Kaylin meaning

: laurel tree or keeper of the keys.

Kaylin Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ka(y)-lin\
Number of People 👶 19,000
Rate in 2021 2072
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 English
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Kaylin Name Meaning

The name Kaylin carries a deep significance. It is a nature-inspired name, derived from the laurel tree, a symbol of honor and victory in ancient times. Laurel wreaths were often used to crown victors in competitive events, making Kaylin a name that embodies success and achievement. Additionally, it also means "keeper of the keys", symbolizing responsibility, security, and trust. This dual meaning makes Kaylin a name that stands for both honor and reliability.

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Kaylin Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kaylin
Additional description of the name Kaylin

The name Kaylin has a rich and varied history. It is of American origin but has roots in Gaelic-Irish and Greek cultures. The "keeper of the keys" meaning comes from its Gaelic-Irish roots, where it's derived from the name Caoilfhionn. The laurel tree significance, on the other hand, is linked to its Greek origin, as the laurel tree (also known as Daphne) holds a significant place in Greek mythology. Over time, these origins have blended to give us the modern name Kaylin, loved and used in many English-speaking countries.

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Additional name description Kaylin
Additional name description Kaylin

While not wildly popular, the name Kaylin has been used consistently over the years, especially in the United States. People named Kaylin are often perceived as strong, responsible, and victorious, thanks to the name's symbolic meanings. Notable people with this name include Kaylin Garcia, a famous TV personality and fitness enthusiast, and Kaylin Whitney, a celebrated American sprinter. Kaylin is a captivating choice for parents seeking a name that combines classic appeal with a modern twist, a name that holds a depth of meaning and history.

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Comments on the name Kaylin
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love having the name Kaylin as well. The Katelyn/Caitlin/any other'spelling of the name confusion can be really irritating though. I still don't understand why people have such a hard time pronouncing it though...

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love my name, It's so pretty :) There's no way to make fun of it and It's really unique still. I rarely ever come across people with my name and they're always pronouncing it with a random 't'. I hate that, It's just Kaylin, pretty, simple.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

We named our daughter Kaylyn in 2021, knowing full well she might get called Kaitlyn. She's currently 13 months, and has only ever been called Kaitlyn by my mother and aunt. What we get more often is "What's her name again❤️ I know It's something like Kaitlyn". I reply with a smile "It's Kaylyn, K-A-Y-L-Y-N. It rhymes with Palin (Sarah Palin)", that normally does the trick :) I had never heard the name before. My husband saw Kaylin somewhere in his name'searching. After much debate we agreed on the double "y" spelling! Since then we've seen "Kaelin", "Kalin" and other'spellings all other the place. So much for our unique name. We had a hard time finding a meaning for "Kaylyn". We found a few different answers including "Slender" and Crowned". What we found most consistently is: Kay - a short form of Kathrine which means "Pure". Lynn - "Waterfall", "Pool" or "Cascade". We give her the middle name of Hope. And she is definitely "a pure cascade of hope" in our lives. She is headstrong and very creative. She also very sensitive and gets her feels hurt easily.

01/06/2024 15:05:12

My Name Is Kaylin. I Hated It Growing Up. I'm Only 14 But I Had To Get Everything Personalized I Can Only Get Stuff UNPersonalized In Hawaii

01/02/2024 21:27:02

My niece's name is Kaylin and I fell in love the'second my sister-in-law came up with it after combining her name and her mother's name.

12/15/2023 17:01:32

my name is kaylin everyone in school calls me katelyn but it is really kay and lynn i feel happy when i hear someone say my name right but when i hear katlyn i gost want to kill them

12/06/2023 23:28:58

I love my name Kaylin! I am Gaelic and my parents thought it would be too hard to name me Caoilainn. So they named me Kaylin (which is how you pronounce the Gaelic name). Although, it is difficult in school when somone is talking to another person who is named Caitlyn. I always turn my head. Also, i've noticed the increase in the name!

12/05/2023 11:20:04

My name is Kaylin and It's a wonderful name. I'm always so upset because everyone overlooks it for the extremely popular "Kaitlyn". Kaylin has a lot more character then Kaitlyn. Hmphhhhh. Haha. Oh well. i've met one other person with my name...although i think she was named after me!!

11/24/2023 05:50:18

The name Keesha isnt a nice name. It'sounds ugly. JK

11/18/2023 08:28:40

My name is Kaylin and when I was younger I used to not like it because I couldn't find my name on an keychains or mugs or anything. But i've grown to really like it and I think It's a beautiful name and unique. I get very irritated when I'm called Kaitlyn. I had a girl in my class named Caitlyn and since I was so used to being called that, whenever the teacher called Caitlyn's name, I would look up. But the name Kaylin has beauty and spirit! YAY PEOPLE WITH THE NAME KAYLIN!

11/03/2023 03:10:26

My name is Kaylin and I was born in 1948. I have always loved the uniqueness of my name. My mother combined two names - Kay and Linda to name me Kaylin.

10/13/2023 16:58:02

It's myyy name :) I thought it was really original I didn't know it was so popular! Ugh my friend's name is kaitlyn and she was joking around and she was like "At least my mom didn't forget to put a T in my name!" And I was like "Well, my mother didn't forget either❤️" I think I'm rather depressed at how popular it is, I thought it was pretty unique. But we will take over the Kaitlyns! Muahahaha!

10/08/2023 07:57:00

I'm 8 months pregnant with my daughter Kaylin Faith and couldn't be happier with my choice. It's such a pretty name.

09/08/2023 23:47:32

Kaylin is our top pick for our baby's name that is due in January 2020. I love it my name is Calli and my cousins name is Caitlin so I thought it would be cute to mix the two and came up with Kaylin. I LOVE it, and not only because it is the only name my husband and I can agree upon. :)

09/01/2023 02:49:18

My name is Kaylin and i really like my name. Sometimes i get sick and tired of people calling me Kaitlyn, even when'theve known me for years. i have only heard another person with my name once, when i was in third grade i think there was i kid in kindergarden with the'same name as mine. Otherwise, my name is awesome!

08/23/2023 23:23:08

My granddaughter's name is Kaykin. We researched and found it also means "Beloved". She is indeed beloved to us, and, I beli've, God.

08/08/2023 20:43:36

this is my name many people pronounce it wrong it is pronouced like kay-leen

07/25/2023 06:07:02

This is the name we picked for our miscarried baby, It is a great boy or girl name.

07/18/2023 13:03:58

So there's over 11,000 of us. Not many really. I used to hate my name when I was younger but I like it now because It's not very common. Although my boyfriend likes to say It's a "made up" name, but whatever, he has a veryyyy common name. I haven't met too many othe's, but I'm okay with it I think.

05/25/2023 02:43:48

My daughter Kaylin loves her name. In 2012 her father picked her name. We thought we were giving her a unique name but little did we know that othe's had been naming their daughters Kaylin for atleast 13 years.

05/04/2023 18:17:12

My daughter is named Kaylin but also goes by Kay. We pronounce it differently, I put the accent on the KAY, where she puts it on the LIN. It's a very cute name but not popular enough to find on most personalized items unless they are custom.

04/18/2023 13:45:56

my name is Kaylin and i was born in 86. when i was younger i hated my name because i could never find it on anything but now i've grown to love it and know other kaylin's as well :-)

03/31/2023 14:20:12

i love my wonderful name kaylin.. its not very popular so no one steal my name please!! born in '98 right when'the name'started getting popular... i would suggest nameing ur baby this if u want her to be sweet! :) also i hate the name Kaitlynn ... its retarded cuz everyone gets my name confuesed with it. :(

03/24/2023 13:03:24

HI'my name is Kaylin I'am 13 and I love my name its given'to me from the people that gave me life

02/15/2023 17:19:58

I love my name, Kaylin, because I feel like It's so unique. i've only heard of another person named named. It was a boy and he'spelled it different. However, people always confuse my name with Kayla or Kaitlynn, but if they see it written down they can pronounce it.

02/11/2023 23:24:10

My daughter's name is Kaylin and we all love her name. Everyone calls her KK and always have. She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful name. The only problem is that you can NEVER find anything with her name on, (like pre-made things) and she does get call Kaitlyn alot. I love the name!

01/23/2023 06:32:08

I love that my name is Kaylin. Until I'moved to a new state and school in my freshmen year of high school, I'd never heard of other Kaylins (or even known people with other'spellings). I actually graduated with 4, yes FOUR, other Kaylins (though none spelled the'same. One of them I repeatedly ended up in classes with and it was no use calling one of us by our name plus middle name because we were both a Kaylin Elizabeth and a Kailynn Elizabeth. Haha. Also, there was a Kaelyn a grade ahead of us. When I was a cashier in a party store, I'met a few people with daughters named Kaylin. I also got a lot of people calling "Kaitlin." One woman pointed directly at my name tag and said, "That's a pretty way to spell 'Kaitlin'." I was pretty offended, since she'd looked right at it. With othe's, I politely correct them and It's not a big deal. Really the only problem with my name is the mispronunciations or misspellings. On the phone, a lot of people think I'm saying, "Karen." Other names i've been called are: Kayla, Kaylee, Katherine, Kathleen, Kaitlin, Katie, and an assorment of othe's. Otherwise, I LOVE my name! My mom picked it out of a 10,000 Baby Names book. She took a few letters out of Kathleen and then'thought she came up with it he'self, haha. i've since learned there have been more baby books published with Kaylin and other various spellings with their own meanings.

12/10/2022 11:17:42

I was born in 99' I live in the us and I have only met one other person with the'same name as me. I always get angry every time someone calls me Caitlyn because I had a bully in 4 and 5th grade with the the name Caitlyn.

12/06/2022 13:32:40

That graph is wrong! My parents named me Kaylin in 1978! I'm wondering if I'm the oldest Kaylin...

11/29/2022 02:51:36

i always thought that kaylin was a made up name. my sisters name is koryssa,it is a frence name. i like my name, not only because It's not a common name but because in kinda in a way sounds japanese. i love the anime shows that japan create but thats not the main reason, i like my name because It'sounds unique all my best freinds in the whole wide world start with old math teacher used to call me kaytlin all the time no matter how many time i corrected her.but i have gotten used to and i dont care, but unforcently my friend faith still has a problem with it.i thinks its funny because right after class she would always say "jezz!how many times is it going to take her to memorize youre name." i would always just smile. well i think i have typed long enough. =3

11/21/2022 01:46:30

My name is Kaylin and I love my name. My mom said she got the name from my aunt Karen and my dad Allen. I often get called Katelyn and people tend to leave out the first y and use a y instead of an i but other than that I love my name.

11/12/2022 23:13:14

I named my daughter Kaylin. She was born on September 20, 2018. I really thought I'made it up and when I found out I didnt I was really bummed! I started with Caydin and I found out it was a boys name'so I started going through the alphabet changing the 'D' to every letter of the alphabet until I got to 'L' and both my husband and I loved it. Well I still do. But everytime I say her name people always pronounce it Katelynn! I hate it! I always spell it out for them so they notice that there is not a 'T' in it! I have only met one other Kaylin but it is, ironically, my husbands friends brothe's name! Well its not his real name I guess its his middle name and they call him that❤️ I dont know but that is the one other Kaylin we have met in real life! But her name totally fits her! She is very talkative (unless around new people and then she is very shy), she thinks she is really a princess, she is very sweet in a bratty way (if that makes since), and she is very petite! We call her kay kay alot! I also call her Kailan due to the'show coming out on Nickelodeon. Its just a cute little extra name I have for her! :)

11/12/2022 00:53:06

My daughter's name is Kaylin. I have seen many meanings for from "keeper of the keys" to "loved". It was very easy for her to learn. The only dificulty is people interjecting a 't' in the name or someone calling her "Makayla". Given'time, they do learn the proper pronounciation.

11/01/2022 19:46:54

This is my daughters name and I went with Ximena and not Jimena just because is is more unique!!

10/01/2022 06:25:48

My Mothe's name is Kaylin. I dont hear this name very much, but ther's once in awhile you meet someone with her name. Many of my friends will pronounce her name rong, but she always corrects them saying its "Kay" and then "Lenn". I think this name would be easy to spell but you have people who spell her name all rong.

09/10/2022 00:14:20

My name is Kaylin Marie, and i love my name. It's a unique name and it fits my personalityy, many people pernouse it KAYTLIN and that makes me mad sometimes but its all good.(: ive only met about 3 people with my name and that is over a year apartt. so as far as im conserned there arnt many people in ohio with that name. the best thing about my name kaylin is when people say it and they go.. " ooo you have a very pretty name " then im all smiles n im looking around the room with all the people named danielle and emily and amy and im like ehmmph she'said i have a nicee namee, what about you guys haha =P

07/10/2022 10:07:48

I named my daughter Kaylin when she was born May 15, 2002. I'made the name up at that time because I thought I was having a boy. His name would have been Keynin. Quickly thinking I need a girl's name, I switched the "e" to an "a", and the "n" to a "l". I didn't realize that other people thought of the name also. We sometimes call her Kiki or Kay-Kay. She's always been such a joy with a pleasant disposition on life. I'm glad I named her Kaylin!

06/26/2022 15:48:54

my daughter is Kaylin Elizabeth so of course I love the name but I have the'same issue of people wanting to put a T in her name ans call her Katelyn which is a very popular name where we live she almost always has at least one Katelyn in her class. My biggest irritation comes from her friends calling her Katelyn instead of kaylin and I'mean kids she has known for the past 7 years that live in our subdivision and go to school with her. She is so laid back about it that'she doesn't bother to correct thm.

01/21/2022 21:07:30

My name is Kaylin, and while I hated it as a child, it has grown on my over the years. My mother made it up from someone she knew named Kaylene, and people have often mispronounced it just that way. I was excited to learn it is a Gaelic name, as I have Scottish roots, so it fits. I write a daily recipe ezine and sometimes my subscribers have written'to tell me they named their new baby Kaylin, which is way cool!

10/16/2021 14:02:42

I really like my name (Kaylin), and do not have a problem with people pronouncing it when'they read it, however when I introduce myself, they often confuse it with Katelyn. I often have to provide the correct spelling due to the large number of spelling varieties.

07/15/2021 12:31:48

Our little girl is due in July, and my husband and I have decided on the name Kaylin Ann after my aunt Kay, his mom Linda, and my mom, Ann. We thought we had made the name up using the variation of the names above, but I'm happily surprised that there are other ladies out there named Kaylin. We think It's a very beautiful and gentle sounding name.

07/09/2021 10:07:48

My name is Kaylin Marie! I love my name! It fits me perfectly! I never met a person with my exact name.. But one of my bests friends is named kaylen! Anyways! I really want to meet someone with my name... Love all the Kaylin's!

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kaylin?
The origin of the name Kaylin is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Kaylin?
laurel tree or keeper of the keys.
*️⃣ How many people are named Kaylin?
Almost 19000 people are named Kaylin.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kaylin?
The names of Keithan, Kathan