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Nathan Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \nay-thin\
Number in U.S 👶 557,000
Rate in 2021 85
Numerology 🔢 22
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Nathan Name Meaning

What does Nathan mean?

Nathan, diminutive of Nathaniel, is a masculine name that means " God has given " if we translate it literally from its original language, Hebrew. However, the interpretation of this meaning has led us to translate Nathan as " God's gift " or even "God's offering".

The original Hebrew name from which this meaning is drawn is נתן (Netan'el).

Origin of the name Nathan

As we have seen, the name Nathan is the best known diminutive of Nathaniel and has its origin in the Hebrew culture , where the original name is Nathan'el.

If we focus on the story of Nathan, we find that it is the name of different biblical characters that we can find in the Old Testament , so it is considered a biblical name. The most relevant Nathan that we find in the Old Testament is the prophet, who appears during the reign of David.

Diminutives and variations of the name Nathan

If we talk about variations of the name Nathan, we must mention the name Natán (or Natan without accent in other countries of the world), the Spanish version of this international name. As for diminutives of the name Nathan, it should be noted:




The name Nathan in other languages

Spanish: Nathan

French: Nathan

English: Nathan or Neythan

Portuguese: Nata

Personality of the name Nathan

The Nathans tend to be sensitive, reserved and even shy men on certain occasions. They do not feel comfortable being the center of attention and often prefer to spend time alone, reflecting and exploring new ways of creating from solitude.

Although it is true that they are people who find it difficult to reach their full potential, they are hard workers and exceptionally loyal. They are attracted to the artistic world and prefer to be surrounded by few friends whom they can trust to be themselves. Men named Nathan stand out for their great intelligence , and they are drawn to decode the great mysteries of life.

Celebrities with the name Nathan

Nathan Sykes – British singer and songwriter.

Nathan Kress – American actor, singer, model, and film director.

Nathan Lane : American actor and comedian.

Nathan Fillion – Canadian-American actor best known for his starring role on the series Castle.

Saint Nathan's Day

Saint Nathan's Day is celebrated on August 24 .

Numerology Of The Name Nathan

According to numerology, the number associated with the name Nathan is 22 , one of the master numbers along with 11 and 33.

Popularity of the first name Nathan

Although it is a very popular name in English-speaking countries, in Spain it is a fairly unknown name. There are currently 865 men named Nathan in Spain , with the average age of these boys being 9.6 years. Through this data, we can assume that it is a very young name that has recently begun to gain popularity, so it would not be surprising that at one time there were more boys named Nathan in our country.

The municipalities with the most boys named Nathan are Tarragona, Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Nathan:

They are characterized by being extroverted, very sociable and eager for people's attention. That is why they are usually in careers that involve fame and attracting the attention of a general public. They are not afraid to speak their minds, even if it gets them into trouble. They are brave, daring and willing to fight for what they want.

Nathan Name Origin and History

The masculine name Nathan, coming from the Hebrew, literally means "God has given". It is the diminutive of Nathaniel, a name that today we interpret as "the gift of God" and that has a great weight in the history of the Old Testament.
Next we reveal the history and origin of Nathan, the popularity of this name, its saints, numerology and many more details. Nathan is a boy's name.

What does Nathan mean?
Nathan, diminutive of Nathaniel, is a masculine name that means "God has given" if we translate it literally from its original language, Hebrew. However, the interpretation of this meaning has led us to translate Nathan as "God's gift" or even "God's offering".

Origin of the name Nathan
As we have seen, the name Nathan is the best known diminutive of Nathaniel and has its origin in the Hebrew culture, where the original name is Natan'el.

Diminutives and variations of the name Nathan
If we talk about variations of the name Nathan, we must mention the name Natan (or Natan without accent in other countries of the world), the Spanish version of this international name. As for diminutives of the name Nathan, it is worth noting:
Nat Nate Naty

The name Nathan in other languages
Espanol: Natan
French: Natan
English: Nathan or Neythan
Portuguese: Natã

Saint of Nathan's Day
Saint of Nathan's Day is celebrated on August 24.

Numerology of the name Nathan
According to numerology, the number associated with the name Nathan is 22, one of the master numbers next to 11 and 33.

Additional description of the name Nathan

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Comments on the name Nathan
3/3/2023 2:30:24 PM

i called my son nathan, we shorten it to nath - dog... personally i love the name.. now he couldnt be anything else.

2/27/2023 10:20:24 PM

Nathan is a respectable name that attracts admiration but may not bring so much popularity due to its unfamiliar nature

2/27/2023 11:27:58 AM

This name is definitely NOT masculine. It's such a beautiful girls name. I'm think of naming my daughter Alexis Elizabeth. I think It's so feminine. I wish it was my name!!

2/25/2023 7:26:52 AM

I never liked or hated my name. Though it probably suits me best. By default, I get called Nate by lots of people. I tell everyone my name is Nathan, I never introduce myself as Nate. It just happens. I didn't like it at first, by got used to it. Some people take it a step further and call me Nate-dog. That's been by at least 3-4 people that have never met each other. Chances are good, if your name is Nathan you will get called Nate and Nate-dog at some point.

2/16/2023 10:43:18 PM

People do spell it wrong, but pronounce it right. And I'meet a few people with the'same name, not just the first, but both first and last.

2/8/2023 9:17:36 AM

My husband and I are trying to have a baby, and if God grant our prayers we will name him Nathan. b/c is a wonderful gift from God.

2/1/2023 1:50:30 AM

Some people spell it: "Nathen". You would be surprised at how many do. I like my name and I'meet a few people now and then with the'same name.

1/26/2023 2:46:02 PM

i wasnt supposed to continue this 2nd baby coz i just gave birth thru CS a year earlier.. i took lots of abortive pills and i even had chicken pox and chronic UTI which can both affect me and my baby badly.. i really thought something bad will happen to my baby boy but when he came out- he is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen. its truly a miracle. thank u God

1/24/2023 4:37:36 PM

Our son has just been named Nate (Nathan on his birth certificate) and we're delighted to have such a wonderful meaning for his name as there are so few names that we liked, and had good meanings!

1/15/2023 5:12:22 PM

i love the name Nathan, my son was born 12.12.04, and sadley passed 15.6.05 a true gift from god, if only for a you Nathan (Nay-nay) x

1/4/2023 7:18:06 AM

My son's name is Nathan but once old enough in high school, he'self-selected "Nate" in spite of my efforts to convince him otherwise. To Ms. Bryan, depending on how religious you are I would have chosen Nathan Emanuel if I had not used my birth name as his middle name.

12/23/2022 4:21:06 AM

my first grandchild has been named Nathan it was the only name all the family liked. he was born on the 18th may 2018

12/20/2022 8:30:46 PM

My name isnt Nathan but i love that name i have a good friend with that name. When i have have a baby boy i hope to name it Nathan. :)

11/9/2022 11:45:22 AM

my name is nathan and i recon its a great name my gran spells it differently every birthday i have and sometimes she even get it right!

11/6/2022 9:09:28 PM

i dig the name nathan its also my name its sweet also there are so few of us its just very nice I LIKE

10/30/2022 4:21:04 PM

No one ever'spells it wrong, they just sometimes completely mishear it as mason, jason, etc. I love my name, my brother named me after his best friend when he was 7. I hate being shortened to nate though (mostly by americans). Nat is much better - but only for close friends.

10/30/2022 2:17:38 PM

We named our son Nathanael and call him "Nat" or "Natty." This was common in the 19th century (my husband teaches 19th century American Lit., and he'suggested this as a duminitive). It took my family some getting used to, and Natty still gets called "Nate" by a lot of people, but we think It's a great, old name and makes a nice match with his older brother, Ted. We are having a hard time coming up with a third name, though!

10/25/2022 8:15:54 PM

Nathan is a hot name kind of like me. It means gift from god not given by god

10/23/2022 5:04:44 AM

My names Nathan!!! And i don't get beat up. so that is good.

10/22/2022 6:44:36 AM

My brother's name is Nathan. I think It's a nice name, though kind of common, It's not TOO common. I wouldn't name my kid Nathan because I like less common names but some people like to stay traditional so Nathan is a nice name.

10/14/2022 6:35:22 PM

I am pregnant and if i have a boy i hope to call him Nathan. Im Irish and there Isn't many Nathan's over here which is a good thing and i think its a really sweet different (without being too different) name!

10/11/2022 12:07:16 PM

My second son is Nathan. I miscarried his twin in my 1st trimester. The fact that I still had him is incredible...unless you know him. He's pretty tenacious. His brothers are Joshua and Caleb.

10/6/2022 12:09:54 AM

Love it, my boyfriends name is Nathan, he is funny cute and attractive lol! How do i come up with a better name if we have a baby boy?

10/3/2022 5:27:08 AM

People spell my name Nathin or Nathen but they still pronounce it right. I know a lot of people with the name Nathan. I like how it means "A gift from God'

9/22/2022 3:11:20 AM

yep im the same miscarried first time round and pray everyday that this baby would be ok, did not know the meaning of nathan til after we named him. but truely believe he a gift from god.

9/18/2022 6:22:10 PM

I named my son Nathan and am thrilled it means "gift from (of) God" because he truly is to me!

9/9/2022 8:07:28 PM

Beautiful name. Blessing from God. I have my first grandson and his name is Nathan Misael. God has sent us this beautiful angel into our family and I have another reason to live. God bless all the Nathan's and Misael's in the world. Gramma Mary

9/9/2022 7:11:36 AM

Nathan is defianalty the way to spell of although i have gotten NATHEN or NATHIN wrong

9/2/2022 6:00:18 PM

love the name, pretty sure I'll be using it within my future son's name somehow.

8/9/2022 1:05:06 AM

My son is 2 years old now. When he was born he was two months early and had many complications, but he is healthy and happy now. He has truley made my life great and is a true gift from god.

5/21/2022 8:44:06 AM

I always have liked this name...and now that God gives me the opportunity to be Mom, I will name my son Nathan "cuz, he is a great gift of God"

5/14/2022 5:37:48 AM

I actually like the name Nathan and although It's not too unusual It's also not the most common name! If you don't like crazy names but think the names Tom, Sam etc are too common then I think Nathan is a safe bet.

4/8/2022 10:26:42 AM

While people today associate this name with the'scottish-born radio and television personality Edith Bowman who presents her own radio show every weekday on Radio 1, in the past it was often associated with the American writer Edith Wharton, who in 1920 wrote 'The Age Of Innocence'. Edith Wharton is still sometimes talked about today, at least by some people born in her'sort of era.

2/11/2022 4:42:54 PM

Almost all my friends have spelled my name wrong. But you get used to it.

1/16/2022 12:12:54 AM

My newest grandson was given'this name and I love it. It is a strong name and maintains the family's christian beliefs. Nate's brothe's are Jake, Josh and Luke.

1/8/2022 3:37:12 PM

I like this name and thinking to change my name to this one, my name meanning is "Sun Rise" which is in Greek (Anatole) and in Hebrew some people says It's Nathan also but after reading this webpage I dont think It's the'same meanning :) so good luck to everyone whoos name Nathan. May God be with you.

12/31/2021 10:47:24 PM

My husband and I are choosing this name if we have a baby boy because we miscarried the first time I believe that the baby we lost asked God to grant us a child and after going through infertility we finally got pregnant and this is truely a miracle baby from God!

12/13/2021 12:57:00 AM

Nathan just seems like such a cute boys name, i've met quite a few and they are all funny and attractive so that's what I associate with the name Nathan

12/3/2021 2:08:06 AM

This is one of my favourite names. My mum wanted to call my sister Kitty but backed down and has regretted it ever'since.

11/28/2021 5:00:54 AM

Nathan is my husband and brothe's name. We call my husband Nathan and we have always called by brother Nate or "booboo's" lol. It is a great name and they are both cute and nice guys!!!

11/22/2021 9:56:06 AM

I feel like the'spelling of it with the e like myself instead of the a is very unique and i havent met someone else that has It'spelled like that. Im very fond of my name

11/6/2021 8:36:54 PM

my baby boy has a diphragmatic hernia and may nto lvie so we are going to call him nathan either way beacuse he is also our gift from god

10/27/2021 7:58:12 PM

Nathan actually means gift. Nathaniel means gift of god.

10/27/2021 11:44:06 AM

This name has its origin in Europe and is used for males. Because of its pronunciation in english, people started using it for female in UK and USA. Saint Alexis, the "Man of God" lived in Italy; he was canonized after a remarkable life.

10/24/2021 10:25:48 PM

Nathan is my little brothe's' name, and he's very nice at times---LOL =P---anyway, I think It's a cute name

9/6/2021 9:38:06 AM

As a Nathan myself, I find that people Spell it with an E insead of an A, I am constantly correcting people, But hey How can you moan when your "God's Gift"

7/17/2021 8:20:42 PM

My Nathan James is 12, I named him "Nathan" because it was the first name my husband and I agreed on! But he is a gift from God, born 12/29!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Nathan?
The origin of the name Nathan is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Nathan?
God Has Given
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Almost 557000 people are named Nathan.
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The names of Ariana, Nicole, Nico, Niko, Drake