Ira meaning

: watchful.

Ira Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \i-ra\
Number of People 👶 60,000
Rate in 2021 1254
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Ira Name Meaning

Ira is a unisex name derived from Hebrew. In Hebrew, it means "watchful" or "awake", symbolizing vigilance and alertness. In Sanskrit, Ira is a feminine name meaning "earth" or "muse". The name Ira is often associated with qualities such as alertness, wisdom, and creativity.

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Ira Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Ira
Additional description of the name Ira
The name Ira has its roots in ancient Hebrew and is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible as one of King David's priests. It was also used in the 17th century. Despite its ancient origins, a classic choice for parents seeking a name with historical depth and spiritual significance.

Cool Info About Name Ira

Additional name description Ira
Additional name description Ira
Famous people named Ira include Ira Gershwin, a famous lyricist who worked with his brother George Gershwin, and Ira Levin, a popular American novelist. The has also been used in popular culture, such as Ira Gaines in the television show "24". According to the Social Security Administration, Ira was most popular in the States during 19th and early th centuries. People named Ira are often associated with a calm and thoughtful personality. They are seen, creative, and often introspective, much like the watchful figure they are named after.
In conclusion, the name Ira carries a rich history and a profound meaning. It is a classic choice that has stood the test of time, remaining popular across different cultures and generations. Whether you are naming a child, a character, or simply curious about, Ira offers a blend of tradition, meaning, and modern appeal.
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Comments on the name Ira
01/14/2024 00:00:00

im a girl and my name is ira. well actually just my nickname. my name is really shamIRA.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love this male name. M going to call my new male puppy, a Scottish Terrier, Ira. It was my father's middle name and a given name of a male cousin in my family.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Though this name is not as bad as Gertrude, both the names have become among the 20 old lady names most likely to face extinction in the UK - Gertrude is no.1 on the list, whereas Florence is at the bottom of the list in position no.20. Between Gertrude and Florence on the female endangered list lie Ethel in 3rd place, Norah in 6th place, Mabel in 10th place, Margaret in 13th place, and Annie in 17th place.

12/26/2023 01:39:20

My first given name is Ira. Although my father and great grandfather had second given names "IRA", I beli've there is only one other person with my first given name in the 13,519 people listed in my family tree. I am very pleased with my very unique name and I feel that it fits my unique personality. No one has ever'said that my name'sounded feminine although most Spanish speakers pronounce it EAR-AH where it is often given'to a girl. I enjoy the Biblical origin and the meaning "watchful". I try to live my life to keep this name honorable. My twin sister's name is Illa pronounced EYE-LAH.

12/23/2023 12:49:14

well i ment my doll is named Kaya yesterday. mmp

12/22/2023 06:15:22

A am a 50 year old man named Ira, and growing up with this name in Suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I'might as well been a Boy named "Sue". I'm used to it now, but when I'met my Wife, her girlfriends gave her a really hard time about my name. She didn't tell me at first, as she thought it would upset me. After being called "Iran" for three years in High School, because of the rise of the current Iranian regime and the US hostages, I would say I would have preferred another name.

12/10/2023 22:24:32

Ira is the most spectacular name. It has a long history and is definitely unique. I know someone who has this name and their comment is 'its ok'. I beli've it is more than ok. I beli've it is a name which predicts 'greatness.

10/31/2023 08:45:18

Another lovely biblical name. I love bible names and Ira is one of my personal favourIt's. It has a very soft, gentle, yet strong sound and ages very well. Ira is not a girl's name, as many people think or have been led to beli've. It is a male name and has always been so. There were never any girl's named Ira in the bible. It'saddens me to see that Ira has been 'feminised' like so many other boy's names. Ira may have a gentle sound but that does not mean it is feminine! It is a boy's name and is male through and through! It is NOT a girl's name. Please remember this!

09/20/2023 18:30:48

Great Classic Name...Would love to see it come back around.

08/27/2023 06:44:08

I am an Indian doctor.My niece's name is Ira. She is very pretty.It is an Indian [Hindu] goddess's name.

08/13/2023 07:59:46

My name is Ira and I am girl. It's great even'tho sometimes they always refer me as Mr. But I am happy my name is unique here in the Philippines

08/09/2023 22:52:58

My Name is Ira and I am a Male 30 yrs old. My father was named Ira in 1927 and I was named after him. I do not go by Ira, as I have never really liked the name. People find it to be odd, especially men.. However, most females I'meet love the name.. I wouldn't recommend it for a boy..

07/22/2023 06:42:08

I am searching for unique names to name my baby and came across Ira. There is an indian version of name Ira meaning earth/ Muse and its a girl's name. I love it and my husband loves it too.

07/08/2023 21:28:54

Ira Levin was a famous American author. He died in 2019 aged 78. Another famous Ira - definitely a male one - is Ira Gershwin, brother of George.

07/07/2023 03:09:42

I am naming my daughter Ira , i think its the most beautiful name and It'suits a girl more that a boy.

06/24/2023 01:17:18

this is douglas and this name'should have never existed.

06/14/2023 13:13:50

My name is Ira, n i enjoy the fact that it is because ive never met another Ira other than a family member

06/13/2023 07:15:14

I love this name!! My husband and I named our son Ira. We wanted something different, and we named him after my brother (his midle name is Ira). Everybody from around where we live think that Ira is a girl's name. Ira rocks!

06/04/2023 19:35:20

using a shorter version like "steve" for stephen is G-A-Y!!! the name is unique and VERRRY nice. why stuff it up with a "not so good" version. i also think It'should be steFFFan and not steven so people should say it like an F and not a V.

05/23/2023 11:38:34

My name is Ira. I am a 28-year-old male who was named after his father. I hated the name growing up. I thought it was weird and old and just too uncommon. Whenever my family went to fairs, carnivals, or amusement parks, there were never any of those named souvenirs with my name on it. I always felt left out. When people asked my name they would ask me if I'meant "Ian" as if I didn't know my own name. As I grew up I learned to appreciate my name, It's meaning, and the fact that it finds It's origin in one of the most ancient languages and cultures in the world. I find it to be strong and pleasant to the ear. I learned that one of the main reasons I hated my name was because I beli'ved my father hated that I was named after him. I wished, for that reason, that I could have a name of my own. It took me a while to realize that "Ira" was/is my name, and I can be a completely different "Ira" than my dad is. I wish more young men were named Ira. It's an older, mature, strong name with a wonderful meaning.

05/17/2023 18:23:48

My husband and I named our son Ira , It's a nice name very unique. We wanted something that wasn't an everyday name and not so common. He is named after his great great Uncle.

03/04/2023 04:01:32

I named my son Ira and I love it! I think It's a strong name, has character and is unique. Easy to say, easy to spell and it Isn't made up.

02/25/2023 16:15:52

i actually had a plan since i was a teenager to change my name'since i really hated the name my mother gave me which she hardly knew It's meaning. So i searched for names & their meaning especially a small simple name!! and though it was a male name,i don't care-I'm gonna surprise my mum with my new name!! I'm sure she'll love it! anyway! its just a name I'm changing,I'm still the'same person! so no offense!

02/19/2023 14:29:44

Well my name is Jacob and I'must say supplanter fits me though I learned that another thing the name means is Dirty Little Thief

02/09/2023 14:23:18

My name is Ira and I'm female..born in germany it was a more common female name and It'sounds nice but since living in the US everybody always thinks I'm a male and the pronunciation just doesn't make it pretty always have to explain...

02/04/2023 08:53:52

A charming name, suitable for a male or female, I would say.

02/04/2023 03:18:50

I first saw this name on the History Channel on a documentary for the 7 deadly sins, before I realized it was actually a Hebrew name for boys meaning "watchful." I always just thought of anger when I heard the name.

01/25/2023 03:12:24

i am girl and my name is ira and i find ira is girlish name.its unique to

09/09/2022 20:25:06

Love this name, would really like my next baby, if It's a boy to be called Ira. Only thing is we have friends with a daughter called Iris. It'sounds very similar. Maybe too similar.

08/25/2022 10:32:06

My name is Ira. I'm male. The funny thing is... I actually feel like an Ira, If that makes sense!! I enjoy my name and It's mystery...

08/25/2022 07:47:24

I named my son Ira. I love the name for a boy. People assume It's a girls name all. the. time. Rather annoying, but It's not a common name'so I can't be too mad. People also say ❤️Ear- uh❤️ ❤️‍♀️

08/12/2022 01:22:12

My name is Ira, and it has treated me well. A lot of people say they thought it was a girl's name- despite never having met a girl named Ira. Probably because It's one of the few male names that end in "A"

07/18/2022 11:11:42

I Think If i Have a Baby Its Defo On The Cards =)

09/20/2021 15:50:42

My name is Ira. I have asked to my good fried from 20 years to name his soon-to-be-born son Ira. Besides naming him after me, please give him oher good reasons why he'should name his son Ira!

08/26/2021 02:47:42

My grandfathe's name was Ira and he never'seemed to have any problems with it. As a matter of fact he was a very well respected man. He is the only one that I have ever heard of to have this name. I have decided to name my son after him. He is due this May.

08/06/2021 12:29:06

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Ira?
The origin of the name Ira is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Ira?
*️⃣ How many people are named Ira?
Almost 60000 people are named Ira.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Ira?
The names of Ivy, Iris, Ebony, Ivorie, Ivor