! check back here, my sister is due 13 days!!

02/13/2022 20:52:12

My name is Eden (like many above ^^), and I'm a 23 years old female. Since I'm from Israel (and boy is it popular here! Both boys and girls) we actually pronounce the name a bit differnetly, I beli've. We say ed-en; we pronounce the first "e" the'same way as the "e" in "elephant". It does sound a bit weird to a native English spaker, I suppose, but hey, It's the original pronounciation! :P

02/01/2022 11:29:42

I am due November 2nd with my baby girl. We have decided to name her Eden Rose. I hope she will love it.

01/06/2022 14:12:36

I have 3 boys and am pregnant with my 4th. If I am so blessed to have a girl, I will name her Eden which means "delight". I think the name is gorgeous.

12/03/2021 14:01:48

I saw some Eden and all of them were GIRLS. I didnt know it is unisex name. I named my baby girl Eden'tayla. She is now 2 month old. Eden is girls name. Yoohooooo.

11/17/2021 12:48:54

Hi, I'met a pretty girl recently named Eden. She is on holiday from Atlanta, Georgia. Sadly, she came with her b'friend. She's beautiful and friendly. It's the 1st time I'met a girl called Eden. It's a lovely name and she's a lovely hot girl.

11/03/2021 10:15:54

Naming my daughter Eden Ann when she's born in September.

11/02/2021 14:08:06

My name is eden alayne and i am 11 yrs old i like my name but i like the names Amber lee and nicole better 4 a girl

10/18/2021 22:46:30

My 9 month old daughter we called Eden Gwyneth Joy, and I can't count how many compliments we've received on her name. It'suits her perfectly. There's a 5 yr old little girl at our church named Eden, but I hadn't even met her until after my Eden was born. I think It's a gorgeous name!

10/07/2021 02:12:36

My name is Eden Marie. I will be 14 this month. I love my name. It is very unique. I have only met one girl with the'same name as me. First and middle. She is in a grade above me so It's all good.

09/13/2021 23:43:12

My son Eden Gabriel was born on July 18th 2018 and it just suits him so well. I still find It'strange when I hear the name used for girls and It'sounds so masculine and is traditionally a boys name. I guess It's just a matter of opinion.

08/27/2021 18:08:24

My daughter's name is Eden. When anyone hears what she is named they always say that is the prettiest name ever. It is original like she is.

07/25/2021 00:21:54

my beautiful daughter is called Eden - associated with paradise and pleasure and lots of lovely things - everyone remarks how beautiful it is when'they hear it. Getting more common for girls in England. Really pleased with our choice.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Eden?
The origin of the name Eden is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Eden?
Place Of Pleasure
*️⃣ How many people are named Eden?
Almost 43000 people are named Eden.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Eden?
The names of Eliana, Elena, Elliana, Elaina, Elian