Gladys meaning

: Lame.

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Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \g-lad-ys, gl(a)-dys\
Number of People 👶 267,000
Rate in 2021 4131
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 English
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Gladys Name Meaning

The name Gladys, akin to a 'small sword,' personifies strength in daintiness. Echoing sentiments of royalty, it translates to 'princess' in Welsh folklore, casting an aura of regality and dignity. The minor sword too reflects the essence of a warrior's spirit, symbolizing courage and power yet underscoring an aspect of finesse and grace.

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Gladys Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Gladys
Additional description of the name Gladys

Gladys is a name deeply rooted in Welsh culture, where it translates to 'princess'. The Latin version, Claudia, was commonly used in ancient Rome, denoting a 'lame' or 'disabled' individual. Nonetheless, the pleasant sound of Gladys overpowered its less favorable counterpart, and its usage flourished in English-speaking nations.

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Additional name description Gladys
Additional name description Gladys

There's an impressive list of notable personalities named Gladys. Gladys Knight, famously known as "the Empress of Soul," is an iconic music figure. Gladys Berejiklian serves as the premier of New South Wales in Australia, while Gladys Aylward was a well-known missionary. Although its popularity has decreased in contemporary times, the name Gladys is revered for its historical significance and unique charm. Traits associated with women named Gladys often include determination, independence, and resilience. Today, it remains a worthy choice for parents seeking a name with character and poise.

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Comments on the name Gladys
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name's GLADYS And I ABSOLUTLY ADORE my name!!! It's sooo RARE! and sure It'sounds like an old lady name...but i like to think of it as Classy. Most people i've met have never Known anyone with my name. I love being the only Gladys that'some people know. People may think It's an ugly name but Ethel, Eunice and Gertrude ain't got nothing on Gladys!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

A 58 year old named Gladys (named after my grandmother) and after I got thru the teen years, I have loved it. Another famous Gladys was Elvis' mother

01/03/2024 05:58:24

Hello my name Gladys I love this name its unique and it has a very good meaning

12/29/2023 02:14:46

My name is Gladys Mae too! I'm 16 but I was named after both of my grandmothe' both names sound a bit old-fashioned but I think its unique and cool....I'm always telling people to name their kids gladys :) everybody says its an old lady name but not if I'm a teen so every name will be an old lady name'sometime ....hello! :) but I'm for the most part always happy (glad) so I love my name It'sets me apart :)

12/21/2023 22:19:16

IM Gladys named after my grandma a kind, Loving Lady.. I love it

12/12/2023 10:15:48

I always grew up thinking that my name was lame until one of my friends in my school told me to look it up under celtic. EVEN THOUGH it is not listed on here as Celtic if you put it on your search engine on google or msn, as "Name Meaning: Gladys" it should give you a website with "wondertime" something. And it says that Gladys is Celtic and it means "princess." As lame as I may be no one will take away the fact that I'm a princess, come on it's in my name.. If I am ever blessed with a daughter I'm planning on giving her the same name.

11/07/2023 04:09:26

Hello my name is Gladys and I was named it to give respect to my fathe's sister who at age of 15 died in a car accident. I'm 36 and I love my name it is unique and very elegant. I hope the name will continue threw the ages. I sure can'tell the name has never been associated to me as being an old lady if anything but sexy!!!

11/01/2023 17:22:36

My aunt was named Gladys and was nicknamed "Happy Bottom." Not nice. I asked her once why she didn't go by her middle name, and she replied, "Because It's Gertrude."

10/30/2023 01:53:48

My name is Gladys Mae and I love it. Yeah, they called me "Happy Bottom" in High School too. I liked the name, it was unique. I was the only one. Things could be a lot worse.

10/13/2023 17:33:18

They call me Gina and I love it ..... every one I know calls me Gina and I think is unique and sexy! so I say all Gina's ROCK!!

10/09/2023 15:23:46

Gladys is my Middle Name...and I love it!!! diffrent from other ppl..except the obnly thing I dont like was when someone made a joke about "glad ass" ...but other than that I love it..sounds like the flower gladiolus

09/10/2023 20:10:10

My name is Gladys Mae and for how many years I'm thinking about what is the definition of the word i had found it ,..and I'm so happy...because my parents gave me this name.

09/04/2023 06:21:04

My mother's name is Gladys and I always wondered why so many women her age were named Gladys (like a trillion - she was born in 1921) in Minnesota. Apparently it was considered very glamorous and appealing at the time. She graduated high school with many of the'same first name. While It's considered to be "an old lady name" at this point i've found its origins are probably in the Latin name Claudia and means "sword" or "princess". There is another definition from Welsh meaning lame -- but that's pretty far fetched as why would people pick a "lame" name for their daughter❤️ I think we don't like the name now because it just doesn't "sound good" to us, but the origins seem mysterious and inter'sting. I would like to know why this name was so extremely popular when my mother was born -- beli've it or not, she's got an even stranger, maybe uglier middle name which I just won't share for fear someone else will name their child after my writing this!

07/31/2023 12:35:18

hi! my name is Gladys. i have no clue what so say, so maybe i'll share my loves and hates about the name given'to me since birth. i actually kinda like my name. i have an energetic and charI'matic personality, so people think It's perfect for me. what i dislike about my name is that when I'm sad, people say the'same thing: "your name is gladys, so you should be glad!" everytime someone learns my name, they usually say: "oh, my grandmother (or anyone old)'s name is gladys!" or "It's such an old lady name!" and the worst one of all: there was an old lunch lady in my elementary school named Mary. she learned my name and it reminded her of Gladys Knight (the'singer). and everyday at lunch she would sing "gladys gladys" and it was kinda annoying. but now i look back and i appreciate my name. what i like about my name is that It's unique and really rare to meet someone named gladys. you can't mix up my name with anyone else. in every school i've been'to, i've been'the only person named gladys. to any other person named Gladys out there: love your name and embrace it. be grateful that you don't have a basic, common name. and most importantly, make people think of Gladys in a positive way. remember: you are beautiful and loved, and you are on this earth for a reason :)

07/26/2023 06:30:36

My story is basically the'same as all teens that are named Gladys. Highschool rarely has any girls w a name like ours. I beli've is amazing, many teache's beli've It's a beautiful name, but then again, they're old ( back in their day) it was popular. Now, i think its quite trendy. It really does define me. Glad. Abslutley love how my mother and i share this name and i hope to name my daughter like that as well. I love it. (:

06/22/2023 08:43:54

Hey! Gladys here. I feel really unique, as I have never met another Gladys before in my life, and I feel that's what makes me special!

06/19/2023 07:50:50

I think of this name as a very horrible "old lady" name, perhaps one of the worst on the planet! I cannot in a million years see this Edwardian favourite EVER coming back into fashion

06/18/2023 04:13:18

My grandmothe's name was Gladys. She also had sisters who ranged in name from Gertrude to Ophilia. My grandmother was so elegant. She personified everything that'separates women from men. I just wish more people would go back to the time of a Gladys, Pearl, Rose or Ophilia, instead of trying to be so endrogenous with names like Bobby, Ricky, Mikal and so forth. Being a girl is a beautiful wonderful thing. Why must women opt to be men❤️ Hope this doesnt sound harsh to manly women. I just really enjoy being in my own skin and being a girl. I just wish more women did too!

06/03/2023 06:51:10

Hello, my name is Gladys. It is 2:18 AM and I am writing this to let any other future Gladys out there (who possibly also happens to be googling her name for a better understanding as to what her name means) know that I am glad we share the'same name. And as far as the whole meaning thing goes, i've come to the brief conclusion that our name is indeed a part of us, and ultimately it means us. We and our persona and our little ways of doing things are what gives our names meaning. Our name is one in the'same, but it will come to mean different things to different people in our lifetime. One day we will meet a boy, or a girl, and our name will mean so much to them. One day we will come across a coworker, and they will recall our name with tenderness for years after have stopped working for that one company. i've recently found out that Marilyn Monroe's and Elvis Presley's mothe's names were Gladys. It's a little stupid and odd, but I feel a sort of reassurance in that. Like one day I'll come to be a lovely and loving mom. I'm twenty-one years old, I'm a college student, I work at the home depot (and if you've ever been'to a home depot, you know that all employees wear an apron with their name written on it), I'm sort of what's classified to be a writer, but mainly I just happen'to have this sort of natural prose of a poet. I love music, so very much. I listen'to everything from Bright Eyes to Billie Holiday to Rocio Durcal to Radiohead to The Doors to Sufjan Stevens to Edith Piaf to Beach House. I have a passion for cinema, and I'd like to consider myself as having a pretty decent taste in fI'ms. I pride myself in being a respectful, friendly, and honest person. I'm a bIt'strange, a little weird, and often'times very awkward. I'm creative, very introspective, and I'd like to think of myself as being inter'sting. I drown myself in sad music and melancholic literature probably more than I should, but that's also a distinct part of me, and I'm fond of it. I don't know, I'm rambling way too much now, but that's another thing that makes me so Gladys. I write way more than I talk. I'm a very good listener. I'm Hispanic, both of my parents are from Mexico. I love my parent very much. i've lived in California since my first day of life up until this very sentence. One of my greatest aspirations in life is to travel. I'm a bit pale. I'm 5'6, I have dark brown eyes and a porcelain-like complexion. I like dressing up in attire inspired by past er's. My signature look is red lipstick. I hope to fall in-love with an incredible human being one day, as well as them with me. I'm often'times conflicted about how I feel about my own self, but deep down I know I am a lovely and wonderful person. And you, you are just as lovely and wonderful too, Gladys. Stay gold. Au revoir.

06/01/2023 18:24:38

I am 26 and expecting my first baby. As a child I hated my name.As a teen I hated even more. But as I grew older and being named after my grandma, it just suits me. So much of her I can see me and I am proud to carry on her name. Now there are so many names for a baby girl that I would rather her grow up with a name she liked than with a name she wouldn't. But as for myself I am Gladys and always will be. :))

05/18/2023 01:44:38

My name is Gladys and I'm 15. Apparently, in America, It's an old name and people don't like to be called like that ! I'm French and in France, It's a rare name but not so old ! I never met another Gladys and I love that ! I'm feeling unique and different ! I LOVE my name and I don't mind if It's consider like "old", "ugly" for people in other countries ! I would not change my name, It's a part of me ! So, futur parents, don't hesitate ANY second to call your baby Gladys !

05/08/2023 21:02:00

Sounds far, far too old, this name does, and It'sounds ugly as well. I think this is one name to stay permanently in Gladys Knight's time or the times of white American silent fI'm actress Gladys Brockwell and English actress Dame Gladys Cooper.

03/25/2023 01:06:22

Was the'sixth most popular name for girls born in the United States in the 1870s, after which it was adopted more modestly in the 1900s-1920s, before fading generally from the 1930s. To many Americans today this name'still conjures up Mrs Bunker in All In The Family. Some BrIt'sh parents are beginning to pick up this name again, but everyone else in Britain still thinks this is more Edith Artois in Allo Allo or Edith Piaf (or even Dame Edith Evans) than Edith Bowman, born in 1987. Personally, I wouldn't name my daughter Edith as I still think It's mainly for a much older person than myself.

03/04/2023 13:25:48

My name is Gladys Melanie and I was born in 95 i always hated my name cuz i thought it was old lady.

02/09/2023 04:23:46

Gladys is a Great Name lol , Im defineately Going to Call my Daughter Gladys , For Now I call my car Gladys lol , I think of it to be a flash and Classey name JUST LIKE MY CAR :p ESCAPE LIMITED

01/28/2023 23:11:38

Is Gladys ready for a comeback, or is It'still too old ladyish at the present time❤️ I think the latter. It was the first name of Marilyn Monroe's mother, Gladys Pearl Monroe Baker Mortensen Eley, born in 1902.

01/17/2023 21:31:06

gladys es un nombre precioso tal vez suene anticuado pero suena muy elegante y sofisticado lo amo adoro llamarme gladys es por que no conosco a nadie que se llame gladys es un nombre raro y ya no es muy comun x eso lo adoro zaz pues a todas q se llamen gladys las felicito amen su nombre

12/22/2022 05:08:04

Gladys Lizeth is my name.. At first i was okay with the name. I didn't even care about it. But now i can see that having that name is special, because people can reconzise you easier, not like othe's COMMMONS NAMES! at first i didn't know what was te meaning of the name. but it means ( LA ALEGRE)( HAPPY AND STRONG ) maybe this is a old lady name,, but seriously is to awesome knowing im the only one in the whole HIGHSCHOOL with this name and other places.I like the way It'sounds to when people say it. I <3 glaaaddddyysss

12/13/2022 22:10:18

Now, I am 63, and old enough to be named Gladys. As a child, I really disliked my name. As a teen, I despised my name. As fate would have it, my neices were my own age, so, I was their Aunt Gladys when I was born, and as a teen. The girls around me, as I grew up, seemed to all be named 'girly', cute names, while I had such a clutsy name. Now, that I am old enough to 'wear' this Gladys name, I enjoy it. At least, I am the only one I know around this area! I did not, would not name a child Gladys.

12/10/2022 13:03:30

In the'same category as Ethel, Eunice, I'ma, Beulah, Bertha, and Gertrude...not to mention the grandpa names Elmer, Adolph, Herman, Lester, Mortimer, Mervyn, Wilbur, Wilfred etc etc.

11/29/2022 16:22:44

My name is Gladys. I hate my name'sooo much. I always ask my mom why she would ever dare name me Gladys.. (she named me after her mother- my grandmother Gladis). Im thinking about changing my name. Yes the name is rare but it just reminds people of an old lady,, blehhh

11/16/2022 15:23:14

My mother's twin brother named his daughter after her. Mama had no choice but to name me after his wife, Gladys. I have always hated the name.

11/14/2022 13:43:12

I had never met anyone with my name, and hated it for years....everyone had an old aunt with my name. I was embarrassed that the awful neighbor in Bewitched, the crazy toilet paper lady in an ad, and the elephant at the Brookfield Zoo had my name. Now I just heard that they named an orphaned gorilla Gladys! Gladys Knight helped out in the 80's with her comeback; and I thought she'should have a concert and call it Gladys'Night, and invite all the Gladys' for free....just so we could see we weren't alone. haha. Oh well. too late for me to change it.

10/25/2022 19:58:16

My name is Gladys and I was named after my Aunt who was and is a wonderul woman. I personally do not like the name. I have not met any other person with this name.

09/19/2022 15:49:24

my name is gladys and im glad my momma, Naomi named me GLADYS!

09/16/2022 12:17:38

I really don't like this name! I don't think a person should be judged by the name that their parents gave them but, I really do not like this name. It makes me think of a gray haired old lady.

01/25/2022 04:43:48

Not just an old lady's name, but that of the legendary African-American soul singer Gladys Knight (born in 1944 when'the name was long past its peak and was now going into decline - and has not been among the top 1,000 baby girl names in the U.S. in the last few years).

08/22/2021 17:21:36

My name is Gladys. It always gets mispelled. i've only met one other Gladys and she was 10 years younger than me. I'm 30 and I LOVE my name. Yes It's an older name but I'm rei'venting it! I'm beautiful, sexy, smart, among other things. People will always remember Gladys. I'm very proud of it. Ladies have pride, It's what you make it!

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The origin of the name Gladys is English.
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Almost 267000 people are named Gladys.
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The names of Grayson, Greyson, Carson, Karson, Grey