Ean meaning

: God is gracious.

Ean Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \ean\
Number of People 👶 6,000
Rate in 2021 2984
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 English
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Ean Name Meaning

Ean, a variant form of the name Ian and John, in essence, signifies 'God is gracious'. It serves as a testament to divine benevolence and mercy, carrying with it the connotations of spiritual faith and grace, even in times of adversity.

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Ean Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Ean
Additional description of the name Ean

Originating from the Hebrew name 'Yohanan' via its Gaelic form ‘Ian’, Ean carries the profound meaning 'God is gracious'. Its usage is prominent in Scotland and has spread mainly across English speaking cultures. Over the past decades, Ean's popularity has witnessed steady growth, presenting a modern yet grounded naming option for parents.

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Additional name description Ean
Additional name description Ean

Although the name Ean may not flag numerous famous personalities, it does hold a solid presence in the domain of baby names. Despite not being excessively common, Ean boasts a quaint charm, perfect for parents seeking unconventional, yet meaningful names. As for its popular attributes, Ean carries connotations of spirituality, resilience, and kindness, reflecting on both the charm and depth it holds. It stands as a creative and edgier alternative to traditional religious names, making it an attractive, modern option for parents to consider.

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Comments on the name Ean
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My six year old son's name is Ean. No one ever'says is wrong they just spell it wrong. I chose Ean becuse I like to be different.

09/05/2023 09:58:36

I have always understood this to be Scots Gaelic, and equivalent to my own name of Iain meaning John (God is Gracious)

08/27/2023 07:19:24

I am planning on naming my son Ean who is coming in December. I have had a lot of people disapprove of the'spelling so it is nice to read all these comments.

07/23/2023 23:33:10

My name is David Ean Paxxxxxx I love the name, the'spelling and the origin. I gave my son'the name as well. Phon'tically correct. For those who say It'spelled incorrectly. Pronounce Ivan now remove the 'v' and say it!!

07/12/2023 11:00:12

My Parents named me Ean so my name would match my Grandfathe's in'tials. It's defiantly a conversation starter (with the ladies you know❤️)and I have never met someone personally with my name making me feel unique. To all the OG Eans out there, celebrate and turn up

05/26/2023 09:52:56

I have a friend named Ean, and no one mispronounces it, but it is an addicting name.

05/06/2023 03:29:46

my teacher'said it doesn't exist in class and has dissaproved it. BUT I KNEW IT DOES EXIST. OMG

04/26/2023 12:29:58

My name is Ean I only met one other Ean spelt that way in'the early 70's

04/04/2023 04:09:08

Yes, I had a friend name Pairlee. I pronounced it like pear-lee because that's what it looks like, but she'said It's pronounced like Carly, but with a P. It's spelled kind of odd because It's not common. i've only met one person with that name.

03/24/2023 22:27:40

I don't get this name. Was it i'vented by people who don't know how to spell Ian❤️

03/11/2023 22:21:04

Woah, Seems like a ton of people have the'same name as me! I know, It's tough finding your name'spelt right on anything personalized...

03/11/2023 16:28:24

My husband and I named our son Ean five years ago. We have n't heard of any other boys named Ean spelling it E-A-N. My husband has given me a hard time for 5 years because I spelled it this way. I'm happy to hear that other people have also spelled Ean'this way!!!

02/14/2023 21:38:32

zach is such an ugly name. if you have an ugly child name it ZACHARY!

01/27/2023 21:02:16

I LOVE the name, it is my son's name and he is never pronounced wrong. I know of 2 other people with the'same spelling. The'spelling and the name fit my son very well. I was told that this version of the name is of German Origin meaning God is Gracious.

01/10/2023 22:35:22

I rarely get people pronouncing it wrong but often get comments on'the'spelling. This is the pre-christian spelling of "Ian" and is pronounced the'same but has a different meaning. Ean means "guardian" whereas Ian is a Christian derivation of John meaning "The Lord is gracious; gift of God."

01/06/2023 02:47:50

This has recently become one of my favorite baby names, and I am considering naming my daughter Annika. I realize that it is Swedish/Scandanavian, but my daughter will be a mix of Chinese and BrIt'sh. I hope that it is appropriate nonetheless because I love the name!

12/23/2022 17:52:14

Ean is my boss's name and no-one pronounces it wrong. All our clients are able to spell is correctly.

12/05/2022 03:27:12

its my name and i have to spell it all the time to different people i know two more where i live it very unusual spelling and its soo cool and unique ,

11/25/2022 15:41:22

It's my name. No one I know has It'spelled the'same way, and I know about five Ians. People are always trying to spell it "Ian". It is really annoying.

11/24/2022 01:29:02

I was named Ean and until grade 7 everyone who had known me for 2 years or less always spelled my name wrong i especially hate how when i type it in'the computer like for the title of an essay it will say It's incorrect spelling plus doesn't Ean mean John or something like that

11/22/2022 05:06:24

I love Ean! I named my son Ean. I think Ean is perfect and no one every mispronounces it. I think It's quite modernly unique.

11/07/2022 22:08:18

Our son's name is Ean. Comes from the Isle of Man - Manx language. Am told the original correct pronunciations is like 'Eon' - or as an'ther'said 'Ivan' without the 'V'" - which is how we pronounce it. Means 'God is Gracious' which is wonderful meaning. Our son loves his name, and have received only positive comments from all about his unique name ! -- and the heritage behind the name too.

10/28/2022 22:37:08

My husbands name is Ein.. He hates it. I love it. People always screw up his name even Erin what have you

10/12/2022 06:20:32

My Name is David Ean I loved It'so much I gave the'same Middle name to my son Cameron Ean

10/06/2022 17:12:38

My son's name is Ean. We just preferred it to Ian.

09/18/2022 18:04:32

I named my son EAN last octoberof 2018 because when I reserched it I saw the meaning "God is gracious" at baby names. And also because my mom's name is grace. Also its short and easy to write, n't mispronounced and very unique! Ean-

09/16/2022 18:45:34

My son's name is Ean he was born 2019. Now there's 1 other boy in school named Ean'to. he's s little younger then my son.

08/19/2022 23:41:24

I named my son Ean in 2021. His fathe's name'started with an "e" and we wanted his name to begin with "e" without naming him after his father. Ean was perfect because it means John and that is my father's name.

03/27/2022 23:01:48

My wife and I love the name Ean. We are naming our son'this in May.

12/19/2021 22:33:54

This is My name, but I am a girl, NOT a boy!! I have been called by it for 22 years now. I love my name, there aren't too many of us out there, but there are some, within the past year I have met 3 Jaren's some spelled differently, but all pronounced the' Karen but with a "J" and surprisingly all were girls! I actually have met a few boy Jaren's in my time, but I still think that it is pretty as a girls name than a boys name! I would not wish to have any other name...though it is a slight hassle in classes when a teacher calls my name; the look of shock in my professors faces when'they first have me in class is priceless because they expect a boy to answer their call and instead they get my voice!!

11/18/2021 14:26:06

My Name. Born in'the 80s and there is a specific letter that only exists to people named "Ean." It is an "I" with a small line added in'the middle of the letter to the right to form a makeshift "E." Every nametag I have ever had was started with an "I" and then'they all stop after the first letter and ask how it is spelled. Upon learning that it is spelled with an "E", they all do the'same exact thing. Make the "I" into an "E" and give me the nametag. Happened so many times to me and other Eans that It's hilarious.

09/22/2021 19:05:06

My oldest had a name that'started with "E" so I wanted her'sibling to have an "E" name too. During my pregnancy I told everyone his name was going to be Evan and then I saw Ean on closed captioning while watching a pregnancy show on'tLC ;) I decided he would be Ean in'tead of Evan. He loves his unique name that we gave him in 2016!

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Ean?
The origin of the name Ean is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Ean?
God is gracious.
*️⃣ How many people are named Ean?
Almost 6000 people are named Ean.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Ean?
The names of Eira, Eri, Eura, Aero