Jared meaning

: Descending

Jared Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \j(a)-red\
Number of People 👶 202,000
Rate in 2021 738
Numerology 🔢 2
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Jared Name Meaning

Are you curious to know the meaning behind the name "Jared"? Well, you've come to the right place! The name "Jared" has a fascinating origin and carries significant symbolism.

Derived from Hebrew origins, the name "Jared" means "descent" or "he who descends." It is believed to have biblical roots, as Jared was mentioned in the Old Testament as one of the ancestors of Noah. The name symbolizes a connection between heaven and earth, emphasizing a sense of grounding and spirituality.

In modern times, individuals named Jared often embody qualities such as strength, intelligence, and perseverance. They are known for their ability to adapt to different situations while maintaining a sense of stability. With this meaningful name, those named Jared have an inherent drive to explore new horizons and make their mark on the world.

So whether you bear this name yourself or are simply intrigued by its significance, remember that being a Jared means embracing your heritage while forging your own unique path.

Cool Info About Name Jared

Additional name description Jared
Additional name description Jared

Diminutives and variations of the name Jared

Jar and Jare are commonly used among Jared's diminutive names. There are some variations of the masculine name Jared that we find in its origin: Yared or Iared, but there are also less common variants that are Jarred and Jarrod.

In addition, the name Jared does not exist in other languages but is used in the same way or one of its mentioned variations.

The personality of the name Jared

He is a person who has a great capacity to excel in all activities related to creativity and expression. The so-called Jared are considered very active, dynamic, and curious people. However, because of this they also tend to get bored very easily and are scattered.

Besides, as the main meaning of his name indicates ("ruler"), he likes to be in charge or control situations in some way, so he is not one to wait for others to take a first step in any field. All this does not mean that he does not take others into account, and it is just the opposite because he tries to empathize and take care of his loved ones to the fullest.

Celebrities with the name Jared

Jared Joseph Leto: American actor, musician, director, and producer.

Jared Francis Harris is a British actor.

Jared Mason Diamond: American science writer, biologist, geographer, evolutionary physiologist, and biogeographer.

Saint of Jared's Day

The feast day or saint of Yared, Iared, or Jared is May 19.

Numerology Of The Name Jared

If we pay attention to what numerology indicates about this name, we can find that according to numerology, the name Jared is associated with the number 2.

The popularity of the first name Jared

As we can see in this map from the INE or National Institute of Statistics, the name of Jared in Spain is not well known. There are 450 men named Jared in Spain according to the latest population studies and their average age is 14.1 years.

Jared's Personality

People named Jared tend to stand out as curious, active, and adventurous. They are also often lively and cheerful, which is why their family and friends love to be with them.

He gets bored when he has to study, which is why he is easily distracted by anything. This does not mean that he is a bad student, but that there are things that do not attract his attention and, when they do, he prefers to learn them on his own (that is, as a self-taught person).

The jobs you are best at are those that help you expand your knowledge or serve to satiate your desire for action. That is why he is good at jobs as disparate as that of a scientist or that of an actor.

Numerology of the name Jared
If we pay attention to what the numerology indicates about this name, we can find that according to numerology, the name Jared is associated with the number 2.

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Comments on the name Jared
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love the name..I even fell in love with a guy named Jared

01/09/2024 03:37:40

Love the way the name Jared sounds and also the way it looks when It's typed or written.

12/21/2023 18:30:02

My boyfriend's name is Jared. There are a lot of other Jareds around here, in fact, my good friend is also dating a Jared which makes for an inter'sting time when we ask, "Where's Jared❤️" I didn't know a lot of Jareds growing up, maybe one or two, but since I started dating one, I took notice of how popular a name it really is.

12/03/2023 18:11:24

i have a boy in my class named Jared. He is so cute. I really love that name. I have 3 friends named Jared. I never knew it would be so common among men.

11/05/2023 21:17:56

I did not know in 2007 when I named my son, Jared, that it would be so common. He is almost never the only boy named Jared in a group.

10/21/2023 04:14:22

Back in the early 70s, I named my son Jared (middle name'scott). I had only heard the name twice; in the bible and on the tv show "The Big Valley", and went with the biblical spelling. A lot of people didn't know how to spell it or even pronounce it at that time. Since then it has become more common. I obviously like it and so does my son.

09/29/2023 15:52:36

I love the name Jared. My ex-neighbour has named her'son Jarod which is a nice variant but I prefer Jared, It's so cool! To the guy who hates his name: Take a pill!

09/20/2023 23:30:34

I named one of my twin sons Jared in 2019. Its a great name that'sounds strong and unfussy. Great for a boy.

08/20/2023 07:13:08

My name is Jared and I sort of don't like it. I have to repeat myself several times when introducing myself because people have a hard time understanding it. I don't think it personifies "professionalis" and is just kind of dull.

07/27/2023 18:21:52

My 13 year old grandson is named Jared. he's a great kid with a great name.

06/23/2023 22:38:36

pronounced: "jare-ed" all three 1st grade classes at my son's school has a Jared.

06/03/2023 02:09:02

My name is Jared.I am in the UK and most names called Jared are in the US.

05/02/2023 16:19:32

When I become a father, this will be my daughter's name !! The reason...I am in love with Sanskrit.

04/20/2023 16:36:30

Our 1st son's name is Jared who is now 4. I really did my research before we decided. We call him Ja-red or Jed for short so there's no confusion to be called Jerry. I know names can be a big influence in how your life can be. I hope my son will love his name and not be self conscious about it.

02/26/2023 17:32:20

I named my first born son Jared so i love it! Its a strong, handsome, masculine name and It'suits him so well.

02/02/2023 06:56:12

so many famous people are called Jared, I think It's a fabulous name! Whenever I have a child, I am definitely going to call it Jared for sure! It's such a common name in the USA but in the UK you don't seem to find people called Jared at all so I think it will be nice!

01/21/2023 12:12:56

Hey people check it out. My name is Jared and much like the other person name Jared It's not very cool at all. He is right about repeating it and I have never once introduced myself to a group and not been called Jerry. People do not take the name'seriously in the real world. As a matter of fact ALL the people i am associated with call me by nicknames, Not by my choice. Think twice about naming your son this. Good meaning Bad name.

12/27/2022 07:05:54

dont like it at all - my friends name is jared and he even says he hates it

11/17/2022 05:29:38

My little brother's name is Jared. You pronounce it Jare-red. I don't like the way people call him Jare-ed. It's so annoying!

11/02/2022 21:38:38

My name is Jared and I love it. It is so cool. My friends in scouts and school call me "J-rad"and that's okay. I have never ever been called Jerry and I they did, I would correct them. Be proud of your name and who you are.

10/29/2022 08:19:02

Our son is is called Jared and is nearly three. We live in London and its not a name we hear all the time and we love it. takes people a while tpo pronounce it correctly.

09/26/2022 20:02:32

Hi! I'm 26 years old and have only met five othe's with the'same name as me. Often people do mispronounce it but overall a good name. I'd would rather repeat my name 1,000 times before having the'same name as someone else.

09/18/2022 06:19:12

I named my son Jared because in the 1982's I wanted something different but not odd. I like the name when I heard it as one of the characters on a Western T.V. show..."The Big Valley." I thought It'sounded masculine.he'says he likes it enough.

05/28/2022 00:51:36

When I say my sons name everyone thinks it is Kane.But once I tell them they tell me that is a much better way of spelling it. I love the name and ir suits my son, and i can honestly say that (even'though I am a teacher) I have n't met a child named Cain

12/31/2021 14:33:18

We live in the UK and named our son Quentin - It's a classic name that Isn't too popular.

09/13/2021 22:48:18

People always spell it jerry unless you specifically tell them otherwise

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Jared?
The origin of the name Jared is Hebrew.
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*️⃣ How many people are named Jared?
Almost 202000 people are named Jared.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Jared?
The names of Giovanni, Giovanna, Giavanna, Jovanni, Jovani