Hailee meaning: Meadow, Heroine.

Hailee Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ha(i)-lee\
Number of People 👶 15,000
Rate in 2021 2045
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 English

Hailee Name Meaning

Hailee is a beautiful girl's name that carries rich symbolism. It's generally believed to mean "meadow," evoking images of peaceful, serene landscapes that inspire tranquility and a harmony with nature. This suggests someone who is calm, grounded, and possesses a deep connection with the natural world.

Simultaneously, Hailee is also associated with the concept of heroism. This implies a strong, resilient individual, someone who can face life's challenges with courage and determination. It suggests a person with a strong moral compass and a readiness to stand up for what they believe is right.

Hailee Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Hailee
Additional description of the name Hailee

The name Hailee has its roots in Old English, derived from the name Hayley. Hayley was originally a place name for a town in England and meant "hay clearing" or "hay meadow". Over time, it became a popular female first name, especially in English-speaking countries.

Its popularity soared in the late 20th century, with various spellings like Hailee, Hayley, and Haley becoming widespread. The name's popularity was further enhanced by famous personalities in music and film industries, making it a beloved choice for many parents.

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Cool Info About Name Hailee

Additional name description Hailee
Additional name description Hailee

Famous People and Popularity:
Several well-known figures bear the name Hailee, most notably Hailee Steinfeld, an American actress, singer, and songwriter. Her prominence in the entertainment industry has significantly contributed to the popularity of the name.

As of the latest data, Hailee is among the top 500 names for girls in the United States. It's a beloved choice for its blend of traditional and modern vibes, its feminine elegance, and its hint of strength and resilience.

Personality Traits:
Girls named Hailee are often perceived as strong, independent, and creative. They're seen as peace-loving individuals with a deep love for nature. They're also seen as brave and determined, always ready to stand up for their beliefs.

In conclusion, the name Hailee beautifully combines serenity and strength. It's a name that suggests both a tranquil meadow and a valiant heroine, making it a compelling choice for a daughter.

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Comments on the name Hailee
11/22/2023 10:20:34

umm its not TOO common. i like it i guess. rolls off the tongue nicely. haha. though, there are a lot of different speelings for it.

11/11/2023 21:35:54

That is my name and i love it!! It is totally quirky and cool!

11/05/2023 13:04:12

My name is Hailee I am 13 I only know of two people with the'same name'spelt the'same way. Everyone I'meet spells it rong the first couple times. Actually I didn't think there was people with the'same name as mine or even spelt the'same.

10/27/2023 08:56:50

I love my name because none of my friends spell it like that but i think its a very cute name!!

10/24/2023 20:42:00

I named my Daughter Hailee for I wanted her to be a little different and if you see It'spelled that way I would know It's a good chance It's her. Also, I didn't want "HAY" in her name.

10/17/2023 07:04:36

my name is Hailee and i LOVE it nobody else at my school spells there name like mine and i LOVE being uniquee

10/15/2023 11:17:14

My bf picked out Hailee Elizabeth for our baby girl we are having this May! :) I'm so excited!! She is gonna be a beautiful girl with a beautiful name!

10/09/2023 12:09:48

My name is Hailee, and everybody spells it wrong. There are different ways to pronounce it, I prefer "hay-lee" but most people stick with "hail-ee" (as in hail storm). I have never met anybody with the'same spelling.

09/28/2023 16:39:34

My name is actually "Hailee" and people never ever'spell it correctly. i've heard of people with the'same pronunciation as mine but never the'same spelling, which is one of the main reasons why I love my name... because the'spelling is unique.

09/27/2023 20:22:52

my name is hailee :)and its really weird seeig this many people with the'same spelling! crazyyyyyyyyy :p

09/27/2023 07:09:22

first of all LOVE this name when i hav a daughter this is wat shes gettin named it pronounced hale-lee not hay-lee

09/26/2023 23:13:16

this is my older'sisters name. her nickname is malie (molly) and it fits her perfectly cuz shes tiny and cute. it is a russian name

09/26/2023 20:34:34

that's how i spell my name and i like it alot its different not alot of people spell it that way

09/26/2023 12:56:06

I can't beli've there are so many other Hailee's out there! it makes me smile Keep on keepin' on, you Hailee's of the world

09/25/2023 18:07:34

Hailee's my name and sometimes people spell either Haillee, Hailey, and Haley. Although it can get really annoying, my name's unique because nto that many people have it.

09/23/2023 09:24:20

My name is hailee people always spell my name wrong and it bugs me but that's okay because the lee part goes back in the family It's a great name!

09/19/2023 18:42:30

Thats how i spell my name but other people spell it haley,hailey and other ways but i like the way mines spelled!!

09/18/2023 11:51:00

My name is spelt Hailee also ... I have never heard of anyone having their name'spelt this way before its nice to know that there are othe's out there that have to constantly spell their names out lol :)

08/29/2023 22:12:56

my names is hailee i always hate my name because i can never find the right spelling and i always get comments like" hi hailee why is your name'spelled h a i l e e its very unique

08/23/2023 16:37:34

legally i am know as HAYLEY but i changed it to spell it like HAILEE to be unique ive never heard of anyone spell it this way till now

08/18/2023 00:50:58

We named one of our twins Kaia Mai a pretty name for a pretty girl. Also read on here once it means bossy and strong in Maori - she is that too!! Also means spear in Aboriginal so lots of meanings but the 'earth' and 'pure' meanings are lovely. her twin brother is named Taio Anthony pronounced like the european way of Theo (Tey-o) but TAIWO we found out after is 'he who tastes the world first' - first born of twins and he was!!

08/07/2023 19:44:46

My name is Hailee to i love the way its spelt!!i have only met one other hailee who spells it like this its cool to know there are alot more hailees like the way i spell it(: the only thing i dont like about it is people spell it wrong a lot and you cant really find things spelt right on them when looking at the keychains and things like that

08/06/2023 22:17:32

The nicest people, in fact the nicest person i know is named Lisa.I think that this is a great name.

08/05/2023 16:54:12

My name is Hailey. But I spell it -Hailey- It's a good name. No one ever teased me and I constantly get compliments on it. Sometimes people say it funny. They'll say "hail-ee" instead of "hay-lee" and that bugs me. But that's about it, also, Mexicans cannot pronounce this name, haha.

08/04/2023 22:23:18

THANK. YOU. My name is Hailee, and i've only heard of 1 other Hailee IN MY LIFE. Amen. I had no idea ther's so many Hailee's out there!

08/03/2023 22:52:38

My name is Hailee and I like the way it is spelled. I really dont like Hayley, Hailee is the best way spelled!

07/19/2023 11:24:06

my 6 year old daughter is named hailee gianna i have 3 other girls named allysyn emily-23 lyndzee nicole-17 and kaileigh bridgett-12 i also have a grandaughter on the way and her name will be kelley lauren

07/14/2023 01:12:32

im haileeee pretty cool...i think..but ive onli heard of like one person who spells it the'same..but tahts cool! WOOT

07/13/2023 12:16:40

Hailee is a cool name. But I agree with everyone. When your looking for things that have you name on them, its always spelled wrong. But I love the name :)

07/04/2023 22:33:20

Hailee here I love my name I have never had trouble with people spelling it wrong or anything!!!

06/30/2023 20:41:26

yeah this is my name, but instead of an ie its just and i at the end. maggi! i love my name, and people always ask me if my real name is margaret, but i dispise that name, its so ugly.

06/16/2023 04:19:04

my name is hailee and i think it is the coolest name in the world; but perhaps i am a little biased?

06/14/2023 23:13:22

I was named Hailee in 1998. people always spell it wrong, i think this is the best way to spell it

06/09/2023 16:15:46

people always spell my sisters name wrong. Its pronounced Hay-lee.I think it is a very gorgeous name though.

06/07/2023 07:32:32

I named my baby girl this, she is 6 months but yes people still mispell all the time.

06/04/2023 04:18:24

My name was always spelt like that and I never knew there were othe's like me

06/02/2023 12:37:54

I have always liked the name Hailey. my name is spelt Ashlee so i guess spelling is Hailee is kind of naming her after me

06/02/2023 09:06:18

My name is Hailee, and I thought I was the only one to have It'spelt like this! Cool to see this many people out there :)Love my name!

05/29/2023 07:14:24

I love this name and this spelling, I will be naming my baby girl this.

05/28/2023 01:33:26

HI'my name is also hailee and i love the way it is spelled It'so unique i got it fromm my aunt laurie lee hans the last 3 letters of my name haiLEE

05/24/2023 04:23:40

A lot of people spell my name wrong.My name is spelled like this Haileeand I only know a few other Hailee's.

05/15/2023 21:25:54

My name is Hailee and I love it! But everybody always spells it like "Haley" I want my name'spelled right! I'met people with the name Hailey but not hailee. A lot of people say "hal-ee" which kinda makes me mad. The name hailee is very unique and original which makes me proud to have the name hailee.

05/12/2023 23:11:32

Hey! My name is Hailee. I love my name. People always spell it wrong and say it wrong. Its Hai-lee not Hail- ee. That is the only thing that bugs me about my name. I havent seen'this many people with the'same spelling!

05/12/2023 16:25:58

I love the way my name is spelled! I haven't met too many other girls with the'same spelling. I always get compliments on the'spelling of my name. My parents did a good job :) -Hailee '87

05/12/2023 00:16:08

hailee is a realey cool name my name is hailee and i love it

05/11/2023 11:02:38

my name is hailee! i dont really know if i like it. i guess i dont mind it. its cool and different. i dont think anyone can ever'spell it right the first time though!

05/09/2023 14:40:00

my namwe is Hailee and i had no idea so many pepole had that name

04/30/2023 17:18:12

My name is hailee and mI'mum told me that'she was gunna name me hailee or lanely and personally i like hailee better lol i love the name hailee and the way it is spelled too!

04/16/2023 08:16:40

hey my name is hailee its alright i live in australia and i havent met anyone who as got the'same spelling as me and i have only met 1 other hailee . but it gets annoying cuz here they have nothing with my spelling on it. but i like my name.

04/12/2023 03:10:48

I am Hailee and I love ma name...i found this cause i was googling my name hahaha

04/05/2023 04:15:04

hey! my name is hailee also! i cant beli've so many people spell it like me! i like it being so unique! its more fun! woooooop woooooooooop for the HAILEE'S :D

04/04/2023 10:19:26

Hey my name is Hailee too lol i honestly thought i was the only one with the name Hailee-spelt that way lol my mum was either gunna call me Hailee or Lainee,i think i like Hailee better lol.It also drives me insane when people spell my name wrong:e.g Haliee,Hailey,Hale?what the hell lol anyways catchas.xx

04/03/2023 16:59:04

Im a Hailee, Im 13 and I LOVE having such a unique spelling.

04/02/2023 22:10:32

My name's Hailee, and well i wish it was something cooler but its okay.

03/29/2023 23:32:36

My name is Hailee nicole and i love it. i was born in 2006 and know one had the'same name as me or the'same spelling and now in my nieghborhood there is another girl name haley but as u can see it is spelt different!!! ýýHaileeýý

03/23/2023 15:18:32

My name is Hailee and everyone spells it wrong! Even my closest friends! It's okay though, i know they still love me for me not my name!

03/20/2023 16:28:54

hi i am hailee i have always hated my name because i can never find anything with the right spelling. it just makes mwe so mad. i hate it when people spell it wrong!! its hailee!! <3

03/19/2023 20:47:28

this is my daughters name. i named her after her fathe's 2 sisters dayna and talia and got Dalia he'sed it and it just stuck to me.... she looks like a dalia to

03/16/2023 12:51:12

Hey my name is hailee and one time one of my teache's put my name like hailey i hate when people thinks its how you spell it.

03/06/2023 15:05:50

my name iss Hailee and i LOVE it nobody else at my school spells there name like minee and i LOVE being uniquee(: i had NO clue so many people spelled there name like thatt. i LOVE the way It's spelled it AWESOMEE<3

03/03/2023 04:30:52

hi pplz! my name is also Hailee but It's pronounced Hay-lee i got my name'spelled that way because my great great great great great grandfather General Lee that's why the lee is in my name my dad my dad wanted the lee to be in our names and my younger bro has the middle name lee i havenever et a person with her name'spelled like mine and im surprised to see all of you with the unique spelling!i love my name the way it is!

02/26/2023 15:11:16

my names hailee as well, I didn't know this many people had the'same spellig as I do.

02/21/2023 14:06:20

ok! everyone thinks my name is spelles hayley or hailey,, it gets me mad. >;[ my name is H-a-i-l-e-e.. i think its VERy UNique

02/19/2023 18:18:58

My name is Hailee, people are always spelling it wrong, always adding a "Y" into It'some where. i love my name and the way it is spelled, and the fact that i don't know anyone with my same spelling.

02/17/2023 12:14:26

i LOVE my name and i dont no any other way 2 put it<33

02/11/2023 19:17:18

My name is Hailee and I love it! sure people mispell it but it makes me uniqie and i like saying and correcting it likes saying no there is two e's.

02/04/2023 07:43:20

Everyone ALWAYS spells it wrong!!! but, I guess I am ok with that.. It can get annoying sometimes, but I like being unique.. I haven't really ever met someone with this same spelling so... It has its ups and downs.

02/01/2023 03:53:56

My name is Hailee, but the lee comes from part of my dad's name. I didn't realize that'so many girls had the'same name. I live in Arizona.

01/30/2023 22:30:36

Hi! My name is Hailee im so glad im not the only Hailee with It'spelt this way and i just love it.

01/09/2023 06:54:52

My name is Hailee, And YES a lot of people SPELL my name wrong, but that's ok! I LOVE my name and I will never change it!!

01/07/2023 19:56:30

my best friends name is hailee and ashe is awesome i love how she'speels it and its really unique i love her

01/04/2023 04:39:24

My name is Hailee and the only thing I can't stand about it is NOBODY spells it right.

12/27/2022 20:01:46

I named my duaghter Hailee because I loved the name, but didnt want the'same boring old spelling, so when I saw that I had to use it!!!

12/25/2022 06:01:08

My wife and I named out daughter Hailee. Her mother's name was Lee and she passed away couple of years ago so wanted to honor her. My wife always has to correct me since when I say it fast I say it (Hail-ee) instead of (Hay-Lee). She almost wants to change it but I just want to not correct othe's when'they mis-pronounce it. What should we do? Do you get mad when people mis-pronounce it?

12/20/2022 12:52:18

Hey I love that name mostly because It's pretty and It's my name. Alot of people spell my name wrong.I have met alot of people with my name just never have met someone with my spelling of name.

12/17/2022 15:48:28

aha my name is Hailee! i hate it when people spell it wrong! they always spell it hayley or hailey! D:<

12/15/2022 04:08:54

My name is Hailee, I know six other people with the'same name... so I'm not very surprised that this many people share it, but I am surprised that this many people share the'same spelling. Out of the'six people that are named Hailee (that I know), only one of them have the'same spelling... the rest have Y's in it... I like my name, and love the fact that its unique, spelling wise (:(:(:

12/14/2022 13:09:36

ha. well apparently the name hailee Isn't THAT unique if there are like A GAZILLION commments saying, 'OH EM GE. i spell my name like that too!' ahah. bt yes, my name is hailee, H-A-I-L-E-E, and i love it. not only cause of the way It's spelled, but because the name is pretty.

12/06/2022 13:50:18

my name is Hailee and I only have about a hundred people in my whole school (not class) and out of those people there are five people with the name hailee.

11/26/2022 20:29:26

My name is Hailee I was born in Zimbabwe, however have been living in Australia for the past 25 years. I have met few people with the name Hayley however have never meet anyone with the'same spelling as mine. I like that it is a little different.

11/17/2022 20:46:34

i love my name! i have never met anyone with the'same way. i thought my parents just made it up, i never knew this people had it.(:

11/15/2022 19:59:26

MY NAME IS HAILEE! i love my name i feel speical with it.. I use to not like it, like how they spelled it beacuase i didn't like to be "different" but now i love it because im glad i don't fit it with the other girls...I love my name! nobody at my school spells it like i i love that!

11/13/2022 05:23:32

i have this name! im 12......i like it ALOT cuz no one has It'spelled like mine! mine is better!...haha!.....i have seen hailey or haylee,but i think that is any UGLY way of spelling it...PERSONALLY.

11/11/2022 12:50:08

Hey my name is also HAILEE.. pronounced Hay-Lee..and I live in Utah. I had no clue there were so many of us out there! I also have the problem with everyone misspelling it or pronouncing it wrong but like many have said that's part of the unique-ness, it bothered me when I was a kid, but I love it now that I'm an adult! :)

11/06/2022 16:44:58

i love the name!!! My name is Hailee too! but i aree i hate when people spell my name wrong!!!

11/05/2022 22:31:42

My daughter's name is Hailee Larae and I love that it is unique. I am very surprised that there is alot of other Hailee's out there.

11/04/2022 03:01:58

hey! my name is Hailee Anne. i am so suprised that'so many people spell it the way i do!!! i love having a different spelled name!! i think it is COOL!!!

10/27/2022 01:39:14

okay i am like 13 and there is only one other person that i have evr met who spells there name the'same way that i do but ya i think that it is a faboulous name!!

10/25/2022 20:51:10

Our daughter's name is Hailee Noel (born 2 wks before Christmas) -- I wanted to spell it "Hailey", the more common spelling, but my husband insisted on "Hailee". My name is Joelle, so nobody could ever pronounce/spell my name correctly. Eventually I grew to appreciate the unique name'spelling, as I hope our daughter will too.

10/25/2022 18:47:44

i also have named my daughter Hailee and didnt think id fine so many othe's that have named their daughter the'same and spelled it the'same! i did it that way so it would be different, not the typical hayley, with all those y's. because i know that my hailee wont be a typical girl, heck she is 2 now and shes already not like any other girl! shes the happiest goofy kid! i love her! and i love the name! fits her perfectly! uniqueness is great! and yes, people spell it hayley all the time. haha no biggie though.

10/24/2022 20:45:14

Ahahaha, my name is Hailee too. I didnt know there was so many other Hailee's out there =)

10/12/2022 13:41:22

well, i love my name, since its unique and all, but... it doesn't feel very good when people always can't get your name right...

10/11/2022 05:39:20

yes my name is Hailey and i love my name the only thing i hate about it is that people misspell my name all the time. My name was handed down from my familey. My great grandmothe's name was Haylee too but as you can see it was spell a different way. I have only met a few people in my lifetime thats name is Hailey.

10/10/2022 15:32:56

i like it to be spelled that way cause its something kinda diffrent and fun like

09/30/2022 14:51:14

Its my daughters name and i picked it out and the name HAIlee rocks

09/29/2022 18:34:32

I love my name Hailee. I always tell people I hope it is not conceited that I love my name. It is beautiful and it is spelled uniquely. And it is cool because my twin sister is named is Jaimee and they are both uniquely spelled.

09/25/2022 21:07:08

hey!my name is Hailee i never knew it was this common of a name.i hardly know anyone with that name though.

09/23/2022 13:16:48

I love the name Hailee. . It's a really cool name. Not one person in my school has my name. I go to a school of 454151 Kids! Name your child Hailee, im very popular cause of my name. I'm crown princess because my name!! This web site is awesome! call me 513-548-2478

09/21/2022 04:51:12

i had my daughter hailee farquharson in july 2017 and my husband loved the name but i really didnt want to spell it the oriinal way of hayley. i wanted it to be unique and special just like my beautiful girl so i got to spell her name and i love the'sound of hail when it hits a roof and my niece's name is tammy-lee so i thought why not put hail and lee together and we ended up with hailee. her teache's hate it and so do family cause they always spell it wrong but i dont care. she's my little hails......

09/13/2022 19:55:56

The name is N-A-K-I-A, fairly easy to why do people call me Nikia or Nikiah (with a long i on the'second i

09/11/2022 14:09:02

My name is Hailee and i love it because i love the way It'sounds!..but i dont like how there is never the right spelling!..i live in california and i have never met a hailee with the'same spelling as me! :)

08/30/2022 16:48:18

I absoulutly love this name my lil girls name is Hailee I love the'spelling too!!

07/17/2022 22:23:06

i love my name and the way other people write it..It's cute! and well It's not unique but i still love my name!

07/16/2022 00:38:06

my name is Hailee i am 10. i am suprised that many other people like you girls spell it that way my dad says he made it up i dont beli've him though,not many people spell hailee the way i do and u girls, i am the ONLY girl in my clas that has the name hailee spelled so unique. but i love my name me and all u girls are unique!

06/21/2022 07:42:54

hI'my name is hailee and im a 13 year old girl and evrytime someone that new meets me they spell my name wrong its so frustrating i pronounce it the'same way but i have never meet someone wiht the'same name as me????

06/14/2022 02:46:48

My name is Hailee i am 10. A lot of people mispell my name im the only girl in the whole school to have my name'spelled different A lot of girls named Hailee in my school either have their name'spelled Hayley or Hailey. My dad named me he'said he wanted my name you know.....different he wanted the lee at the end because my great-great Uncle was General Lee, a great general who fought in the Civil War. I still love my name and im glad its spelled different!

06/09/2022 03:49:48

I had no idea that anyone spelled their name like mine! WOW! I love me name!

05/24/2022 01:42:00

I named my daughter Hailee and i spelled it that way to be unique. It's nice to hear people with that name appreciate the unique spelling. I LOVE MY LIL HAILEE

04/29/2022 15:11:06

i love my name its a realy cute name and they alwas spell my name wrong they spell it hailey not hailee you no what I'meen it

03/19/2022 07:19:30

hi im hailee too i love it when i get to correct someone but sometimes it gets on my nerves. I was named hailee with an ee because my dad said it ment by the'sea and i was born in Flordia.

03/15/2022 21:53:24

Wow! I can't beli've there are so many people named Kinsey! That's my name too and I love it, even'though I hate people calling me Kenzie or McKenzie. Also, i've been looking for the meaning for the longest time and all that comes up is "Victorious Prince". Hello! I'm a thirteen year old girl!I love my name though, I thinks It's super unique and cool. If this is your name too, be proud!

03/10/2022 05:33:18

I love how my name is spelled ! hailee original(:

03/03/2022 23:29:42

I named my daughter this. I loved the name but did not like other'spellings at all. I beli've this spelling fits perfectly with my daughter's personality, cute and bubbly! I love HAILEE!

02/23/2022 19:41:06

My name is Hailee i have not met ANYONE with the'spelling of it, people always spell it wrong :( But i like my name no one has it, It's not really a popular name (in a good way :)<) But Yeah!

01/31/2022 01:38:24

My name is Hailee and i absolutly love it! because people always ask me about and comment on the cute spelling. I especially like the double 'ee'.

01/30/2022 11:00:00

the result of this search is to name my baby boy EDWIN

01/24/2022 20:29:42

Love my name. It actually has a real meaning to the'spelling too. The day my mom found out she was pregnant with me it was hailing, so HAIL. and my grandma's name is LEE, so Hailee. Awesome.

01/22/2022 15:25:30

Every one spells my name wrong sometimes even my best friends!

12/15/2021 09:40:48

my name is hailee and i fetching love it there is no one else my age that i know that'spells it the'same as me however i know 3 girls that are like 6 yrs old that'spell it the'same....weird! haha

11/23/2021 06:58:48

Name picked for baby not due till September. Mother high risk pregnacy with high blood pressure and weight. Single parent with father involved. So far rough beginnings for the baby.

11/09/2021 18:09:18

This is my name.. I am go by Don. I have only met one other Don. I am 21 and when I think Don.. I think Trumpt Towers.. and I am 6'6" so I carry it well. Don.. solid name.

11/03/2021 02:01:48

My name is Hailee, and I love it. :) It makes me unique. i've never actually met another "Hailee" in person. I'd say that's a good thing.

10/28/2021 15:11:06

yes my daughters name is Kaia and every one gets it wrong, even her grandparents call her Kia like the car!

10/24/2021 04:07:48

Pronunciation is fine. Spelling tends to be an issue as there are several ways to spell the name. Meet othe's with same name a lot, however always spell it differently.

09/29/2021 20:21:36

My name is hailee, i live in California. I like having the name hailee, because there are MANY people named haley, hailey, haille, haylee, etc. ive never met another H A I L E E, in my life! it makes me unique :)

09/15/2021 22:23:06

My name is Hailee an I'm goin wit watever'she'

08/31/2021 07:14:06

my daughter was born june 17, 2020 and her name is hailee.. it is after her daddy his middle name is lee.. and it is pronounced hay-lee

08/13/2021 22:54:36

Yes, My name is Iesha to. Alot of people have the name tho. It's crazy.

08/03/2021 02:08:06

my name is hailee and i know alot of hailees but not the'same spelling i thought the most unusual spelling was hali.

07/20/2021 11:28:48

I am thinking of naming my daughter hailee. I like the'sound of it. Very girly.But I am contemplating how to spell it. Stressing!


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Frequently asked questions

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Hailee?
The origin of the name Hailee is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Hailee?
Meadow, Heroine.
*️⃣ How many people are named Hailee?
Almost 15000 people are named Hailee.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Hailee?
The names of Harmony, Harmoni, Hermione, Harmonee, Herman