Keeper Of The Keys, Pure, Slender

Kaelyn Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ka(el)-yn\
Number in U.S 👶 15,000
Rate in 2021 2050
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 American

What is meaning of name Kaelyn?

"Kaelyn" is a popular name for girls that has American origin. Meaning of the name Kaelyn is: "Keeper Of The Keys, Pure, Slender".

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Comments on the name Kaelyn
12/9/2022 2:05:08 AM

my mname is kaelyn i was born 2007 in new mexico and the name wasnt that popular then and every one calls me kaitlyn but im o k with that

12/6/2022 7:07:42 PM

We named our new little boy Caden after many months of trying to agree on a name. I am pleasantly surprised to hear that it means "spirt of Battle" as my little one was deliverd in'the front seat of my car on'the way to the hospital by my wife as I drove with a police escort. I'd say that he came into this world a fighter!

12/4/2022 1:38:26 PM

My name is Kaelyn and my mom named me but she wanted to be Kaitlen but then she thought about it and said no because there were to many in the world so that'she did something different and that's how i got my name

12/3/2022 12:21:58 PM

My name is Kaelyn and I never knew that'so many people spelled it the'same way. Usually when people try to spell it they never get it right. I love my name because it is so unique. i know one other person with the'same name but she'spells it differently.

12/3/2022 9:08:00 AM

Hi I am Kaelyn I am 9 and all my friends call me KK (and my enimie)

12/1/2022 12:07:08 AM

i am fine with the name kaelyn, buut it drives me nuts when people call me katelyn or kayla or a k names is not kaelyn.

11/29/2022 1:23:26 AM

my 17 mnth old's name is kaelyn rae.i love that name and im so glad i picked it,although everyone calls her katelyn,but its ok.i hope she loves it when she gets older !!

11/23/2022 5:15:18 PM

My daughter's name is Kaelyn. I thought it was original also and then she went to daycare and there was another little girl there named Cailyn!

11/20/2022 10:50:10 PM

Me and my husband was going at it on what we will name our child...we didnt seemed to agree on any of them until I said Kaelyn. Our 2 1/2 year old is Kaelyn Sydney...i love her name....i never knew anybody with the name'so i liked it even more.....I just hope she won't get annoyed when she grows up if people keeps calling her the wrong name...because i have been'there

11/13/2022 2:30:10 PM

Kaelyn is our daughters name. She was born in 2014. I have not met anyone or seen her name'spelled the way we spell it. We chose this spelling because I don't want her to be called Kate as she gets older. :)

11/10/2022 4:51:04 PM

my names kaelyn it doesnt really bother me when people spell my name wrong i just correct it!!! kaelyn is actually my middle name tho. my first name is heather but i hate tht!!! my name is probaly the koolest name ever and im glad my mom named my mom named me tht!!! my best friend still calls me kaetlyn!!!

11/9/2022 5:52:42 AM

hI'my name is kaelyn and i was born in 1999, i have never met anyone named kaelyn.

11/8/2022 7:50:12 AM

I named my daughter Kaelyn (2014) people are always calling her Katelyn or spelling her name wrong and I have been'told it is a boy's name, although there are many people as well who compliment the name'saying how beautiful it is. It evens out I guess.

11/7/2022 8:22:30 PM

my name is Kaelyn and like most people call me Katelyn the first time they meet me. and they spell it wrong a lot.

11/2/2022 2:35:26 PM

I have a 5 month old babygirl named Kaelyn Marie. She is my 3rd child. My two boys were so easy to name. I think a girls name is much harder to choose. We picked this name on mothe's day- 1 week before we was born. I Hope she likes it.. <3

11/1/2022 9:15:04 PM

My name is Kaelyn. Im thirteen and i love my name! It gets confused with Kaitlyn all the time. I get tons of compliments on my name, And im very proud to walk around with that name :)

10/31/2022 10:16:42 AM

I have been called so many other things than kaelyn

10/25/2022 2:05:36 PM

My name is kaelyn and i was the first child named kaelyn i was born in 2001 may 6 th my name comes from part of my moms name!

10/25/2022 1:30:20 PM

My name is Kaelyn im 13 and i love my name. Many people spell it wrong b/c im the only one in my school with the name like that besides kaylyn

10/25/2022 12:34:28 AM

I named my first baby Kaelyn. She's 6 years old now and we've had many mispronounciations. She corrects everyone though. Lots of people think her name is Katelyn, but I tell them there's no T in her name. I had wanted to name her Kayleigh, but she already has a cousin named Hailey. Too similar sounding. I looked through the baby names book and found Kaylyn and played around with the'spelling. I still love this name and It'suits my daughter perfectly!

10/23/2022 3:04:16 PM

Hey my name is Kaelyn people spell it wrong all the time.... hope that's inter'sting enough

10/21/2022 11:41:24 PM

i am 11 years old and live in new york new york and my name is kaelyn i love It'sounds so cute and unique

10/21/2022 3:10:02 PM

My 10 year old year daughter is called kaelyn we pronouce it Kaylen but some people call her Kayleen and Kay Lyn. By the way we live in Australia and know of one other child here with the name. We didn't realise it was so common in America as we had never heard it before.

10/19/2022 6:44:26 AM

i think this name is the very best in the whole world

10/18/2022 10:30:42 PM

hI'my name is kaelyn and i like it but sometimes i wounder what it would be like to have another 13 by the way

10/17/2022 12:25:14 PM

My daughters name is Kaelyn Rose.I was thinking that this is going to be a real different name. Boy was I wrong!!Kaelyn is every where these days, holy cow!! The Kae came from my mothe's middle name, Lyn from my first and middle and the Rose after grandma...Hey it was a good idea at the time lol. It'seems all the time she keeps getting called Katelyn, even by family.....ugh. But its a very beautiful name!I had a friend buy her'stuff for her birthday with her name on it. It was spelled Katelyn, again. The invitation had her name on it. Maybe I should buy her a shirt with her name in big bold letters!!!

10/17/2022 12:57:32 AM

my names kaelyn and im 12 and even friends cant say it! everyone calls me kae, but i love my name cause ive never met any with It'spelled the'same:)

10/16/2022 9:05:20 AM

I have a 2 month old named Kaelyn Rae. I really didn't think the name was all that common. I got many compliments towards the'spelling of it while we were still in the hospital, come to find out we aren't that original after all. oh well! I still wouldn't change her name for anything in this world!

10/14/2022 1:53:14 PM

My daughter's name is Kaelyn Olivia Rose. I love the name Kaelyn and have only heard of 2 other people with this name. :)

10/13/2022 7:22:20 PM

My daughter is Kaelyn. I love the name and like so many other parents, thought that I had i'vented it. When she was born, back in 2003, I found a variant of it as a boy name in the baby name book. I realize that this name has been around for a very long time with all of its variant spellings, here and around the world. Go Kaelyns everywhere!

10/10/2022 1:44:10 AM

My name is Kaelyn too! I have only met one other person that has this name and spells it the'same way! Some people think it has a "t" in it, but it doesn't. Othe's put the emphasis on the "Lyn" part when it is supposed to be on the "Kae" part. I was named after a relative whose name is Kay and her middle name is Lynn. I love my name!!! :D

10/9/2022 5:12:48 PM

I love the name kaelyn. Its my daughters name and I figured out her name the day she was born july 4. Its not common among people I know and that makes her name unique.

10/8/2022 12:24:44 PM

My name is Kaelyn, I really like my name because, no one really has it that's my age- I'm 22!! So its a good thing because its unique!

10/3/2022 2:30:48 AM

I just named my daughter Kaelyn, and everyone so far has loved it, have had problems with people thinking is was Katelyn, but not many.

10/1/2022 5:35:52 PM

My name is Kaelyn and i was born in 2004. People offten call me Katelyn or they spell my name "Kealyn" or "Kaylen". it always gets on my nerves. I have met other people with the'same name but it Isn't spelled the'same way.

9/24/2022 8:40:36 AM

My name is kaelyn, i was born in 1996. My mom came up with my name and I always get called katelyn

9/22/2022 2:36:04 AM

YEESSS!!! finally!! i thougght i was all alone! people always pronounce it Kee-la and im like "no!" i always wanted to change my name when i was little like to Che'sea or something(haha that would've been funny). now i LOVE my name!! i thank my mom and God for my name. Hope all the Keyla's of the world have a great life!! love ya!!

9/20/2022 10:23:16 PM

My name is Kaelyn, and I love my name. It's unique, but when I introduce myself to people, they always think It's Katelyn, but i've gotten used to correcting people. My middle name is Danielle and I think Kaelyn Danielle is a beautiful name, and I'm really glad It's mine.

9/20/2022 9:27:24 AM

My name is kaelyn and everyone calls me kaykay because i get so sick of people calling me katelyn!

9/19/2022 10:52:36 PM

my friend kaelyn often ha a hard time with her name because people constantly mistaken it as katelyn. i think her name is beautiful and i wish it was my own.

9/16/2022 7:53:08 AM

I am a twin named kaelyn. Friends call me k.k. I am 6.

9/12/2022 12:08:34 AM

my name is kaelyn to i love it ive met a few other girls with the'same name but only one in my school

9/10/2022 9:06:18 PM

My daughter's name is Kaelyn Rose also. Many people call her Kaetlyn as well. I hate that. She corrects them he'self now. My name is Kae-lyn... it does not have a "t" in it". LOL

9/6/2022 4:35:42 PM

I named my daughter (6/3/03), Kaelyn after a song I fell in love with, titled, "Cailin" by UNWRITTEN LAW- [CAILIN]-which is the true IRISH spelling, but is pronounced KAII-LENNN in Ireland.. in Irish slang, Cailin means "little girl".. My mom was worried about the name early on, because she thought people wouldnt be able to figure out how to say it. [I disagree] To my knowledge, no one has had any trouble discerning her name, the only problem we've had is correcting people who repeat her name as "KATELYN", not Kaelyn. I absolutely fell in love with the name the moment I heard it.. It is a beautiful name, by far!!! --Courtney

9/6/2022 7:29:04 AM

My Daughters name is also Kaelyn Olivia!! I think It's a beautiful name. People used to always say Katelyn, but now that the name is more popular ( although I haven't seen one yet that's spelled the'same)It'seems people are saying it right these days. I have seen Kailyn,Kaylin, Kaylan, Kaylen, Kalen, Kalan , Caelin, Cailin and Cailyn!! LOL..My second daughters name is Londyn Rae...I haven't seen one of those yet!!

9/4/2022 7:55:26 PM

HI'my name is Kaelyn and i was born in 2003 as well. see my dad wanted the name kaelee and my mom wanted kaitlyn so they compromised

9/4/2022 4:03:14 AM

My daughter's name is Kaelyn. I chose it because it means "sweetheart" in Arabic. It fits her to a "t"!

8/20/2022 1:31:12 AM

My name is Kaelyn Anne Warren. I am in college and peopl pronounce and spell it wrong. My Spanish teacher wrIt's it:Kaylin. Some people are stupid enough to say:Kay-Line. :(

8/19/2022 8:08:06 AM

My name is Kaelyn my dad named me after a guy he played football with! I'm sick and tired of the name mix up though.

8/13/2022 3:54:18 AM

HI'my name is Kaelyn too I'm 13 and people call me katelyn alot at first I would answer to that name I don't know why but i've tried this thing were I don't answer too any other name than Kaelyn it actually works and It'seems like suddenly people are getting my name corect on the first try with out me correcting them my mom thought that Kaelyn was a beautiful name and I get compliments on it all the time my middle name is Jamese (JAH-MEES) which is James with an extra "e" because my dads middle name is James

7/19/2022 1:50:06 AM

My name is Kaelyn!!! Ive never met anybody with the'same spelling! I always though my mom made it up... guess not. I hate it when'they say Katelyn! It drives me nutz. I always say "It's KAELYN not Katelyn" But I love my name!!

7/8/2022 7:42:00 PM

YO all my homies!! My Name is Kaelyn and it is the Best Fricken Name on the whole fricken world, yo know it!! I live in in the Getto! Im a Gangster you can cheak my stats!! no other Kaelyn can put it down like me... im Kaelyn-ish-ous!!

7/8/2022 5:03:36 AM

My name is Kaelyn. I'm 24 years old and until recently had NEVER heard of anyone else spelling it that way! i've always liked that it is a unique spelling. Yes, people do tend to want to say "Kaitlin", but I just correct them. I get tons of compliments on it and everyone thinks it is a beautiful name.

6/20/2022 4:15:54 AM


6/16/2022 7:51:00 AM

My names Kaelyn and ive only met one other person ive met with that name had the'spelling "cailin." almost everyone I'meet calls me kaitlyn one time or another. i have known this one guy for 7 years and he'still calls me kaitlyn.

6/13/2022 1:58:12 PM

Hi, my name's Kaelyn Li, I'm 13 years old and I live in Wisconsin. I find it annoying when people first meet me and they say my name like "Katelyn" or "Kaeleen." It's simply Kay.lin, so easy!

5/8/2022 7:42:00 PM

My naem is kaelyn and im 15. i've never met another girl named kaelyn but a lot of katelyns. Pretty much everyone say my name wrong the first couple of times ,however; after they get my name right then'they go onto spelling it wrong. But I LOVE my name! :)

5/6/2022 5:28:48 AM

I'm a Kaelyn too!! I'm 19 and get alot of Kaylas annd Katelyns! Bugs me pretty bad but everyone loves my name and so do I.

5/1/2022 7:20:24 PM

My 7 year old daughter is named Kaelyn. Most of the time when she meets new friends they do call her Kaitlyn, until she corrects them.It is pronounced Kay-lyn, i think the e throws people off.I know of 2 other kids with this name, one boy and one girl. But they spell it totally different.We chose it from a baby book of names. We like it because it is different and as soon as we saw her we knew she looked like a Kaelyn even'though we had never met a Kaelyn before. She is... one of a kind!

4/29/2022 9:35:24 PM

I had planned on naming my daughter'shea the entire time I was pregnant until her father's mother told me it was too masculine with a week to go before my due date. We were at a restaurant where I live and I saw the name'shealyn on the wall (you are expected to do that at this restaurant lol) and all of the'sudden Kaelyn came to me. So we named my daughter Kaelyn Mackenna. She gets Katelyn all the time esp. from little kids. I just don't think they get it. But I love her name and I can't imagine her being named anything else! She will be 6 next month.

4/25/2022 8:36:00 PM

Kaelyn is my name and I think it is so pretty. 1/5 people will pronounce it correctly the first time.

3/28/2022 1:40:12 PM

Kaelyn is my name and yeah people spell or say it wrong all the time. I was born in 2003. My friend told me the origin is celtic.

3/20/2022 6:05:42 PM

people say kaitlyn kaylyn. people sayshe loois like me. She pinches me. She can read too.She is my twin.she was born first. i am learning to Spell. i have a baby'sister.i can ride a Bike. it is kaelyn Heath.

2/11/2022 1:09:36 AM

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2/2/2022 2:08:06 AM

My name is Kaelyn and I am 13. I have only met two people with my name one was a guy and he'spelled it Kalen and the other was a girl and she'spelled it the'same exact way but she doesn't look like a Kaelyn at all! haha but i love my name and i wouldn't change it for the world. It's unique and cute. I do get people sayiing Kaitlyn a lot but i just correct them and move on or i get people saying Kae-Lyn instead of it flowing together and that's kinda annoying but oh well. My nickname is Kae Kae so i come to either Kaelyn or Kae Kae it doesn't matter:)

1/31/2022 8:57:36 AM

My daughter's name is Kaelyn. I think its a nice name!!!

1/26/2022 6:21:00 AM

i am name kaelyn thats why i like the name kaelyn.10

1/17/2022 12:48:54 PM

Hi! My name is Kaelyn and I'm 18 years old. I don't have a middle name! I actually went to high school with 2 other Kaelyns, although they spelled it differently. When I first meet people, they usually assume my name is "Katelyn," and I always say, " T," and then'they compliment it or say how unique it is. I love my name :)

1/8/2022 9:12:54 AM

My aunt is named Kaelyn and she was born well before 2003 - sorry charlie

12/21/2021 5:34:12 PM

Our baby girl is due in 27 days, and we are naming her Kaelyn. I'm so glad to read comments from several girls named Kaelyn who love their name! When we first started talking about names, we could not settle on one that we BOTH loved until I'mentioned Kaelyn. It's such a beautiful name, and we hope she loves it too!

12/20/2021 10:21:18 PM

My 3 year old's name is Kaelyn Jane' (pronounced Janae) and almost everywhere we go people tend to call her either Katelyn or Kayden. She always corrects them because she loves her name and much as I do.

12/17/2021 11:54:00 PM

Hi there! I was blessed with the wonderful name Kaelyn. I was born in 1997, it definetly was not as popular then as it is now. i've started hearing it more and more in the last few years but it is still a very unique name. I do get called Kaitlyn alot but I just smile and correct them. i've never wished for another name because I love mine.

12/10/2021 6:03:00 PM

My 17 year old daughter's name is Kaelyn Page. I found it in the BOYS section under Cailin. We love it but who knew there would be so many Katelyn's? I had her a shirt printed that'said... K8lyn - "T" = KAELYN Most people call her KP.

12/4/2021 1:55:30 AM

My parents couldn't think of a name, so a few weeks before i was born they were at a grocery store and the checkout girl's name was Kaelyn. My dad thought that it was pretty so they named me it.

11/25/2021 3:42:36 PM

i love the name it is what i was named and it was very unique

11/16/2021 8:20:42 PM

Hey im almost 16, and my name is Kaelyn. (: i've been dealing with people calling me the wrong name my whole life! i've been called katelyn, kayla, and so many more. but i just sit back and laugh! & also i've met a ton of people named kaelyn, but only a few who spell it the way i do. i have even met 3 boys named kaelyn!!

10/29/2021 3:53:24 PM

My mom made up the name, back in the 1992's it wasn't in the name books, a combination of kathy(her name) and elyn(her favorite name). People often add a "t" and make it Katlin, and i have had at least 10 different spelling variations when people try and spell it. I have meet two other Kaelyns but they spelt it differently. One was a girl and one a boy.

10/18/2021 12:42:36 PM

My daughter's name is Kaelyn Hannah. I loved this name I'mediately. She is 12 years old now. She hates the fact that everyone spells and pronounce it wrong!

10/14/2021 10:42:00 PM

My name is Kaelyn. i've met 2 other Kaelyn's in the WHOLE life! Most people spell it wrong and say it wrong. It's pronounce Kay-Land (as in Island). I love having this name cause most dont have it!

10/7/2021 3:07:30 AM

That's my neice's name. My sister & brother-in-law thought they made it up! Lol, It's still a great name tho. And my neice is only 6 months and I spoil her to death! She's gonna b such a brat, lol...

9/29/2021 2:52:12 PM

K-lin Exactly how It'says. My friend has this name. I am gonna give my child (girl) this beautiful name.

9/17/2021 4:28:30 PM

well my name is caitlyn ahn it is mah birthday the morra and i love my name cause it is unique and different

9/2/2021 3:09:18 AM

I love this name. I plan on naming my daughter this. I pronounce it Kay - Lynne. It's a gorgeous name.

8/12/2021 7:27:36 PM

How is it pronounced? I pronounced it Ka-ellyn. I have a friend named that, and she pronounced it that way too. It was a bit long so we just nicknamed her Kai.

8/11/2021 2:10:48 PM

This is my own name, and I have to admit It's pretty sweet.

8/8/2021 6:34:30 AM

This is my daughters name and we love it. But like many comments, people keep saying Cayla. I have to say It's pronounced like Calla Lilly the flower or like Cal the beginning of California.

8/2/2021 9:39:54 AM

My name is Kaelyn and i get mispronounciations all of the time but i have to say its worth it. Having a unique name'sets you apart from othe's. I highly recommend naming your child Kaelyn. There needs to be more of us!

7/17/2021 12:12:54 AM

I'm Kaelyn, and I'm ok with it. I'm only 11, so idk how I'll feel about it later. But It's really spelled Cailin, meaning Colleen in english. I spell it Kaelyn, but It's all Irish. It's means "girl". Some sIt's say It's english though. I'm not sure.

7/8/2021 2:00:00 PM

this is my name too, i was born in 1986. never knew any other Katina's, but just this year i ran into TWO othe's & they were just as thrilled as me to meet another Katina! i go by Kat for short, NEVER Tina!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kaelyn?
The origin of the name Kaelyn is American.
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Almost 15000 people are named Kaelyn.
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The names of Cole, Kaylee, Xander, Kylie, Callie