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Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \e-mi-lio\
Number in U.S 👶 42,000
Rate in 2021 417
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Latin

What is meaning of name Emilio?

This name comes directly from an ancient Roman gens. There is another possible etymology that makes it derive from the Greek aimilios and means "kind, graceful, lively, courteous". One of its most common variants is Emiliano/a. In the saints, Saint Emilia, mother of Saint Basil the Great (4th century).
In this MyCuteName article, we explain the meaning of the name Emilio, its origin, personality, the Saints and even the famous people who Over the years they have been called that. Emilio is a boy's name. Emilio is a boy's name.

What does Emilio mean?
The name Emilio, similar to Emiliano, is the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian form of the old cognomen Roman Emilianus, which is derived from the family name Aemilius which comes from the Latin word "aemulus" meaning "rival".

Origin of the name Emilio
Emilio has several etymologies, one that makes him derive from the Greek aimilios, "kind, graceful, lively, courteous." Derived from Latin Aemilius, an old Roman family name probably derived from aemulus (rival, trying to equal or excel, emulating).

Diminutives and variations of the name Emilio
The derivations and diminutives of Emilio are:
Milo, Lillo, Miyo, Llillo, Illo

The name Emilio in other languages
Next , we show you some ways to write Emilio's name in other languages:
French: Emile, Emilie
English: Emily (female only)
German: Emil, Emilie

Celebrities named Emilio
The best-known celebrities named Emilio are:

Personality of the name Emilio
Emilio has a balanced personality when you are at peace, but vehement when you are in discord with something or someone. He is thoughtful, but can also be impulsive at times. Freedom is a necessity for him and it is very difficult for him to settle down. His versatility allows for many changes and he often needs to travel. His fine intellect is capable of high honors if seriously applied.

Saint Emilo's Day
Saint Emile's day is May 28, martyred alongside San Eladio.

Numerology of the name Emilio
Emiliano's number is 6. The number 6 symbolizes justice and order. They are tender people and very attentive to their loved ones, although they do not know how to understand themselves. They do not seek prominence and always like to comply with the established.

Additional description of the name Emilio

Emilio : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Meaning and originality:

Just like Emiliano, Emilio is the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian version of Aemilianus. Aemilianus was and old Romas name which was derived from the family name "Aemilius". Aemilis, in turn, comes from the Latin word "aemulus" which means "rival". It is believed that this name comes from the 8th century and is related to one of the most prestigious Roman families. The first person who received that name was Mamercus. Who was given that name because he was very persuasive with his words and no one could rival his tact. Spanish people usually use both Emiliano and Emilio. For example, Emiliano is very popular in Mexico, while Emilio is more popular in Chile.


What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name him Emilio?

This name suggests that you are a generous person who tends to do humanitarian activities. You would love to make the world a better place for everybody. Try to use your artistic side to get to your goals. Few of the words that describe your behavior and appearance include: elegant, sophisticated, and stylish.

You would love to be a mediator and settle people’s disputes. Two features that describe you include: Natural born peacemaker and a spiritual idealist. You are an expert on religion, philosophy, and less traditional forms of healing. Enlightenment is your lifelong search. You are very selective in choosing friends because you sense people’s feelings and motivations.

You are and active and restless person who loves to be free and party. Other People cannot fool you because you have a sharp mind. You can use your intelligence to look at everything from various angles.

How do people react to you?

People perceive you as a mysterious and respectable person. People see you as a thinker and as someone from higher classes. Dressing well can boost your dignity and confidence. People believe that you have a keen sense of observation.

People generally see this name as a formal, classic, and strong name.

Lucky colors: Red, pink, crimson, and other deep shades of red

Lucky day(s): Monday and Friday


Nowadays, Emiliano is more popular than Emilio. Interestingly, Even though Emiliio has only experienced moderate levels of popularity, it has been more consistent in terms of the presence in the charts. Bothe names have a Spanish and Italian sound to them and are enriched by their Latin etymology. In recent times, the Spanish-speaking populations has lead the popularity of Emilio in the U.S but we think that it is a great candidate for doing a cross-over and spreading into English-speaking families as well.

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Frequently asked questions

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Emilio?
The origin of the name Emilio is Latin.
*️⃣ How many people are named Emilio?
Almost 42000 people are named Emilio.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Emilio?
The names of Ean, Arwen, Eoin, Eian, Ena