God Is Gracious

Gia Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \gia\
Number in U.S 👶 16,000
Rate in 2021 675
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Italian

Gia Name Meaning

Historical origin and etymology:

It is the short form of Gianna. Gianna itself is the short form of Giovanna which is the feminine version of the name Giovanni. Giovanni is the Italian version of the name John. The name has got an Italian Origin with the meaning of “gift from God” and “God is gracious”. Its main origin is Hebrew and basically popular in Christian origin. If you are in love with the name “John”, it is good to know that Giovanni is the Italian version of the name “John”.


Personality traits of the girl named Gia:

She is supported by a lot of money, power and abundance. She is very strong. Unlike her feminine physical characteristics, she is powerful and with strong muscles. That is because of her constant physical exercise. She is very sensitive about her body and health. So, it is not very surprising to see her every day at the gym.

She likes being the boss or a group controller. She has a good sense of cooperation with her authoritative manner. She is a good problem-solver for everybody.  She is very wise in solving problems easily. This is another factor that makes her more strong and more protective.

She is active and as a result, hard-working; having these two characteristic features along with each other, makes a person more well-earned. She makes money very well and tries to create a more comfortable life for her family.

plus, she does her job very carefully and well. More generally, she is good at anything which is given to her. She can work it out as best as possible. This is very nice about her and leads her to success. She sees everything in full detail while she is noticing it on a Grand scale. She plans for all she needs in the future using this manner.

She leads very well in any group she joins. She can find everyone's potential very well to use their abilities for the first time, they understand that you are an elegant, sensitive and Noble person.  She hates fighting and is in love with harmony and peace. She is very sensitive about religion, philosophy and tradition. She is a good personality identifier. She is aware of the thoughts and feelings of others; this makes her a little sensitive in choosing her friends.

She likes to be successful in almost all fields and she tries to do so. She has a good fortune. Luck seems to be around her all the time.

How do people react to your name?

When they meet you, they understand that you are very introverted and mysterious, but respectable at the same time. Being well-dressed helps you be more confident. From most people's point of view, you seem keen, wise and analytical.

You are an intellectually active person. This helps you pass all of the steps of success gradually. Your mind is analytical which helps you think and decide mentally; especially on bad hurdles and difficult occasions. You are an active person who tries to solve problems before they evolve. You like to react to events without prior planning. People love this about you because of the fact of your wisdom and cleverness.

Your most likely vocation: administrator, supervisor, industrialist, builder, politician, printer, publisher, engineer, philosopher, social scientist, public speaker, the leader in commerce or travel and tourism.

Lucky colors: Dark colors such as dark blue, gray, purple, or black

Lucky day: Thursday

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Comments on the name Gia
06/09/2023 19:47:22

I did realize that this name was so rare. I too am named Gia Alisha. I hated the name growing up but now I find It'so beautiful and unique. I find that other people named gia are also unique and posess a presence and beauty about them. I also got the Chia Pet jokes and Gina jokes. They do get old. But I love the name'so much and I am glad to have it.

06/05/2023 20:34:10

haha. i can sympathize with the comment beneath me. It'seems like gia can possess many nicknames; even'though It's already short!! i get called so many things ranging from giabia to gi joe! i like my name because it is unusual and uncommon so i usually get excited when I'meet someone new with the name.

05/31/2023 05:05:12

My name is Gia Mari (pronounced "Marie")! This is crazy that there are so many other Gia's out there!

05/26/2023 11:03:28

I, like a few othe's, didn't like my name when I was child. Then, It'seemed only my family members could pronounce it correctly. It was the name of my mother's favorite actress, Gia Scala (Stage Name). I do like my name. Most times, I ignore the jokes; even'though they are disrespectful.

05/18/2023 17:19:12

This is such a beautiful name that is under'sed so it makes it unique! Love it.. Pronounced like rain

05/12/2023 05:33:32

My girlfriend's name is georgia and i call her gia for short.

05/06/2023 12:18:46

i named my daughter gia. i pronounce it as jee-yah. anyone who asks her name just loves it. its small and sweet ... jus like my daughter ;)

04/20/2023 06:19:20

yeah people always spend my name with a 'h' or and an 'e' instead of a k and an a. it is annoying but I'm used to it now. go ZACKS!

04/10/2023 18:15:52

wad up im bored at skooll n i dnt realy give a fck ora pues suceeee

03/27/2023 22:45:28

My name is Gia. Just Gia no middle name. I was named after Louie Prima's 5th wife. My Grandfather picked it. It was a tough name to have when I was little because no one had heard of it. But, now I would'nt trade it for the world. As for people saying it wrong It's amazing how many people can screw up such a short name. Oh, and if one more person calls me Gina I am going to scream. It's good to be different.

03/16/2023 16:58:04

My name is Gia Nikkole Collazo , i was name after the movie Gia and i love this name'so much lol , im the only want in my school with that name and i have also dealed with the Chia Pets jokes my whole life but other then'that i love my name

03/11/2023 14:42:36

People often pronounce my name with the traditional G sound. But I guess the movie "Gia" has popularized the name. Also I always get "Ch-Ch-Ch- Chia" for the Chia Pet commercials (lame). People seem to like the name

03/03/2023 19:47:48

My 20 month old daughter is named gia and i was not too sure of how to spell. jia or gia, but gia is so unique and until now i dint know anyone with the'same name as my daughter i thot she is the only one with this name....and everyone pronounces it wrong and i have to correct them and when corrected they say that the name is fasinating, so unique and sounds wonderful...i hope my daughter likes it as much as i do.

03/02/2023 16:27:54

My full name is actually "Gianni" I just realized It's a boys name, but hey, I go by Gia now, and yep...I get the whole "Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!" thing.... *eye roll* Silly high-school.... I also get called "Gia-pet" and because the high-school I go to is hip-hop/rap oriented, I get the "g-g-g-gia" thing (G-unit has some odd thing they do..I'll never understand it)

02/26/2023 11:57:18


02/17/2023 07:14:40

I love that name, Gia Marie, it was my ex-girlfriends name Gia Marie Carangi, she was a supermodel..really sweet, died of AIDS, I'miss her'so much. -"Sandy"

02/07/2023 04:29:32

For the past 34years now ,my name is and has always been ,Gia, and not Ghia [as in the car Ford Granada ] please people !!! I am also called G and Gigi ...I love my name and its an honor to meet all he Gia's out there!

01/29/2023 10:04:04

My name is Gia, and i've never met another Gia, though I know their out there (: I got the whole "chia pet" jokes aswell, but eventually I just adapted the nickname "Gia pet", I got used to it. I think its a beautiful and unique name!

01/23/2023 23:34:52

My name is often pronounced wrong. It's Giadona but people call me Gia & i love the name but I wish I could find more information on my name. I have been made fun of alott about the chia pet jokes & if i poor water on you will you grow?

12/30/2022 01:13:24

I have learned to LOVE my name! As a child I got the whole Chia pet thing but it is truly happy with it.

12/13/2022 08:39:10

I am having my first child in October. We already know It's a girl and have decided to name her Gia Marie. My husband chose the name, at first I wasn't too crazy about it, but the more I said it the more I learned to love it. Even'though Gia is such a short name already, i figured for a nickname I could call her Gigi.

12/07/2022 16:52:34

My name is Gia Marie -- named by my parents in 1975! My grandmother's name is Lucia and Gia is sort of a diminutive of her name -- I had some problems in school with the name but realize how original it is now -- I am married to an Italian and live part-time in Italy but it is not known here as a name -- Gianna is the the closest you can get -- since the tragic case of Gia Marie Carangi, a lot of people ask me about her -- my life Isn't tragic though I do work in the media! In any case, I absolutely love my name and plan naming a future baby an unusual name as well.

12/07/2022 01:00:22

I am pregnant with my third baby and my partner is Italian, and if the baby is a girl we shall be calling her Gia Charlotte Maria. (Charlotte is my name, Maria is his Nonnas name) I love the name !

11/27/2022 13:32:10

My name is Gia, Gia Marie Klebba. People do pronounce and spell my name wrong a lot. A lot of people call me Gina or because of the Chia pet people sing that'song around me. I'm seventeen years old and I have not met any other Gia's in real life. I have met a Mia and Tia.My mom said that'she didn't get my name from knowing about the model, Gia Marie Caranji, but that my mom knew a woman named Gia. I'm Italian, German, Irish, Polish, Jewish and American...haha I'm a mix of a lot of things, quite unqiue :) and my name Gia as well as you fellow Gia's, that just seems to fit us

11/20/2022 08:43:46

my name is Gia Marie (which seems to be the middle name for all Gia's) and i always thought it was a strange name and wanted to be named Brittany or Brianna when i was little but now i wouldn't trade my name for the world! It'sounds weird to say outloud though since i never have to call someone else Gia but its short sweet and means something beautiful! and the "chia pet" nickname needs to be retired because its so annoying! and getting called Gina is too. Gia is a much prettier name!

11/11/2022 21:03:52

I used to hate the name Gia growing up. I always told my mom I was going to change it when I was old enough and I would never forgive her, lol. Now, I love it! Everyone I'meet loves it and thinks It's exotic and unusual. From men I hear what a sexy name it is. Everyone knew who I was in school and in my town -- every where I went (they would always remember my name)-- It was do you know "Gia" not "Jen Smith."

11/11/2022 07:15:06

My daughter was born in April2016. Conceived in Mexico, but born in the U.S.! Yay citizenship! Anyways, she is Gia Carmi G. and won a baby beauty pageant in Maryland at the tender age of 9 months. I'm gonna make sure she gets and education to match.

11/11/2022 01:40:04

my name is gia and people call me gia marie and since its a very italian name the call me gia the italian princess. and people call me gigi but i kinda hate tht name. but in general i love my name<3

11/06/2022 20:51:50

OMG I had no idea there was anyone with the'same name as me. I too am a Gia Marie, named in 1997 by my parents. I too went through the whole Chia pet jokes all my life...which is so kindergarten and lame. My mom never told me how she got the name...I knew about the model but didnt know she was a Gia Marie too...I just decided to google my name and of course landed here. I once met a lady at a Hotel job and she had the'same name....THIS IS SOOOOO INTer'sTING...COOL BEANS TO FELLOW GIAS'

10/31/2022 16:27:00

Hot & Sexy like me! I used to hate the name Gia growing up. I always told my mom I was going to change it when I was old enough and I would never forgive her, lol. Now, I love it! Everyone I'meet loves it and thinks It's exotic and unusual. From men I hear what a sexy name it is. Everyone knew who I was in school and in my town -- every where I went (they would always remember my name)-- It was do you know "Gia" not "Jen Smith."

10/10/2022 07:36:50

I named my daughter Gia Cheyanne when she was born in 2012. We just been finding othe's with the'same name as her and i have to admit i did name her after the model. People always spell and pronounce it wrong hahaha We live in Wales and have not come across anyone with her name in Wales if there are any please let us know. xx

09/12/2022 21:18:10

My name is Gia (Gia Christine) and I love it! I was also named after Gia Scala, a very beautiful Italian actress who was in Cary Grant movies and the Guns of Navarone. My family is Italian, Irish and American Indian. I was told that my Italian great aunt said Gia means "most precious thing" and "precious child of God" in Italian. I was also told that Gia means "God" in Gaelic when my grandmother went to Ireland, where she asked someone who spoke Gaelic. And there is an Indian Goddess or Earth Mother "Gaia" that it is also considered a derivative of (I heard that also from the only other Gia I ever met in person when I was 32--so that is your odds of meeting someone with your name when your name is Gia!). I love my name, but don't like it to be shortened, which I think is ridiculous. I too got the GI Joe and Chia Pet jokes "G... G... Giapet" my ex used to say--one reason he is my ex. And I don't understand how anyone could possibly think it would be pronounced with a hard G as in the Ford Carmen Ghia because that'sounds so ugly. I also endured it being mispronounced every way possible and people wanting to call me Gina, Jill, etc. and being rude when I refused to let them. People definitely remember you and it is by your first name only like You're a star like Madonna or Cher. Now due to the movie Gia, people not only know how to pronounce it, but everyone always asks me if I was named after Gia Carangi, although she was just a kid when I was born in 64 (I'must look young!). I think girls named Gia develop powerful and unique personalities to go along with such a unique name. Anyway, I love my name and it is beautiful, memorable and ultra-feminine yet strong and I would never change it. I think it makes me "me".

08/27/2022 21:05:42

We are naming our next baby Quinn, regardless of the baby's gender. It is my husband's great grandmother's maiden name, and we are using it to name a baby after her. My advice to parents. Pick a name you like, that Isn't too strange, and go with it. Just don't pick a silly way to spell it. As a teacher, I can'tell you, I have seen some of the'strangest spellings in the world, for some of the most common names. :) Have fun.

08/14/2022 09:11:06

My name is Gia and othe's call me G.G I'm the only Gia in the whole school!

07/27/2022 10:13:12

well like almost everyone in here... my name is gia and im really happy having that name cause its unique and so far i havent met anyone that has that whole name is Eulogia but they call me gia for short seems like the only people who can pronounce my first name/Eulogia is my family and even'though having gia as a name is an honor cause it fits me perfectly im unique i love being different and im unexpected and gia sounds really magnificent for an emo/scene kid so i love my name and i know its really random for a sin to be in this site isnt it? well hi n_n

07/18/2022 12:06:36

Hi, my name is Gia too, I am a teenager, and I am starting to appreciate it more and more! While I have never actually met someone with the'same name I have heard of several people having it!

06/25/2022 10:32:06

How about Georgia...and calling her Gia...does that make any sense or not

06/19/2022 19:06:54

My sons name is Jiah, its pronounced Ji as rhyming with eye, -ah. Jiah. he's brother named him right after he was born, he was at home we didn't make it to the hospital and it certainly felt like a victory! i've since been'told it means my love and in one of the Australian Aboriginal dialects - victory!

04/22/2022 22:08:42

I named daughter Gia, her middle name is Michael (herlast name's Italian) Gia was named after both of her grandfathe's who passed before she was born. I am of Italian descent and Gia is the female version of John (my dad). Gia Michael is a beautiful and strong name for a beautiful and strong girl. She just turned 5 in March, and I hear nothing but compliments regarding her name. She goes by Gia,G,Gi-Gi. And GIA MICHAEL (When she misbehaves)

03/30/2022 15:04:48

Matt Damon's daughter is named Gia Zavala Damon....beautiful.

03/22/2022 15:50:42

Looking for a longer version of Gia??? My name is Giavanna....doesn't really exist since the correct way to spell it is Giovanna, but my parents wanted to call me Gia so they changed it to Giavanna.....I have ALWAYS loved my name and not many people can say that.

02/27/2022 15:11:06

Wondering why it became so popular and then dropped off so rapidly?

01/02/2022 22:22:12

My daughter is named Giavanna. The meaning of the name whether'spelled Giavanna or Giovanna is God is gracious. It's a beautiful name!

01/02/2022 07:43:48

my name is Jiah i don't know ANYBODY with that name except the actor Jiah Khan who decided to rename he'self Jiah after'seeeing the movie Gia (thats how my mom got my name though weird huh?)But I had the name before her.But we both got the namesat the'same time becase I was born that year (2010) March.So power to the Gia Jia Jiah's whoohoo!

12/31/2021 07:14:06

I absolutely love my daughters name. It's beautiful and different enough that when her name is called there Isn't three other kids looking up to.

12/25/2021 13:59:06

I name is Gia also. I am Italian-Sicilian American. My parents named me Gia after a character in the movie "Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell" with Sophia Loren. I too also have heard the Chia pet jokes and get called "Ghia", like the car. I actually went to high school with another Gia. I love my name and would never change it.

12/16/2021 01:14:06

My daughter is 6 weeks old and I LOVE her name Gia Lorraine. Her daddy picked it out last minute- after'she was born. I use GiGi as a nickname as well as g.lo, gigi-lo, g-gereno....It's a beautiful and uncommon name.

11/13/2021 02:40:30

I love my name and I feel like if someone took the name Gia away from me, I wouldnt be me anymore. I still havn't met anyone with the name Gia so It's cool to have a unique name. I hate the Chia pet joke... I don't really get it anymore but I did when I was little. All my friends call me G for short (like Gia isnt short enough...haha).

07/30/2021 03:53:24

I am so confused! I'm pregnant and I loooove the name Gia, but would my daughter ask me: what does it mean?

07/28/2021 03:23:42

I have been searching for my grandmother name and wanted something which sounded younger. I was all against the G names until I came up with Gia.

07/18/2021 00:00:18

My name is gia and I love my name because its so unique and I hate that its becoming more popular because it is unique but I guess if It's spreading around the world like my mom always said "the more the merrier."

07/09/2021 16:32:06



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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Gia?
The origin of the name Gia is Italian.
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God Is Gracious
*️⃣ How many people are named Gia?
Almost 16000 people are named Gia.
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The names of Christopher, Colin, Collin, Cullen, Kellen