Ilona meaning

: Joy or bright light

Ilona Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \i-lo-na\
Number of People 👶 3,000
Rate in 2021 9047
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Hungarian
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Ilona Name Meaning

Ilona is a name with a rich and beautiful meaning that holds significance across different cultures. Derived from various origins, Ilona has roots in Hungarian, Finnish, and Hebrew languages.

In Hungarian, Ilona means "beautiful" or "light". It carries an essence of elegance and grace, reflecting the inner beauty of those who bear this name. The name Ilona is often associated with strength and resilience as well, symbolizing the ability to overcome challenges with grace.

In Finnish culture, Ilona signifies "joy" or "happiness". It represents a vibrant and cheerful spirit that brings positivity to those around them. Individuals named Ilona are believed to possess an infectious energy that can brighten any room they enter.

In Hebrew, Ilona is derived from the word "Elon", which means "oak tree". This conveys a sense of stability and endurance. Just like the mighty oak tree stands tall amidst storms, those named Ilona are seen as pillars of strength in their communities.

Overall, the name Ilona encapsulates qualities such as beauty, lightness, joy, happiness, strength, and stability. It is a name that carries positive vibes and embodies the essence of its diverse cultural origins.

Ilona Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Ilona
Additional description of the name Ilona

The name Ilona has a rich historical background. It is a feminine given name popular in Hungary, Finland, Estonia, and across various European countries. Regarded as the Hungarian equivalent of Helen and a variant of the Greek name Eileen, Ilona is also entwined with Hungarian folklore, known as the title of the Queen of Fairies. Despite varying origins, the name remains a favored choice prevalent over generations.

Cool Info About Name Ilona

Additional name description Ilona
Additional name description Ilona

Ilona, though not widespread globally, holds its charm elegantly across cultures. Famous personalities with this name span various fields, including Ilona Andrews (novelist), Ilona Csáková (Czech pop singer), and Ilona Massey (Hungarian actress), showcasing its popularity in creative arts. It is not at the top of popularity charts - this rarity makes it an enticing choice for parents seeking a unique, culturally rich, and meaningful name. Each Ilona, like the brightness, joy, and strength her name suggests, is expected to shine her unique light in the world, filled with the joyous strength rooted in her bearing.

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Comments on the name Ilona
01/02/2024 13:13:18

My name is Ilona. I really LOVE my name. people always say it wrong or spell it wrong, but when'they get it right, they say its a beautiful name and I agree. The correct way to say this name is "E-loh-nah" I'met about 4 people with that name in Poland, where I was born. I love this name because there arnt many people with it and I am proud to be one of them.

09/12/2023 21:14:56

i was named after the movie star ilona massey.. my name is hungarian..i do love it..but yes it is hard for people but! what i hate is hearing "are you alone" so i changed it many times in mylife..but i came back to it now at the age of 52 after 2 yrs with another name and in my 30 i was ilainah for 4 yrs. ilona women i have met have always been beautiful and inter'stingly that is what it means..beautiful

04/17/2023 11:54:12

My name is Ilona. I used to dislike it as a child, in part because kids had no originality so all I ever heard was "Ilona❤️ You must be so alone!", but also because I never found my name on gas station/gift shop souvenirs. But as I got older I realized how awesome it is to not be the 3rd Sarah or Che'sea in the room. I started to realize my name is actual quite beautiful as well. Plus I receive loads of compliments. Overall, It's a pretty excellent name.

02/14/2023 01:21:50

My name is also Ilona. Like the woman who posted on 1-24-08, I pronounce my name: E-loh-nah. But for some reason, people still have a tough time pronouncing it and spelling it. I love my name although when I was a child, I didn't like it much because people couldn't pronounce it. Now I am happy to have such a unique and beautiful name. I have never met anyone else with the'same name.

01/04/2023 19:21:04

My nanme is Ilona. I was named after my Slovak grandmother. We say the name Ill own a. The I, though pronounced E is almost silent, and sounds more like a short ah or ill more than a long E. Everyone sees the name'says I lone a with a long I, which is not correct. Everyone who hears the name first spells it Alona. I love the name, but in some groups I use my middle name, so that I don't have to explain this!

12/04/2022 16:34:46

My Mom's name is Ilona and she'says it "I lona." My grandmothe's name was lona and so she wanted a daughter with a similar name, but not the'same name. When she found Ilona in the name book it was a perfect fit. This is a wonderful, unique, and beautiful name. I would highly recommend this name to anyone.

08/20/2021 09:32:42

i love my name because It's a centuries old european name and It'sounds sexy but of a woman out of reach. when i am in the'states or latin america i feel It's quite unique, but in europe It's not that common but not unique and gaining popularity out of eastern europe the last 10 years.

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Ilona FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Ilona?
The origin of the name Ilona is Hungarian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Ilona?
Joy or bright light
*️⃣ How many people are named Ilona?
Almost 3000 people are named Ilona.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Ilona?
The names of Isadora, Isidro, Isadore, Isidora, Isidore