Judah meaning

: Praised

Judah Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \j(u)-dah\
Number of People 👶 24,000
Rate in 2021 319
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Judah Name Meaning

The name is originally Hebrew, based on the data by book of Genesis, the fourth of the six of Jacob and Leah and the founder of the Tribe of Judah of the Israelites. The name means “ Thanks giving “ and “ praise “.


Judah Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Judah
Additional description of the name Judah

Judah is the 4th som of the patriarch is in Gen 37, when he and his brothers cast Joseph into a pit out of jealousy after Joseph approaches them, flaunting a coat of many colours, while they are working in the field. It is Judah who spots a caravan of Ishmaelites coming towards them, on its way to Egypt and suggests that Joseph be sold to the Ishmaelites rather than killed.

Cool Info About Name Judah

Additional name description Judah
Additional name description Judah


Personality of the name

If your name is Judah, you are honest, brilliant and full of high inspirations. You encourage people easily and give advice to other people as well. You can do well in position of authority and prospers in intellectual and professional.

Your name is your destiny, heart’s desire and personality. You are all about justice, fairness and balance in everything. You can shine in the following careers, administrator, supervisor, industrialist, builder, politician, printer, publisher, engineer and leader. You name’s lucky colours are, dark colours like, dark blue, gray and purple. The name’s lucky gems are, black diamond or pearl and any dark coloured stone. Also for the lucky botanicals we can mention, marsh mallow, angelica, shephered’s purse, ragwort and celery.


The name has been used all around the English speaking countries. In 1880 to 2019, there were 23186 babies were named Judah and about 167 boys were given Judah every year. The most popularity of the name was in the United States, 21084 boys were given Judah and just 54 girls were named this name.

Similar name to the name Judah

If you are searching for similar names to Judah, or you want to select a name for your new baby as Judah’s siblings, we have a list of similar names to Judah.

Jaakko | Jabari | Jabez | Jabir | Jac | Jack, these are names suitable for baby boys and Jacey and | Jacinta | Jacoba | Jacobina | Jacomina | Jacqueline are more common for girls.

If you consider the gender separation, it is better to use the name Judah as your baby boy’s name.


Famous people named Judah

There is a list of famous people named Judah. If you care about those who are named what your baby is named, take a look at the list here.

Judah Lewis who is a movie actor | Judah Nelson who is a movie star | Judah Stallings who is a Tiktok star |Judah Akers who is a Rock singer | Judah Smith who is a religious leader.

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Comments on the name Judah
06/10/2023 05:11:38

I named my son Judah Zephaniah, he is now 3. I had never heard of any other Judah's (besides in the bible) until the day I named him, then the name seemed to be everywhere. Even in the hospital when he was born, a lady named her son Judah the next day after hearing the name. (lol)

05/05/2023 05:44:54

When I was pregnant I would open my bible and most of the time I would see the name Judah and would even have dreams about this name. So I named my son Judah Jeremiah he's 2 and when people here his name their amazed and luv it...

09/14/2022 23:33:28

I agree with the above. It does not bring bad luck. I know I live life being Jonah. heh

11/06/2021 18:47:06

I love this name. I named my fourth son Judah Benjamin. He's a little sweetie. He's 9 months old now.

08/19/2021 07:00:36

I thought my husband was crazy when he wanted to name our baby Judah- boy or girl. But then it just fit and Judah was born - a boy! How prophetic. He is the boldest and loudest God praising thing I know! I just lOve him.

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Judah FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Judah?
The origin of the name Judah is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Judah?
*️⃣ How many people are named Judah?
Almost 24000 people are named Judah.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Judah?
The names of Cadence, Kaydence, Brock, Kadence, Abril