Georgia meaning

: Farmer

Georgia Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ge(or)-gia\
Number of People 👶 155,000
Rate in 2021 418
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Latin
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Georgia Name Meaning

Georgia is the Latin and female version of George. George comes from the Greek word "geogros" which means "farmer"..

Georgia Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Georgia
Additional description of the name Georgia

When Saint George became the patron of England in the 14the century, George became very popular among the people who spoke English. Saint George lived in the fourth century and was beheaded for his Christian beliefs. His legend was resurrected during the Crusades when the Christians tried to capture the holy land. Something that adds extra credit to this name is that overall six kings of the United Kingdom were named George from the 18th to the 20th century. George is still very popular in England. It was the 9th popular name in England in 2010. George has several female versions which include: Georgette (French), Jorja (Spanish), Georgina (also Latinate), as well as Georgie and Gina

Cool Info About Name Georgia

Additional name description Georgia
Additional name description Georgia

Here are some famous people named Georgia:

Georgia O'Keeffe (artist)
Georgia of Clermont (5th century French nun and saint)
Georgia Brown (English singer)

What are your baby’s characteristics like when you name her Georgia?

A person with this name is usually on the extremes ends of the material spectrum. With such a name you either have a lot of material wealth or you have none. You will make a great CEO. Two words that describe you are balance and power.

What you want in life is to have a good time and enjoy your life. This is exactly why other people like you and tell other people about you. This might be reason behind you being a natural flirt. You are an entertainer who loves to express his feelings and opinions to others. When it comes to your personality, you have a good balance between your mental and emotional aspects.

You have great vision that can make you wealthy. You are great at analytical tasks. You are well-organized and can make things happen. Your reaction to events is decisive and effective, even without prior planning.

How do people react to you?

People look at you as someone who is stimulating and charismatic. You can seem talkative at times as well. You naturally attract, influence, and inspire the people around you. You usually wear functional clothes that work during day and night events. People are attracted to your ideas and projects because you radiate a potential for success.

People generally see this name as being wholesome, natural, and complex.

Lucky colors: Dark colors such as dark blue, gray, purple, or black

Lucky day(s): Thursday


Georgia experienced her peak of popularity over 100 years ago. Until 1940s Georgia maintained a high frequency but after that it fell down rapidly. The lowest point for Georgia came in 1980. In that period this name was given to less than 300 girls each year. In the last 20 years Georgia has got back almost 400 positions in the charts but it is still away from the top names. In the past couple of years several well-known figures have chosen this name for their daughters including Harry Connick Jr., Mick Jagger and William Macy. Generally we believe this is a great name that sounds classic but also has a southern ring to it

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Comments on the name Georgia
01/14/2024 00:00:00

this is my name and people always spell it wrong all the time. BUT i LOVE my name b/c most people out there don't have this name b/c i dont know may people that have this name. and when i do it is not spelled this way

12/31/2023 02:26:38

The only Dagny i've ever heard of is the character Dagny Taggart in Ayn Rand's novel _Atlas Shrugged_. The name wouldn't fit with my politics. However, it does sound like Daphne. Kind of cute.

11/15/2023 18:45:40

It's been my name for almost 28 years and I love it. I was named for my grandfather George, not the'state, but my mother liked the name'so much that'she almost named my sister Dakota. Geography is great! I know It's che'sy, but I would love to name my daughter Augusta...

11/12/2023 23:10:00

My name is Georgia and i love it :) My nickname is Gee so i go by that a lot of the time. I think its pretty without being silly or overly girlie. Does bug me a bit because people often'think my name is Georgina (and im not so fond of that name!!) And i LOVE people singing Georgia On My Mind to me!!

11/03/2023 02:17:32

My Names georgia and people always sing to me either "georgia on my mind" "Brown girl in the ring (Because im half greek)" My mum sings Good Gone girl to me by Mika because It'says Her name was georgia and she was gorgeous, Hehe Very flattered, Im 12 and the only georgia in year 8,My Full name is Georgia Sofia Christoforou and people call me Georgie,Its funny and sweet, Hehe xx

10/17/2023 05:18:48

My name is Georgia, and It's been a wonderful name to have. People always sing "Georgia on my Mind" when'they meet me. The only downside is that in the last year, about 10 people have pronounced it "Geor-gee-uh" I'm not kidding. Grown men and women from America. i've taken'to correcting them sharply with "Georgia. Like the'sTATE." and they always feel embarrassed, as they should. I'm 26 and met 3 other Georgia's in my lifetime. Only 1 Georgeene though. :)

10/07/2023 16:22:26

It's cool: Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall have a daughter with the name'so that'settles that.

08/25/2023 02:25:24

My name is Georgia brown and I'm named after the Willie Nelson song Georgia on my Mind I love my unique name definitely one of the best

08/21/2023 12:01:12

This is my name and I loooove it! So classy, timeless and pretty. Definitely not boring. Unless You're the type who likes completely obscure and bizzaro names that no one has ever heard of can't pronounce. Then heaven help your poor kid!

08/16/2023 15:56:02

We named our daughter (born March 2021) Tabitha, not, as everyone assumes, after the little girl in Bewitched, but after the Beatrix Potter character, Tabitha Twitchit. Pretty much everyone loves her name and hopefully she will when she's old enough! Her nicknames are Tabs, Twitchy or Twitchit, but I'm sure more will follow...

07/25/2023 09:03:22

In 2019 I had my daughter. When I seen her beautiful face Georgia just suited her. Georgia Analesia is her nams

07/13/2023 15:13:00

my name is also georgia, i think it is a banging name. :) i hate it when people call me georgina, its just not right. my friends call me "Gee", is snazzaayyyy! :D

07/10/2023 11:41:14

I would suggest giettng her on a tighter'schedule. Have her day planned out to an extent. Bath at like 630 then if you want her to go to bed at 8 start giettng ready at 730 Either by reading (dim the lights) or something that will calm her down. Not tv because this will not calm her down. They suggest not to have the tv at least for a 1 hour before the child goes to bed (not even for parents) Set a schedule for what you do right before bed time so she gets the idea. Also music in the backround really helps. Such as waterfall, rain, rainforest that type of music. If she is still taking naps then decrease her nap time and wake her up earlier it will take a little time for her to get used to it but it will help!

06/22/2023 17:50:32

I like Georgia. If I had a daughter, I would go possibly use this and call her Gia (gee-ah) for short.

06/10/2023 11:21:56

Love it, if we have a girl in October'she will be Georgia.

05/06/2023 08:47:10

my name is Georgia and its the best name ever you should name your child Georgia because everyone likes it my mummy picked it because I looked like a Georgia and I am a we blonde so you should name you child Georgia its the best name ever

05/06/2023 05:15:34

It's weird, because I like the name Georgia, but I really don't like Georgina or Georgie. Somehow, I think Georgia sounds prettier and more exotic, and slightly more unique.

03/27/2023 13:56:28

My name is Georgia. I like it, always have.. I used to get called Georgie-Porgie when i was little.. Actually my Mum still calls me that and im 27.. haha :| My friends and siblings call me G. I have met two other people with the'same name and they were both blonde (so am i).. So to me It's a very blonde name.. err.. yeah.

03/16/2023 04:37:28

I named my daughter Georgia, she is called Georgie for short. I thought it was both a strong and endeari!ng name. I still love it and I think she does too. She really suits the name Georgia

03/11/2023 15:35:30

It's so easy in the'states, just call your daughter Florida, Alaska, Dakota, California, Montana, Nevada etc., or Georgia, depending where you live! Great names for boys are Tennessee, Colorado, Ohio, York, Washington or Illinois. In fact I'm gonna call my son Illinois, yeah! Last name Tsukomara as I'm from Japan. His initials will be 'I.T.' which is so cool 'cause I'm an IT programmer!

03/05/2023 07:39:04

A show I just recently discovered called "Dead Like Me" has a character named Georgia and every one calls her "George" I think it is an awesome unique name and it fit her personality. I think its cool when names like this are boy and girl names(:

03/05/2023 03:49:50

My 3 year granddaughter is named Georgia, inspired by a character (beautiful, smart blonde) on Ally McBeal. I wasn't sure how I liked it at first but it has grown on me, just LOVE the little girl AND the name. Not over'sed like Emma and Madison, classic and a great song

02/10/2023 17:43:12

thats my name :D but mine is spelt jorja! people always spell it wrong, i am named after my granmother but my parents decided to spell my name like that'so i can have my my own name and feel unique

12/16/2022 18:21:14

I know some Georgia's and I know that'sometimes they have pronunciation problems. They say "Georg-i-a" and I prefer the newer'spelling "Jorja". To me, it is quite a masculine name as well.

11/01/2022 10:05:00

My name is Georgia and I really like it :) It's super unique and cute! Although hearing "Georgia on my Mind" everytime I'meet someone got old after like the 500th time haha. Also ther's a toliet paper/paper product company name Georgia Pacific which is weird to be like peeing somewhere and see your name on the toilet paper dispenser...haha. I have yet to meet another person who is younger than 50 named Georgia..It's a very old victorian name but It's adorable :) a few people call me Gia and a few call me Geo so the nicknames for the name arn't too harsh! I think you should name your daughter Georgia.

10/20/2022 18:53:20

My grandaughter's name is Georgia. I think that it is a very beautiful name.

09/02/2022 06:06:36

My name is Georgia, yet it is constantly being mistaken for Georgie, Georgina, Georgini and George. I really like my name and people often comment on it.

07/29/2022 07:58:12

my best friend is called georgia. i have never liked the name, but recently ive found it is sort of exotic somehow but i cant explain why. however i would not call my kid this unless i was south american or korean or greek or something - dont ask me why but i wouldn't!!

07/14/2022 00:08:24

My name is Georgia and I love it. I'meet a lot of people because of my job, and I'm often complimented on my name. Like one of the previous comments, I also get serenaded with "Georgia On My Mind," but it never gets old. I'm always flattered by it :) The only con is that'sometimes people mistakenly call me Georgina or Gloria, but It's a small price to pay. I have never met another Georgia (i've heard of othe's, though), and it might sound silly, but I kind of don't want to. I like having a name that's not over-the-top-weird, but still pretty unique.

06/01/2022 11:00:00

My Daughter's name. I have always loved it and always get tons on compliments on her name

04/27/2022 22:00:36

It's a gorgeous, warm, sassy name - reminds me of the great BrIt'sh jazz singer Georgia Brown.

03/31/2022 01:08:42

My Sisters name is Georgia, and she often gets called Georgie-Porgie. She has, on occassions, spelt it like "Jorja". She likes her name, and it reminds me of someone whos chubby, even'though she Isn't at all!

10/21/2021 20:18:54

I love my name, not many people have it. My mom named me after where my grandpa was born, and after the late great georgia Okeefe. It exudes confidence and uniqueness, just like me! Mt friends call me Gee Gee. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I dont. Depends on the person. LOL.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Georgia?
The origin of the name Georgia is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Georgia?
*️⃣ How many people are named Georgia?
Almost 155000 people are named Georgia.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Georgia?
The names of Giovanni, Giovanna, Giavanna, Jovanni, Jovani