Kirstin meaning

: Follower Of Christ

Kirstin Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(i)-rs-tin, kir-stin\
Number of People 👶 9,000
Rate in 2021 21331
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Scandinavian
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Kirstin Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kirstin
Additional description of the name Kirstin
"Kirstin" is a beautiful name for girls that has Scandinavian origin. Meaning of the name Kirstin is: "Follower Of Christ".

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Comments on the name Kirstin
12/10/2023 21:31:38

I don't know anybody with this name but it has always been one of my favorIt's because it just has a nice ring to it.

07/02/2023 11:11:24

I think It's funny how people here complain how It's mispronounced. In the original Swedish, it is Sheer'stin. In English, if properly pronounced, it is Kier'stin (not Curse-ton...who wants to be cursed❤️) I spell mine in the original Swedish, even'though I'm from the USA: Kjirstin and, no, I never find it on a cup or keychain, which is just fine with me!

05/17/2023 13:06:24

It is my name and like othe's have already said it is ALWAYS pronounced wrong. I did find some pencils and a pin once with my name'spelled correctly on them!

05/14/2023 11:38:04

Kirstin is my youngest daughters name. And of course, I love it. People do call her Kristin or Kerstin.

03/03/2023 21:51:14

Yes, this is my name. It is pronounced exactly as it is written. I was actually named after my great grandmother, Veda. People say it wrong all the time. I have never met anyone else with this same name, except for my grandma of course. I like the name.

03/03/2023 10:58:48

This is my name. I have met one Cuban woman who spelled her name this way. The most common mispronunciation I hear is Valerie. Go figure.

02/25/2023 11:51:22

It is my name and I always have problems because people always mispell it or mispronounce it. There was even a time when I filled out a form and the person at the counter told me I'mispelled my name frustrating! But I wouldn't trade my name.

02/09/2023 13:12:46

My name is Kirstin. I'm constantly being called Kristin, Kirsty or Kirsten...I'mean, It's not a difficult name to pronounce but people always get it wrong! It's nice that no one else that i've met has my name yet It's not so uncommon that people have never heard of it

05/10/2022 22:56:24

This is my name and I love it. Most people do not pronounce the A's softly and say "Anne-Na" instead of "Ah-na". I correct people and they seem to get it right away. I love my name also because It's quick to write. I'm of Dutch and Norwegian decent.


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Kirstin FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kirstin?
The origin of the name Kirstin is Scandinavian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Kirstin?
Follower Of Christ
*️⃣ How many people are named Kirstin?
Almost 9000 people are named Kirstin.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kirstin?
The names of Krishna, Krupa