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Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \char-ul-z\
Number in U.S 👶 2,400,000
Rate in 2021 70
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 English , German

Meaning of Charles

Charles' name is the French and English version of the German name Karl or Carl, derived from the Germanic word "Karl," meaning "free man." Long ago, the Germanic term "Karl" meant a "free" man, but not one of nobility; that is, from the same early medieval root as the Olde English word "ceorl," which meant "man of low birth, a common man." In Late Middle High German and Middle English, however, both terms evolved to their definitions meaning more simply "man, mate, husband". Despite early place "low" being the name, many high-ranking Europeans and those in between bore images of Karl/Carl derivative names (such as Charlemagne, Charles, Caroline, and Charlotte). In fact, the 8th/9th century Frankish leader, Charlemagne (Charles the Great), had much to do with the perpetuation of the name among the early Franks (a Germanic tribe and precursors to the French). In the 15th century, upper-class people in England began to adopt the name, and Queen Mary of Scots (having been influenced by her French upbringing) named her first child Charles James. He would eventually become King James VI of Scotland and then King James I of England, uniting Scotland, England, and Ireland under one monarchy. Both his son and his grandson (King Charles I and II) reigned as king after him. One of the most successful names in English and French, Charles continues to reign supreme on the naming charts in England, the United States, Canada, Australia and France. Carl, Chuck, Charlie, Chas, and Chip are all considered short forms of Charles.


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Charles has remained a long and persistent name choice for American babies. From the years 1890 to 1954 (65 years in a row) the name was a Top 10 favorite. Every decade since the 1950s, Charles has dropped an average of 10 points per ten years, so today he hovers around the position #60. Being quite popular from a relative point of view, Charles may be becoming an old option that doesn't satisfy the same appeal as other classic English names (William, James, John and Henry). However, it is a name that sounds dignified and learned, and endorsed by many famous people from literary genius from Charles Dickens to great jazz musician Charlie Parker to naturalist Charles Darwin to aviator Charles Lindbergh to basketball star (and struggling golfer) Charles Barkley. It is a name that speaks for itself without even having to prove it. The pet form, Charlie, is a less formal form of the name that stands on its own, too. A risk-free pick, Charles will probably never fall too far down the charts. This one will likely retain its Top 100 status for centuries to come. Charles will probably never fall too far down the charts. This one will likely retain its Top 100 status for centuries to come. Charles will probably never fall too far down the charts. This one will likely retain its Top 100 status for centuries to come.

famous people named Charles

Charles Bukowski (author)

Charles Boyer (actor)

Charlie Chaplin (actor/director)

Charles Durning (actor)

Charlton Heston (born Charles Carter, actor)

Charles Laughton (actor)

Charles Schulz (cartoonist)

Charles Dickens (novelist)

Charles Dodgson ( pseudonym for Lewis Carroll, author)

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9/24/2022 2:50:54 PM

i am trying to figure out a name that goes well with charles any suggestions

4/8/2022 5:45:54 PM

I don't like the name Charles. Just name your kid Charlie: It's a better name and doesn't sound so... very, very boring.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Charles?
The origin of the name Charles is English , German.
*️⃣ How many people are named Charles?
Almost 2400000 people are named Charles.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Charles?
The names of Cheyenne, Shayan, Cheyanne, Shyanne, Shyann