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Valerie Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \v(a)-le-rie\
Number in U.S 👶 262,000
Rate in 2021 359
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 French

Valerie Name Meaning

The name Valerie is a female name that has been used all around the world and mostly in English-speaking countries. This name is distinguished from a male name.  The name means “ strength “. This name is pronounced as “ VAL – a – ree “. The given name can have many variations in different languages.


Valerie Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Valerie
Additional description of the name Valerie

The original Latin form is Valeria. This name also has another origin which is French.

Cool Info About Name Valerie

Additional name description Valerie
Additional name description Valerie


The popularity of the name Valerie

As it is mentioned this name is a popular name all around the world and specifically in English-speaking countries. But it is not a popular baby girl’s name in Tennessee. Based on the data given by reliable resources, the name Valerie was not as popular as other baby names in the year 2000 in the United States. In the year 2000, only nearly 19 babies were given the name Valerie in Tennessee. In 2000, 2022 babies near the same first name.

The highest recorded use of this name was in 1959 with a total of 7306 babies. In the year 1884, the name first appeared and was given to 8 newborn babies. The time that the name “ Valerie “ became popular was related to the gear 1951. Also in the state of New Mexico, the name became popular in the year 1979.


The personality of the name Valerie

The true meaning of the name might not be described in just a few words. If you are named Valerie, it can be your destiny and heart’s desire. This name is the one that hints you are a humble person and you want to help other people more than ever thing. Your heart desires to do something that helps Earth be a better place to live.

Your gentle nature makes you avoid confrontation as much as possible. Also, something you might have difficulty stating your needs and opinions openly. The worst thing about your personality is that you would give up in a hard situation. Also, you dislike the use of force. People perceive you as someone mysterious and independent. You are always well dressed and it increases your confidence.


Famous people named Valerie

Well-known people have a positive impact on the name’s popularity positively.

Valerie Adams was born in the year 1985. She is a New Zealand athlete

Valerie Azlynn was born in the year 1980. She is an American actress

Valerie Bertinelli was born in the year 1960. She is an American actress

Valerie Bettis was born in the year 1919. She is an American dancer and choreographer

Valerie Bolzano was born in the year 1968. She is an Australian actress

Valerie Bonneton was born in the year 1970. She is a French actress


Similar names to the name Valerie

Valeria, Valéria, Valerie, Valérie, Valerija and Waleria.


Nicknames for the name Valerie

Vali, Vale, Vala, Val, Valika, Valle

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Comments on the name Valerie
06/10/2023 18:42:46

My name is Valerie, I'm 33 years old. I feel my name fits me way better now than it did when I was little. My boyfriend loves my name and thinks It's beautiful. My parents almost named me Brandie-then my Dad picked up a TV Guide and named me after Valerie Bertinelli. :O)

06/09/2023 15:40:30

I live in India where this name is not commonly heard of, but when i introduce myself people give different pronounciation thats hilarious, but i remind people if they get salary, wear jewellry then valerie pronounication is not difficult. Its my name and in india its unique and i love it

06/07/2023 01:22:14

i LOVE LOVE LOVE my name!!! because i like the nickname everyone calls me val :) and not alot of people have that name'so i love it!

06/06/2023 01:16:18

My name is Valerie and lots of my friends call me Val. Last time, some people use to call me Celery because It'sounds like Valerie. Even'though people make fun of my name'sometimes, but i think it is unique and not so common, that is why i like my name.

05/27/2023 05:34:22

"Valerie" is loosely translated from Latin "valere"; I know this because I studied Latin in college. On the first day we opened the textbook to page two, and the word "valere" was the first word we learned (pronounced "wah-LEH-reh" rolling that "r") as a verb meaning "having great power." I grinned and thought to myself, if that Isn't an 11:11 prompt, I don't know what is!!! You better beli've I have power, Baby. I won't come into my full power until I am in my 60's. I am now 46 and still hip deep in studying complex mysticI'm and the physics of metaphysics. Through a medI'm, Edgar Cayce spoke to me, said he'd come to speak especially to me, and told me that I would one day be more powerful than the medI'm channeling him. He did not divulge what my purpose would be, and although I have a vague vision of it, I am never allowed to see myself in full form. I think it would probably scare me if I did. i've been'this way all of my life. Men are very attracted to me but generally can't hang for very long. It's depressing, but I understand. At least I have a lot of precious memories for the treasure box inside my heart of hearts. And a helluva future to look forward to.

05/26/2023 11:21:06

I love my name and it happens to be Valerie. I do however find that people confuse it and think I am introducing myself as Natalie.

05/13/2023 16:49:32

I love the name Valerie, i am 13 and i have loved it forever!!

05/10/2023 18:17:32

when i was growing up no one i knew had my name. i always met either britney's or christina's or rachel's but never valerie. it felt good to know that whenever my name was being called i would know it was me.

05/06/2023 05:50:50

Valerie is a very beautiful name. My dad wanted to name me Maude - so I am especially grateful that my mom did not listen'to him and named me Valerie Michelle - I love it!!!

04/15/2023 09:21:16

Not very common, I used to be called Valerie the Calorie (I was chubby)...sad, huh?! In later years, my friend called me Val-Gal....I prefer Val.

04/10/2023 17:22:58

this is a perfect name for a little girl and a buisness girl two!

04/09/2023 01:24:50

i happen'to love my name because not many people have it and its just amazing.

04/08/2023 20:25:04

HI'my name is Valerie. I think the name is awesome and It'soooo fits me. My dad wrote a song named valerie and named me after it. I love the name.

04/05/2023 21:00:10

myy name isz valerie & im 15 yeersz old; i lik my name cusz NO ONE in my classz hasz it & i liv in da south bronx & der'sz alot of peaple so datsz gud (: ; i think my name isz ok nd peaple call me alee; v[ale]rie :)

03/31/2023 22:51:34

My name is Valerie And im 15 years old... i love my name because there aren't very many people name valerie... People often spell my name VALORY but its V-A-L-E-R-I-E.... the correct way to say valerie is (Val-ER-IE)... I only know one other person named valerie..

03/21/2023 18:20:38

My wife's name is Valerie, so I love it. She goes by 'Val' and It'suits her well. She'says, "I like my name because it is not common, but people still recognize it. Although on the phone, people have a hard time understanding it."

03/20/2023 22:21:34

Valerie is my name and I love it too! It is nice to have a name that is original, but not completely unheard of. I agree with the person who left an earlier comment - sometimes people confuse it when I am introducing myself with "natalie" or "hilary."

03/14/2023 07:04:18

Valerie is my name as well and I have grown to love it. I'm the only Valerie I know! When I was younger I tried changing the'spelling - Valorie, Valary, etc. but I like the traditional spelling best. It's a great name! I go by "Val" usually...

03/09/2023 00:59:36

i just learned that the name from old french latin and it means strong, valor and valiant. (the meaning of valiant should not be taken seriously since there's a little negativity in it). means heroin. Anyway, when we are called means power. yeah that means we are powerful and strong just like leaders and heroes. The world needs us! What would happen without leaders and heroes..huh? I love my name!

02/28/2023 20:05:16

I am 22 and my name is Valerie. I thionmed Valerie but I don't think that is the main point. The person behind the name is what makes the name what it is. You know though, I do tend to think that all Valeries seem to have similar character'stics. Every Valerie I know or have heard of and seen, brown hair except one (6/1), and most are free spirited people, unique, and they don't blend in so to speak as much as an Ashley or Lauren. no offense I like those names

02/22/2023 07:44:20

Valerie is a different name I like it people remember you because the name is unique like all valerie's

02/20/2023 13:07:30

Valinda is Russian Gypsy name,it means good fortune - you can find many Valindas in Russian circus Kazequtiana.

02/17/2023 22:49:14

When I was in college, my roommate's friend came over one day with his girlfriend. When she introduced he'self "I'm Athena", I thought it was the most beautiful, unique name that I had heard. Of course, I knew of the Greek goddess Athena, but this was the first time I ever met or knew of someone with that name. I thought to myself that if I were blessed to have a daughter, I would name her Athena. Years later my wife and I were blessed and we did name her Athena. She is a young woman now and she is as beautiful and smart as the name'suggests.

02/17/2023 20:45:48

I insist on being called "Valerie" and not "Val". I think It's a pretty name-feminine and distinctive. Also, It's not a cutsy, trendy name - It's as appropriate for a baby as it is for a woman. I never tire of the'sound, very musical, I think. Very common in England.

02/15/2023 20:16:18

My name is valerie and in all of my years of being in school no one else has been named valerie. My teache's remember me because my name is uncommon I love my name it is pretty and i really love the nickname val if tour name is valerie and you are thinking about changing it because you dont like it dont do that because you are uniuqe.

02/15/2023 08:13:20

I have always like my name however my parents spelt it with 2 L's Vallerie!!!I am 66 yrs old and every time I have to spell my name it is always questioned..Why the 2 L's LOL!!Even Google asks why

02/13/2023 23:36:02

HI'my name just happens to be Valerie. I'm 12 years old and I love m name. I love it cause its sweet and its no to common. LOVE M NAME YO!!! Its cute and COOL!!!

02/09/2023 19:05:26

My name is Valerie and I love the name very much.. All my frens call me Val. It's a nice name... Even my teacher likes my name! Hooray for Valerie!

02/03/2023 17:19:18

i LOVE my name because not alot of people have it but also i think it is special!!

02/01/2023 18:00:20

My name is Valerie. I happen'to like my name. Always have. I do notice that when I identify myself as "Valerie" people have not misunderstood it for something else, however when I identify myself as "Val" they often misunderstand me, many times for "Beth". Or they just say "huh?".

02/01/2023 04:46:50

My name is Valerie, I absolutely love my name and never wanted another one. It was rare & unique enough in the'sense that I didn't meet othe's with the'same name. This was until I'met my husband and found out his younger'sister (who is just a few months younger than me) was also named Valerie! What a trip! Now we have share the name--she is in the medical industry and uses her original maiden last name, since she graduated from med school before she married. In the years since then, every Valerie I'meet is successful--kind of weird.

01/20/2023 03:35:38

My name is Valerie. My mother got it from a soap opera, ha ha. Since I'm hispanic I'm also called "Valeria" (which is the way to say valerie in Spanish). i've met a couple other girls named Valerie.

01/11/2023 10:03:04

My daughter Valerie is ten years old. When I was growing up in the 70's, I had a Valerie in my class and thought it was a nice name. My name is Louise and hated having an uncommon name. But when I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted something different and thought of names I seldom hear anymore. She was going to be named Alicia, but one night while driving I heard the'song "Valerie" by Stevie Winwood. I remembered how much I had liked the name growing up and named her Valerie. It's a beautiful and uncommon name in a day of Taylors, Brittanys,and Gias.

01/06/2023 18:04:46

My names Valerie! Though mine is spelt Valaurie! Everyone always spells my name wrong! And i have only meet on other Valerie in my life!

12/30/2022 17:05:36

My Name is valerie and I have always liked it. Like said above when i introduce myself people often hear Mallory or something like that.

12/29/2022 23:45:14

I love my name, because you don't hear it too often. But I prefer to be called 'Val' instead, simply because It's easy to pronounce.

12/26/2022 10:49:12

It's just one of those names with the 'ommph' factor.

12/26/2022 06:24:42

I named my daughter (14 mos. old) Valerie and I just love it! There are absolutely no other Valeries her age in this town :) It's beautiful and feminine but also strong and serious. It's also a classic....I HATE trendy names!

12/17/2022 00:31:32

I am also a VAlerie and I too, have ALWAYS loved my name. People always seemed to want to call me Valeria in school and I do not like it being shortened to Val either. It is quite unique. I am 41 and have never met another person named Valerie first-hand. I find that people always seem to remember my name too, and I think it is due to the fact that most people do not hear the name very often. It has always been nice being the only Valerie in a class in school or at the office etc. My father picked the name because he had seen a movie just before I was born and the heroine in it was named Valerie and she was very strong and courageous. i've always wanted to find out what the name of the movie was but I never did. I'm glad, though, that my dad saw it and liked the name. It has served me well.

12/11/2022 09:20:12

My name; it has grown on me because it Isn't that common... Better than being a Jennifer, I suppose!

12/11/2022 08:27:18

My name is Valerie. I'm English and I'm the only Valerie in the county I live in! I would say I'm proud but I didn't name myself so I don't take any credit for it aha.

12/07/2022 16:34:56

You Should Name Your Child This Name Its A Nice Name .

12/07/2022 13:03:20

A true classic, Valerie is a name wIt'standing of time's tests. Although uncommon, the name is known to most and held in great respect by those from all manners of life. As a name thought as strong and elegant, Valerie is perhaps one of the best names out there for giving a child confidence in their upbringing and title.

12/04/2022 19:48:44

I don't have a problem with my name at all. Wouldn't change it, I guess ^^" But I am annoyed by Amy Winehouse song 'Valerie' becaue everyone, seriously everyone sings it to me XD

12/04/2022 14:48:58

That is my name! When I was in high school a girl named ValArie and I used to fight over which spelling was more appropriate, of course we were joking and later on became friends, our other friends call us "The Valeries".

11/21/2022 10:00:14

It's a beautiful name, It's my name. i love when people call me "val"!

11/16/2022 00:06:18

My daughter's name is Valerie...she is 14 months now. I like it because It's not commonplace, nor is it trendy.

11/10/2022 02:44:40

The name Valerie is the best name in the whole world ❤❤❤ I love it lot ....... People should really have that name ?????

10/23/2022 15:39:32

mine is Vellary the most unique name and i love that name people usually tells me it belongs to boys but i love It'so much although people usually confuse me with Vallary, valerie but i usually like that article e' coz it makes it diffarent

10/21/2022 08:42:06

I named my daughter Valerie (now 21). I still love it. It is not common, but at the'same time not "out there."

10/16/2022 02:55:02

I am called Valerie and I love it. I was born on St.Valentines Day.

10/11/2022 15:38:52

I love my name. Valerie is so femine (French) and means strong. I live up to my name all the way. I am trying hard to find a girls name that is exactly that, in case my baby-on-the-way is a girl. I would love to give her a strong feminine French name. (Their names are just prettier). I am thinking about Jacqueline (Jack-a-lean). It rivals Valerie. I never knew a Valerie who didn't know her own worth and value he'self and intellectual importance, regardless.... There is something special about those rare few Valeries I have met. maybe I am just biased.

10/04/2022 09:22:18

I named my daughter Valerie 30 years ago and I am very happy I did. She loves her name and wouldn't change it. It Valerie not Val. If you should name your baby Valerie pleae be sure to call her Valerie not Val. It is to beautiful to shorten.

10/04/2022 09:04:40

That's my partner's name. Beautiful lady..and I am a very lucky one!

09/26/2022 14:27:30

It's my name and I love it..I agree that it is hard to find anything that's personalized, but I guess its a good thing since that means that its not very common

09/21/2022 08:58:04

I love my name, but like all the other Valerie's...everyone spells it incorrectly and it is annoying...Just ask if you aren't sure....A person's name'shouldn't be

09/19/2022 13:28:20

pronounciation is easy, most people spell the name incorrectly...and yes, it is hard to find the name on coffee cups in gift stores, but I still love the name!

09/19/2022 08:46:12

My name is Valarie. My mom spelled it differently.I know one other person named Valerie. But she'spells it with an e. When I had earned awards, they always spelled it with an e. But I still have not found someone with the name Valerie spelled with an a, but I hope to.

09/17/2022 13:51:44

I love my name! It's pretty, It's not overly common, and It's easy to pronounce! Growing up kids would talk about changing their names but I never wanted to! I also get a lot of compliments on what a pretty name I have. Unfortunately people do tend to randomly shorten it to Val, but it doesn't bother me much, but I do prefer Valerie.

09/11/2022 10:55:04

My nаmе is Valeriа (spelled as it is spelled in Ukraine) and I am quite proud of that.

09/05/2022 22:57:42

I'll have a baby in a 2 weeks, and decided to name her Valerie. Me and my husband just love that name.

09/05/2022 19:08:28

Valerie is a name you don't hear often! Through high school, college, etc. I have yet to meet another Valerie. I can honestly say I am pleased with the name that was given'to me!

08/25/2022 14:11:42

I am also a Valerie and have always loved it (even more so as an adult). It is very pretty, special/unique and indicates a strong, level-headed woman. My family calls me Val, but I do prefer Valerie and it bugs me when people just assume it's alright to shorten it without asking me. Valerie is so lovely! Name your little girl Valerie and she'll love it!

08/12/2022 06:51:36

my initials happen'to be VAG which can be quite inter'sting. other than that i love my name. they say its quite popular but i have never met another valerie in person so i think its unique. its a sexy, timeless name.

08/11/2022 22:37:30

I love my name. as a child i wasnt very fond of the name Valerie, but as i am a grown woman now i wouldnt have another name. It is simply who I am. Everyone mispells it.. common misspellings are valorie, valory. Children'teased with names such as Valvolene when i was little. I'm 33 yrs old so maybe that was just in my day? might be different now.

08/11/2022 20:47:42

Valerie is my name and yes it is very rarely if ever'spelt correctly except by my family. No I have never actually met another Valerie.

07/28/2022 19:09:36

I was surprised to see that it was among the top 1000 names every decade. I'm usually the only one in an given situation, so I always thought it was an unusual name. I love it! I think It's a pretty sounding name - very feminine.

07/06/2022 21:02:06

I like my name, even'though people often misspell it. It is fun to have an instant nickname'since Valerie shortens to Val.

06/27/2022 18:21:00

Whom ever wrote this comment below...this is weird! look! My name is Macy, i love it. It's differnt. :)] my older'sisters name is Mallarie, and my youngers sisters names are MacKenna, and Madelyn. :) so we have a pattern . && i love itt. :D" My name is Macy and my older'sisters name is Mallory. My brothe's name is Matt...all M's but the weird part is that i wanted to name my kids Madelyn and MacKenna...Madelyn because It's a M and has mine and Mallory's first letters..her middle name is lynn and my bestfriend's middle name is dane...madelyn..there you go... anyway...i just found that ironic! P.s: I love my name as well :)

04/22/2022 23:58:30

I simpy love it!!! My father is American,and my mother is Italian:We live in italy! I never knew another valerie in Italy It's almost impossible,but lots of people like my name.(They spell it VALERY xD) when I was little I didn't like,but now i love it:I'm unique! Excuse me for the errors,I hardly ever wright in English xD VALERIE IS THE BEEEEEEST :)

03/20/2022 02:32:24

My parents spelled it ?V-A-L-A-R-I-E? instead of the more commonly spelled version with 2-Es and 1-A. I was born in the late 1972s . I always hated it when I went through School & college with Lisas , Lauras, Amy?s, Jennifers, Stephanies, Chris?s, etc. But i've come to appreciate the name as having the right blend of being uncommon but not too weirdly unique. I did have a college roommate for a summer with the'same name but spelled with 2-Es and 1-A instead of my way with 2-As & 1-E. Some nicknames i've been called are of course ?Val,? and one I really like, ?Vallie?. Also nicknames like ?Alla? (sounds like ?Aa? in ?valley?) ; ?Allie? that'sounds like a shortening of Allison.; or ?Ree? as short for ?Vale-Ree?

02/26/2022 11:44:06

My name is valeria but they mostly confuse it with valerie lol i used to hate when'the teache's read the attendence and said the name valerie (since kindergarden)but now im giving up and i dont even'tell them its valeria

02/22/2022 14:24:18

I am a 53 year old Valerie. I have always loved my name. In my whole life, I have only met 1 other Valerie. i've never had any problems with people spelling my name.

02/17/2022 14:32:24

My middle name is actually valerie and I'm 14, I havnt really liked the name but I now realise its a very petite and gentle name and now really love it

02/14/2022 15:10:12

I love my name! Us Valerie's have no part in being "trashy." I love it and feel like I stand out!

02/13/2022 05:18:54

as a kid, i hated "Valerie". Other kids called me Balerie, Varry, Barry, Valree. I hate Val. I'd rather just be called "V" if it must be shortened. Oh, and I get called Vickie, Vivian, and Beverly too. I'm 47 years old. I still don't like it, but I don't know what I would choose for myself. Maybe Mallory.

02/06/2022 20:30:36

I love this name, It's a little hard to pronounce but that's okay , I guess. It's better than having such a common name'such as Brittany.

01/23/2022 05:09:00

My name is Valerie! I am 16 and I love my name. "Valerie, A joyful heart On her lips a song, In the face of adversity, Will always be strong"

12/30/2021 03:47:06

I'll have a baby girl in a 2 weeks, and for sure will name her Valerie. Me and my husband just love that name..

12/08/2021 15:43:30

When I was little I did not like my name at all, but now I do. I guess you could say it grew on me. People always say how pretty of a name it is. Although, they have a hard time mispelling it and pronouncing it.

11/25/2021 06:33:36

My mom spelt my Valar** different. I'm not disclosing it on purpose, because I am the only Valar** spelt this way. I love my name because It's different. People rarely spell my name correctly, but that's ok!! It makes me feel special and unique.

11/16/2021 02:02:42

Never have problems with people misspelling it, and i also know 2 or 3 other people with the name. i love it, It's pretty, not incredibly common, and classic. it makes me sad when othe's say "Val"!

10/27/2021 13:33:54

I am Valerie born on Valentine's Day. People call me Victoria, Veronica, Vanessa often before they realize that my name is Valerie. I love Val as a nickname but in brooklyn It'sounds like sal al etc and so i answer to everyone thinking they are addressing me. some children named Isabelle are called Belle and it often sounds like Val.

10/14/2021 13:33:00

This is my name...its a great name I wouldn't change it for nothing in the world..

09/16/2021 00:12:54

hey my name is Valerie and I also prefer to be called Val. No one else really has my name, except on this site. I didn't know it was used that much on the 60s! I'm only 19, haha. But everyone spells my name wrong too. I hate when people sing that'stupid song "Valerie, Valerah" or whatever It's called. It's very annoying. All in all, though, I like my name.

09/05/2021 21:44:24

It's kind of cute. I knew a cute little blondie Valerie. Val is cute.

08/21/2021 21:13:48

Hi, Im 21 years of age and what can I say not many people have my name which makes me feel special and unique. I'mean seriously how many Louise's and Lauras do you come across, people mis-spell my name often which is annoying...but I'must say I love the that there's a song with my name in the Zetons and Amy Winehouse...It can't get any better than that

08/10/2021 16:13:12

Valentina is a lovely name! It's my daughter's second name :)

08/09/2021 01:47:24

That's my name and I love it even'though people tend to call me Victoria by accident (a lot.) I love my name and It's meaning! NAME UR KIDS VALERIE!!! Valeries unite!!!

08/05/2021 11:46:48

My name is Vallerie, but as you can see, spelled with two "l"'s. I like my name when people do not take it upon them selves to shorten it to Val. That is so plain and boring.

08/03/2021 14:56:42

i love my name'seriously it is an awesome name! I'mean i haven't met many people with the name valerie...and if i become famous...well not many celebs have that name and that is so chill! names that'start with a v sound so elegant i love it! thanks mom!

07/26/2021 20:17:06

I love the birdsong feeling all the vowels make as you say the name. My girlfriend is named Valerie, and I was happy to find that out when I first met her. Most people seem to be able to say her name right. Except for some of my Spanish speaking friends...then she's Balerie.

07/24/2021 06:58:48

People usually put too many "A's" in it. Bleah. But I love my name. i've only known a handful of other people with my name before. I'm a unique person and I have a unique name. What can I say? It works. :) I also tend to go by Val a lot as well.

07/14/2021 05:25:12

I wouldn't change my name for anything... I have always felt that I was unique and had a prettier name than most people... I know that sounds kinda rude but its true... Valerie is a beautiful name ... And one that most people don't forget... So if you want someone to be rememebered easily.. Name your daughter Valerie!!!

07/08/2021 00:16:30

I named my daughter Valerie she is 29 and she has always told me that'she loved her name....she was the only girl at her'school with the name Valerie...


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Valerie?
The origin of the name Valerie is French.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Valerie?
Strong, Healthy
*️⃣ How many people are named Valerie?
Almost 262000 people are named Valerie.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Valerie?
The names of Willow, Willa, Will, Willie, Wiley