Gabrielle meaning

: Heroine Of God

Gabrielle Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \gab-rielle, gabri(el)-le\
Number of People 👶 136,000
Rate in 2021 718
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 French
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Gabrielle Name Meaning

The name Gabrielle holds a deep and inspiring meaning that resonates with strength, grace, and beauty. Derived from the Hebrew name "Gabriel," which means "God is my strength," Gabrielle embodies the essence of resilience and inner power.

Those who bear the name Gabrielle are often seen as strong-willed individuals who possess a natural sense of determination. They have an unwavering spirit that empowers them to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Furthermore, Gabrielle is synonymous with gracefulness. Just like its meaning suggests, those named Gabrielle exude elegance in their actions and demeanor. They have a way of effortlessly captivating others with their poise and charm.

In addition to its powerful meaning, the name Gabrielle has been associated with notable figures throughout history who embody these qualities. From influential leaders to talented artists, those named Gabrielle have left an indelible mark on various fields.

So if you bear the name Gabrielle, embrace it as a reminder of your inherent strength and grace. Let it serve as a constant source of inspiration as you navigate through life's challenges. May you always remember that you possess within you the power to overcome any obstacle with resilience and elegance.

Gabrielle Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Gabrielle
Additional description of the name Gabrielle

Gabriel was one of the archangels who served as a messenger from God. He first appears in the Old Testament in Daniel 8:16 when he helps Daniel interpret visions for him. However, the key importance of Gabriel occurs in the New Testament (Gospel according to Luke) when he appears before Zechariah to herald the coming of John the Baptist, and Mary to herald the coming of Jesus. The French feminine version, Gabrielle, has been in use for centuries but became popular in the United States in the second half of the 20th century (perhaps due to the influence of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel)

Cool Info About Name Gabrielle

Additional name description Gabrielle
Additional name description Gabrielle


Americans didn't start using the name Gabrielle until 1957, but the name made a slow and patient rise to the top of the charts, landing on the Top 100 list in 1990. The name reached the peak of its popularity in the 1990s and has dropped from a few notches. The Italian version (Gabriella) is currently more popular than the French Gabrielle in America. It all boils down to a difference in preference between a four-syllable and a three-syllable name. In addition, some parents prefer the suffix "-Ella" to "-Elle" believing that it sounds more feminine. However, Gabrielle has a certain French flair that gives her some added sophistication.

historical figures

Coco Chanel (Gabrielle was born in Saumus, France) is one of the most influential fashion designers ever. Famous for her interpretation of the “little black dress†(think Audrey Hepburn in ’ €œBreakfast at Tiffany’sâ€) and elegant outfits famously worn by Jackie Kennedy in the 1960’s, Coco revolutionized the world of fashion of a woman. As she once said: “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.†She knew how to dress a woman for style, class, simplicity, and comfort. Her early years, however, were anything but glamorous. After his mother's death, Chanel was put in an orphanage by his father who worked as a street vendor. She was raised by nuns who taught Sewa a skill that would lead to her life's work. Her flirtatious beauty attracted a couple of wealthy men who were instrumental in getting his business out of the land of hats in Paris (starting with hat sales). It was purely by chance that she entered the clothing design world when people started asking her about the dresses that she wore herself.

Famous people named Gabrielle

Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel (Designer)

Gabrielle Reece (Model/Volleyball Player)

Gabrielle (British Singer) About Union Gabrielle (Actress)

Gabrielle Anwar (Actress)

Gabrielle Giffords (Politician)

What does the name Gabriella mean?

Gabriella is a girl's name of Hebrew origin whose meaning is "strength of God". She is the feminine variant of the name of Gabriel, who was one of the most important archangels: she is the messenger from heaven who announces to the Virgin Mary the birth of Christ. Women named Gabriela have great strength and tenacity, they are optimistic and enjoy great creativity.

Gabriella's Personality

Gabriella is a person with great charisma, much loved and respected by her friends and acquaintances. She usually has a cheerful and sociable character, although at first she is a bit reserved and gives the appearance of being a cold person. However, as soon as she trusts someone, she creates a very strong bond and becomes an inseparable friend.

A tireless worker, Gabriela stands out for her perseverance and involvement in everything she does. From a young age, she will already show great creativity and imagination, so she will be attracted to professions that help her express her full artistic potential: she could be an excellent writer, painter, musician, or designer.

Gabriella is a very emotional woman, who attaches great importance to her feelings, especially when it comes to love. If she feels reciprocated, she will be a faithful and dedicated person, very affectionate and attentive to her partner. But, if she gives him even the slightest reason to distrust her, she will bring out the hottest side of her. Very familiar, she will need to be in close contact with her loved ones, in whom she will seek refuge in difficult times.

What does Gabriella represent?

What does Gabriel mean? Dedicated to God in Hebrew Gabriella is the Italian feminine version of the masculine name Gabriel. Girls named Gabriella often use a shortened version like Ella or Gabby.

Is Gabriella a Hispanic name?

Gabriella is the Portuguese, Spanish Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Latvian, Polish, and Bulgarian feminine form of the Hebrew name Gabriel.

Is Gabriella a good name?

A feminine form of Gabriel, Gabriella is a beautiful Italian name. With her sweet-her ending and the frilly feel of her, she is a natural among popular names like Isabella and Arabella. … Ella is the ultimate girly name, the perfect choice for a budding little fashionista.

Is Gabriella a holy name?

Gabriella is the female version of Saint Gabriel the Archangel. Her full name is Gabriella the Archangel. She has an unknown date of birth and death, so we celebrate her on her feast day, which is September 29. Gabriella is the patron saint of communication workers (the protector of communication workers).

Is Gabriella a weird name?

According to data from the Social Security Administration, Gabriella has been consistently popular holding a spot in the top 100 since 2000. Gabriella even held a spot in the top 50 from 2006 to 2014. However, it is the 12th most popular name in Family Education.

What middle name goes with Gabriella?

Gabriela Aileen.

Gabrielle Alexandra.

Gabriella Anne.

Gabriella Ariel.

Gabriella Beth.

Gabriela Blair.

Gabriella Catherine.

Gabriella Christina.

How rare is the name Gabriella?

According to 2020 data from the Social Security Administration, Gabrielle is currently the 359th most popular name for girls in the United States. 3 The peak popularity of the name Gabrielle was in 1999 when the name climbed to number 46 in the US.

Is Gabriella an angel name?

According to Islamic tradition, Gabriel was the angel who dictated the Koran to Muhammad. In other words, he was a busy little guy! As the feminine version of Gabriel, Gabriella would therefore mean "(strong) woman of God".


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Comments on the name Gabrielle
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am due with my first baby 03/10/2020. My mom absolutely loves the name Gabriella and since I always like it as well as the meaning I have decided to name my daughter Gabriella Alina. I will call her Ella for short. It's very girly and a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

people always pronounce it wrong and spell it wrong but i love my name, i have so many nicknames. ive only met 2 other gabrielles, its weird that there really is so many :)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

gabrielle is my name most peapol call me lea or bella and sometimes gabby

01/14/2024 00:00:00

We are going to call our daughter Gabrielle Renee. I love Archangel Gabriel and the second name is her great grand mothers and it flows rather nicely. Blessings to all the moms out there!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

This is not my name but has always been in my life, I had two best friends one in kindergarden whose was spelled Lia and one from 4th to 6th grade spelled Leah, their names were pronounced Lee-ah. Now one of my eldest daughter, aged 7, has Lea (pronounced Lay-a) as a middle name. The overall response is positive, it is spelled in Italian as she is half Italian.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my names gabrielle & i like it, but i like gabriella better. almost everyone calls me gabby, some people call me gab which i like :)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Gabrielle and i love it. I rather people call me Gabrie for short instead of Gabby since not alot of people use Gabrie as a nickname for Gabrielle. My name is s3xy, beautiful and OMG I just love it... :-D

01/01/2024 16:56:36

Im called Gabrielle my friends and family come up with really cool nicknames e.g Gabbie,Elle,Brie. Sometimes people call me Gabriel in fact when I was year seven'there was me and a Gabriel in the'same class which got annoying beacuse people would always get our names confused

01/01/2024 02:14:56

My name is Gabrielle Jackson some people call me Gabriella or my nick name which is Gabby ! Ive only met 2 people with the name Gabrielle !

12/27/2023 15:34:02

Hay yes they pronounce it wrong but i correct them and i like It'sometimes and people mostly call me Gabby.

12/09/2023 23:46:46

Gabrielle is a preet name and u have aluot of atinchn

12/02/2023 08:58:50

Hi I was born in 2021 and i love my name people mostly call me gabby and i love that all of us are named after an angel ive had 2 fake friends zoey and liliana

11/30/2023 00:33:14

Gabrielle is my name and i like it. i have the choice of Gabby or gabrielle. lots of my friends just say gabs for short. many people spell it a different way and sometimes i wish it was spelt Gabi.

11/19/2023 14:44:54

I love the name Gabrielle. I am pregnant and I am naming my little girl Gabrielle and Gabby for short. ITS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL NAME.

11/19/2023 06:48:48

Hiya my name is gabrielle i love my name there are so many wonderfull nicknames for it if you are planning on calling your baby gabrielle then i would, you wont regret anything. xxxxx

11/18/2023 16:24:46

wow i never knew there were so much NALLELYs put there... gosh i use to heate it when i was younger if they didnt say it right it... it wasnt me!! but with the pass of age ive kinda getting used to it and now that i know what it really means i love it even more eventhough people dont say it or spell it right!

11/17/2023 01:54:48

This is the name I suggested to my sister for her 2nd daughter. Sounds cool when people call my niece Gaby.. always mistook her as a boy but when they see her she's actually a very pretty young lady.

11/10/2023 08:34:06

Gabriel....Thats a lovely name...I love the name and the person as well...But here Gabriel is my husband's name and i call him Gabi, Gaba, i like lol :D . If i get a girl baby i will name her Angelina Gabrielle as my baby would be an angel from an angel....I love the name and the person..

11/06/2023 08:45:38

my name is Gabrielle and I go by Gabby around my friends, and my middle name is Brooke Gabrielle Brooke, I hope this helped :]

11/03/2023 09:56:00

Gabrielle is such a wonderful name not many are called Gabrielle my mum and thought I am an angel and I feel like an angel now.

11/01/2023 22:40:00

me and my boyfriend are going to call our baby daughter gabrielle! he chose this name because he'said it is a very holy name from the bible! im not realli relijous so i didnt think anythink of important of this special name! but hey, i love the name'so im happy all round! o and for her nickname i think ima call her relle!

10/19/2023 20:12:20

My granddaughter's name is Gabrielle, Gabby for short.

10/06/2023 03:20:38

Gabrielle is the most amazing name on the entire earth. it is beautiful and origional and it describes only beauty and gracce

10/01/2023 08:08:22

My name is Gabrielle. I love it in its full form, but I have so many nicknames. Most call me Gabby, but a few call me Gab, GabbyGoo, or Gabster. I hate it. If you name your daughter Gabrielle, call her Brielle or Bri from birth, thus eliminating Gabby, an extremely unflattering nickname, considering the dictionary meaning of "extremely talkative"!

09/30/2023 14:12:44

My name is Gabrielle but I go by Brielle or Bri with my really close friends. I love all three names, but when I start college next year, I'm going to introduce myself as Gabrielle instead of Brielle.

09/25/2023 23:07:20

Mine name is Gabrielle. I love my name :) Even'though, at times.. im called gabby.

09/24/2023 19:29:48

Im Gabrielle, and I love the name, my parents have always pronounce it gabriel but spelt in gabrielle, so I dont really care which way it is said, i prefer it to be shorten'to gab i hate gabby for some reason and gabbo is another abb that i dont mind.

09/22/2023 11:39:28

Just had a little girl this morning, and I'm very happy to say we named her Gabrielle - listening to these responses from everyone, most if not all seem very positive and there are plenty of variables for nicknames with Gabrielle, unlike most names... I think the name is both as strong or as girly as can be!!

09/18/2023 03:37:16

I used to love it-- a little to mainstream and don't like that it is often confused with gabriella

09/11/2023 12:37:38

Gabrielle is a really good namew and It's not that popular cos i've only known one gabrielle in my life!! It really cool!!

09/07/2023 04:00:10

Gabriella is my name ,but my friends call me Gabby for short. I like being called Gabby.

08/25/2023 00:04:20

My name is gabrielle and i love it, but I'm pissed that'such a nice and unique name is now a common name. Its a shame.

08/24/2023 03:47:38

My daughters name is Gabrielle. I Love the name. Its a strong name and sounds like a princess. She likes to be called Gabi. My sons name is a Gaige Michael.

08/08/2023 10:44:04

This is my name too. I use to think Gabriella was more of a prettier form (Im of Italian/French heritage), but have grown to love and appreciate my name as I get older.

08/07/2023 21:12:56

Our new daughter's name is Gabrielle, and we are in love with it. It's such a beautiful name to say. But people do mispronounce it as Gabriel. We don't care though - they'll get it right the more they hear us say it correctly. And the nickname Gabby is so darling too.

08/05/2023 17:11:50

It is my name! yaya!! haha, I like my name though. Its exotic (kind of) Its growning more popular though.

08/04/2023 07:41:38

My sister's name is Gabrielle but we call her "Gabby" for short. I love my sister's name a lot just like I love her.

07/29/2023 12:58:42

I have a 10 year old named Gabrielle. I still love this name but now everyone is calling her Gabby. I see notes coming home from her friends that have It'spelled Gabi, Gabbie, Gabbey, Gaby and Gabby. My daughter doesn't mind it but even she Isn't sure which spelling to use.

07/27/2023 07:47:04

I love Gabrielle! My daughter's name is Gabrielle and she's 9.

07/24/2023 12:11:24

my goddaughters nickname is "Gabi" But her name is "GABIANA Faith" --- i liked gabriella but her mother wanted something like juliana... so we combined them :)

07/16/2023 13:27:22

i love this name and it is my name of coarse gabrielle and i think every one should use this name not a very common name but very very beautiful and for short its gabby

07/12/2023 06:35:42

I get called Gab, Gabby, Gabs, and Gab-ree-el all the time but that's NOT my name, It's pronounced Gey-bree-el! Other than that I LOVE my name!

07/09/2023 15:24:32

hI'my name is Gabrielle and most people cal me Gab-ree-ela ya It'stinks but I love my name because my mother loved it when she was a child. Most people call me Gabs or Gabbie. My granma calls me Gabserelli when she can't get my atintion.

07/07/2023 16:05:34

My name is Gabrielle also. all my teache's have called me Gabriel at least 3 times. It's really annoying. my friends have like a million nicknames for me. they have Gabby, Gab, Gabriela, Princess Gabriela(It's a long story.)and Gabba. those are just a few.then my best guy friend calls me dollface don't worry i dont get it either.i like my name but when i was little i wanted to be called Sarah.

07/06/2023 07:28:16

I love my name but people usually have a hard time remembering it :S! They end up calling me Ella, Elle or Gaby... And I just LOVE all my nicknames :)!

06/30/2023 15:41:40

my name is also gabrielle. and i am really getting sick of gabby so im gonna ask people to call me Bree but they might think im crazy!

06/27/2023 02:10:22

This is my daughters name :) written by Rahela, July 06, 2008 I named my daughter Gabrielle Alexandrina. Everyone is so right about people misprouncing this name. I hear people say "Gabriel" (boy verision) and "Gabriella"..which is ok but if I wanted people to call her Gabriella, I would have named her Gabriella. I used to hate the name Gaby, but I call her that now and think its very cute for a little baby. She is 11 months. The name Gabrielle is so classy and unique...I'm so glad I chose this name. I hope it doesn't give her a hard time when hardly anyone gets the name right at first." Funny my full name is Gabrielle Alexandra, and people call me Gabriel and Gabriella too... weird. lol. I love my name, though I go by Gabby most of the time, because that's what people have called me since I was little. :]

06/25/2023 02:51:24

We named our daughter Geneva (born in 2019)and we've had so many compliments on the name. She goes by Neva, although we had planned to shorten it to Evie, it never'stuck.

06/20/2023 20:52:38

my name is gabrielle. I'm not religious but i dont care what its meaning is. i hate it when all the teache's in the'school call me gabriel but it makes me happy when my class corrects them. i hate it when people call me gabby too, i dont like it AT ALL! i prefer to be called gabster.

06/14/2023 07:21:10

i named my daughter Gabriella, and i have to say I was skeptikal at firt but now I def see her as a Gabby, and I love that nobody has the name, its still very unpopular and it fits my daughter perfectly!

06/11/2023 08:31:32

Gabrielle is a beautiful name, I choose it for my daughter, it is feminine yet sophisticated.

06/09/2023 18:54:28

My name is Gabrielle I always wanted to change it but now i've it and I really think I am a Gabrielle now.

05/31/2023 04:29:56

I named my daughter Gabrielle in 2004, and named her twin Chantelle...everyone I ever'spoke to loves the names together.

05/29/2023 21:38:26

my name is Gabrielle....its kinda annoying being called nickname is gabbie but i dont like it all that much. i need NICKNAMES that arnt STUPID

05/22/2023 13:00:48

Gabby is a good name, my friends name is gabby and she is awesome.

05/08/2023 08:23:46

my name is gabrielle some people call me elle i like the name gabrielle a did not no that loads of people were called gabrielle.

05/07/2023 20:56:04

I love the name Gabrielle, it is my daughter's name. We chose to pronounce her name with a long "A" sound, because of the'stren'th it reveals and it avoids the nickname Gaby. We call her Gabri,Bri,Brielle a lot as nicknames.

05/04/2023 09:10:34

Not that keen on Gabrielle. Too long and sounds weird. The'shortened version, Gabby is horrible - also reminds me of a mouth!

04/29/2023 05:09:18

my name is jack n i rok ur socks hell ya i hav a frriend name gabby i call her gabasaurus rex isnt that g pce out dawg

04/27/2023 14:04:04

my name is gabrielle. Everyone calls me gabby though becausewhen I was in pre-school no one could pronounce gabrielle so gabby just stuck. I luv the nickname elley. I hate how every one pronounces it as Gabriel even'though its spelled totaly different.

04/27/2023 01:43:28

My name is Gabrielle. People often used to pronounce it incorrectly, but It's becoming a bit more popular and I don't have as many problems. I love the name, because i've never come across anyone with the'same name! Friends shorten it to Gabbie and Gab so it doesn't have to be too formal.

04/25/2023 02:06:52

I feel like my name is tacky because the nickname for it darlene is such pretty name prettier than mines

04/20/2023 00:26:40

My name is Gabrielle but I hate Gabbie, so my brothe's call me Elle o Ellie, vary rare times, they put it all together and call me Gabriellie. I like it, sounds sweet ^^

04/14/2023 09:32:58

I would so name a girl Gabrielle. And then her nickname could be Gabi. It's such a unique and girly name at the'same time.

04/07/2023 08:33:48

my name is gabrielle.and i lovee it, though sometimes i dont. when i was younger, my mom always made sure everyone called me gabrielle, because she didnt want me to be called gabby. when i started going to school, no matter what she'said people still called me gabby. therefore my mom said if i am going to be called gabby it must be spelled gabi. if anyone was to name there daughter gabrielle, i would strongly reccomend it because its very pretty, there are many nicknames, and as people have stated below, it means that you follow God and you are normally intelligent, such as i am.

03/29/2023 19:25:44

It is a beatuiful name I'm named it! I didn't know it ment that!

03/27/2023 15:59:54

My name is Gabrielle and my family uses my full name. My friends all call me gabby but honestly If i was to go with a nickname I would go with Brie. But It's so hard to shake Gabby... I just gave up a few years ago because no one could say it right and they always went with gabby.

03/14/2023 02:22:10

My name is Gabrielle, and i was born in the uk in 2010, i was suprised to see that alot of people were named it in 2010, as thats when i was born, however alot were born in the U.S.A, I didnt used to like the name, but now i think its nice&alot; of other people do too, ther's me and one other ganrielle in my school of 1100, and ive never come across a gabrielle before, i get called the angel gabrielle haha, i get called gabby, or gabs, or gobby as im gobbby, people tent to speell&say; it wrong though, its a catholic name xx

03/12/2023 21:34:06

My name is Gabrielle, I love my name, and its meaning. So many people call me Gabriel, and it drives me insane. Gabriel is a boy. I do not look like a boy. When I was little my family called me Brie, when kids at school found out Brie was the name of a che'se, guess what my nickname was...yep, Che'se. So I insisted everyone had to call me Gabrielle, then everyone started calling me Gabby, It'stuck, and now I can't shake it! I would advise parents who are going to name their daughters Gabrielle not to call her Gabby unless that's what they want to call her forever. It's also really irritating because a lot of people think they are hilarious when'they ask me if I talk alot. But Gabrielle is beautiful! Elle is cute for a nickname too!

03/07/2023 14:01:14

call your kid gabrielle if it is a girl beacuse it is really cool everyone who thinks thumbs down need a new brain dont they so call them gabrielle. i am called gabrielle i really like It'so your kids will love it like i do

03/02/2023 09:42:20

My younger'sisters name is Gabrielle. I guess we pronounce it a french way like "Gah-bre-elle" with a stress more on the "elle". My sister hates that people often pronounce it wrong. After years of explaining to people that its more like a G-ah sound, she'started going by Gub.

03/01/2023 18:07:46

i have a friend and they just call her gabby beecause in pre school her friend couldnt say it but the teache's could and her mom and dad call her that'so it just stuck.

02/27/2023 03:14:14

My name is Gabrielle and I love it! Not a lot of people have my name and even'though it is mispronounced often I still love it! It's also cool because you don't get tired of hearing it being repeated many times its such a nice name!

02/24/2023 05:17:30

My name is Gabrielle. I like it and I don't like. I'm almost NEVER called it, I'm either called Gaby, Gabbsters, Gaby Gut (my friend's nickname for me), and Gab/Gabs. Also It's common, and I always get the question "are you Gabrielle or Gabriella❤️" i always answer "whatever floats your boat" because I'm Spanish and It's Gabriella in Spanish. Also sometimes it is pronounced Gabriel. (this is really long :) Anyway, it is a good name, but think about it before naming your child it because they will most likely never be called by it.

02/14/2023 23:06:42

Yes. My name is Gabrielle. Yes I do have some hard times with the name but I think Im getting over it. Jessily!! For your question about a middle name that does good with Gabrielle, try Alexis. Its mine!

02/05/2023 00:28:26

my name is Gabrielle some people call me elle i like being called Gabrielle beacuse it maks you feel like you are some one not nothing. at school some people call me Gabby Goo or gobby at home and some people call me other names that bein with a G and also the name is really fun!

02/04/2023 16:14:42

My name is gabriella and i love It'so much! my name is very different in my grade, not one single person has the'same name as me. but i LOVE my name, it is vevry unique, i would name my child gabriella... but then'tht would seem rele akward so I'mite just go with breanna or brittany.

01/19/2023 05:50:46

Wow i can't belive how many Kaliyah's there is, i also thought we made it up like most of you we spell it Aliyah with a K in front 'Kaliyah'. Our princess is now 2 1/2 and i've never known the meaning so thought i'd look around and found this. People do sometimes spell it wrong and say it wrong but we correct them, haven't come across any Kaliyah's as yet. P.S she is very smart for her age and she's a little toughy lol. From us in the'south East of England

01/13/2023 16:25:14


01/07/2023 23:45:44

My name is Gabrielle it is a great name if you are planning on calling your baby Gabrielle go a head. Its lovley. you have loads of nice nicknames my nicknammes are Elle. Gabby. xxx

01/02/2023 17:41:02

I have two friends named Gabrielle, and when one shortens it, It'sounds like Gabby, but the other'shortens it, it is simply a shorter version of the long name, sorta like Gah-by

12/31/2022 01:19:20

I'm 38 years old and I pray each day to be blessed with a little Gabrielle, that name is a strong name for any one to have,I'd be honored to give it to a child.

12/30/2022 16:12:42

i just had a baby girl two weeks ago which i named gabrielle. i love that name. it is such a strong name. for some people it is so hard to pronaunced, they think it is a boy name. but i do not really care what people think. i love that name

12/23/2022 09:03:14

Hi, My name is Gabrielle to. I love my name but I also love my nick name to. Gabby, is what my friends call me. I also love my name Gabrielle. I'm in 2nd grade but maybe I will have a new nickname as I get older. I hate when my Aunt Ruthie Call's me "Gabriel". I like to say, "Hey I'm not a boy!" I thought by her age she would know how to pronounce it by now but, I Guess Not!

12/18/2022 18:33:06

I'm Gabrielle but have always been called Gaby which I really hate. I tend to use 'Gabs' on internet forums as I think It's quite friendly. I'm getting more used to my name now that It's becoming a bit more popular but It's taken more than 50 years to get used to it.

12/18/2022 06:30:08

Like many of the posters, my name is also Gabrielle. The only thing that continues to baffle me throughout my 15 years of being identified by this name is the endless mispronunciation. Being of French decent, my parents chose the pronunciation, "Gau-bree-ell" (think: Aubree)and no matter how many times I correct people, or smile through their butchering, they can never'seem to get past the "a" sound of the word "apple" (gAbrielle). Oh well. Pretty name. More common than I would like to think.

12/12/2022 22:39:38

I love this name and get lots of complements for it, but people constantly mangle this name (my daughter's), which I thought was well-known enough to be familiar. She is constantly called Gabriel (pronounced like the male version) or Gabriella... or, most of the time, Gabriel-a. (As in boy's name Gabriel, followed by "la"). Oh, and they like to use the nickname Gabbie, which we don't like.

12/12/2022 12:40:06

If our baby is a girl, we are naming her Gabrielle with Brielle or Bree as a nickname.

12/06/2022 01:12:04

My name is Gabrielle, and when I have a substitute, they pronounce it Gabriel. Which I think is how you pronounce it for a boy. And I'm a girl. So i don't know yet. I defendently don't like when'they call me Gabriel

11/30/2022 19:42:38

Joanna means "Gift of God" in french. Gabrielle means "Woman of God" in french. I hope this helps you, Joanna!

11/27/2022 15:35:36

I Have the name Gabrielle It's an ok name but i'd like a nickname instead of Gabby or Belle

11/26/2022 11:40:26

My name is Gabrielle- I love telling people my name because I think it is really pretty. Most people call me Gabs, although I'm trying to get my friends to call me Brie or Gabrielle.

11/09/2022 18:48:34

That is so weird, my name is Gabrielle Renee. How weird. Haha.

11/04/2022 14:29:40

HIGHLY BEAUTIMOUS! Classy and cute at the'same time.

10/31/2022 04:24:02

its mah name.... in i love it i also go by ny spanish name Gabriela

10/21/2022 22:13:14

My name is gabrielle di dont really like it i like the meaning but idk i just dont like it and everyone spells it wrong and they call me gabriel and gabbie i really want a better nickname people also call me gabster which i like cuz its different but i want to go with elle elli or bri but i dont meet very many people with my name'so i like that

10/18/2022 11:38:16

I love the name. We gave it to our daughter. She gets called Gabi for short though. She is only a toddler'so Gabi is cute but as an adult Gabrielle sounds so pretty. Atleast i think so.... if she doesn't well then perhaps she will go by Gab or Bree or Elle. I really get annoyed when someone calls her Gabriel. Clearly she is not a boy.

10/15/2022 03:06:44

my daughters name is Gabrielle AlexisRose. I always loved the name Gabrielle. we call her Gabi

10/13/2022 06:44:06

Can a boy be named a girl name❤️❤️❤️ Like Gabrielle or Danielle or something like it....

10/06/2022 12:48:08

My daughter was born 2/12/03 and her names is Gabrielle. We rarely find that people mispronounce her name. Unfortunately, there is a boom of little girls with this name'so It's definitely not unique.

10/03/2022 14:51:24

My name is Gabrielle and I love it! Most people call me Gabi tho sometimes Gab, Gabs, Gabbers, but that's what i love about the name that there are are so many different choices nd ways of spelling of it. The only thing that I think is bad about it, is that its becoming a LOT more common.

09/30/2022 20:26:16

my name is Gabrielle and its such a cool name because it has soooo many nicknames.

09/29/2022 04:28:08

My perfect baby girl is named Gabrielle and she fits it and rocks it! :)

09/26/2022 14:09:52

my name is also gabrielle I live in the netherlands but here they pronounce my name right but they spell it wrong sometimes people call me also gabriella cause they think thats my name

09/21/2022 13:04:56

Well Hellooo Theree =) My Names Hannah.. I Love My Name.. Tiz Sexyyyyy ;) x

09/21/2022 11:36:46

My names Gabriella , Its an alright name. but im bored of being called Gabie , i need a new nickname. but if you was going to call your kids it its a fantastic name!.

09/15/2022 22:11:14

I named my daughter Gabrielle Alexandrina. Everyone is so right about people misprouncing this name. I hear people say "Gabriel" (boy verision) and "Gabriella"..which is ok but if I wanted people to call her Gabriella, I would have named her Gabriella. I used to hate the name Gaby, but I call her that now and think its very cute for a little baby. She is 11 months. The name Gabrielle is so classy and unique...I'm so glad I chose this name. I hope it doesn't give her a hard time when hardly anyone gets the name right at first.

09/07/2022 10:48:58

My name's Gabrielle but I go by Gabbi... bus all ya'll that don't like it! Especially the chick that'said "This is not my name - but I think It's quite nice. I just don't like the nicknames that go with this name (e.g Gabby...)" if It's not your name you don't need an opinion get a life. It's a sweet name.

09/07/2022 01:24:42

I have to say thumbs up because It's my name, though be warned that everyone will want to call your child Gabby. It happened to me though my parents resisted. Also, It's easier to call me Gabby because people mispronounce my name - It's Gaah-brielle. Aah like "otter" not "gather." So frustrating! It's such a formal pronounciation that It's just easier to go with Gabby. Sigh.

09/06/2022 05:08:00

My name is Gabrielle. My mom was told since the day I was born to name me Gabriella, but didn't. MY aunt has a son named Gabriel. I'm constantly called Gabby even if I never'said I wanted to be called that, so I have "changed" it numerous times to make it more unique, i've spelt 'Gabby' as Gabby, Gabbi, and Gabi. Finally sticking to Gabi. I am always being called Gabriel or Gabriella, and it is quite annoying. I don't think I'd suggest the name for anyone, It's unique in itself but no one ever really appreciates it because they are always calling you Gabby, that's if they pronounce it right to begin with lol.

08/28/2022 14:28:48

My name is Gabrielle, and I absolutely love my name,it is so fun just to say it. I also go by Gabby, Gab, Gabs, Gabmaster, Gabmaster flash, Gabbers, and the list goes on. I love how many different nicknames people come up with, but being called Gabrielle is the best. I get extremely annoyed whenever'some one mispronounces it and calls me 'Gabriel', It's like they can't read or something, it makes me mad. But I still love my name!!

08/28/2022 00:45:18

Gabrielle is a cool name cause theur are loads of nick names. My favauroite nick name is gab cause it is cool.

08/26/2022 22:13:12

I just had a baby girl Oct the 17th at 6:35 in the morning. Gabriell is a very intelligent,independent name that is very inspiring to me and my family. God is a very important part in my life and family. The meaning of her name is "God is my almighty". My daughter came out very smart and is getting smarter and advanced as the days go. So if your looking for a name for your daughter or someone else I suggest that gabriell is the way to go.

08/15/2022 22:42:00

I am delighted and grateful my dear late parents chose to name me Gabrielle back in 1971 when I was born. It's a name favoured by Catholics and there were two other Gabrielle's at my school. It's a beautiful name despite some people struggling to pronounce it correctly. It's not too common which is nice although in recent years It'seems to be gaining in popularity here in New Zealand.As a wee girl I couldn't pronounce my own name properly and would say "Gubbles" which became my nick name. Once I reached my teenage years it was shortened to Gubs and is still used by my husband, family and close friends. Some people call me Gabby as well.

08/04/2022 08:32:24

It's too close to the'spelling of the boy's name Gabriel.

07/31/2022 09:22:48

My name is Gabrielle and i love the name, everyone one usually calls me gabbie becuase they don't want to pronounce my name wrong, i think its a very stronge name. and could be used for boy and girl.

07/21/2022 19:42:54

It's my nameee i love it! It's cute and so female!

05/14/2022 18:26:24

Hi, my daughter's name is Gabrielle and everyone insists on calling her Gabriell"a"! Even'though she is only going to be 5 on New Year's Eve, she gets quite annoyed by this! She is always correcting everybody. Lots of people try to nickname her Gab or Gabby but she always tells them that her name is "Gabrielle"! I don't care for the nicknames but I know they might happen either way and we will grow to love them as we love her!

05/11/2022 06:15:36

There is nothing good about this except that It's short.

05/07/2022 13:30:18

i have a very nice friend named Gabrielle and we never call her by her nickname which is gabi thats what me and gabi have in comment my name is Sierra but everyone calls me cece so lol.

04/26/2022 16:43:48

My name is Gabrielle. I like it but wish it could just be a little more exotic, so I sometimes spell it with a Y instead of an I, so it reads Gabryelle. The problem with the name Gabrielle is that people always assume you want to be called Gabby. Most of my friends call me Gab or Gabs, and my boyfriend either calls me Gabs or Gabrielle, which I honestly prefer anyway.

04/25/2022 01:23:06

My name is Gabrielle, but no one calls me that. Everyone calls me Gaby or Gabs or even Gabtser. I like my name Gaby because its short and fun.

04/24/2022 14:24:18

My names Gabrielle and I love it. My friends mostly call me Gabbi. I love how there is an angel named Gabriel in the bible and that's also why I love this name.

04/23/2022 04:33:00

Wow! I'm a London Jacalyn and have never come across anyone else with the'same name! I think I'may be a bit of a 'latecomer', born in 1977! My parents spotted the'spelling in a names book and preferred it to the more traditional French spelling - I always assumed the'spelling was an AmericanI'm; since the advent of the internet regular 'googling' of the name has mostly proved me right! Like many of the above, I neglected the full spelling as a child - too formal and the'spelling issues drove me mad! That'said, i've always been a JackY, and that'seems to confuse everyone just as much! Have started to grow into the full name as I get older... it is good to be different!

04/21/2022 00:23:42

My name is Gabrielle, Its amazing ive never known so many nicknames for Gabrielle. So if your having a baby girl and your thinking of calling it Gabrielle then go ahead. And i would like to thank you if my comment made you want to name your baby Gabrielle. x Thanks for reading anyway x

04/12/2022 02:17:06

My name is Gabrielle. It's pretty common, actually.

03/28/2022 01:46:30

My name is Gabrielle and when I was younger I really didn't like it, so I had always went by Gabby. I could never really find a great spelling so I changed it everyday. I went by Gabby, Gaby, Gabi, Gabbi, Gabii, ect. But, this year I had a teacher who always called me Gabrielle. It was strange at first becuase I had never been called by my full name. But now as the year has now ended, I really do like the name Gabrielle. It is still hard sometimes with people never knowing how to pronounce my name... but I really do enjoy it. Although, I am still looking for a good spelling for Gabby.

03/27/2022 12:03:00

my name is gabrielle too and my nickname is gabi - its the french version and i love it i have been'told it is very sexy and suits me :)

01/22/2022 17:15:18

well my name is genevi've and i pronounce gen-vee-ev ("gen" spoken as the french "je" ). no one can ever'say it right. My father is French and my mother is of French descent and that is how they pronounce my name.

01/12/2022 08:22:30

u should get together wiht that girl (lla) apeapeape named zabana or somthing like that because then you could save lots of money becauseyou can now SHARE your tiaras. now that is an inter'sting tidbittlle of info for yall. my cux jessica say that your lawn needs mowing because she is tryin to fish in the ice (over her It's called ice-fishing)..and your grass is blocking her view of the next tsumani.

01/03/2022 00:12:00

I love this name. I actually heard the name Gabriella from High School Musical and wanted to name my daughter that, but my hubby liked Gabrielle better and now I do too.. I love my little Gaby!!

12/09/2021 12:46:12

My name is Gabrielle and I am often called Gabriel. I haven't met too many people with the name Gabrielle, but I have had my encounters. I go by Gabi, but for a while I tried Brie...but it didn't stick. As I'm reading these comments It's odd for me to hear that people also go by Brie...and spell it the'same. My family and a few of my lifelong friends call me Gabrielle, but for the most part its Gabi.

11/25/2021 19:22:12

My name is Gabrielle obviously haha. When i was younger i always imagined myself changing my name to something more simple and "cool" like Skylar or Michelle because i found my name'so uncommon and ugly. However, now I'm 18 years old and i love my name, and i think for all you girls named Gabrielle don't shorten your name to a nickname like Gabby or Gab it doesn't do justice to how beautiful our name really is!

10/20/2021 16:51:54

My name is Gabrielle... it is kind of weird to hear from all of these peopl named Gabrielle too. I am trying to write a paper on my name, and it is very difficult because I feel like there is not much to say about it. People say Gabriel all the time, and that is annoying. I'd rather have a really girly name then have people mistaking my name for a guy's name. Everyone calls me Gabbi. I know 2 people that are named Gabrielle. It's an ok name I guess.

10/12/2021 02:59:24

My Names Gabrielle, I think its too girly, so I'm called Gabbie I prefer it :)

10/02/2021 16:04:12

I had my second daughter in october of 05 I named her gabrielle I love her name if we ever decide to call her anything sort it well be elle. Although for now she is still gabrielle

09/25/2021 22:06:54

I love the name Gabrielle, It's a very strong name to have, any one with that name'should feel very blessed,it comes from the boys name Gabriel, who was a messanger angel for God.May God bless me one day with a little Gabrielle.

08/25/2021 21:18:18

Many people such as teache's call me Gabriel as in the name of a boy. It really makes me mad because its my brothe's name; but I still love my name. There is not alot of Gabreille's out there thats why its so great.

08/08/2021 17:33:18

hi name is gabrielle i wrote a letter on the 8th of december about my nickname called elle when people say the name gabrielle is not nice for your child becuse It's it is great and fun becuse there is not many people called gabrielle so bring more gabrielles in the world.

07/24/2021 16:07:48

i do not really like the name Gabrielle or Gabriella - however i do like the name Gaby (or Gabby) and it is one of a few names that i am thinking of naming my baby girl. Gaby Elizabeth maybe.

07/13/2021 20:16:12

My Name is gabrielle. I like it very much because it is religous. Also, my name is french. i am 50% french, so, it makes sence.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Gabrielle?
The origin of the name Gabrielle is French.
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Heroine Of God
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Almost 136000 people are named Gabrielle.
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The names of Charles, Valerie, Janelle, Sonja, Jenelle