Night Beauty

Laila Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \la(i)-la\
Number in U.S 👶 37,000
Rate in 2021 499
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Arabic

Laila Name Meaning

The name “ Laila “ is an Arabic name meaning “ night “ or “ dark hair “ or “ born in the night “. Actually this name has Arabic and Finnish roots. The name “ Laila “ comes from the Arabic name “ Layla “ meaning “ night beauty “ or “ dark beauty “. The given name has been used mostly for girls all around the globe.

This name is a short name and pronounced as “ lay – laa “. This name has many variations such as “ Laili “, Laylah “, “ Lala “, “ Laleh “, “ Laya “ and “ Lyla “.


Popularity of the name Laila

The name  “ Laila “ is the 242 most popular name in the United states of America. This name gained popularity throughout the early 2000s. This name reached its peak in the year 2009. The name “ Laila “ is not a popular baby name in Wisconsin based on the data given by reliable resources.

For instance, only 5 babies were named Laila in the year 2001. Also a total of only 611 babied bear the same first name as your baby’s name. The highest recorded use of the name was in the year 2008 with a total of 2410 babies from the year 1880 to the year 2018. This name was recorded 35817 times in the SSA public database since 1880 to 2018.

In the year 1884, this name first appeared and given to 7 new born babies. The name “ Laila “ became a popular girl’s name in the state of District of Columbia in the yea 2010. This name ranked 29 with 21 babies. The name “ Laila “ is a consistent top ranking girl’s name in the state of District of Columbia for 13 years from 2003 to 2018.


Personality of the name Laila

L is for listen, one of your best traits

A is for admirable, you certainly are

I is for ideals, no higher

L is for love, everlasting

A is for amenable, for you easy going nature

Name can be people’s destiny and heart’s desire and also personality in some cases. This name represents a tendency to exhibit extremes in terms of material success. You are either possessing a great deal of good fortune or none at all. Balance and power are the two words that describe you as well.

Your heart’s desire is to settle conflicts and create harmony. Also you specialize in religion and philosophy and also less traditional forms of healing. People perceive you as the one who is sympathetic generous. You do not care about fashion, but you are the person who is always dressed well.


Famous people named Laila

Laila Amaria who is daughter of boxer

Laila Morse who is an English actress

Laila Mehdinlndian who is an actress

Laila Annikki who is a pop singer


Similar names to the name Laila

Layla, Lili, Lale, Lela and Lillah

Laila Name Origin and History

The name Laila has a very deep meaning. Although the theories that exist around it are different, most of them suggest that it is a name that is used to designate those women who are as beautiful as the night. And it is not for less, since women with this name tend to enjoy great inner beauty, accompanied by extraordinary joy and a lot of positivity.
Since choosing the best name for a baby is not an easy task, yes you are one of those who prefer those less popular, original and beautiful names, keep reading! At MyCuteName we explain everything about the meaning of the name Laila. Laila is a girl's name.

What does Laila mean?
There are several theories that speak about the meaning of Laila. The first one defends that Laila comes from the Arabic word layl, which translates as "night", which is why it gives this same meaning to the name. The second indicates that Layla means "beautiful", for this reason many people combine both meanings, resulting in "beautiful as the night". In fact, this third theory not only appears as a product of the previous two, but is also supported by the literary work of GG Byron, in which the writer called the protagonist Laila.

Diminutives and variations of the name Laila
There are no known diminutives of the name Laila, however, there are variants:
Layla, Lila, Leila, Leyla

The name Laila in other languages
In all languages the name Laila or any of its variants is used, so there are no translations.

Laila's Saint's Day
The saint's day of the name Laila is celebrated on November 1.

Numerology of the name Laila
The number of the name Laila is 8.

Additional description of the name Laila

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Comments on the name Laila
3/6/2023 12:27:08 PM

My granddaughter's name is Laila. It is pronounced like "Lilac" without the "c." This is the Finnish spelling and pronounciation. People often pronounce it "Laylah" which is just not right!

2/18/2023 5:34:48 AM

My name is Laila and I like this name too. However It's pronounced like "Lie-la",so people end up calling me "Lay-la" which I don't mind. I'm use to hearing it both ways.

2/10/2023 8:04:16 PM

I love my name. Its unique and easy to spell. Most people call me Lila, and i am starting to answer to that name too. Its cool to have a unique name, that's not spelled how people would think its spelled. I love my name!

2/9/2023 2:58:34 PM

My name is Layla i am ARABIC and in arabic it means beauty or princess of darkness. i usually am told it is called beauty

1/31/2023 1:44:34 AM

My first/ middle name is Laila Aleida. I love my name .. it couldn't have been more perfect. A lot of people comment on how well It'suIt's me. Although I am planning on changing the'spelling of my first name once i've adopted the'stage name to, "Layla". Reason is because i've noticed most people assume It's pronounced as Layla. And it is, but some may also pronounce it as Lie-luh, which is what im more used to being called as. It's a beautiful name and I don't seem to share it with a lot of my classmates .. which is actually a good thing :) Shout out to all the Laila's/Leila's/Layla's/etc out there ! muah .

1/30/2023 3:06:48 AM

We just named our daughter Lella. The inspiration was a Romani/Gypsy song Lela Pala Tute (as performed by Gogol Bordello). We added the double "l" to make it more likely to be read to rhyme with Stella.

1/8/2023 3:37:56 PM

My couson is called mom spells it like this (layla

1/8/2023 3:52:36 AM

HI'my name is Leyla and usyally people like it. When I want a person to remember my name I tell them to think of Eric Clapton's song "Layla". I am not sure if it is because of the meaning of my name but I am night person.

1/6/2023 10:43:56 AM


1/5/2023 1:31:22 AM

My name's Laila. I love my name and I'm thankful my mother gave me a name I could easily spell. People love my name a lot although they often slaughter it by mispronouncing it. My name's pronounced Lay-luh although according to its spelling its more like Lie-lah. I get reminded of the 'Layla' song by Eric Clapton (and the'story behind it) all the time..

1/3/2023 4:33:28 AM

I am due in Feb. I want to name my baby girl Laila Rae. I think it is beautiful and would like to pronounce it Lay-luh. I got the name from the Eric Clapton song and after I researched it, found out it was spelled Laila not Layla.

12/27/2022 1:33:50 PM

My name's Laila, and I always get complemented on it. I find the meaning of it to be so romantic also, though i've heard variations (bright night, nightfall, night beauty), they all sound wonderful! I love my name :P

12/26/2022 10:34:32 PM

My name is Leila; pronounced LEE-LAH. No one ever pronounces or spells it correctly on the first try and I often have to repeat myself when introducing myself. However, after I repeat i, almost always, the person pauses, says it out loud, thinks about it, then'tells me it is a pretty name. I love it and enjoy having an unusual name. I have never met anyone else who spells or pronounces it the'same way.

12/25/2022 7:46:56 AM

hyaa im a 15 year old girl n i luv the name layla its my fave name giv it 10/10 leah x

12/16/2022 9:49:52 AM

laila is my name(lie-la)andguess it freakin rock!!!

12/16/2022 8:21:42 AM

My name is Laila, although most people, once it was a teacher, spelt it ?Leila?. I can sometimes get annoyed with it. I really love this name, and I'm glad that my mom wouldn't let my dad name me ?Sara?. Almost everyone at school, once they?ve heard my name, say It's a beautiful name, and I quite agree. I haven't met anyone who has the'same name as me, but I'm sure It's not ?rare?.

12/15/2022 6:50:34 PM

I have the name Laila and i was told it means dark as night and beauty of a rose. I love my name and wouldn't change it for anything.

12/6/2022 4:46:38 PM

Laila is cool but my cousin spells it Leila and is called Li-ls but It's actually Lay-LAH

12/4/2022 11:55:36 PM

WOW I never knew some one loved the name Zhane. MY name is zhane. i think It's corny! well it fits me i guess. But i'll see myself as something else though! like my friends say a "Chantel" but ok!

11/30/2022 3:32:48 AM

I named my daughter born 12 November 2017, Laila. There are many ways to spell it.

11/27/2022 6:28:58 AM

My name is Leila Yasmin (lay-luh yaas-meen). I love my name. I have always been complimented on it and my husband even has my name tatooed on him in Arabic.

11/25/2022 5:59:28 AM

Lailah is my baby name Ilove It'she is arab-latin.

11/14/2022 2:33:08 AM

Hi I named my second daughter Lailah No'elRose. Still getting tounge tided with the both of my girls Nayla and Lailah ;) they are my joy in my life.

11/12/2022 7:03:24 AM

I just had my first child and I named her Laila Marie. I love the name it is very beautiful with meaning.

11/11/2022 11:57:14 AM

My name is layla raine, I love it, it was chosen for me, if you are naming a child do not doubt yourself, go with your heart, this is one area where you do not need anyone else's opinion, btw, I love the name that my mother chose for me :-)

10/19/2022 12:01:50 PM

Ive scandinavian ancestry and american indian heritage,spelled Lyla, I was always told as a child It'stems from the arabic form of a myth or story involving a dark maiden in the night,fairy tale kind of thing..nice for a child to dream on I guess, beautiful thought nonetheless. Ive more oft than not had to correct people in pronunciation and s;elling. was raised pronouncing it, LYLA

10/17/2022 1:15:10 AM

I love this name. We are having our first baby in Dec and I want to name her Laila. This is one name that my husband I have agreed on.

10/14/2022 12:04:28 AM

I have found the name in Hindi to mean sweetheart or in the religious aspect, divine reality. As our child honors her east Indian ancestry, she wears this name with pride and emanates from her very being. It is a beautiful name all in all and has divine meaning to anyone who shares it.

10/6/2022 1:20:26 AM

I relate to this as well, my name is KRistie Luna

10/3/2022 6:02:24 AM

My name is Laila. It's arabic, it means 'night' but also 'midnight princess'. I get a lot of compliments for it.

9/25/2022 6:10:48 PM

Love this name. If I ever have a daughter, will call her Laila

9/22/2022 3:14:18 PM

Since my husband chose the name for our first child, I always wanted this one so luckily we had another girl and this is exactly what i chose. Some people pronounce it different but a quick correction doesn't bother me. i also thought the spelling of it Layla is pretty to.

9/21/2022 11:01:30 AM

I just named my new daughter Layla. I hadn't researched the name, as I knew it from a lady I knew many years ago. I was surprised and pleased by It's meaning as my beautiful daughter was born with a head of thick dark hair, and in the middle of the night!

9/16/2022 10:17:10 PM

My name is Leila and its spelt differently. A lot of people mis pronounce it and It's not a name you hear everyday so thats a good thing. Another little thing is that i am Arabic, my dad resides from Iraq and my mom is Canadian. So there is another reason why i was named Leila. I love my name!! :)

9/15/2022 11:18:48 AM

Laila pronounced "Laylah" is my childs name. I am proud to call her Laila. Everyone has there own opinion but lets not judge on who is "RIGHT or WRONG". The names we give our children are the names God has given us to give to them. Valerie-PHX

9/7/2022 11:41:52 AM

My name is Laila and most of the time call me La la.

8/18/2022 8:20:42 AM

We named my oldest son Jaiden. We thought we were being unique. We wanted a "surfer" name, being as my husband and I both grew up on the beach. But since then (my son is 4 now) we have learned that the name Jaiden is pretty common, and even worse, we have learned that its pretty common as a girls name. Of course we couldn't imagine our "Jaiden" as anything else, but as of now, we wish we did more research.

8/7/2022 10:39:18 AM

I named my daughter Laila. I love that name. I receive comments on her name all the time how pretty & feminine it is.

7/24/2022 12:47:06 AM

I am expecting in October! We chose the name Laila, but we haven't settled on a middle name yet!

7/23/2022 7:24:00 AM

My mom spelled my name Lila, and it was totally unique until I was an adult. The meaning I have found and like most is "gentle night," reminding me of a quiet, beautiful, starry night. I am serene and peaceful, so this fits me. I did not know that it is also an Hebrew derivation; I like that as I am fair with green eyes, and appreciate the Hebrew people. I like the Persian connection as well because of the legendary version of a similar "Romeo and Juliet" story, and the fact that is has been a conversation starter with many from that part of the world.

6/26/2022 3:00:18 AM

Layla is my daughter's name. I love this name. It is so feminine and pretty. I know It's meaning is "dark" or "night", but I don't associate anything negative about it at all!

6/13/2022 6:39:00 AM

This is my little girls name. Miss Hailee Grace. Its a very pretty name.. I hope every one enjoys it..

5/24/2022 12:40:48 PM

the name Laila or Layla is the actual word for Night in Arabic. good night is Layla-ala Kheir. (similar is Leila-Tov, good night in Hebrew.) my daughter is named Layla (this spelling) but we almost went with the Laila spelling. Eric Clapton won out. ;)

5/19/2022 1:43:48 PM

yeah my name is originally Haley but i think its really boring i now write it as Hailee to me it is an exotic and unique way of spelling the boring and old "Haley" i love Hailee!

5/6/2022 2:44:06 AM

My daughter's name is Laila (lay-lah) Elise. People always coment on how beautiful her name is. I didnt think the name was all that popular until I registered her for day care and there were two other children with the'same name, one spelled Laila and the other'spelled Leila. I love this name and am so glad I chose it for my beautiful daughter :)

4/28/2022 7:58:12 PM

I love my name and I get compliments on it all the time. I love that It's simple and unique. It's spelled Leila and pronunced lay-la. My mom loves Eric Claptons song "Layla" and that's how she got my name. since I'm from Hawaii she'spelled it Leila cause it looks more Hawaiian.

4/15/2022 1:39:18 AM

this is my daughters name and we get so many compliments on it. i think laila is a beautiful name and im glad we decided to name her this:)

3/24/2022 9:01:12 AM

Question" can'the name ever be pronounced as "Lah-EE-lah?" And is is for sure both Arabic and Persian?

3/10/2022 11:51:18 PM

named my daughter "Lailah" I used an 'H' on the end because I understand the proper pronouciation is with an 'h' sound at the end. However, I rarely see It'spelled that way so I pressume her name will be misspelled by othe's quite often. I understand the meaning to be any of: Born at night, nighttime, dark beauty, night with beautiful moonlight.

2/7/2022 2:54:54 AM

my name is laila every on give compliment someone gives bad someone good this makes me sad

1/28/2022 6:50:42 AM

We are expecting our first born son later this year. We know its going to be a Boy and we love Wyatt because its such a strong solid name for a boy and then man. Like othe's have said, in an ocean of Jaydens and Aidens and Rileys, Wyatt really stands out and is very masculine and individual and of course is timeless!

1/22/2022 3:31:48 AM

My name is laila and I like it a lot , most people say my name wrong ? or the'spell it Leila , and I only met one person with. The'same name as me , but it was spelt it different ?????‍♀️

1/16/2022 2:51:18 PM

I named My 11 week old daughter Laila. I think it is a beautiful name, and I only recently found it the meaning which fits perfectly, as shes got a thick head of jet black hair.

12/19/2021 5:04:30 PM

My name's laila, and i'vee been'told that i am GORGEOUS!

12/7/2021 3:01:12 PM

well my name is Lisa and i am quite young and i love my name. I havent met many Lisa's but yeah i just love it. Some people call me Lisa sounded like (Lise) but thats ok.

12/1/2021 6:12:54 AM

Hi all my wife is expecting and wants to name our daughter layla looking for help on a middle name ? can you help?

11/29/2021 7:33:00 AM

Named my daughter Lailah - means night in arabic, also means dark haired beauty, there are serveal meanings, all good

11/26/2021 7:09:36 PM

yes my name is laken and yes people spell an pronous my name wrong i hate it cause they call me lincoln or lake or larkin dumb stoff like that

10/4/2021 10:03:18 PM

yes my first name is mahlon, i have herd the name only a few times before. I would like to find out the meaning and origen

10/2/2021 12:24:36 PM

My name is Lyla, it means night in Hebrew. I have Israeli background, Sephardic.

9/21/2021 10:02:24 PM

My first name alreadt means princess and my second name is laila so am i princess beauty?

9/14/2021 10:35:42 PM

My daughter name is Laila. She is the most amazing 5yr old walking. We chose Laila because she and her father have beautiful black curly hair. She is beautiful.

8/30/2021 11:00:00 PM

I'm due June 1st 2020 and I am considerdering the name laila I personally think it it a lovely name I have dark black hair and tan skin and my husband has light hair and skin so hopefully my daughter will be a dark haired beauty???

8/17/2021 2:51:18 AM

My daughters name is laila like laila ali . and she is very content. She is a social butterfly.=) Her exact name is Laila

7/11/2021 6:51:36 PM

My beautiflul daughter came into the world and 2 days later my husband said lets call her Laila. I had never heard of this name before but instantly fell in love with it . I wanted Madison but laila was so much more beautiful.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Laila?
The origin of the name Laila is Arabic.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Laila?
Night Beauty
*️⃣ How many people are named Laila?
Almost 37000 people are named Laila.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Laila?
The names of James, Nathan, Leocadia, Laquita, Laqueta