Kaitlin meaning

: Pure.

Kaitlin Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \ka(it)-lin\
Number of People 👶 57,000
Rate in 2021 5920
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 Irish
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Kaitlin Name Meaning

Resonating purity at its core, Kaitlin denotes an individual embodying sincerity, authenticity, and clarity in thoughts and actions. The name symbolizes someone untainted by negativity, carrying a light, radiant essence—like a stream flowing uninterrupted, reflecting purity and natural simplicity.

Kaitlin Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kaitlin
Additional description of the name Kaitlin

The name Kaitlin has Irish origins, and it is derived from the name Caitlin, which is the Irish version of Catherine. It's a popular name in English-speaking countries, especially in the United States and England, and has several variations.

Cool Info About Name Kaitlin

Additional name description Kaitlin
Additional name description Kaitlin

The name has reached considerable recognition with popular bearers like Kaitlin Olson, an American actress, and Kaitlin Sandeno, an American former competitive swimmer. Personas with the name Kaitlin tend to have admirable attributes; they're often genuine, warm, and exhibit an infectious positive energy. Surveys reveal a consistent popularity for this name over the years, making it an enduring and attractive choice for parents looking for a name that complements a vibrant and pure-hearted personality.

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Comments on the name Kaitlin
01/14/2024 00:00:00

my name is kaitlin It's spelt wrong every day not pronounced wrong. i've met one person who spells it the'same. i can never find cool stuff with my name on it. :(

12/25/2023 23:35:54

Yeah, although this name is trendy now, I think It'still sounds classic, so it won't be a mistake. Cade is also good.

12/12/2023 11:43:58

heyy my name is kaitlin and i love my name!! it is soo cool and it is soo ah-mazing!!!!!! firstt commenttt!!!!!!!!! yayyy i love life :)

12/09/2023 12:54:20

hI'my name is kaitlin, and yes it has been spelt wrong before, It's sssooo hard to find keychains and things with my name even spelt right on it. i know at least 4-5 other people with this name. when i see things with my name'spelt right, i try to buy it. i hate it when people spell it wrong, they hardly ever pronounce it wrong, though. It's kind of a rare name, if you think about it.i love my name, even if it might get messed up by people's spellings or whatever. Thank you for letting me share my story.

11/14/2023 13:22:20

i am a 14 year old girl. my name is stephanie but i love the name kaitlin. my boyfriend sister is called kaitlin and everyone calls her katie or kait. she loves her name and she is 10.

10/24/2023 07:28:30

Hi. I'm a Caitlin, but Kaitlin is really pretty, too. You know people always spell my name Katelyn or Kaitlyn. And when I say It's with a "C", they say Caitlyn. Why can't people just accept that lin is prettier than lyn. I'm sure most of you agree with me. I'mean people must constantly spell your names with "Y"s at the end,too.

09/18/2023 18:18:56

I love my name, and having it with a "K" is great! It messes people up all the time and because I have two "I"s in it, even better. I'm in the Navy and stationed in Italy. Try telling an Italian, who knows only a little English, how to pronounce it... LMAO It's hilarious.

09/17/2023 04:06:36

My name is Kaitlin, with nicknames Kait and Kaity and I'm 15 from Australia. No one has ever pronounced my name wrong, though it always gets spelt "Kaitlan" which is common at my school. I love my name because although there are alot of them Ive NEVER met anyone with my spelling which is great and I am proud of that.

09/08/2023 08:30:36

My name is Katlin, and oh yes it has been spelled wrong before(plenty of times), It's extremely hard to find things with my name even spelled right on it. I don't know any other people with this name. But I know there are a MILLION different ways to spell it. You have just a FEW on this site. I never'see things with my name'spelled the way I spell it on them. I hate it when people spell it wrong, they hardly ever pronounce it wrong, though, except for "CAT-lin". It's kind of a rare name, if you think about it.i absolutely love my name, even if it othe's are not able to appreciate it.

08/21/2023 07:54:20

my name is kaitlin, when i was a little girl i would cry because i could never find rulers, keychains and pencils with my name'spelled right. i have had my name'spelled with c's and y's. i like my name because it makes me unique. no one spells their name like me ( that I know at least...) It's sorta become my trademark...

08/18/2023 21:07:40

Yeah my name is kalene a lot of people say it wrong but 2 of my friends names are kailee and kaylin so ppls mix us up a lot!!

07/03/2023 08:21:00

I really don't care about my name o_o To the person that hates it to much they wanna change their name, it won't ruin someone's life just to have the name 'Kaitlin' o.O It's my last name that really bugs me -__-

07/02/2023 10:53:46

my name is Kaitlin, and I love it. the only thing I don't favor is how common it is now. It was so original when I was born, now It's everywhere. No one has ever mispronounced my name, but It's always spelled wrong, even by family members!

06/21/2023 22:44:22

hiya my name is kaitlin anne people always spell my name wrong I'meran in cards,school, its confusing to me well see ya soon ,bye bye. love,kaitlin anne

06/13/2023 06:57:36

My name is Kaitlin...duh, and I love my name. My friends call me Kate or their new favorite, Katerpatater and I think its cool. I hate the nn Katie though because It'sounds bratty to me. People have made up their own ways to spell my name and I find it very ammusing.

05/26/2023 20:10:06

I have always spelled my name wrong, as "Kate" or "Katie," leaving out the 'i' because it is easier for people. Now that I live in France, though, I prefer to go by the full name, because they pronounce it as 'Kat-leen,' which sounds more inter'sting than the irish "Kayt-lihn"

05/16/2023 19:10:46

People Named Kaitlin are pretty much the coolest people on two feet! My mother named me Kaitlin when it was an uncommom name but now it is everywhere! be proud of your name it is the only thing you have forever.

04/29/2023 06:37:28

My name is Kaitlin, and it is too common for my taste. My middle name is Noel, so I am considering changing my name to Noel.

03/27/2023 04:49:50

My name is Kaitlin and I like it for the most part. Everybody spells it wrong which always annoys me (including my family). There are 4 Kaitlins in my grade, but I am the only one with this spelling. I actually get a thrill when people spell my name right. I also get really excited when I'meet people with this spelling!

03/10/2023 01:40:48

HI'my name is Kaitlin, i get CAT-LIN all the time it frustrates me, and the other kaitlins i have met have either been caitlin or caitlyn katlyn kaitlyn but i love mine the best cause its the rarest my name used to be so uncommon now its everywhere but i think i was born in a year where it was more original Hi five to all my sisters lol

02/19/2023 07:44:10

I love Kaitlin it is my name! Shame it doesn't rhyme with anything *CRY* It'should always be Spelt K! For K*aitlin lol!.

02/05/2023 05:10:34

Kaitlin is one of my favorite names! If I have a girl I'll name her Kaitlin Alexa.

01/23/2023 21:13:48

My name is Kaitlin (duh). When I was born my dad wanted to name me Francine... Uggh and my mom just wouldn't do that to me so thank God this is my name! But then, my dad spelled it wrong on the birth certificate, but I'm glad he did, or else my name wouldn't be so unique. My friend always calls me buy my middle or last name just to annoy me, though. I never really meet anybody with this name, and if I do, It's always spelled with a C.

01/21/2023 23:58:16

Kaitlin, for me, has never been a unique name. There are so many girls named Kaitlin (even if It's not spelt that way), or Katie or Kate. I tend to spell my name Kaytelynne, most of the time because it looks different and confuses the hell out of people. I hate Katie and the'spelling of Kate, preferring the'spelling of Kait. Kait is who I am, though for some reason I get called Kak-linn (Kak), Cake-linn (Cake) or Kash as well. And Kaitlin from Australia who was fifteen in 2020, yeah, I'm your age and have the exact same spelling as you. :)

11/10/2022 18:36:52

My name is Kaitlin Obviously since I'm posting about it and I also have a hard time finding it I always find "Caitlin,Kaylin(❤️),Katelyn or variations of the one I said"It gets anoying when I have to tell people 5 times how to spell my name I LOVE MY NAME I think my name is cool the way it looks and sounds and I think K-A-I-T-L-I-N is the best way to spell it Thanks for reading BYE

11/03/2022 02:20:46

My best friend is called Kaitlin and i think it is a beautiful name. People often dpell her name wrong. i've met a few people called kaitlin but its always spelt differently.

10/28/2022 13:30:30

hey My name is Kaitlin Anne and I love my name. Though my friends often do dpell it wrong. Even friends I ahve known for 15 years cant spell it right. I know heaps of kaitlins all spelt differently but tis always funny to see how theyw ill spell your name and its fun confusing teache's at school. But overall i love my name.

10/27/2022 20:45:24

my name is Kaitlin and i love it if you dont have the name kaitlin spelled just like me then u have a boring useless life. people with the name kaitlin are pretty much RAD. and your soo jealous deep down i know. but yeaa i can make like 50 nicknames out of it. and yeaa no one else has that cool of a name'so its ok to be jealous and want my name but join the world because there all jealouse of meee.. (:

10/26/2022 01:50:56

it my name it a common name at my scholl one time it was 3 kaitlin in my class inculde me it was four in the'same class

09/23/2022 05:38:20

It's my sister's name and the way It's spelled is different it is definitely harder for her to find things with her name on it and some people spell it Kate-lynn of Katielynn. I do like the name however.

08/14/2022 03:41:42

So, of course, my name is Kaitlin. Many people call me Katie or Kate for short. I am tired of my name ALWAYS being spelt with a a Y or a C, dont people know that Caitin, Caitlyn, or Kaitlyn is just the common way to spell it! We have originality in out name and thats awesome! But noone has ever pronounced my name wrong. I have actually, only met 3 other people with the'same spelling as me, and I live in Tx, so thats pretty weird. But I do not care I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE MY NAME!

06/27/2022 09:12:00

i have never met anyone with the'same spelling as my name which is kaitlin ive onmly met about 3 people who spell it this way;so most people spell it rong!

03/14/2022 21:11:06

well, for most of 5th grade i was called worm and that was embarrassing. I also get many worth pun jokes, which all suck. Although I would not change my name because, who wants a name that's normal. That means you are normal

01/23/2022 22:32:06

I do not like my name. I have been'told that it is boring and too many people have it! I am always trying to find more exciting ways to spell it to make it all the more exciting; such as Kehtlan and Kaetlan. I really am in love with the name 'megan' right now. I am thinking of changing my name. BUT if I ever do get rid of the rechid name of Kaitlin and change it to Megan...there is NO way I would spell it 'Megan'. I would spell it 'Maegan, or Maehgan'. Thank you for your time. ANd PLEASE...future baby name's....STAY away from the name Kaitlin...unless you want your child to have a useless boring life!

01/18/2022 06:12:00

Kaitlin is a beautiful name. I'm calling my future daughter Caitlin, but with a K is pretty too. I go for more traditional names. I don't want my daughter to have to go through life spelling her name, but Caitlin is such a pretty name, so I'm picking the most common spelling and keeping my fingers crossed.

01/05/2022 22:39:18

My daughter will be born in early May and I plan on naming her Kaitlin Alyssa. I love how It'sounds

07/15/2021 05:12:36

HI'my name is Kaitlin. every one spells my name wrong and forgets it in 10 seconds. When I first met my math teacher I said hi I am Kaitlin he'said okay Sasha you sit next to Jenni. I said it is Kaitlin okay Kasey I know.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kaitlin?
The origin of the name Kaitlin is Irish.
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*️⃣ How many people are named Kaitlin?
Almost 57000 people are named Kaitlin.