Halle meaning

: dweller at the hall meadow.

Halle Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ha(l)-le\
Number of People 👶 14,000
Rate in 2021 1600
Numerology 🔢 2
Name origin 🌍 German
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Halle Name Meaning

Halle is a name of Old English origin, derived from the Old English word "heall", meaning "hall", and "leah", meaning "woodland, meadow". Thus, the full meaning of the name Halle is "dweller at the hall meadow". It signifies a person who resides near a large estate or manor, or a clearing in the woods. The name carries connotations of elegance, grace, and natural beauty.

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Halle Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Halle
Additional description of the name Halle
The name Halle has its roots in Old English, and it was traditionally used as a surname before it gained popularity as a first name. The surname was often given to individuals who lived near a manor or a hall. Over time, Halle evolved into a popular first name, especially in English-speaking countries. It gained significant popularity in the late 20th century, largely due to the fame of American actress Halle Berry.

Cool Info About Name Halle

Additional name description Halle
Additional name description Halle
Famous People with the Name Halle:
The most notable person with this name is Halle Berry, an award-winning American actress known for her roles in films like "Monster's Ball" and "X-Men". Halle Bailey, an American singer and actress, is another famous bearer of this name.
The name Halle has consistently been in the top 1000 names for girls in the United States for the past two decades. It reached its peak popularity in 2002, following Halle Berry's historic Oscar win.
Personality Traits:
People named Halle are often perceived as strong, independent, and creative. They are seen as natural leaders with a knack for inspiring others.
In conclusion, the name Halle is a beautiful, unique name with a rich history and a strong, modern appeal. It's a great choice for parents seeking a name that is both classic and contemporary.
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Comments on the name Halle
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love my name It's unique and I never have really come across anyone who has the name besides Halle Berry. However as a kid I was always so annoyed by my name. People would never call me by the right name they would always pronounce it wrong and always say it like a question as if they weren't sure if they pronounced it wrong. When I was younger id play along with my teache's when'they'd say is 'HAY LEE' here I'd respond yes not bothering to correct them for some reason i wasn't the most confident person and was extremely shy so I never really told my teache's the right pronunciation usually my friends and or class mates would should its Halle! That really got on my nerves and I felt very sad and annoyed about my name but overtime I grew to like it for It's uniqueness and am really happy I was named Halle

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I have twin daughters named Halle and Addie. I love both of there names so much.

01/06/2024 16:15:44

This is my name and i love it! its so unique and no one else that i know has this name. I'm the only Calla in my school. people do pronounce it wrong most of the time though, calling me kayla or calia which i dont get. It means beauty in greek

01/03/2024 09:47:38

Our 8 yr-old daughter's name is Halle. It's a beautiful name, and she is a beautiful child. Her name really suits her, and we are complimented on her name all the time. She does get "Hayley-ed" or "Holly-ed" occasionally; she thinks this is "funny." We live in New York City and have run into a (growing) number of other "Halles" and "Hallies" at school and in afterschool classes. We chose to spell her name like "Halle Berry" because we preferred it, but "Halle" or "Hallie" -- you just can't go wrong with this name!!!

12/21/2023 15:51:20

yes.. n the correct way to spell it is Laci. n i hav met quite a few gurls named lacy,lacie.. i hav met none with the'same name.

12/20/2023 06:56:24

my 2 year old daughter is named "Hallie" i gave her my sisters middle name "Lee" i think it is a perfect name i got it from "how to deal" with mandy moore

12/13/2023 12:42:48

my name is halle and i love it!!! but my last name is very short so its boring to write it on top o all my papers!lol everyone pronounces it wrong. im not hailey, holly, allie, or anyone else... im HALLE!:)

12/04/2023 11:49:24

My husband and I decided to name our first born daughter "Halle" after the place we met-- the library on our campus is called The Halle Library. She is 3 now and definitely fits the name!

10/29/2023 01:30:14

Halle is my daughters name, it is pronouced Hal-lie just like Halle berry. I cant beli've how many people mis pronounce it. Most people call her Hailey.

09/28/2023 04:36:36

We just named our daughter Hazle. Yeap, thats how we spelled it. We got a lot of greif about her name, but it fits her perfect. Kids are mean, they can pick on you by your name, size, race. Don't choose your child name due to fear. I know she will love it. Our nickname for her is Acorn.

09/09/2023 21:14:46

I have always loved my name Halle and its pronouned like Halle Berry But when'ther's a sub at school they say "Haley' or "Holly" idk why but they do...Most of my teache's when'they take roll say "Halle Berry" cuz my last name'sounds a little like berry. I love my name'so much <3

09/07/2023 12:13:54

It's always Hailey. Or Holly. Why so confusing, people❤️ It's a simple name, really. And a good name.

09/03/2023 02:25:54

my name is hallie and i really like it because of its meaning and it is so unique and different in its own little way. i was originally called hallie beacuse it was similar to hell and my step parents though i was hell so they called me hallie and called me hell instead. but i am proud to say know that My name is hallie, and i love it!

08/23/2023 07:48:34

My daughters name is Halle and we have had nothing but compliments about it and it is a beautiful sounding name

08/21/2023 07:36:42

My name is Halle. People used to get it mixed up or mispronounced it. It bothered me for a while, but they learned. Anyways, I am full of energy, loads of fun, and energetic. It's a really fun, unique name!!

08/20/2023 11:37:38

To say that it is my name. I was born in 1987. So you can say I'm just a few years away from being 40. I do have to tell people how to spell it and say it correctly. I do get different variotions on people spelling it. Though I do use nicknames such as Kdog, Kdawg, and now Kade.

08/08/2023 23:57:34

My name is Halle but spelled Hallie and you can never find anything like a cup or pen with your name on it. But on the bright side, it is unique.

07/29/2023 22:22:58

I didn't have a name picked out and went into labor 5.5 weeks early. I happened to see Halle Berry in a magazine right before I went into labor and feel-good hormones made me think it was perfect. My daughter's name is Halle. It's a beautiful name and with It's powerful meaning, suIt's my daughter but she's had to correct the pronunciation since she could speak. Too many close names exist: Hailey, Holly, Callie, Alley, Hadley, . . .It took family a year to get It'straight. . .I wouldn't do it again.

07/13/2023 14:20:06

Everyone says my name wrong. When I correct them they say, "like Halle Berry!"

07/02/2023 22:21:28

My name is Hally, and it is pronounced like "Sally" but with an "h" [obviously}. I have this name because my father's name also starts with an "H." My name is very rare, I think. I have never met anyone with the'same name as I have. I even looked it up on the internet, but It's always usually "Hallie," "Halle," "Haley," "Halley," etc. I have no idea where it originated from, and can find no information on it. Many of the people I'meet usually mispronounce it. They usually say "Hailey" or "holly." In fact, one of my closest friends calls me "Holly" instead of "Hally." And when people actually get it right the first time, I am very surprised. Sometimes, I have to tell people that It's "Hally" as in "Halle Berry," but after a few minutes, they forget and go back to pronouncing my name the wrong way. It usually takes them a few tries to finally get it right. Sometimes, it gets annoying, but usually I don't really care if they mispronounce it. All I have to do is recognize their voices and I'll know if they're calling me.

06/22/2023 13:43:40

My name is Halle and I have a twin brother and he has the most common name (John) but I like how my name is unique!! I do always get called Haley though but It's pronounced like Halle Berry. I used to hate my name but I love it now!! :)

06/15/2023 07:09:28

I love this name'so much, I'm considering changing my name to Halle!

05/28/2023 13:54:02

Always called Hailey. People want to spell it Hallie or Halley.

05/15/2023 19:22:28

I am also a Halle. I love the name and the'spelling! It was first Hallie, but then my parents decided they wanted it to be more unique, and took away the i. I would like to meet someone else with the'same name and the'same spelling, though.

04/28/2023 22:06:06

My name is Halle (yes like Halle Berry). I love my name. I like having an unique name.

04/01/2023 02:40:48

My daughters name is Halli. My name is Allison, but I go by Alli, which is why my husband and I chose to spell it that way. We get a ton of compliments on how beautiful the name is.. Once people are told how to pronounce it! 99.99 percent of the time she is called "Hailey." It blows my mind. Common sense, hello...

03/28/2023 08:09:44

My name is Halle and I love it! though alot of people mispronounce it they say it as HAY-LEE, and people also spell it wrong...but they learn after time.

02/19/2023 15:40:16

My name is Halle and I looooooove my name but people pronounce it wrong and it ends up coming out as Hailey, Holly ,Hannah, or Helen. So I have the tell them its like Halle Berry. Also people misspell my name a lot! But I like my name because it unique. My name is AWESOME!

02/07/2023 16:14:52

my name is hallie with an i i am 10 my name is often mispronnounced my name is awesome

01/20/2023 10:38:50

My daughters name is Halle, and I absolutly love it, and have yet to meet another Halle. Everyone trys to call her Hailey, she is over a year now and her one grandfather'sTILL calls her hailey. I picked the name from a movie, "how to deal" the girls characters name was Halle and I loved it, she was strong willed and beautiful. It fits, my girl is also strong willed and takes my breath away!

01/08/2023 02:42:04

Can have some strange pronounciations but usually most people react with ' as in berry!'

12/28/2022 04:50:46

My name is Halle but it is sounds as thought it is Haley or Hayley.... It is always said wrong! It gets on my nerves Many preople say it in the way of Halle berry or holly or something weird! It makes me mad! Haha

12/24/2022 03:16:30

My name is Halle and I love it! I have never heard of anybody else with the name other than Halle Berry. All though people often pronounce it wrong, it is super fun and unique!

12/11/2022 14:02:20

My name is Hally, prounounced just like "Hallie" or "Sally." I get a lot of mispronuciations, including Holly (understandable - especially when handwritten, the a can look like an o) or, the one that really irritates me, "Haley." (Hay-lee) I think the thing that is the most upsetting is when people (usually males, inter'stingly), mispronounce my name, I'll let them know how It's correctly pronounced, and then'they say, "Close enough" or something like that. No......"Haley" and "Holly" are some other girls, they're not me. I'm Hally. I'll even ask then how they would like it if I called them by the wrong name, say "Jane" instead of "James" or "Mark" instead of "Mike." Somehow, they usually just don't get it. It's like, if It's a unique name It's somehow OK not to learn to pronounce it right. I think the'stupidest thing anyone ever'said to me about my name is they said, "Your name is HALLY❤️ Wow! Are You'related to Halle Berry❤️"

12/03/2022 11:11:26

I named my daughter (now almost 2) Halley and we LOVE it! She's spunky, yet beautiful, tough but still girly, unique on her own accord. She can be loveable or fiercely independent depending on her mood! This name wrapped ALL of this up for me, and I adore it! I want SO badly to find a similar name to give my next daughter (due in just 3 weeks!!!) And I still can't find one that "measures up" to Halley in my opinion.

11/28/2022 08:03:04

My name is Halle also I never knew that much people names were Halle but I don't like it when people call me Hailey

11/23/2022 19:36:22

I'm named Halle! I love my name very much, It's unique, i've never personally come across another Halle in my life. However, everyone tends to call me "Haley" or "Holly," and It's often misspelled. As for meaning, i've heard of several origins: greek (thinking of the'sea), english (home rule), norwegian (rock) to name a few.

11/23/2022 09:36:50

My name is halle too! I honestly didn't think that there were this many halles with the'same pronuncation! Its irritating and funny at the'same time whenever i hear people totally mess up my name or when'they call someone with a similar name and we're both confused. In my experience, all the other Halles i've met have been some of the most inter'sting and energetic people i know. Watch out though, we Halles have quite a bit of spunk!

11/23/2022 00:30:12

This is my 8 year old daughters name. I think the name is beautiful, it really suits her. I got the name from my great aunt Adele (just changed the e on the end) it is very unique, i havn't met anyone else with the name Adella where we live. Like the other comment she is always remembered due to the unusual name :)

09/28/2022 08:46:42

My daughter is named Halle. When people call her Hayley we correct them nicely andvsay it is halle like sally.

09/28/2022 07:00:54

My daughter is 3 years old. and yes, named after Halle Berry. That's what the kids call her at daycare, after everyone finally realized her name WAsn't Hailey, or Ally. But I love the name, and everyone else does too. I always get compliments on her name. Halle Skye. All Halle's are beautiful!!! Hooray for Halles!!

09/28/2022 00:50:36

Hahaha ooh my gosh girls, my name is Halle too:) and i think we can all agree BEST name in the world!! hahah NO one can pronounce my name'so i just say "think Halle Berry" haha named after her :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE my name!

09/19/2022 17:52:50

this is my 1st son name. everyone loves it and gives nothing but compliments. i call him xavi for short.

09/14/2022 22:58:12

My name is Hallie (like the othe's, pronounced as in "Halle Berry"), and also like the othe's, I have had many people call me anything from Haylee to Hadley to Hannah, and even Helen a few times. But over all, It's a beautiful name. I'm named for Hallie in "The Parent Trap"... Love my name and I am so blessed!!

09/12/2022 03:57:48

My name is Halle and I loooove it. i've heard it means "ocean"[beautiful,calming] or rock[tough,down to earth]or truthful. I think my name is pretty cool!

08/21/2022 19:36:36

I named my daughter daughter Hallee. I put two e's on the end because my name is Ashlee, so I thought that would be neat. Everyone pronouces it wrong though. How hard is it really. I guess I should of spelled it like this Hal-Lee. They constantly are calling her Haylie or Holly. I can understand Holly, buty Haylie. I love her name. The meaning of the name Halle really fits her too. She is in Kintergarden right now and no one has her name. I remember getting so aggravated when'there was more than one person with my name in a class. I did not want her to be the'same way.

07/03/2022 07:01:30

My name is Halle. I agree with the other Halles. everyone ALWAYS misprounounces my name and i always end up saying "like halle berry". but i do love my name.

03/23/2022 20:12:36

Our daughter is now 5.5 years old, named Halle like Halle Berry. She does get mistaken as being a Hailey or Allie quite often, but has also learned to correct people. I love that her name is unique enough that we've never met anyone else with it...but also common enough that It's easy to spell and pronounce. She definatley suits her name as a firey yet considerate girl.

01/23/2022 04:14:06

we named our daugher Kaiya. I have always loved the name and when I'met my husband I told him that if I ever have a daughter I would give her this name. Well what do you know, she was born on Jan 20, 2021. My husbands name is Kaiser'so we thought it would be awesome to name her Kaiya Rylea (said Riley). Her first name has part of her daddys name and her middle name has part of my middle name of Lea. LOVE THE NAME!!!

11/17/2021 03:39:54

I am 80 years old. When I was 16 I knew a woman who was about 65, named Halle. I'm not sure about the'spelling.

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Halle?
The origin of the name Halle is German.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Halle?
dweller at the hall meadow.
*️⃣ How many people are named Halle?
Almost 14000 people are named Halle.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Halle?
The names of Hassan, Hasan, Hosanna, Hussein, Hussain