Eva meaning

: Life, Animal

Eva Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \e-va\
Number of People 👶 271,000
Rate in 2021 229
Numerology 🔢 1
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Eva Name Meaning

The meaning of the name Eva is "the one who gives life" since its biblical origin places it as the first woman on earth. For this reason, another of its meanings is "source of life"..

Eva Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Eva
Additional description of the name Eva


Eva [a girl’s name] is the Latin variant of Eve which has the Biblical form in many European nations. Hardly can anyone turn a blind eye to the fact that Eva was the first woman created by God.

Eva has got Welsh and Hebrew origin meaning [a live human being]. The name is formed because Eva was the mother of all human beings. As mentioned in ancient Irish mythology, Eva is a nice form of the Irish name [Aoife] with the meaning beautiful and pleasant.

Sometimes, Eva is mistaken for some long names such as Evelyn and Evangeline. The truth is that Eve is a name from Bible in its own right. Today, Eve is very famous all over the world.


Cool Info About Name Eva

Additional name description Eva
Additional name description Eva


The personality of the Girl name Eva:


She hates hearing no from anyone, no matter acquaintances or strangers. There is no negative word in her mental Dictionary. She is determined and hard-working for reaching success. She is very serious in her profession and never gives up when obstacles arrive. She tries to jump from them and show everybody that she is skillful enough to tackle the problems.

She has no constant motivation in a specific field. She is the one who put into action the novel ideas. She is not challenged with the things she dislikes.

She is born with high confidence, a sense of leadership, energy, independent and decision maker.

More to the point, she is very sensitive about details and pays much attention to unimportant things! She has an artistic spirit which leads her to more sensitivity. The artistic aspect of her soul will be irrigated by family values. She likes her family and knows their worth.

She has an unlimited dimension mind and this helps her in viewing a situation from different dimensions. She is an active girl and never gets bored or tired.

Her likely vocation: librarian, teacher, designer, keeper of the department store, engineer, and writer

Lucky colors: Gold, Bronze, and Orange

Lucky day: Sunday

The popularity of the Girl name Eva:


In the mid-20th century, it became popular in the United States. It has been a nice choice for American people from ancient times. They loved it too much and today it is a loved one, too. Ava as Eva is a classic name and both are used widely as Antique names. The only difference between Ava and Eva is that Ava is a bit more popular than Eva. However, Eva is more followed by the parents who love a scarce name for their child.

For the past two decades, Eva was recorded more than 50,000 times in SSAD


Diminutives and variations of the name Eva
Being a short name, Eva does not have diminutives and what she does is lengthen like Evita.
Evelyn, Evelina, Evangelina, Evarista

The name Eva in other languages
The name Eva in English and French is known as Eve.

Personality of the name Eva
Women named Eva are independent and have a strong character . This makes them also be honest in their day to day because they always want the best for themselves and their loved ones. They put heart into everything they do and that drives them to achieve many of their personal goals.
Eva usually stands out for her sociability and joy. He always creates a good atmosphere wherever he goes: either at work or with his friends. In addition, his honesty always works in his favor. She has an innate facility to adapt to any situation and turn it into an opportunity, due to her ample self-confidence.
In turn, despite their independent character, people named Eva are affectionate and like to take care of others. the rest. They are committed and attentive in conversations. They also tend to stand out for taking great care of their external image, either for aesthetic pleasure or for wanting to present a positive image to the rest on each occasion.

Celebrities with the name Eva
Some of the most Celebrities with the name of Eva are:
Eva Mendes: American actress and model of Cuban descent, star of the movie Ghost Rider, among many others.
Eva Longoria: American actress who rose to fame starring in Desperate Housewives.
Eva Isanta: Spanish actress known for her roles as Bea in the series Here is no one alive and Maite in La que se avecina.
Eva Marie: former professional wrestler, actress and model who rose to fame in WWE.
Eva Green: French actress and model who plays Ava Lord in the movie Sin City and appears in the Disney movie Dumbo directed by Tim Burton.
Eva Gonzalez: TV presenter and model, winner of the Miss Spain 2003 title. (Appears on the next image)

Eva's Saint's Day
Eva's saints are celebrated on December 19.

Numerology of the name Eva
According to numerology, the number of the name Eva is 1.

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Comments on the name Eva
01/14/2024 00:00:00

what is the name of ava

12/25/2023 13:18:44

My name is Ter'sa but almost ederybovy calls me Terri. i've never really felt that my nickname wasn't feminine enough. It's kind of just fit all my life. Growing up I was mostly a tomboy, now I'm more girly and my name has always just worked. The biggest issue i've had is people spelling both names wrong!ETA: My neice's name is Samantha. We call her'sam or Sammie and she's one of the girliest girls I know!

12/01/2023 20:38:14

I am 21 weeks pregnant with a little girl and I picked the name Eva Lynn its beautiful, strong, and sophisticated and very unique!! I love this name!

11/25/2023 02:42:16

when i was young i had a beautiful friend named Eva her name was actually prounounced Ever and we lost contatc and to this very day i miss her

10/26/2023 16:11:44

You may think its common but I am 61 and in all my years I have only met one other person with my name. In school there was never another Eva, so it is not a common name and can be very pretty depending on the middle name. I do not like the name Eva May or Ev but me name is Eva Lea and have always liked it. My children both have my middle name used in some way as my son's middle name is Lee and our daughter's is DeLea. So Lea or Lee for a boy is a favorite also. Try Eva with many different middle names and see if they have a ring to them but remember to say the last name when sounding out the name to see how it sounds.

10/24/2023 05:25:04

This name means a lot to me! I hope that we can use it! We like the combos: Eva Charlotte, Eva Alexandria, Eva Juliet and possibly Eva Sarai. It's an absolutely beautiful and classic name!

10/14/2023 10:53:40

This is a pretty name, but personally I like Eve better.

06/13/2023 01:22:34

These topics are so confusing but this hpeeld me get the job done.

01/18/2023 02:30:52

My grandmother was Eva and I now have a granddaughter Eva

10/26/2021 20:10:48

i like the name but it seems like its too common and i want something unique

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Eva FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Eva?
The origin of the name Eva is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Eva?
Life, Animal
*️⃣ How many people are named Eva?
Almost 271000 people are named Eva.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Eva?
The names of Elijah, Asher, Aria, Elias, Ezekiel